Are You Ready to Build Wealth in 2022?

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
  • Do you have a plan to build wealth? When it comes to investing and retirement, do you know what you’re doing? Are you prepared to handle inflation? And what about crypto and real estate-are they good deals?
    Join Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze and George Kamel as they unpack how to build real wealth, invest and save for retirement in 2022.
    1:10 - Dave’s story of building wealth and losing it
    5:06 - A brief history of get-rich-quick culture
    15:27 - What “get-rich-quick” looks like today
    16:56 - The effect of COVID on wealth building
    22:10 - How to spot a get-rich-quick scheme
    26:37 - True wealth building
    29:05 - The 7 Baby Steps
    30:04 - How people with average incomes can become millionaires
    36:52 - The fastest right way to build wealth
    44:02 - Stories of real-life Baby Steps Millionaires
    49:28 - Why budgeting is the foundation of building wealth
    54:14 - Why you should pay off debt before investing
    58:34 - How inflation works and how to deal with it
    1:05:51 - What’s going on with student loan forgiveness
    1:09:53 - What you need to know about cryptocurrency
    1:15:42 - How NFTs work and why you should avoid them
    1:18:10 - Slow and steady wins every time
    1:23:15 - Changing your family for generations
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  • The Ramsey Show - Highlights

    1:10 - Dave’s story of building wealth and losing it
    5:06 - A brief history of get-rich-quick culture
    15:27 - What “get-rich-quick” looks like today
    16:56 - The effect of COVID on wealth building
    22:10 - How to spot a get-rich-quick scheme
    26:37 - True wealth building
    29:05 - The 7 Baby Steps
    30:04 - How people with average incomes can become millionaires
    36:52 - The fastest right way to build wealth
    44:02 - Stories of real-life Baby Steps Millionaires
    49:28 - Why budgeting is the foundation of building wealth
    54:14 - Why you should pay off debt before investing
    58:34 - How inflation works and how to deal with it
    1:05:51 - What’s going on with student loan forgiveness
    1:09:53 - What you need to know about cryptocurrency
    1:15:42 - How NFTs work and why you should avoid them
    1:18:10 - Slow and steady wins every time
    1:23:15 - Changing your family for generations

    • Jim Meyer
      Jim Meyer 18 days ago +1

      Thanks. Appreciate it-- would have never watched it otherwise.

  • Earl Greer
    Earl Greer 13 days ago +9

    We took a Dave Ramsey “Baby Steps” class about 12 years ago. The class met once a week for 10 weeks at a church. Within 30 months of the end of the class, we were debt free. It was trying, but not that difficult. Willpower and achievement was our driving force and it was worth every minute of it. Watching these videos again are now entertaining because I know it works. Thank you Dave Ramsey for these videos. If you want to learn, you can accomplish anything.

  • Reed Pete
    Reed Pete Day ago +19

    Investing done right has changed my perspective on how one can succeed in life. I’ve been able to clear my debt and go on to have surplus to take care of my family. Working multiple jobs for money isn’t the optimal way to attain financial freedom. Unfortunately, we find this out later in life. Great video.

    • James Powell
      James Powell 2 hours ago +3

      @katherine Alnord Oh of course! I’ve made a lucre of over $61300 trading with Clemans in less than a month. I thank God I was able to recoup from my losses after all my bad experiences.

    • katherine Alnord
      katherine Alnord 2 hours ago +1

      I have a different issue as I’ve been following several videos on investing and taking huge losses. Can sir levi assist me?

    • Vicky Basnight
      Vicky Basnight 2 hours ago +1

      @Sam Nguyen I see your point Reed, and it’s a good one. It’s false to think that taking increased risk guarantees you more money, you wouldn’t bet on a pony in a horse race.

    • Sam Nguyen
      Sam Nguyen Day ago +1

      @Reed Pete Oh I just ran through his bio. Quite impressive! I can’t wait to get started with him. Thanks again.

    • Reed Pete
      Reed Pete Day ago +4

      You can look him up to get acquainted!

  • Tiffany Q.
    Tiffany Q. 4 months ago +214

    Almost debt free! 87k down to 27k in 2.5 years following Dave's plan! We get antsy wanting to move straight through to wealth building and we work this plan hard so it gets tough at times, but it really has relieved our stress with each passing month.

    • jay pal
      jay pal Month ago

      Very inspiring!

    • sue mullin00
      sue mullin00 Month ago +1

      This man is the whole package! Experience, knowledge, charisma, humor, no bs. I can listen to him all day 💙 I just started Baby Steps, excited! Thanks Dave!

    • Nathalie Lady
      Nathalie Lady 3 months ago

      Good job!

    • Renaissance Man
      Renaissance Man 4 months ago +3

      great job! I paid my debt off years ago and now just have home mortgage as only debt. At least tax benefits help out.

    • Adam Richardson
      Adam Richardson 4 months ago +7

      Keep it up, don't know your age, but I was a mess in my twenties and got it all straightened out between 29-35. Now life is heaven, getting income up is the best option, it takes a little work but now is the time to job shop, even if it isn't your dream job....take that income and payoff your debt! Then you can go find your dream job, and pay won't have to be the deciding factor.

  • Amanda Hsu
    Amanda Hsu 4 months ago +215

    Paid off $92000 in 16 months thanks to Dave! And built up our emergency fund! So happy we are finally onto baby step 4, 5 & 6! Amazing! 🇨🇦

    • planningperson laidbackdeep
      planningperson laidbackdeep 14 days ago +1

      @Tony Markley I agree. How in the world do you pay off 96000 in debt. You have to have insane income to do that and the issue is just wasting money not living cheap.

