The King Of The Forest | Life of the Allosaur - The Isle

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • The Allosaurus has some dangerous company by the watering hole. One isn't as friendly as the others.
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    The Isle is an open-world survival game in which players choose from 3 factions in an attempt to survive a fierce island. Hunt. Prey. Survive. Play as many various types of dinosaurs such as large carnivores such as T.rex, Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus or herbivores like Stegosaurus or Triceratops
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Comments • 2 088

  • StuffedUpDragon
    StuffedUpDragon 2 days ago

    I love the allo it’s my fav Dino plz do some more vids on it
    Edit:also you and bestinslot are my fav youtubers

  • Samantha Tabellija
    Samantha Tabellija 4 days ago

    Imma lil kid who plays this game.... not scary

  • Masked Pride
    Masked Pride 5 days ago

    Beaver:O,that's a huge shant!
    Rex,pretending to be shant:
    *i'm about to end this man's whole career*

  • repodreptiles
    repodreptiles 7 days ago

    "you had to be a fatality of my progression"-James 2018

  • kilo ren
    kilo ren 7 days ago

    That fucking baby trike😂😂😂💪

  • Dylan Shramko
    Dylan Shramko 8 days ago

    Of course it's not a Shant, they don't have sharp teeth and claws

  • Alexis Cabrera
    Alexis Cabrera 10 days ago

    its a merical. 23 min and 23 sec... 23:23

  • Marie McGuinness
    Marie McGuinness 10 days ago

    one triseritops vs one terex the isle

  • Glen Boonzaier
    Glen Boonzaier 11 days ago

    The stupid laughter every 5 seconds about EVERYTHING is annoying.

  • Lee D
    Lee D 12 days ago

    how has noone commented on te fact that the 1st dino he killed was an AI velociraptor not a human utah.. and hes gamma hacking at night..

  • Ella Louise L BOLAND
    Ella Louise L BOLAND 13 days ago

    the rex was a female, beaver. If you were a true dino fan you would know that.

  • Jon Gallop
    Jon Gallop 15 days ago

    Be careful of the adult giga always

  • Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller 16 days ago

    S.c.h.o.o.l:six cruel hours of our lives.

  • FlowerFox15 ._.
    FlowerFox15 ._. 17 days ago

    The isle is so cool do more beaver

  • Crazy Croc
    Crazy Croc 18 days ago

    What a fearless trike

  • Katie Maige
    Katie Maige 19 days ago

    And it’s it free to download

  • Katie Maige
    Katie Maige 19 days ago

    Where can u get this game because it’s look sooo realistic

  • Renato Crisostomo
    Renato Crisostomo 20 days ago

    james why why do u haf to kill the poor babies u could just eat tacco

  • H0n3yB3arHayy Q
    H0n3yB3arHayy Q 23 days ago

    This game keeps me on the edge of my seat the entire gameplay!!! How am I only just know learning about this game?!?!? Holy cow!!!! 😮😮😮😮😮

  • Yilbriel Matias
    Yilbriel Matias 24 days ago

    Lol when you spot a pack of Raptors oh hell no!!!!!

  • Niles .M
    Niles .M 24 days ago

    T.rex and Allosaurus? We are living closer to the T.rex. in relation to time than they ever did. We also live with birds which have been classified as dinosaurs and are very close to the T.rex. biologically. So it would more sense to play as a human there.

  • Luke kop
    Luke kop 24 days ago

    Don’t Allosaurus’ travel in packs?

    • Tyrone Esix
      Tyrone Esix 23 days ago

      Luke kop beaver is always solitary that’s why he is a living legendary warrior

  • John Ross
    John Ross 27 days ago +4

    The baby trike attack had me dying! XD
    "Baby Trike has a death wish!!"

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 27 days ago

    Vocabulary: jacksectipeye
    Laughter: markiplier

  • John 100
    John 100 29 days ago +1

    9:00 hello mr oreo

  • Tenshi Kurama
    Tenshi Kurama 29 days ago

    I would actually like to see you chance finding a female and having babies

  • Angel Rogers
    Angel Rogers Month ago +1

    When you think you see ashant but nearly pass out by a t.rex

  • Angel Rogers
    Angel Rogers Month ago

    15:39 the small little big big and adult are RAPTERS?

