The King Of The Forest | Life of the Allosaur - The Isle

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • The Allosaurus has some dangerous company by the watering hole. One isn't as friendly as the others.
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    The Isle is an open-world survival game in which players choose from 3 factions in an attempt to survive a fierce island. Hunt. Prey. Survive. Play as many various types of dinosaurs such as large carnivores such as T.rex, Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus or herbivores like Stegosaurus or Triceratops
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Comments • 2 054

    KAAN ÇEKER 18 hours ago

    I dont get why people think all carnivore just chase thingd

  • Joseph Barber
    Joseph Barber 8 days ago

    need hart plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • lazo babic
    lazo babic 8 days ago

    Am kid and am not scerd -_-

  • Kaitee Kangco
    Kaitee Kangco 8 days ago

    Can you be a female ALLO PLZ?

  • DENISE Wong
    DENISE Wong 9 days ago +1


  • BIGDOG1355
    BIGDOG1355 13 days ago

    Right after you left the little lake i saw a Utah raptor I think

  • Edito Palacio
    Edito Palacio 14 days ago

    aym wathe yor vidoe for 3 yeres

  • Carol Gable
    Carol Gable 15 days ago

    : b

  • Naifa Kisembo
    Naifa Kisembo 16 days ago


  • Yazukii
    Yazukii 17 days ago

    Ark community:HYPE IN THE CHAT

  • Sheila Roadcap
    Sheila Roadcap 19 days ago

    im 9 AnD I NoT a hEaR NO MuSiC Im A MannnNNNNNN

  • Michael Payne
    Michael Payne 19 days ago +1

    I am from the future in 2019

  • Stick animations
    Stick animations 20 days ago +1

    Oh,this game. I've stopped this because of the terrible hitboxes lol, a Dino could bite like a few metres away from another Dino and it would kill it

  • RedTiger
    RedTiger 20 days ago

    The best part 17:55

  • Ayhaam Khan
    Ayhaam Khan 21 day ago +1

    TheGamingBeaver: hold my beer

  • Fast and Night furious

    “If there’s no door,build a door” or if there’s no door, just walk on through

  • Fast and Night furious

    It’s an allo..... oh god, it’s a fully grown adult. Walking with dinosaurs the ballad of big al the video-game

  • Fast and Night furious

    We have more in common than I realised James. We both love dinosaurs, we both play the isle and suck at it. We both make extremely strange noises and we both play piano.

  • Homeschool Granny
    Homeschool Granny 24 days ago

    im new at that game i got it tayday

  • Nuuttithealien
    Nuuttithealien 27 days ago

    What is name of the song 17:40

  • Raphael Gregor
    Raphael Gregor 27 days ago

    3:50 walking with dinosaurs best music

  • Sentient Zealot XIII
    Sentient Zealot XIII 28 days ago

    I love this game, people who don't like the growing up part isn't a true Dinosaur fan, just my personal opinion because when I was a kid i prayed a game exactly like this would be made & ever since I started watching game videos I can honestly say I wouldn't play it if you didn't have that feature. Nature growing up & survival theme.

    • Sentient Zealot XIII
      Sentient Zealot XIII 24 days ago

      They should play a dinosaur game that makes you start out as a fully grown animal, there's a Tuber who bitched about how bad this game sucks because he's not patient and tired of being killed and starting over but that's the point it's a life of a dinosaur, there is dinosaur games out there where you can kill as much as you want and not have to worry about staying alive more or less just killing and respawning, it's like someone plays Primal Carnage and they play this and say it's too boring do you see my point? Just because you like something doesn't make you a fan that may just be my belief but people like something one minute then forget about it the next, you picked out the part of my comment that had literally nothing to do with anyone else, because you should know that's my personal opinion, the rest of the post was relevant and was where my heart was at, you didn't understand the post but comment anyway, but hopefully now you understand what I'm saying.

    • Adam Jarenius
      Adam Jarenius 24 days ago

      Sentient Zealot XIII so people who don’t like waiting aren’t allowed to like dinosaurs?

  • Crazy Carno Lady
    Crazy Carno Lady 28 days ago

    Ahhh the days before skins

  • Alien in a Bigfoot suit

    Will you make a big al gameplay on the isle

  • EnderEthan 14
    EnderEthan 14 Month ago +1

    T-Rex: King of the Dinosaurus
    Spinosaurus: King of Africa
    Triceratops: King of the Herbivorous dinosaurs
    Velociraptor: King of the Pack hunters
    Allosaurus: King of the forests/Jurassic period.

