• Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Day 4 of the SBSD Advent Calendar! Todays episode of around VVD! Who will prevail!?!
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Comments • 315

  • Harvey Rai
    Harvey Rai 21 day ago

    wrote down 2cb when he should have wrote 1

  • Gizmo The mother fing gremlin

    "If I only picked one I would of picked St juste and buffon!" so you'd of have random guessed a 0 chem buffon sure ya would pal😂

  • Bami Ayodele
    Bami Ayodele 29 days ago

    I hate to say this since jack used so many leagues but he only uses 2 nations.😂😂😂. Portugal and Holland.

  • Bami Ayodele
    Bami Ayodele 29 days ago

    “It’s gonna be a ropey game”

    *the score was 5-2 Liverpool

  • iFlamesPvP
    iFlamesPvP Month ago

    Andy wrote 2 CB cheat ( edit ) sorry what a guy he let him have him

  • Reuben Reid
    Reuben Reid Month ago

    Doesn’t EA ban u if u buy coins?

  • Paul Gartner
    Paul Gartner Month ago

    Anyone else hear Itani calling Andy a cheat, even though he did the fair thing with St Juste?

  • Max Bragonier
    Max Bragonier Month ago

    why does Andy look so intimidating in the reindeer onesie

  • Sam D
    Sam D Month ago +3

    Andy: I have 2 options - Parejo , Wass and Kondogbia😂

  • huddreems
    huddreems Month ago

    Andy 🤣

  • YourMamaTown lol
    YourMamaTown lol Month ago

    10:14 the way that jack says thank you🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Henry Sweeny
    Henry Sweeny Month ago


  • Nathan Laing
    Nathan Laing Month ago

    Itani was right CHEAT!!!

  • WayZ ReFleX
    WayZ ReFleX Month ago


  • HetIsWesley !
    HetIsWesley ! Month ago


    FOOTYLORDYT _ Month ago +1

    “ I think it will be 1-1”
    5-2 😂

  • Lawson dykes
    Lawson dykes Month ago

    5 to 2

  • Chris Packet
    Chris Packet Month ago

    tune at 15:30?

  • The One And Only Phenomenal One

    Quality sportsmanship from Andy. Other TheXvidrs would have ran with it *cough* Nepo and Tom *cough*

  • JiminyCricketGames _


  • Vesta Fn
    Vesta Fn Month ago

    Amazing vid 🤙💙

  • Joel Mitchell
    Joel Mitchell Month ago

    Hey Jack, loving the vids. Where did you get that Liverpool shirt from? If you could help a bro out, that would be highly appreciated.

    • Red Devils
      Red Devils Month ago

      @Joel Mitchell y the fuck would u want that 🤣

    • Joel Mitchell
      Joel Mitchell Month ago

      Jack54HD Okay, will do. Thanks bro 🙏 (btw, this is the first time a TheXvid has replied to me, so cheers 🤙). Have a good day and a Merry Christmas 🎄❤️

    • Jack54HD
      Jack54HD  Month ago +1

      Thanks mate! The site no longer exists but if you search ‘retro crown paints LFC shirt’ you should be able to find it somewhere :)

  • Theo White
    Theo White Month ago

    Get zerkaa on the show

  • Kieran LR
    Kieran LR Month ago

    Why can he use an icon but you cant

  • NRG_Xility
    NRG_Xility Month ago

    But jack did what Andy did in the other video

  • Alex King
    Alex King Month ago

    Christ a squad builder showdown with jack takes hours to watch with 15,000 ads

  • David Lyons
    David Lyons Month ago

    You could have used greizmann guedes and sterling

  • Ryan Clarke
    Ryan Clarke Month ago

    Cant subscribe until you remove the Liverpool shirt. Sorry mate

  • Cenz
    Cenz Month ago

    Is he still alive 😂

  • Sabit khan
    Sabit khan Month ago

    What a Title...