  • N V
    N V Month ago

    the trample seems over powered and unbalanced lol. Trampled some large creatures.

  • Rainbow Shade
    Rainbow Shade Month ago

    Try scavenging an eat dead animals you find

  • Angel Games
    Angel Games Month ago

    Couple of days? more like 10 days!

  • SNIPEZZ 07
    SNIPEZZ 07 Month ago +1

    That allo roar tho❤️

  • mgkpraesi
    mgkpraesi Month ago

    Fight Animations are bad.

  • Lucas Chugg
    Lucas Chugg Month ago +1

    your right, this game dos scare kids. i should know... I AM ONE DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN... (faint scream in the distance) oh noooooooooo!

  • SluggishHornet
    SluggishHornet Month ago +2

    When he laughs he sounds like Julian the lemur king from Madagascar

  • roman on it brisco
    roman on it brisco Month ago

    B e aver when ur a her over. The canivors bully u dosent me u have to kill a trice

  • Mordack93
    Mordack93 Month ago

    What is the name of what game 😱😱😍
    Who to get it

    FATBOI YT Month ago

    11:16 I'm pretty sure that's a carno 🤣🤣🤣

    FATBOI YT Month ago

    Yh you posted this on my 14th birthday 😊

  • Croco Dil
    Croco Dil Month ago

    So every single dinosaur is a real player?

  • Mess Yoursisi
    Mess Yoursisi Month ago

    when jurassic dinosaurs meet cretaceous dinosaurs

  • Kaylee Crisp
    Kaylee Crisp Month ago

    You are sooooo funny!!!

  • Cody Kemp
    Cody Kemp Month ago

    I'm a kid and I like the lsle

  • Jackie Lopez
    Jackie Lopez Month ago

    But ima kid

    It’s AMAZING

  • Samuelu Simpson
    Samuelu Simpson Month ago

    22:10 biggest balls in the world

  • Rick Pifer
    Rick Pifer Month ago

    Is there for kids?

  • Mohan Kumar
    Mohan Kumar Month ago

    It's showing utahraptors profile is it utahraptor or allosaurs

    PEAJAY Month ago

    Lost all hope the second you led the Rex into your pack of infants. Worst mother ever

  • DR Hartog
    DR Hartog Month ago

    What? Are allose camiall’s

  • Craig Chan
    Craig Chan Month ago

    Where did you download the isle

  • Pewdiepie Fan
    Pewdiepie Fan Month ago +1

    I’m 10 heheh
    Rly bad TheXvidr

  • Zoona Morris
    Zoona Morris Month ago

    now click me.

  • Ashe Cornell
    Ashe Cornell Month ago

    The scare at 12:17 got me so bad!

  • AatZaPoppaa
    AatZaPoppaa Month ago

    What's an shant??

  • Annelise Galindo
    Annelise Galindo Month ago

    I'M 10 AND I NEVER GET SCARD PLAYING THE ISLE (only when a Rexs or gigs pops out of know where and just, plop over and get eatian

  • Andrew Lavallie
    Andrew Lavallie Month ago

    Your annoying as fuck

  • William Sucuahi
    William Sucuahi Month ago

    The t-rex avenge the alloceritop

  • Savanna Glass
    Savanna Glass Month ago

    I'm going to get an aneurysm if he keeps switching the viewpoint on this game jesus christ

  • Sparky Playz
    Sparky Playz Month ago

    you should roar more often xD

    RONY PONY Month ago

    the music is acully prutty nice XD i love da music lol

    RONY PONY Month ago

    nope don't scare me



  • [SDC] LK
    [SDC] LK Month ago

    how Long those it take until an allo or giga are fully grown

  • RaidenJohn Playz
    RaidenJohn Playz Month ago +2

    Spell SHANTS - T Rex

    • RaidenJohn Playz
      RaidenJohn Playz Month ago

      I wanna buy this game

    • Classic sonic Toei
      Classic sonic Toei Month ago +1

      Do you remember that baby trex from the first allo life episode what if that baby trex became the one that tried to kill him this episode

  • Max Animations
    Max Animations Month ago +2

    :o like in the trees
    Is it a shan’t
    Is it....TOAST!
    Too desperate

  • Chew Cry
    Chew Cry Month ago

    seems like someone likes BIG AL’s story =D

  • crazy shoodle mewow

    Is it a shant... NO ITS A T REX MY GOODNESS!!!

