What’s painful, expensive and permanent but you might get addicted to it?🤔🧐

  • Published on Jan 19, 2022

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  • TC38Cole
    TC38Cole 4 months ago +1667

    I have 11 tattoos and one kid. By far the tattoos have been easier to deal with. You can cover up tattoos, kinda hard to hide the kid and the tattoos never gave me attitude like the kid. I can also alter the tattoos if I suddenly decide I don't like them the way they look, can't alter the kid that way. If you don't properly care for a tattoo it might look a little rough but not properly caring for a human has serious consequences for the world at large. It comes down to your level of commitment.

    • ???what???
      ???what??? 3 months ago

      @A_FinlandGirl you can't compare a child to a tattoo what's so hard to understand?

    • A_FinlandGirl
      A_FinlandGirl 3 months ago +3

      I dont understand why a lot of people are feeling bad for the kid in the comments lol, they literally just compared kids and tattoos, they didnt say they dont take care of their own kid💀

    • Jadzia Medmar
      Jadzia Medmar 4 months ago

      Honesty is good, and maturity take that too

  • The_Nobody56 Nobody
    The_Nobody56 Nobody 2 months ago +726

    I told this to my mother and she laughed for a while and she said still “don’t get a tattoo but I still want grandchildren”

    • ROSA
      ROSA Day ago +1

      @The_Nobody56 Nobody because whether she'll get grandchildren should be completely up to you. If you dont want to have kids, than she shouldn't be dissapointed. It's not about her wanting grandchildren, it's about wanting the best for your own child🤷🏽‍♀️

    • The_Nobody56 Nobody
      The_Nobody56 Nobody 2 days ago +1

      @ziba y? I’m really wondering why

    • ziba
      ziba 2 days ago +3

      She's selfish

    • Adnan arham
      Adnan arham 5 days ago


    • Francheska Liannah Espanola
      Francheska Liannah Espanola 23 days ago +13

      I mean almost every mom wants grand babies 🤣😂🤣😂

  • T n
    T n 2 months ago +1634

    Parents: You should have kids!
    Teen moms: Mom I’m pregnant..
    Also parents: *proceeds to kick out the kid*
    Edit 2: you guys stop arguing for gods sake. This is getting annoying, seriously. If you want to kick out your kids if they get teen pregnant, then find by me, but nobody cares about your opinion.

    • T n
      T n 3 hours ago +1

      @Somebody 😭

    • Somebody
      Somebody 11 hours ago

      @T n lolll

    • Maria istafanous
      Maria istafanous 11 hours ago


    • T n
      T n 15 hours ago

      @Somebody getting annoying so I’m just not gonna reply anymore lol

    • T n
      T n 15 hours ago

      @Somebody oh ya.

  • One New Pico
    One New Pico Month ago +6

    As i saw one day...
    "Well...actually both can be removed with lasers"

  • Tumpa Das
    Tumpa Das 2 months ago +3

    You literally have a good point 😀😂

  • Tester Wulf :3
    Tester Wulf :3 4 months ago +1464

    This is so true! Also the “what if you change your mind later and hate it?” argument for tattoos..what about children? What if I later regret and hate them? At least I can get rid of a tattoo but how the hell does one get rid of a whole ass child?! It’s harder to get rid of a child than a tattoo

    • ˜”*°•𝒶𝓎𝓁𝒶
      ˜”*°•𝒶𝓎𝓁𝒶 26 days ago

      @an_anshika adoption center

    • trip
      trip 4 months ago

      @E-duh what

    • E-duh
      E-duh 4 months ago

      @trip what

    • trip
      trip 4 months ago

      @E-duh wdym you hate yours too

    • E-duh
      E-duh 4 months ago

      @fløwer ツ they literally said hate

  • Amiri Rose
    Amiri Rose 2 months ago +438

    I told my mom I didn’t want kids she said “Good, you don’t need to have any”

  • AZ
    AZ Month ago +6

    You just opened up my entire life🤯 now to tell my parents this 🙃

  • Lolbit DM 2.0
    Lolbit DM 2.0 5 days ago +2

    my parents always talk about how they’re gonna take my kids and sugar em up and send em home to me, how i’m gonna have a family yada yada yada…
    i’m not getting married or having kids🚶‍♀️

  • Evie Cross
    Evie Cross 16 days ago

    As a mother with tattoos I agree with this 100% :D

  • Toxin
    Toxin 3 months ago +91

    Tattoos: I recommend before having a permanent tattoo is having a temporary one. And if you like it then make it permanent.
    edit: thanks for the grammar correction ig?