  • Cameron hughes
    Cameron hughes Month ago

    When are

  • Trevon Trotman
    Trevon Trotman Month ago

    I’ve been guessing along and I would’ve got Andy’s whole back line except semedo

  • Nick Armitt
    Nick Armitt Month ago

    Should have looked at Neto from Wolves. Or maybe Jimenez RTTF card up front and Had Adama's card?

  • Nick Armitt
    Nick Armitt Month ago +3

    Liverpool fans are so deluded.
    VVD: Spends 6 years in Prem and has one good season.
    LFC Fans: He is the best in the world.
    Correction: He was the best for 10 months and this season he is not even the best defender in the prem let alone the world.
    Sorry but the stats don't lie. LFC are leaking goals atm. They are winning and will win the Prem.. But let us be realistic here. We can praise the scousers without having to lie.
    Oh and Jota went by VVD last year but play was stopped and thus the dribble didn't count. It was deemed Jota fouled VVD. Diogo Jota that weighs 6 stone and is about 4ft tall managed to out muscle one of the best defenders in the world? He is so good he is destroyed physically by some half his size... So there is that.

  • Craig Elliott
    Craig Elliott Month ago

    I feel like there was a rule WAY back that was you could not have more than 3 players from the same team...
    I might be wrong, but I've noticed in a few recent SBSs that 4+ players have been picked

  • Jacob Blood
    Jacob Blood Month ago

    9 mid roll ads? Really Jack?

  • paco byrne
    paco byrne Month ago

    Fuckin spa isn’t even wearing the hat right

  • Finn Saunders
    Finn Saunders Month ago

    I mean, is he an IF Funes Mori though?

  • CloutLord
    CloutLord Month ago

    i think if the player who the video is on scores it counts as x2 discards!!

  • Joe Goldberg
    Joe Goldberg Month ago


  • MrTabi L
    MrTabi L Month ago

    Andy you did it again!! U didnt pull what game mode you are playing 🤣

  • Matthew Aston-Brien

    Stop click baiting, just put the normal van dijk card on your thumbnail

  • Save Master
    Save Master Month ago

    what happen to neymar they said that on the other video

  • Cillian Maher
    Cillian Maher Month ago +1

    I fucking hate van Dijk

  • Tc extreme
    Tc extreme Month ago


  • Raheem Hussain
    Raheem Hussain Month ago

    Rate you for that Andy top lad

  • _. cxlmz
    _. cxlmz Month ago

    Respect for Andy 👍 on the st juste

  • Mostafa Zaman
    Mostafa Zaman Month ago

    Silva got sacked

  • Yusuf Uddin LFC
    Yusuf Uddin LFC Month ago +1

    Why are legends so FAT

  • Large Bear
    Large Bear Month ago

    Sbsd with fuji

  • Freddie Forder
    Freddie Forder Month ago +2

    Jack: right guys let me tell you about our sponsor onefootball

  • Tommy
    Tommy Month ago

    5 : 2 liverpool

  • Tom Chalmers
    Tom Chalmers Month ago +1

    Who ever is reading this hope you have a great day


    Didn't jack say on Andy's channel it is around neymar

  • Amelia
    Amelia Month ago +1

    Jack: for this formation you need a good attack
    Andy: I'll have bale, trezeguet, coman
    Jack: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Month ago

    The winner should virtually mix up the loser's side and make the loser pick who to discard. You could use your whiteboards

  • Notorious MiGZ
    Notorious MiGZ Month ago

    Diogo Jota and Raul Jimemez as the LM and ST Jack needed

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams Month ago

    Jack I'm disappointed... You usually make good hybrids but 7 Portuguese players and 4 Dutch 😭😂

  • Notorious MiGZ
    Notorious MiGZ Month ago

    Why not Van De Sar Andy???

  • Joshua Rossouw
    Joshua Rossouw Month ago

    Just before Virgil gets his inform