What's In My Gym Bag? | Michelle Khare

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +178

    Notification squad what's up!!!! :) Did y'all like this video?? I haven't done a sit down video in so long!!

    • bald_bullet
      bald_bullet 7 months ago

      I don't even have a bag I workout at home 👌

    • Alice's Rabbit
      Alice's Rabbit 11 months ago

      Dude, I like your simplicity! Yes! I, too, keep toiletries in my gym bag. I have a shit ton of stuff that would mos def be considered "extra." I'm assuming you have feminine hygiene products, deodorant, and other items included in your bag that you simply did not share in the video. I have actually arrived at the gym only to discover that I DON'T HAVE A FRIGGIN' SPORTS BRA. UUUUUGGGHHH. That's pretty much a guarantee for not working out. If that happens, I'll usually leave and resign to just taking a walk around the park by my house. I have to always have an extra set of clean workout clothes on top of having a clean set of street clothes for after the workout, but a sports bra is the most devastating to forget, because I refuse to go without one (ouch!), and it's game over at that point. :'(

    • Inaki Lopez
      Inaki Lopez Year ago

      Michelle Khare MK ULTRA SEASON 2 PLEASE

    • Pat
      Pat Year ago

      Michelle Khare very realistic gym bag! Like it!!

    • Sam Jones
      Sam Jones Year ago +1

      Hi Michelle! For a video idea I was thinking you could go without products that are tested on animals or products owned by sister companies that test on animals! I recently switched to a cruelty free household and I was shocked to discover how many companies still test on animals. Even some companies that sell vegan food and makeup are owned by Unilever and they test on animals!

  • Christen Gardner
    Christen Gardner 7 days ago

    The plastic bag is also good for shoes bc it snows I wear my boots outside. And put the wet ones in the bag to wear my sneakers at the gym

  • Gabrielle Tan
    Gabrielle Tan Month ago

    Hi there! Can we have an update of your gym bag please 😁

  • A to Z - Stores
    A to Z - Stores 3 months ago

    Wow! Such an Amazing Video, I just ordered a Sports bag which can help you either carring all your sports stuff from one place to other, maybe you would like as I did,

  • Nikita Ella Yasmin Softley

    What about deodorant, body spray/perfume, headphones, padlock for a gym locker, hand sanitiser?

  • huang ruby
    huang ruby 6 months ago

    Hi Michelle,
    Can you review for our gym bag ?

    PHL CIA 6 months ago

    Toys lmao

  • The Edmondsons
    The Edmondsons 6 months ago

    I’m doing this

  • Dolton
    Dolton 7 months ago

    Grocery bag inside a bag hahaha so funnnnny😂😂

  • TheElusiveEJ
    TheElusiveEJ 7 months ago

    3:40 honestly I feel that in my soul

  • Sophia Ghadimi
    Sophia Ghadimi 8 months ago +1

    In the beginning I thought she was petting a puppy and not finding micellar water 😂 lol

  • Samantha Raines
    Samantha Raines 9 months ago

    Facial cleansing wipes make my skin burn after I workout. It honestly feels like a chemical burn. Don't know if my skin is sensitive or what

  • TheRainbowDragoness
    TheRainbowDragoness 9 months ago

    You should use 2 hair ties in your hair. That way you don't have to stop your workout when one breaks.

  • Colette Klassen
    Colette Klassen 9 months ago

    Have you tried the medical medium 369 liver rescue protocol. I think you would be great at reviewing it

  • Tailyn Gorg
    Tailyn Gorg 10 months ago

    another great toiletry bag would be something from 31 gifts I got a makeup bag from them like 4 years ago and I​ use it for everything

  • Sandra
    Sandra 10 months ago

    Yes yes yes!!! That bag is so me 😂 I also have deodorant and a lint roller because I can’t work out unless I know my work out outfit it’s nice and clean 😊

  • Hans Maul
    Hans Maul 10 months ago

    Just taking soap in a bloc so not the liquid one to the gym was a game changer for me. Just put it in a Tupperware box. It's so much smaller and it will not end up beeing everywhere in the bag.

  • Amanda Willems
    Amanda Willems 10 months ago

    Definitely watched this video and then rearranged and restocked my gym bag.... Thanks Michelle!

  • Shahnaz Parveen
    Shahnaz Parveen 10 months ago +1


  • Janaya Stenbeck
    Janaya Stenbeck 10 months ago

    The little wink at 6:15 kills me💀😂

  • Pari S.
    Pari S. 10 months ago

    How come you didn't have a fresh clean towel in your gym bag?

  • Jamie Nelson
    Jamie Nelson 10 months ago

    Honestly you are so adorable

  • Leah M.
    Leah M. 10 months ago

    “I forgot that I had baby micellar water in here 😭🥰”

  • p e n n y
    p e n n y 11 months ago

    Micellar water was made in paris so that people could cleanse their faces without using the harsh city water! But i dint know what it means either.

