Crosswalk the Musical: Frozen ft. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad & Jonathan Groff

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • James invites the cast of "Frozen 2" to the intersection of Beverly Blvd. and Genesee Av. in Los Angeles for a very special live performance of their hit film. After a showdown with Idina Menzel for the role of Elsa, a costume she's never actually worn, the cast comes together to put together a production that will definitely change the landscape of animated feature films.
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  • Cato Hung
    Cato Hung 7 seconds ago

    "But this is a live performance. Something Idina Menzel knows very little about."

  • Rchie rp
    Rchie rp 59 minutes ago


  • Seleneplayzz !
    Seleneplayzz ! Hour ago

    9:58 is Elsa doing a Naruto run???!

  • Syauqi Yt
    Syauqi Yt Hour ago

    They should into the unknown too

  • The Cosmic Super Nuova Blasters

    Kristen Bell actually looks natural in that dress and wig... she actually Anna

  • Phoebe Beilman
    Phoebe Beilman 6 hours ago +1

    Idina, the sneakers though

  • Ramen Noodle
    Ramen Noodle 6 hours ago +1

    U can tell they made anna actually look and act like Kristen Bell because Kristen is so unique is an amazing way

  • Kanasha Mckain
    Kanasha Mckain 7 hours ago +2


  • Kanasha Mckain
    Kanasha Mckain 7 hours ago +1


  • Hera Eriah
    Hera Eriah 8 hours ago +1

    Real life Anna and Kristoff moment

  • isadora
    isadora 8 hours ago

    not to be dramatic, but i would die for jonathan groff

  • Jenniekimblink oh
    Jenniekimblink oh 9 hours ago

    This is HILARIOUS!

  • Mhay Kyu
    Mhay Kyu 9 hours ago +1

    When elsa started to forget the fashion, wearing long dress and black rubber shoes just for James.

  • Lynna Sablan
    Lynna Sablan 9 hours ago

    James almost got ran over by car 123456789 times in this video.

  • sarah foley
    sarah foley 11 hours ago +1


  • Katelin Long
    Katelin Long 12 hours ago

    Can you PLEASE do this in Layton, Utah!?!??!?!

  • Brenda Fougere
    Brenda Fougere 12 hours ago

    I am on my moms account, but I am in a spring awaking play. I love Jonathan Groff

  • Alyssa Woodin
    Alyssa Woodin 14 hours ago

    Idina is the cutest reindeer!

    MURTA A 15 hours ago

    Idina : here I stand
    Me : on the car

  • lulaa roselli
    lulaa roselli 18 hours ago

    I need a crosswalk with shawn mendes pleasee, will be the best!!

  • Monique Yason
    Monique Yason 19 hours ago

    My heart is so happy!!! Ahhh Frozen 伐伐伐

  • leredsock
    leredsock 21 hour ago

    9:07 is that larry david?

  • Jessica necaise
    Jessica necaise 21 hour ago

    If i was there I would have gotten. Out of my car to fan girl the cast.

  • Zaldy Barbastro
    Zaldy Barbastro 21 hour ago

    This why i am subscribe to james

  • jenifer fast
    jenifer fast 21 hour ago

    Wew elsa stood in car, so it call rebellious phase

  • Candeyy
    Candeyy 22 hours ago

    I think James is giving Jonathan a hard time during this crosswalk.

  • Purple Girly Gurl
    Purple Girly Gurl 22 hours ago


  • 篧
     22 hours ago

    諨諤賄 諈刺打窶 篧諤鴔諤

  • Holymemory
    Holymemory 23 hours ago

    OMG who please stop me from laughing

  • myrrh baby
    myrrh baby Day ago

    damn okter voices of Elsa and Anna a copy of the same in real life they are terribly similar to Elsa and Anna in real life

  • froilan anthony
    froilan anthony Day ago


  • Katarina Orosaj
    Katarina Orosaj Day ago


  • Aniza Cassandra
    Aniza Cassandra Day ago

    The fact that Idina Menzel has brown hair but her character plays this whitish blonde
    And Kirsten Bell has this whitish blonde hair and her character's hair is brown

  • cheese fondue儦鴞

    黺拘. 寢 渥 窱原 篣 貐渥到蛟.

  • Kerbaa Massouada

    It is really insane

  • Jaylieh van der Schee

    Wait a minute... Jesse and Rachels mom? (Glee)

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Day ago

    Its so weird watching Mindhunter and then forgetting Jonathan Groff is an actual singer.

  • PikachuLuver123 SavagePika

    James your gonna get in trouble for letting Elsa stand on top of the car

  • Tom Tom Penetrante

    This made me a cry. Frozen IS MY CHILDHOOD and I'm sad that Idina is such an underrated singer but atleast she's much more famous as an actress.

  • Anna Mehnert
    Anna Mehnert Day ago

    Josh gad in the olaf coustume, lmao I cant

  • hi hello
    hi hello Day ago

    Wtf! 名as that car not going to stop for him? 10:02

  • Mikayla Wang
    Mikayla Wang Day ago

    The Part when James Threw Snowballs at them, OMG So FUNNY

  • Kissmayoo Mohamed

    This is the Whiteshit i ever seen

  • Mike Couvi
    Mike Couvi Day ago

    No s矇 c籀mo termin矇 aqu穩
    Pero creo que 矇l merec穩a el papel de Ana :")

  • Sunset_skies
    Sunset_skies Day ago

    Elsa with shoes instead of heels. *epic*

  • Rachael Russo
    Rachael Russo Day ago

    James really had some close calls LOL

  • CarlyThe CubingGamer

    We watched this vid at school

  • Muhammad Naufal
    Muhammad Naufal Day ago +2

    Idina Menzel : *starts singing*
    James Corden : *die inside*

  • Hera Yuan
    Hera Yuan Day ago

    If I was in a car and I saw Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell, I would be soooo happy

  • Jae X BTS
    Jae X BTS Day ago +1

    Indna Menzel whos the best sing
    Indiana: INTO THE UNKNOWN!!!!!!!
    James: Oh no she didnt

  • Pejuang Halu
    Pejuang Halu Day ago

    Siapa yang kesini gara2 line tudey ? Wkwk

  • dont stop chasing your dreams

    5:38 the black guy in the back was like


    I want to get singing lessons from Idina

  • sugeydog145 dog
    sugeydog145 dog Day ago

    James react to the disco into the unknowk

  • danique de graaff

    Ohmygod the white car almost hit James

  • Sylvie Robert
    Sylvie Robert Day ago

  • Dee dog ninja XbOx

    Our music teacher showed us this

  • Julie Poirier
    Julie Poirier Day ago

    'Pissed-off Kristoff', i'm DEAD

  • PoxyBear
    PoxyBear Day ago +1

    He should have had them play each other's parts like Kristin as Olaf, Jonathan as Elsa, etc.

  • Moon Stone
    Moon Stone Day ago +1

    James is a better Elsa