iPhone 8 Back Glass Replacement (How to fix the back for ~$15)

  • Published on Jan 14, 2018
  • Go check out Mike at Go Cell Phone Repair! thexvid.com/user/mikelv98
    If you are looking for the teardown of the iPhone X, here it is! thexvid.com/video/-pWEZ6PZP8g/video.html
    Today I am going to show you remove and replace the back glass on the iPhone 8. The process took me roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes, so this isn't a simple repair. For those wondering, I used a 1500W Dual Temperature Heat Gun (which costs about $11-$20) and had it on the highest level.
    Required tools-
    Flat blade of some sort
    Toolkit that works for this repair (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2TY9fBD
    Toolkit that I recommend and reviewed (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2EqCvvv
    Toolkit that is closest to the one I use for all my repairs (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2H4duIr
    The glue that I recommend using (I use the B6000 at 50ml, but B7000/E6000 work as well) (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2GY2cVL
    Clamps I recommend with the glue (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2T8opHn
    Dual Temperature Heating "Thing" (Heat “Gum”) (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2FMUfly
    The best type of razor blades (buy 100+ cause they’re low cost and fragile[don’t pry with these!!!]) (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2YE4W17
    Part can be found here (all affiliate links);
    iPhone 8
    iPhone 8 Plus
    (end of affiliate links)
    Toolkit that works for this repair (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2TY9fBD
    Toolkit that I recommend and reviewed (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2EqCvvv
    Toolkit that is closest to the one I use for all my repairs (affiliate link) - amzn.to/2H4duIr
    My 25th video!
    What else should I teardown or fix? Want more iPhone 8 or X videos? Let me know on here or on Twitter mattofrwr.
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  • Real World Review
    Real World Review  7 months ago +2

    Remember, parts can be found in the description, along with other tools to help you repair stuff!

  • Guille Rustri
    Guille Rustri 9 days ago

    How long in real time took you to remove all the glass?

  • Shaquille Banton
    Shaquille Banton Month ago

    What if I use a blowdryer?

    • Aren Shahinian
      Aren Shahinian 28 days ago

      Will not work. Glue is way to strong for a hair dryer. Use a heat gun.

  • Ivo van Schepen
    Ivo van Schepen Month ago

    If you are gonna put the new glass on the phone you need new glue right?

  • Autumn-Pro
    Autumn-Pro Month ago

    There’s a laser machine for this

  • Sreehariadi127 Sreehariadi

    i too have my phone wit same problem can u pls help me ......!

  • Xela Oso
    Xela Oso Month ago +2

    Glass on the back was so dumb of apple 😂

    • Axel 85
      Axel 85 Month ago

      There's absolutely no need to use this stupid glue . This is only a way to make 100 times harder to repair a stupid back glass that could cost 20€ to do . Apple = Sh*t

    • Drift Garage
      Drift Garage Month ago

      Xela Oso wireless charging won’t be possible if they don’t put glass on the back

  • Doli Briliantu
    Doli Briliantu Month ago

    whats The Heat Gun Temp You are using? ( in C°)

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Month ago

      Not sure. Says it goes up to 1,110 F, but that sounds outrageous. Another one I use tells the temp, and generally that one is used from 400F to 600F (204C to 315C)

  • Rob827
    Rob827 2 months ago

    I'm wondering, is it possible for my new iPhone 8's back glass to be not properly sealed and leak water?

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  2 months ago

      Once you break any phone, I would assume water resistance is gone forever, unless the manufacturer fixes it. Even then, they do not guarantee water resistance at all.

  • josh mcmuitrie
    josh mcmuitrie 2 months ago +5

    1:00 the note 7 pun 😂

  • Something Salmon
    Something Salmon 2 months ago

    Can you get an aluminum back instead of the glass so it doesn’t break again

    • Axel 85
      Axel 85 Month ago

      It's simpler to use a different glue like b7000. It will never detach by itself . Sadly apple is a shitt* brand so they prefer to use this idiotic glue to make the repair harder

    • Emanuel Gonzalez
      Emanuel Gonzalez 2 months ago

      It’s possible, but the wireless charging won’t function.

  • Adam Carver
    Adam Carver 2 months ago

    Any time adhesive is involved use 99% isopropyl alcohol. It prevents the adhesive from re-adhering to itself it will get sticky again once all the alcohol dissipates and of course its 100% safe to use on electronics.

  • ℂДʝℳøИƎ✞1
    ℂДʝℳøИƎ✞1 2 months ago

    Who’s watching this with a crack screen me 😞 my phone fell on a cement floor when I was getting out the car😭😭 now I gotta go pay $90 to fix it😡

  • APlayz
    APlayz 2 months ago +1

    Whenever I do glass back repairs I start by removing the screen and camera since the heat can damage them both. Then I start heating up the glass in a cracked corner and start removing bits of glass but you genuinely have to be patient, especially if you don't use much heat.