    • L0g1c_b0mb
      L0g1c_b0mb Month ago +1

      @Toxin not a semi colon; a colon.
      A colon is used when you have a general phrase and go to something more specific which in your case would be “tattoos”followed by your explanation.

    • Toxin
      Toxin Month ago

      @L0g1c_b0mb thanks!

    • L0g1c_b0mb
      L0g1c_b0mb Month ago

      I believe you meant to use a colon instead of a comma.

    • Bangtwice in your area
      Bangtwice in your area 2 months ago +3

      @LemonWaffle maybe go babysit a kid or go to a place where there’s lots of kids and see if you like it and later have one

    • Rezwana Islam
      Rezwana Islam 2 months ago +1

      @LemonWaffle LMAO

  • Random Introvert
    Random Introvert 6 days ago

    This is exactly the reason why I'm still single and I'm very thankful for that. My parents never forced me to have a boyfriend cuz they don't want me to suffer more.

  • Playplay_plays
    Playplay_plays 12 days ago +4

    Her: THANK YOU!
    Me: I ✨kNoW✨

  • Ricardo Huerta
    Ricardo Huerta 29 days ago

    😂😅🤣 your so funny girl! You make me laugh that's hard to do!

  • Marcus Bret
    Marcus Bret 4 months ago +1115

    I get this a lot from plenty of family members, but then my amazing mother says things like "Nah, never force yourself to have kids. Get a dog, get a tattoo, commit low level crimes, live a little" 😂 love her

    • Mansee Sharma
      Mansee Sharma Month ago +2

      @Marcus Bret thankuuuuuu marcus....btw now you've a 22 year old sister too😁....you ever need anything just call me....I'll be there if you'll be in India🤣

    • Sheikh ali
      Sheikh ali 3 months ago

      @Andri I dont think not wanting your kid to commit crimes is strict.

    • Suraj J
      Suraj J 3 months ago +1

      Mother of the year 2022🤣🤣

  • Himawari Hatake
    Himawari Hatake 22 days ago +1

    “You have a good point” was it for me😂

  • Ambient Rayne
    Ambient Rayne 2 months ago

    14 and already wanting children of my own to take care of. Lol, I am so going to babysit kids when I move!

  • All 'bout Crafts
    All 'bout Crafts 3 months ago +44

    Me to myself
    "You definitely have a good point."

  • Jezebel swirl
    Jezebel swirl 2 months ago

    My reaction was like the therapist literally I was shocked, she’s got a point

  • U E
    U E 4 months ago +4172

    Don’t have children unless you have the maternal/paternal feeling towards them and are willing to protect and care for them forever. It’s a life long commitment that doesn’t end when they turn 18 as it’s portrayed in Western world.

    • Andrew Tighe
      Andrew Tighe 2 months ago

      @Rene God has a will for us and a plan ( look in Jeremiah) and the Bible is His will so IM not sure what youre getting at

    • Andrew Tighe
      Andrew Tighe 2 months ago

      @Rene good point

    • Andrew Tighe
      Andrew Tighe 2 months ago

      @Percival Hades if you dont believe in the Bible why did you quote it? I find it odd that you would do that. Im also not judging you because i dont respeft you. Im not judging you im concerned for you.

    • Rene
      Rene 2 months ago

      @Andrew Tighe not everyone is Christian. And I belive fruitful can apply6to doing good works and multiple can also apply to converting more Christians ie bringing Christianity to the world. Also people have free will not even God forces his will in us. So who do you thi k you are to force your will on others?

  • Kkenziee
    Kkenziee 2 months ago +1

    Imma say that to my parents when they tell me that I can't have a tattoo and tells me that's it painful.