  • Cyril Oh
    Cyril Oh 11 months ago

    I swear this is a hygienic/vanity bag

  • wiwbib
    wiwbib Year ago


  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Year ago

    when you do these video where you are showing products, it would awesome to have links to the items so we can buy them quick and easy. You can get a little bit of money too! win:win;)

  • Meddi Oram
    Meddi Oram Year ago

    Hey, what facial wipes are those? And I second the idea for making a video with advice for those starting to work out. (I could use the advice)

  • Ceyda xoxo
    Ceyda xoxo Year ago

    what i have in my gymbag : leggins;Tshirt;Sportsbra;Shoes;Deodorant;Keys;Purse;Headphones;Towel.. I always shower at home. i dont like carrying so much with me because i dont have a car and public transport is not the best place to carry big bags....

    • Ceyda xoxo
      Ceyda xoxo Year ago

      and im sorry for using so much capital letters im from germany im so used to it...haha

  • Ирина С
    Ирина С Year ago

    You're almost 1m youtuber :)

  • Jessie Cole
    Jessie Cole Year ago

    U should train bjj

  • Autumn W
    Autumn W Year ago +1

    Damn-this is the one time I feel like a minimalist! Literally my phone, cordless headphones, water bottle, and arm band that holds my phone. Perks of going to a small gym & being close to my house! 🙌🏻

  • Mazipan
    Mazipan Year ago

    I immediately thought in the plastic bag is for dirty clothes, swim cozzies or dirty shoes. I do the same!

  • Bball Besties
    Bball Besties Year ago +1

    Lol she has all this stuff in her workout bag all I have is a wotter bottle and extra clothes

  • Mon H
    Mon H Year ago

    you should try to do a bikini/ fitness comp!!

  • Inés G. Gao
    Inés G. Gao Year ago +1

    Yaaaaay. Great video, as always. ^^

  • Melody M.
    Melody M. Year ago +2

    Michelle, you really , really remind me of my 7th grade science teacher. I really don’t know why. Just the way you talk and your face is identical, y’all are the cool teachers

  • Tristyn Sepersky
    Tristyn Sepersky Year ago +1

    Michelle have you ever tried obstacle course racing? It's extreme fitness content and you'd be amazing at it! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 love your channel!

  • Benjamin Ho
    Benjamin Ho Year ago +1

    How was your first 'facial' again? xD ;)

  • Daisy & Magnolia
    Daisy & Magnolia Year ago +225

    Your gym bag seems so practical... Meanwhile I have a block of climbing chalk in my gym bag that's in a Ziploc bag labelled "climbing chalk NOT COCAINE".

  • Amanda Leib
    Amanda Leib Year ago +4

    At least now I know I'm not the only one who gets excited over mini things

  • Becca C
    Becca C Year ago +1

    I’m so happy she calls them hair ties too ! Sometimes people think I’m crazy!

  • first last
    first last Year ago

    I use a small grocery bag for the gym😂

  • Krys Kestrel
    Krys Kestrel Year ago +1

    Just invested (it was only $16, but still) in my own gym duffel bag since I've been working out consistently for 6 months now, and I loved this video to give me a couple ideas as to what I should definitely keep in my bag - especially the mini shower stuff, since there have definitely been times that my friends/family have wanted to meet up and I'm at the gym and I have to show up sweaty and in workout clothes. Great video Michelle!

  • J Y
    J Y Year ago

    i dont like gym bags, so i just use my backpack, but then it does get a bit smelly..

  • Destiny Loren
    Destiny Loren Year ago

    She should do bungee jumping

  • Natalie Aiken
    Natalie Aiken Year ago +1

    I have had the same hair ties for about 6 months and have not lost them.

  • Laken Marie Lawson

    Will you please follow me on Instagram @rebecca_jhl

  • מעין אלבוים

    Loved the video very helpful !!❤️❤️

  • R School
    R School Year ago +1

    I always use spiral hairties. The only thing that works with my curls

  • Bryce McCartney
    Bryce McCartney Year ago

    I love your Shego-esque jacket!!!

  • Kenny Wu
    Kenny Wu Year ago

    no slippers?

  • Waitedchip wilson

    Ohhh my gawd .

  • Abril Victoria
    Abril Victoria Year ago

    you havent linked the items :(

  • PenguinDropings
    PenguinDropings Year ago +3

    "I got this for free, but I love it." I dont' know why, but I instantly subscribed lmao.

  • Aileen S
    Aileen S Year ago +1

    I also carry a plastic bag in my sports bag because I row and when I come off the water sometimes I’m soaking wet so I need to put it in a different bag

  • gladys lee
    gladys lee Year ago


  • Ubuliasan
    Ubuliasan Year ago +1

    Lol, I love the bit where you hold up your brush and get a little grin and say, "this one has sparkles on it," so cute! XD

  • Kayla Kidwell
    Kayla Kidwell Year ago

    I think you should try out the wet brush, it might make your hair even more healthier

  • E B
    E B Year ago

    8:17 i can´t XD love this