  • Dante
    Dante 2 months ago

    It's fine at the start to first get under the glass, but use playing cards/credit cards around the camera and battery. My cousin started keeping a big metal pot to throw over the phone whenever he has to apply heat to a lithium ion battery in case it starts to blow. It's not a huge explosion, but the glass can blind you. You "should" wear gloves, but let's be honest, they get in the way of an already tedious fix. Safety glasses you should legit use, eyes are easy to fuck up permanently.
    Thanks for posting, my dude, I'm fixing a friend's iPhone (when I've always had Androids), now I know what I'm in for

  • Kuyakoy Productions
    Kuyakoy Productions 2 months ago

    Iphone 8 and 8+ are easy to remove the camera cover so its ok not to tear down, unlike Iphone, 7, 7+, X, Xs and Xs Max, need to access inside to remove camera frame holder. Also iphone 8+ need to be careful from flash and microphone area.

  • Emanuel Gonzalez
    Emanuel Gonzalez 3 months ago

    This was a pain in the ass, but it was successful.

  • kenny12777
    kenny12777 3 months ago

    Broke my camera lens frame, fuck this dumb ass

  • Tommy Johnson
    Tommy Johnson 4 months ago

    Remove all the components inside the phone just so it’s glass and frame only 350-360c apply Heat from the back and use a surgical knife to gently lift up shards of glass. U wanna have a mount that holds phone while doing this trust works like a charm but your glass part with the camera that way u ain’t gotta do all that

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith 5 months ago

    Thanks for adding this video

  • Jonathan k
    Jonathan k 5 months ago

    Sooooo yeah I'm just gonna hit it with a hammer

  • Billy Criag
    Billy Criag 6 months ago +1

    Whoever wants to try this, make sure you DISASSEMBLE the entire phone. DO NOT TRY THIS AS IS. It's very dangerous to apply the heat gun with the battery connected

  • jackishere
    jackishere 6 months ago

    can a hair dryer work instead of a heat gun like this?

  • Felizly
    Felizly 6 months ago +2


  • 1StraightPath2Islam
    1StraightPath2Islam 6 months ago

    I followed your guide, but for some reason my camera keeps focussing on and off all the time. I removed it and cleaned it several times, didn't help. Is my camera damaged? For some reason when I press the lens sometimes it fixes it, but as soon as I release it goes back to being blurry and keeps focussing...

    • Nathan Howard
      Nathan Howard 5 months ago

      You might have damaged either the camera or the connector on the motherboard from the heat. A replacement camera is only around £5 and very easy to replace try that first if it doesn't work you might have damaged the motherboard

  • Derrick Lane
    Derrick Lane 6 months ago

    Good instructional video, I was thinking, how about removing the camera lens ring first, will that help you think?

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  6 months ago

      It could, but with the glass around there it'd be very difficult to retain the structure of the ring because the metal is very fragile. The best would be to open up the phone, remove the camera, and then remove the ring that way (and just buy a replacement) but it's still pretty difficult to do and requires glue of some sort as well.

  • Andres J. Annunziata S.

    Turn it on

  • Marc Joshua Pinpin
    Marc Joshua Pinpin 8 months ago

    Sir where do you get your parts?

  • N. tech
    N. tech 8 months ago +3

    This is really hard job to do.

  • Gus_ Okanayo
    Gus_ Okanayo 9 months ago +2

    Dude, This is Painful man. this is sufferness.

  • J.C. Harkins
    J.C. Harkins 9 months ago +7

    I just completed this over the weekend. Thank you for the video. The whole process took almost 4 hours. Under required tools I will list patience as first!!! The original glue is extremely hard and put on in no particular procedure. You basically will be braking glass off for hours. I would mention to be extremely careful around the middle to not damage wireless charging. Again Thank you for the video.

  • GhostProdigy
    GhostProdigy 10 months ago

    Why would hold the phone while applying heat to your hand and phone.

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  10 months ago

      To make sure you're not adding too much heat. Your phone can handle a little more than your hand, so if your hand is getting hot without being directly under the heat gun, then you know it's time to let the phone rest for a second and start picking at the glass

  • Douglas Vasquez
    Douglas Vasquez 10 months ago +1

    Hey man i accidently punctured my battery and smoke came out and fryed my battery and it messed up my wireless charging (black circle) is there any way i can replace the wireless charging circle on the back? If so can you please reply.