  • eden gerbrecht
    eden gerbrecht Month ago

    The fact that she can get 3K likes in less than 30 minutes of posting this just proves how much everyone loves her and her skits

  • Sabina Kada
    Sabina Kada Month ago +1

    Hii ! I just wanted to say that your hairstyle is STUNNING 😍 Can you pleassse post a tutorital of it ... Lots of love from ALBANIA🇦🇱

  • xXSunnySaraXx
    xXSunnySaraXx 6 days ago

    Her: my family is like no don’t get a tattoo they are painful expensive permanent and you might get addicted and want another one
    Therapist: uhhhh… right
    Her: but they also tell me I should have kids!
    Therapist: 😳😳😳😳🤬🤬🤬YOU HAVE A GOOD POINT!
    Her: THANK YOU

    ANGELA_ROY 4 months ago +10530

    That is truly a very good point !

    • Fizzly
      Fizzly 8 days ago

      Dude who would be addicted to kids that's kinda creepy

    • Cynn Adalim
      Cynn Adalim 16 days ago


    • Saba Hasan
      Saba Hasan 17 days ago


    • shurui liu
      shurui liu 24 days ago

      @Lillie I mean kids aren’t permanent but kinda are but it is definitely true

  • DenPaw360
    DenPaw360 3 months ago

    I can TOTALLY relate she DOES make a good point!!

  • Dedé
    Dedé 2 months ago +1

    I never thought of it that way, I will use it as an argument against my family 🌞

  • Katy C.
    Katy C. 2 months ago

    As someone who has multiple kids and multiple tattoos, I agree with this statement.

  • Jose Rosario
    Jose Rosario Month ago +1

    That's right girl although kids are a blessing they're painful, expensive and permanent (forever)

  • Y/N (Sophie, Mark or Karl)
    Y/N (Sophie, Mark or Karl) 4 months ago +7312

    That's actually an accurate point... I needed this lmao
    I think I started a war, sorry!!!!

    • Kira Kookie
      Kira Kookie 18 hours ago

      @ligmaballs7 How about a picture, I rather believe in that.

    • Kira Kookie
      Kira Kookie 18 hours ago

      @ligmaballs7 but all humans go on two legs, it doesn't needs to be the parents. Also, you cant really train cats, they do what they want anyway and that's good.
      Ofc parents are the reason we are here but that's not the point? It wasnt about that as much as I remember.
      Also, still, kids need more time, they need more money and you can ruin them easyer than a cat.

    • ligmaballs7
      ligmaballs7 Day ago

      @Kira Kookie in order to train a cat you must teach them that trick, and teaching them is like going to school to learn a new trick. Why do you think everything or everyone ask or say "go ask your parents first" your parents are the main reason you are you in the first place, remember who created you. Plus, sure human babies walk by themselves but who do you think that baby saw walking on 2 legs first? Who do you think that baby got the influence on thinking "hey, they are walking on two legs, i want to walk on two legs too"? Obviously the parents, so yeah, basicallythe parents did taught the baby to walk. So, you see my friend, I have completely debunked your argument, got anymore questions or comments?

    • ligmaballs7
      ligmaballs7 Day ago

      @Kira Kookie read Thomas Aquinas 5 proofs of God, my friend. Or, if you don't find a book as proof, then what proof do you want? What proof do you need?

    • Kira Kookie
      Kira Kookie Day ago

      @ligmaballs7 so cats are going through the same process growing up like humans? They go to school? Also, sure parents teach their children, but at some points it doesnt matter since family isnt the only socialization they get.
      Also, cats walking is an instinct, the mother doesnt teach them, and also human babys must start it by themselves so yea...
      (To the first sentence, you said to teach kids like dogs so I thought that's what you mean)

  • Stevonia
    Stevonia Month ago

    Another point here.
    - They're both choices and none of them are something you need but can have/get if you want it.
    Your body your choices. Remember that.

  • AmnuGGuria
    AmnuGGuria 13 days ago

    Geting a tattoo and having a baby is Literally THE SAME THING

  • john zuijdveld
    john zuijdveld 23 days ago

    Yes I'm quite sure also that a tattoo is only painful while you're having it done and localized to the place of placement.
    Whereas kids are a pain in your ass no matter where you have a tattoo or where you got it!