  • Eldarya en rouge
    Eldarya en rouge Month ago

    Beaver : Let's get out of this lake and go somewhere else.
    **proceeds to stay there all the video**

  • Jurassic Mad Man
    Jurassic Mad Man Month ago

    Is this a PC Game?

  • Koaka
    Koaka Month ago

    if i ever were to play this game, id feel too sorry to kill any babies ;-;

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    "Bugger off, ya' big coward!"

  • Thelicone
    Thelicone 2 months ago

    Pff i can just tell Allosaurus is bigger than human

  • Jimmy Nava
    Jimmy Nava 2 months ago

    U can play as dinos?

  • BeepBeep ImACar
    BeepBeep ImACar 2 months ago

    I want a pinned comment 😁
    (I may sound demanding but I’m not,I just want a pinned comment,I wanna know what it’s like to see this comment always 😐)

  • Wayne Oechsle
    Wayne Oechsle 2 months ago

    U kinda sound like stewie from family guy

  • Hyunsung Kim
    Hyunsung Kim 2 months ago


    It be a Utah

  • Zachary Balliache
    Zachary Balliache 2 months ago

    theres rexy

  • JaSonja Hilpert
    JaSonja Hilpert 2 months ago

    beaver i would love to play the isle with you, allos my favorite to play as, and is my favorite dino

  • Ryder Ang
    Ryder Ang 2 months ago

    is there no acros or spinos?

  • One Crazy Old Gaming Guy

    i bet you look silly making all your voices sitting all alone in your room and your mom walks by and goes are you ok in there lol

  • Vikram Agaw
    Vikram Agaw 2 months ago

    top stuff. good comedy.

  • Smol Boi
    Smol Boi 2 months ago

    Most isle TheXvidrs know the game and not the Dino’s but for Beavs it’s the other way around

  • T45What
    T45What 2 months ago

    There’s “”allo-oads”

  • silverstreams 75
    silverstreams 75 2 months ago

    U call the t.rex a coward when your the one running away!😅😅

  • AshtonTDS
    AshtonTDS 2 months ago


  • Robert Tomasik
    Robert Tomasik 2 months ago

    9:43 NANI????!!!

  • deathrokiller
    deathrokiller 2 months ago

    beaver how did you 1 bite insta kill a diablo O_O

  • Viper Nine
    Viper Nine 2 months ago

    Best thing about these videos, you use the big ahl music

  • Arkham herps
    Arkham herps 2 months ago

    6:15 oh my God that was me I was that Allo I saw your tail and I sharted calling out friendly because I wanted to make a group

  • Zoey Beckley
    Zoey Beckley 2 months ago

    Can u download this on mobile?

  • MrBot
    MrBot 2 months ago

    Rip baby’s

  • Jalgpalli Klubi TV
    Jalgpalli Klubi TV 2 months ago

    My fovorite dinosaurus is Allosaurus.

  • Redyear20
    Redyear20 2 months ago

    Hey your video. I wanna play with u one day :). Just to let u know, is banable now if a player is been hunted and go to the water to denied your food. Is also banable if a player invite you and kill you. You also before attaking or hunting you need to #3 call.

  • Lauren LPS
    Lauren LPS 2 months ago


  • Lyfe Wiafe-Ababio
    Lyfe Wiafe-Ababio 2 months ago +1

    22:14 funny.

  • Hector Atabey
    Hector Atabey 2 months ago +1

    beaver aka james whats your gaming setup

  • FrozenFeather
    FrozenFeather 2 months ago

    The allo looks just like the one from walking with dinosaurs

  • Russell Mosley
    Russell Mosley 2 months ago +1

    Beaver your the funniest person I know you are the best I love you bro

  • Fishey Cakes
    Fishey Cakes 2 months ago

    15:12 beaver making wildly stupid assumptions about this game part 80 million

  • Ricky Alba
    Ricky Alba 2 months ago

    Beaver you should swim with the baby and find some food you are evil adopter