    • Jahmo
      Jahmo 5 months ago


    • Douglas Vasquez
      Douglas Vasquez 9 months ago +1

      Thanks but i found out i fryed the logic board

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  10 months ago +2

      You can replace the pad, but you need to open up the phone and remove the logic board to get to the pad. It's lot's of work for sure. I would recommend replacing the battery because of your situation. The battery life will either be shorter or cause issues in the future if using questionable or aftermarket chargers.

  • Francesco Bartolini
    Francesco Bartolini 10 months ago

    1 you have to use scotch or similar
    2 you must wear gloves, little piece of glass can hurt your fingers
    3 you can't use that type of glue because it leave residues and mark all the plastic around it.

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  10 months ago

      All true, although wearing the right gloves feels weird and is hard to do repairs, to me. Residue means either you used too much or the excess glue was not cleaned up before the glue hardened.

  • Karl Lawton
    Karl Lawton 10 months ago +3

    Great video, I'm going to use this method to fix my son's phone. I just wanted to add that I noticed your heat gun was from Harbor Freight. I plan on using their trim and molding removal tools which are used for car interiors to help take off the back glass. It's about $9 but I think would apply to this project well.

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  10 months ago

      Not sure how large they are, but if they're razor blade size, they should be good. Yes, I got mine from Harbor Freight for like $15 lol.

  • Earnest Hooks
    Earnest Hooks 10 months ago +4

    can I just send it to you lol

  • J
    J 10 months ago +3

    Thanks for informative vid,just completed the back replacement,it looks good,but won't be doing it again.

  • HarisH
    HarisH 11 months ago

    what a great tutorial! Thanks so much! please reply to this comment, thank you so much. i broke my iphone 8 plus and i took it to the shop and he said its £30, will it still be as durable as it was before? like when u try to bend, will it not bend, like when u replaced your glass will it be easy to bend or will it not bend and be as durable as it was before? thank you!

  • A Floofer
    A Floofer 11 months ago

    Dumb question. But. What would you do if you didnt take. Apart the camera. Glue it on or what?

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  10 months ago

      You have to remove the camera in order to set the glass on there. The glass won't fit without doing this.

  • mikey legit
    mikey legit 11 months ago

    If someone did this irl the camera wouldn’t be the same

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  10 months ago

      I did. Camera worked perfectly. Can't speak for everyone though

  • Dumy Thicc
    Dumy Thicc 11 months ago

    Would i be able to use a Hair Dryer as a substitute for the Heat Gun

    • Dumy Thicc
      Dumy Thicc 11 months ago

      Real World Review I’ve gotten the heat gun now and it’s 1500Watts. What temp should i put it at ?

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  11 months ago

      Very, I would recommend having a clean table and protective eyewear. And a couple hours lol. But it's possible!

    • Dumy Thicc
      Dumy Thicc 11 months ago

      Real World Review Oh thanks bro How hard do you think it would be for me to fix the phone? i already gave all the tools besides the heat gun but my dad is kind of skeptical

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  11 months ago

      Heat guns aren't that expensive really. iFixIt can sell you one (www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools/Heat-Gun/IF145-031-1) but you can find one at your local hardware store for around the same price, if not cheaper.

    • Dumy Thicc
      Dumy Thicc 11 months ago

      Real World Review Ok thanks i’ll just use a heat gun i just don’t got money

  • Luke
    Luke Year ago +4

    Nice, thanks👍🏼
    Now 8 I can try to replace my cracked iPhone 8 back glass myself🤞🏽😞

  • Fernando Oltra
    Fernando Oltra Year ago

    Hi! Can you remove just 2 of the 3 parts and leave the glass of the camera!?

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      So you can buy the part with the metal piece that houses the camera lens, but then you need to open your phone up and figure out how to remove the metal piece that is in the phone without destroying the metal frame. Possible, but I haven't tried it on the 8/8+/X

  • ItzGamingChimp
    ItzGamingChimp Year ago

    1,111th Subscriber!

  • Magnus Vesth
    Magnus Vesth Year ago +8

    My girlfriend smashed her phone and beated me up when she came home. Because she was convinced that she should buy a new one. So thank you for saving me with this video.

    • PRO review
      PRO review 2 months ago

      She beat you up!!! Are you a man ???🤔🤔

    • Lukero Gt
      Lukero Gt 10 months ago +1

      You need to find yourself a new bitch. Desperation in 2019 is real smh

    • Red Tiger
      Red Tiger 11 months ago

      Magnus Vesth what kind of girlfriend does that? Probably a gold digger

    • Red Tiger
      Red Tiger 11 months ago

      Magnus Vesth what kind of girlfriend does that? Probably a gold digger

  • Kelp'Cs
    Kelp'Cs Year ago

    id rather take it to the apple store

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      Sounds like you have Apple Care. I'd definitely use it!