  • Randev Senevirathna
    Randev Senevirathna 2 months ago +48

    As smooth as it's own meaning ♥️💯😂

  • Twiistz
    Twiistz 4 months ago +5583

    *Well the difference between tattoos and kids. That’s easy…*
    _Edit: This is a Sean Lock reference. Another comedian brought up a topic on his show, and compared it as Andrea is doing in this video. Instead of buying into it, he says in a very deadpan way "Well the difference between ________ _and_ ________ ... _that's easy".... You can compare literally anything two things. But either way I value having children, and see no issue with our parents reminding us. They want to have grandkids, I understand that. No life is not harder than it ever was. Don't be so dramatic. Just say "aint nobody got time for all that" -- Plato._

    • Rene
      Rene 2 months ago

      @Dinosaae your kids can abandon you, lots of old people lonely and abandoned in old age homes or in their own homes because their kids don't care or hate them.

    • Aima Tahir
      Aima Tahir 3 months ago

      @Denki_kamanari67 JELLYBEAN

    • Brett Johnson
      Brett Johnson 3 months ago

      So what if they wanna be grandparents, that's not the kids responsibility. You don't get to demand other people make huge, life-altering decisions to satisfy your selfish wants.

    • Brett Johnson
      Brett Johnson 3 months ago

      @Chipmunk is hungry 😂😂

    • Better 💫
      Better 💫 4 months ago

      @Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down l a z e r

  • dan s
    dan s 3 months ago

    When time comes to make a decision, sometimes looking at what is natural and what is not! can give clarity as to how to proceed, it will simplify the decision process. here is one great example
    Kids are natural ! Tattoos are not ! They are man made. While YES in comparison logically which is somewhat man made.. to a certain degree….. It has a valid point and it makes perfect sense, within that realm of logic as to adding complexity to the decision, having said all that, let’s have nature come into play since kids are natural, the positives out weight the negatives, this doesn’t mean that it will be easy, not be painful, not be expensive or permanent but since it is a natural accordance, the probability of having outcomes that are more positive are greater!, obviously 🙄 been a responsible individual helps… the Tattoos been man made, can came with more negative side effects since is not natural, no one is born with a tattoo, as to having the probabilities to came with more negative outcomes be higher, at the very least they are less fulfillment and this amplifies as the individual is less responsible, for example putting a tattoo on the face, it’s sad to see, but those are individuals who unfortunately where not responsible with there choice, just like it’s extremely sad when parents are not responsible with their kids! Been the biggest most valuable gift and the only essences in this world life it’s self !!!! subjecting oneself to harmful chemicals, harmful procedures which are risky and not natural, it’s here when the decision simplifies as to how to proceed when that time comes. 😃

  • Deb Saint
    Deb Saint Month ago

    I get that is to true and when the therapist said you have a good point!! 🤣🤣💗

  • Siva Kumar
    Siva Kumar Month ago

    "Permanent" got me!! ....🤣

  • Gabriel Panagsagan
    Gabriel Panagsagan 2 months ago

    My old self agrees to this one, I kept wondering on why am I forced to have kids, but I kept thinking bout it, it's hella lonely being old and then there's no one to look after you

  • Tobenna Okoli
    Tobenna Okoli 3 months ago +6508

    Her: says kids are permanent
    My mother: willing to test that theory if I get a less than an A in every class

  • • NicoDaBean •
    • NicoDaBean • 2 months ago +1

    I knew exactly where this was going as soon as the list began 💀

  • Diyanah Anam
    Diyanah Anam Month ago +2

    "Theyre permanent"
    me: what about adoption :3

  • ItZ_Ayl!nn☻︎♡
    ItZ_Ayl!nn☻︎♡ 2 months ago +1

    This is gonna be my excuse if my parents do this to me loll

  • NameLess
    NameLess 3 days ago

    True , kids want so much stuff,very painful to get them 💀✨

  • Jun Lemon
    Jun Lemon 3 months ago +700

    Tip: Dont have kids unless you want to have them. Kids are not some lucky charm, fortune bringer or smth. They're a responsibility. And your responsibility towards them doesnt end when they're 18. The responsibility chains you for most of your life, it just get lighter and lighter as they grew up. Dont make kids then pressure them to be a billionaire, entrepreneur, etc. so they can provide your life. But make kids if you think you're capable of taking care of mini sized humans.