  • Henry Medina
    Henry Medina Month ago +1

    Look if you think that shant look big its a t.rex

  • Dajana Vranjes
    Dajana Vranjes Month ago +1

    Am a kit and am not scerd

  • Kayley Jackson
    Kayley Jackson Month ago

    I like all the new updates, but I miss this one when it’s showing the speed, food and water level, now it does only show that when you drink or eat,

  • Abdullah Ibraheem
    Abdullah Ibraheem Month ago

    Unless I increase the brightness of my device

  • Abdullah Ibraheem
    Abdullah Ibraheem Month ago

    Bro why the brightness of this game in the dark is low?

  • Ted McCord
    Ted McCord Month ago

    I am a kid 👶🖕

  • Dog Playz
    Dog Playz Month ago

    Great ep

  • Blue Breon
    Blue Breon Month ago

    Beaver: shant
    Tree: beaver meat 🍖

  • Solar Boy
    Solar Boy Month ago

    What if that Rex was the baby Rex from the first episode

  • Thomas de Vanssay
    Thomas de Vanssay Month ago

    Is this game is on ps4 ?

  • Liz b
    Liz b 2 months ago

    I love how he using the music from walking with dinosaurs 🥰😂

  • Derpichu That one guy
    Derpichu That one guy 2 months ago

    22:07 I'm dead XD

  • Baynachi Celestine
    Baynachi Celestine 2 months ago

    Beaver that carno was me I was trying. To move and then when I saw your and then I was trying to bite you

  • Samuelito Nieto II
    Samuelito Nieto II 2 months ago

    If only we can download this on phone on Samsung

  • Grace Lauren
    Grace Lauren 2 months ago

    And he was never seen again😓😦🐊

  • Anantvir Braich
    Anantvir Braich 2 months ago +1

    Why no part 3?


  • FluFflE WaRrioR44
    FluFflE WaRrioR44 2 months ago

    It makes me nervous that you instantly walk towards big dinosaurs :‘D as a very skittish player it just scares me

  • Jordan :D
    Jordan :D 2 months ago

    Run beaver Run!!!

  • Bee Subs
    Bee Subs 2 months ago

    I want to hear you play piano during a game sometimes.

  • Random Metriacanthosaurus

    That adult Allo is a child pred

  • Jaimy
    Jaimy 2 months ago

    Van anyone tell me why all the footage from the isle I see from a year ago looks much better than what we have now?

  • Dark Ripper
    Dark Ripper 2 months ago

    Where’s the next episode?

  • Matthew Sedgley
    Matthew Sedgley 2 months ago +1

    its not not scary for me and i`m in primary

    SOLAR 2 months ago

    Me:sees intro
    Also me: how the hell do you confuse a t-Rex with a shant?

  • Charizard _AwesomePoco
    Charizard _AwesomePoco 2 months ago

    Where is the next time?

  • Teressa Mbuli
    Teressa Mbuli 2 months ago

    Cool dude

  • zack ladd
    zack ladd 2 months ago

    This man sounds like Austin powers when he laughs

  • Layne Love
    Layne Love 2 months ago

    Even i would know thats a shant

  • Suchomimus Tenerensis 1998

    Wait, so there can be a Allosaurus that try to seem Friendly,but they could be hungry.

  • The healthy Narwhal
    The healthy Narwhal 2 months ago

    Beaver:it’s a shant
    Trex:surprise mother fu**er

  • The healthy Narwhal
    The healthy Narwhal 2 months ago

    Scariest thing is being hunted by Carnos their roar is a male choir

  • Godzilla Fan2016
    Godzilla Fan2016 2 months ago +2

    Beaver: the rex killed the baby's, this is so sad
    *little allo attack him*
    Also beaver: *_ya little bugger_*

  • Alec_play z
    Alec_play z 2 months ago

    Do you use W A S D to move?

  • Cheyenne Wyatt
    Cheyenne Wyatt 2 months ago

    The quality from last video to this one is like 100 times better lol.

  • Maria Emi
    Maria Emi 3 months ago

    Toast allosaurus

    • Maria Emi
      Maria Emi 3 months ago

      Toast carno has a toast birthday cake 🎂