    • Kelp'Cs
      Kelp'Cs Year ago

      Real World Review they give me a new phone for 100$ dollars so I’d say it’s worth it

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      Yes, but it is very expensive.

  • D grace
    D grace Year ago

    Do you need a heat gun or to heat the phone up ?

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      I would recommend a heat tool for sure. Don't put it in the microwave lol

    • Decent
      Decent Year ago +1

      No you can just put it in your microwave for about 20 seconds

  • Chloe Mcholoe
    Chloe Mcholoe Year ago

    this is too spooky if mine ever breaks I rather just keep it that way D:
    Thanks apple..... *sarcastic clap*
    I bought an iPhone X 3 days ago so I'm really scared, I already ordered a tough case that's coming today ;3 so meh+

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      Yes, not a fun repair lol. I would highly recommend a case if dropping your phone is a common occurrence lol

  • Prabhakant Tripathi

    If the wireless patta cutted any problem
    And what to do in that condition

    • Marius
      Marius 6 months ago

      Prabhakant Tripathi you coud try to use a soldering iron to stick together

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      It shouldn't be to much of an issue if you don't use it, but if it is cut and wireless charging still works, you should be good.

  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph Year ago

    I tapped out after dude mentioned a heat gun. Dude thinks I'm Tony Starks apparently...

    • Noham's Kitchen
      Noham's Kitchen 8 months ago

      @Decent lmfaooooo!

    • Decent
      Decent Year ago +1

      You can just put it in your microwave for about 20 seconds.

  • Mo Hamed
    Mo Hamed Year ago +1

    You didn’t use a glue to put the back glass ?!!

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      No, but I would recommend using glue and using clips to hold the back down. Doubt it will make the phone water resistant, but something like B7000 should work, just takes a while to set.

  • Jmpwireless 381
    Jmpwireless 381 Year ago

    with this method is faster easier and more efficient .

  • loay hassan
    loay hassan Year ago

    why u take off the lens? i see u can add the back house with out taking lens off.

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago +1

      No, the glass is too thick around the camera lens. You have to remove the camera in order to get it going.

  • Javan Pohl
    Javan Pohl Year ago

    I wonder if it'd be significantly easier to do with a heat table. Heat guns aren't nearly on the same level for evenly heating up and softening adhesive.

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      True, but some heaters like this one go up to very high temperatures. I would recommend a heat pad if it's all one piece, but if it's multiple, then the pad may be difficult to use. Either way, this is a terrible repair and Apple should have copied Samsung in the design, but the phone would be way easier to bend.

  • John S
    John S Year ago

    I would recommend an Exacto handle and round blade. It would keep the blade away from your hand. Also, you must wear glasses while doing this. If any tiny glass bits end up in your carpet, someone will get them in their foot. $500 ER bill!!!!!!

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago +1

      Yes, glasses are a must! I don't like the exacto knifes for this repair because the way the handle is and if I add too much pressure I am afraid the blade would snap and fly somewhere bad!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Year ago +1

    Is the back glass simply cosmetic in nature? Or will broken back glass effect the functionality of the phone? I have an iPhone 8 plus with shattered back glass that is hidden underneath my new phone case and the phone and camera seem to work fine. Is there any reason I should worry about repairing the glass other than the fact that it looks horrible when it's not in the phone case?

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago +1

      The back is mainly cosmetic, but obviously I would assume that the phone is no longer water resistant (though it might have not been in the first place.) If there are any cracks near the camera flash, then the flash might affect the image. Other than that, you should be fine if you hide it under a case

  • Voidix
    Voidix Year ago

    I thought this video would save me money, but this is wack as fuck.

  • Jose Charles
    Jose Charles Year ago

    So my phone will blow up?

  • Brad Heathcote
    Brad Heathcote Year ago

    That hasn't been glued by Apple, the glue Apple use is insanely strong, that is an aftermarket rear glass. I don't recommend anyone try this, it's just not this easy.

    • Real World Review
      Real World Review  Year ago

      You are correct. I personally don't recommend anyone breaking the glass or trying to fix it. But hey, it was an experience, and I can now tell everyone that this repair sucks and to trust me on that one. Also, I hope my video doesn't make people think this repair it easy because it is far from that.

  • CrocFIX
    CrocFIX Year ago +21

    I don't suggest you guys to replace a rear glass on the phone from my experience. The glue is like concrete and is like no other adhesive you know from Samsung or other phones. I replaced rear glass on a iPhone X which has same glue as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. I will post a video soon, but be warned, better to replace the whole housing with frame and glass already assembled. It will be maybe more expensive but much faster and less chances to break something.

    • Brad Heathcote
      Brad Heathcote Year ago

      CrocFIX Yeah the glue under the glass on this video is not the same glass that is actually used by Apple.