    • NotTrevorJustKris
      NotTrevorJustKris 3 months ago

      @Niek Nooijens well some folk can't handle having a kid that isn't "their own", aka blood-related. Also, there's a lot of complications when taking adoption into mind/action, unlike just giving birth and "continuing the bloodline"

    • Faris A
      Faris A 3 months ago

      @Niek Nooijens "you should not want those children" yes that's a wrong statement orphans should always be helped
      But I still don't agree with you whether you raise an orphan or your own the challenges will remain the same of raising a good member of society with human qualities and morals an orphan could end up being a criminal too if you don't raise them well

    • Niek Nooijens
      Niek Nooijens 3 months ago

      @Faris A my sister. She didn't want to adopt because those might already been traumatized by their biological parents. Her words were "you should not want those children".
      So instead she created a new one because then it's a blank slate you can indoctrinate all you want. She has ADHD and the child inherited that so yeah... Great! Let's put another human on this planet because you selfishly want a mini-me.🤢🤢

  • cécilia slepmet
    cécilia slepmet 3 months ago

    The anti-tatoo that I heard the most is "you might regret it". Sad fact, you can regret having kids too

  • KD7BWB
    KD7BWB 28 days ago

    We can choose to learn... or we can use our skin in a fashion it wasn’t designed for.
    Either way, apologize to yourself... just to cover all the bases.

  • iXi
    iXi Month ago

    everyone else:talking about how true this is

  • Melo Melo
    Melo Melo Day ago +1

    Yup were going extinct, and here i was thinking we could deal with every problem, but i forgot the biggest problem of them all, my generation .-.

  • M. Richi
    M. Richi 4 months ago +446

    Getting a tattoo won't release hormones but giving birth to a child does, that changes your emotions, your requirement and sometime your priorities. So getting a tattoo is way simpler then giving birth.

    • Girlonfire 2.0
      Girlonfire 2.0 3 months ago +1

      @Harley queen nah her kids are paying the price for her choices..which is why alot of people need to be honest about having children it's not fun

    • ligmaballs7
      ligmaballs7 4 months ago

      @Harley queen yeah, but it's kinda sad for the child, not growing up with the love of a mother or father.

    • Navaskyy 77
      Navaskyy 77 4 months ago

      @Harley queen i wasnt going to assume that you ment tattoos are disgusting lol... but yes her life her choices it s not our place to regulate the uterus of another person.

    • Harley queen
      Harley queen 4 months ago

      @Navaskyy 77 i see that u took the slightest chance to diss her Lmaoo. I understand that u feel sad for her but it’s her life and her choices, she can make them better or worse it’s on her. Not everyone take the smartest decisions in their lives 🤷‍♀️

    • Navaskyy 77
      Navaskyy 77 4 months ago +1

      @Cool Ranch like my friend? I completely agree.

  • Haileyhorses
    Haileyhorses Month ago +11

    Damn that’s what I thought when she said the second thing🤣😭

  • 💗luvxaria💜
    💗luvxaria💜 3 months ago +1

    I watched this a few months ago and didn't understand this and I think I do now..

  • I Am A Thing
    I Am A Thing 12 days ago

    When you think that having a human and putting ink on your flesh is the same thing

  • प्रयास चौहान 卐

    Kids are also painful, expensive and permanent 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jasmiene Kat
    Jasmiene Kat 2 months ago

    You really have a good point✨

  • Katie Mxed
    Katie Mxed Month ago +1

    That's actually a good point 😂😂😂smartest thing I've seen on the internet

  • ARMY member going to be a teacher

    Her "thank you" with that expression is wholesome 😂

  • Naruto Uzumaki Uchiha

    That is so true 🤣

  • Minna S
    Minna S 3 months ago +173

    I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was 15. First I was too young to get one. Then my parents didn’t approve. So I got a boyfriend and moved out. He didn’t approve. Now I’m a 36yo, chronically ill, single mom of 3 kids and I still haven’t got the tattoo and I’m not sure if I ever can get due to my medication. If you want something.. go and get it! ❤️

    • zefania
      zefania 3 months ago

      I hope your dream of getting a tattoo gets fulfilled somehow. If you really wish for it, then consult your doctor about the safest tattoo viable. Good luck with what you’re going through ma’am! ^^

    • Electroskates243
      Electroskates243 3 months ago

      @Hendrik Plukaard "all" females

    • Minna S
      Minna S 3 months ago

      @×Zeny× It’s a weird concept, I know 😂😂

    • ×Zeny×
      ×Zeny× 3 months ago

      Do 36yo moms really comment on youtube posts? I don’t think so lol

    • Minna S
      Minna S 3 months ago

      @appy Where did I say it was my parents fault. 🤷‍♀️ My whole point was.. if you want a tattoo, it’s your body. Because at any point in your life you may get health complications that mean you can no longer safely have a tattoo. Regretting something you wanted to do, is worse then having someone who says “I don’t like it”.

  • Nerdy girl
    Nerdy girl 3 months ago

    My respect for Thanos grows everyday rapidly.

  • Katizcute
    Katizcute 18 days ago

    I mean- this is so relatable XD

  • Eric Paris
    Eric Paris Month ago

    No you can always get them adopted, abort it, sell its heart, honestly there is so much options

  • White_Star_Line07
    White_Star_Line07 Month ago

    This lady here is spitting facts!! You have earned yourself another subscriber

  • Lucas69
    Lucas69 4 months ago +177

    I've done my first tattoo 2 days ago.. And it's awesome, it didn't hurt, it's just an uncomfortable feeling, and it takes a little while to treat it.. The thing with addiction is true.. I already want another one :)) but I'm going to wait a while until my next tattoo.. If you guys want to do one.. DO IT, i don't think you will regret it, just think about a tattoo you really want and go to a tattoo shop. The guy who makes tattoos will tell you how to treat your tattoo and how much time you need to treat it.

    • siyeon lee
      siyeon lee 4 months ago +4

      @dennis heenan that's the spirit

    • Pandhu Elmanda
      Pandhu Elmanda 4 months ago +1


    • dennis heenan
      dennis heenan 4 months ago +8

      @Pandhu Elmanda Wasn’t going to, saw this, now I am.

    • Pandhu Elmanda
      Pandhu Elmanda 4 months ago +1

      Don't do it

    • _-Jelly♡Beanie-_
      _-Jelly♡Beanie-_ 4 months ago +8

      And don't forget to check the place you're going to make it, don't just go in your friends garage

  • BTS army
    BTS army 3 months ago

    U got a point 😂😂😂😂

  • Sunset~Wolfie
    Sunset~Wolfie 25 days ago +1

    Fact: Tattoos aren’t actually permanent. You can get them removed, so either way you’re right. Unfortunately, you can not get rid of a child 😂

    • Hello 🤗
      Hello 🤗 23 days ago +1

      You can put your child in the adoption center, so yeah Kids are also not permanent.

  • Willow Crutch
    Willow Crutch 28 days ago

    Exactly! I need a therapist who will appreciate my ranting

  • space Ninja
    space Ninja 25 days ago

    They're the same expensive technically permanent and they hurt you sometimes

  • Yamaira Domínguez
    Yamaira Domínguez 3 months ago +1048

    To this day I argue with my mother that not everybody should be a parent. Note I am a parent and I love it which in her mind proves her right.

    • I’m Lazy And I Know It
      I’m Lazy And I Know It 2 months ago +2

      @Rene thank you. People fail to understand this most of the time. You made the points so clear.

    • Yamaira Domínguez
      Yamaira Domínguez 2 months ago +1

      @Rene I'm using this for the next argument.

    • Rene
      Rene 2 months ago +2

      @saurabh marathe 40 please go to orphanages and go talk to cps agents and you'll see very quick that not everyone should be a parent. Being a parent isn't easy either it's something to be taken seriously and it is expensive and tiresome. Also you va very easily ruin a child and it will end up being either a bad person or a broken person go look at all the people with mental health problems must of them are like that due to bad parenting. So no not everyone should be a parent. Also some people don't have an interest in parenting because they don't like ids or don't have the interest in spending time and money on raising a human being oh also and some don't want to deal with the pain and health side effects of birth and pregnancy.
      I helped raise my 3 younger siblings and people tell me I'm good with kids, I do think kids are cute but I have 0 interest in being a parent and will tie my tubes once I have the money for it.

    • Rene
      Rene 2 months ago +1

      The fact theat orphanages exist, cps exist should prove her that not every should be a parent.

    • Yamaira Domínguez
      Yamaira Domínguez 2 months ago +5

      @saurabh marathe 40 I'm not referring to having commitments. I mean some people don't enjoy kids, others just want to be "selfish" and have fun instead of spending their time and money on their kids. I say go for it. If your priority is enjoying your life without the need to think of others. Go for it. Don't have kids. If you do, you'll be miserable because you had to make sacrifices and they will be miserable because they will know they were unwanted. Not everybody needs to have kids. Do whatever you want (that doesn't hurt others) and be at peace. Also, that kids are easy crap is not true. My mom thinks the same and I'm still recovering from the emotional abuse I went through that left me with low self esteem for years. I'm forced to assume you are being neglectful in some way you won't realize until your kids are in their 30's and in therapy.

  • Solomon the best cook
    Solomon the best cook 2 months ago

    I honestly don't want a permanent drawing on me neither do I want kids or be in a relationship. I rather take care of my parents like they took care of me and I want to help them put up their dream restaurant in the future

  • malakhi hamel
    malakhi hamel 16 days ago

    I got my first tattoo today!

  • I don't have a name
    I don't have a name 3 months ago

    I seriously love this lmao-

  • WeebsRus
    WeebsRus Month ago

    Think about this:
    All you have to do is use a little electricity and the tattoo is gone.

  • girlJordan
    girlJordan 4 months ago +278

    I'd say the commitment of a child is a little bigger... And I'll even say more permanent than a tattoo. 😆 But this made me laugh.

    • Slime With a Top Hat
      Slime With a Top Hat 3 months ago

      @Alyssa silvia yes Ik they go through hell in there I'm just saying that they aren't that permanent. You should still keep em tho

    • Alyssa silvia
      Alyssa silvia 3 months ago

      @Slime With a Top Hat yes, put a child up for adoption where they most likely go into foster care and have an awful, traumatizing life...

    • Josoe
      Josoe 4 months ago

      @Slime With a Top Hat imagine sending your children to adoption after the kid is already 16

    • Lynnia Anderson
      Lynnia Anderson 4 months ago +7

      @Ninja Tortise it was both the boys and girls choice to do that

    • Ninja Tortise
      Ninja Tortise 4 months ago

      I mean even if it is a big commitment you should still take responsibility over to child and raise it anyway, because it was the girl's choice to have sex

  • Clara Larose
    Clara Larose 2 months ago +84

    "What is expensive, permanent and might get addicted to it"
    Me: HORSES

  • Vivėn
    Vivėn 3 months ago

    Ima use this against my parents when they say I can’t get a tattoo.

  • Soulsisterbri
    Soulsisterbri 3 months ago +1

    You have a good point!

  • Raegan Gish
    Raegan Gish 2 months ago

    So true 😂😂

  • Viking102938
    Viking102938 4 months ago +880

    My favorite is how parents/grandparents are always like "don't have any kids you can't afford"
    "Wait, no, not like that, make more money!"
    "For kids!"
    "I don't care enough to work that hard for them"
    "Why are you so selfish?"

    • ☆ literal.r0ckst4r ☆
      ☆ literal.r0ckst4r ☆ 4 months ago +3

      @ミタブ・ミフレフ what's we gonna got from the "business" again??

    • Geministrial
      Geministrial 4 months ago +8

      @ミタブ・ミフレフ Why, exactly? What does your bloodline bring to the table other than mediocre opinions?

    • Rain
      Rain 4 months ago +8

      @ミタブ・ミフレフ I can assure you that your bloodline is just as unremarkable as the rest of ours.

  • Santosh Thakur
    Santosh Thakur 3 months ago

    Your point is totaly right we should be resposible before we think about both tattoo and child because pain you gonna feel and financially for tattoo and child 😊 and your videos are amazing 😊❤

  • Rute Araujo
    Rute Araujo 14 days ago

    I know you had to rewatch to remember all the adjectives she said :)

  • Kanak Goel
    Kanak Goel 14 days ago

    Ain't no one gonna say that how passionate that "thank you" was?

  • krazyfamgurl
    krazyfamgurl 2 months ago

    I will definitely tell this to my parents...hehe

  • ✩! 𝚕σ𝚗ɛ𝚕ʏ !✩
    ✩! 𝚕σ𝚗ɛ𝚕ʏ !✩ 4 months ago +511

    "you have a good point!"
    It also means that having 'kids' is the same thing as that-

    • HowToBasic(short)
      HowToBasic(short) 3 months ago

      @annag cocl same here

    • annag cocl
      annag cocl 4 months ago +6

      I had to watch this a second time to notice what they meant

  • Akos Appiah
    Akos Appiah 2 months ago

    Well many moms go by this statement
    "I brought you into this world amd i sure as hell can take you out of it"

  • London Sisco
    London Sisco 25 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she does have a point

  • Zurik Petu
    Zurik Petu 20 days ago

    So it's all about addiction right 🤣

  • Music1AC
    Music1AC 2 months ago

    This is amazing! Please ... Everyone... SHARE!!!

  • Melani
    Melani 4 months ago +456

    My mom doesn't want me getting any more tattoos (I have 3) because she regrets most of hers. But at least she tells me not to have kids 😂

    • Inquisition Agent
      Inquisition Agent 4 months ago

      Plot twist: She regrets you too

    • ABEL
      ABEL 4 months ago +6

      @clivys i think the mom realizes the mistakes of her past and is trying to save her daughter from them.
      She understands that there's a good chance of regretting a tattoo because she regrets hers (all hail tattoo removal machines nowadays).
      But she specially understands that not every person is meant to be a parent or don't have the attitude to be one.
      She definitely loves her kid and doesn't regret having her but the bigger point is to remove the pressure of having kids and to avoid having children if she doesn't feel like she can be a parent.
      Mom probably had a rude awakening when she had her children from the first time and let's be honest all parents regretted having kids at one point in their lives, that doesn't make them bad parents, humans literally regret absolutely fucking everything at least once.
      What makes a good parent is wether or not they stick around and treat you with actual love.

    • Josh2Free
      Josh2Free 4 months ago +2

      @clivys fact spitter

  • Lucasky
    Lucasky 3 months ago +1

    Technically both can be removed with lasers

  • Russ’s son
    Russ’s son 3 months ago +1

    Technically both can be removed with lasers

  • Floofer
    Floofer Month ago

    When a therapist agrees with you: “SO IM NOT GOING MAD?

  • Bonnie Christine
    Bonnie Christine 2 months ago

    My mum tells me to never have kids and never get tattoos lol😂

  • Alison McCain
    Alison McCain 3 months ago +83

    Apart from the child point, I regularily use non-permanent tattoos on my arm from Amazon and I'm happy with it because I don't want a tattoo that'll last forever and I won't know if I end up liking it :'D soo maybe that's an option for some other people out here

    • JellyFox9
      JellyFox9 3 months ago +3

      Cool I heard of inkbox also selling fake tattoos that you can also customize and for any part of your body but for kids, I think maybe babysitting

  • MHA & DS Simp
    MHA & DS Simp 2 months ago

    I don't want kids like literally
    Also she does have a good point
    Lol 😂

  • Christina Nyholm
    Christina Nyholm Month ago

    This is so true!

  • Alicia
    Alicia 2 months ago

    She came with the fire on that one! 🔥

  • Leahxluv
    Leahxluv 3 months ago

    😂 lol it’s true though!

  • C. Shell
    C. Shell 3 months ago +284

    To be fair, tattoos are not the same as children. And tattoos can be free depending on where you go. My bro in law gave me my tattoo when he was still learning. It was free. And trust me, I’d rather have my children get tattoos before turning me into a grand parent too soon.

    • Tyler Purnell
      Tyler Purnell Month ago

      You can remove kids and tattoos with lasers

    • Josephine Osei
      Josephine Osei 2 months ago +2

      @Tu Ruff omg they do?!

    • Tu Ruff
      Tu Ruff 2 months ago +1

      @Tyler Purnell what they have a kid removal lasers as well🤯

    • Tyler Purnell
      Tyler Purnell 3 months ago

      @Toastiy0 or lasers

    • Toastiy0
      Toastiy0 3 months ago

      Plus kids aren't really permanent, there's always the adoption center

  • Clairissa Michalik
    Clairissa Michalik 28 days ago

    When i first saw this i burst out laughing