    • Nathalie Lady
      Nathalie Lady 3 months ago

      Good job!

    • Tony Markley
      Tony Markley 4 months ago +6

      She’s lying bro

    • A
      A 4 months ago +12

      @Joe Ward The biggest game changer for me was doing a budget to allocate my paycheck and stopped eating out and buying Starbucks. I was spending at least $100 per month on coffee and $260 on lunch per month. Another $100 every weekend for eating out.

    • RockstahRolln
      RockstahRolln 4 months ago +2


  • Laura Strong
    Laura Strong 4 months ago +47

    I was young but I remember the Carter days. Waiting in long lines for over two hours to fill up the car, eating too much Mac & Cheese and hot dogs and the like because that's all my parents could afford. I'm so grateful for Dave & Crew and all that they do to try and help change the narrative of people's lives. I'm hopeful that this country can once again be strong and self-sufficient.

    • Curt Coltharp
      Curt Coltharp 3 months ago +1

      Nixon administration also had some long gas lines in early 70’s and a lot of stations had no gas.

    • Maureen O'Gorman
      Maureen O'Gorman 3 months ago +1

      It wasn't Carter's fault if your patents were poor. There were poor people during the Regan years, the Clinton years and the Obama years as well the bush years.

  • J V L
    J V L 4 months ago +81

    I am from India and agree with almost everything said here.I retired recently at 58 and have zero debt and a net worth of just under 2 M USD.Currently I save almost 60 percent of my after tax income and need only about 15 percent for a comfortable existence. I am a CPA by training and have a good understanding of how money works.And the icing on the cake is that in India almost everything is atleast two thirds less expensive than in the US.

    • So Believer
      So Believer Month ago

      Are mortgage rates reasonable?

    • J V L
      J V L 2 months ago +4

      @rimmel10 I guess it is equivalent to about 8 M in the USA if PPP is the yardstick. More than enough for this lifetime , especially because I may have about 15 more years left at best. Hope to leave a sizeable chunk to my only daughter who is now 30 years old.

    • rimmel10
      rimmel10 2 months ago +2

      Given the purchasing parity. 2m in india is like 36 million in usa. Well done.

    • Sharon Valentine
      Sharon Valentine 2 months ago


    • Chirag Khandelwal
      Chirag Khandelwal 3 months ago +7

      Yes...India is less expensive....We are taught to save and live a frugal and minimalist life's in our mindset which is passed on by our ancestors...

  • khanyo
    khanyo 4 months ago +64

    I am such a Dave Ramsey fan... This man has a big heart and I've learned so much listening to the show. With 💙💗 from South Africa.

  • Nick Taran
    Nick Taran 19 days ago +4

    There is nothing like being in a position to be able to give and help someone else!

  • Dee Sims
    Dee Sims 4 months ago +27

    Thank you Dave and team, so educational and such valuable knowledge to share.

  • Puneet Jajoo JR
    Puneet Jajoo JR 4 months ago +125

    • FIJIlanguageTUTOR B
      FIJIlanguageTUTOR B Month ago

      @J & D Pascale ok

    • EA dad
      EA dad 4 months ago

      @Puneet Jajoo JR I spoke to him already and I admire the confidence he has in himself as well as the information he gives out. I'll surely give it a shot! Thanks alot!

    • Tony Markley
      Tony Markley 4 months ago


    • J & D Pascale
      J & D Pascale 4 months ago

      @Eddie Pimpton search for youtube video The Money Guy Show on "Deep Dive on Dave Ramsey's Investment Advice!" its an interesting comparison to index fund investing. They have very good videos on investing.

  • Emiliano Caballero
    Emiliano Caballero 10 days ago

    Great discussion and topics . I do have a different point of view regarding the Regan years economic policies , which are proven to have been the main cause of the erosion of us middle class . Thanks as always for doing this show Dave !

  • Tiphani J’nae
    Tiphani J’nae 4 months ago +300

    This needs to be a Netflix special. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • southrichmondtofl
      southrichmondtofl 2 months ago

      @Maggie Kelly LoL, valid points!!!

    • Maggie Kelly
      Maggie Kelly 2 months ago

      @southrichmondtofl $15 a month isn’t going to break me at this stage of my life. That’s about the cost of a single movie ticket these days. Plus, the popcorn’s a lot cheaper at home… and the bathrooms are close (and clean!).

    • southrichmondtofl
      southrichmondtofl 2 months ago +1

      Your greatest wealth building tool is your income, when you give it to some else (NETFLIX) it's not yours anymore!!! You need to get a better understanding of Dave's teachings!!!

    • Savannah Robbins
      Savannah Robbins 3 months ago


  • Vivian Brown
    Vivian Brown 24 days ago +2

    When it comes to investment, diversification is key. That is why I have my interests set on key sectors based on performance and projected growth. They range from the EV sector, renewable energy, Tech and Health.

  • SoCal Gear Guy
    SoCal Gear Guy 4 months ago +21

    This was amazing! Thank you Dave and the Ramsey team!

  • Sew Creative
    Sew Creative Month ago

    This was excellent! Thank you so much for all you do!

  • Covert Gospel Tracts
    Covert Gospel Tracts 4 months ago +9

    Thanks for putting this out! Makes me want to put the metal to the metal on my finances and really get at investing!

  • Sophia Miller
    Sophia Miller Month ago +2

    When it comes to investment, diversification is key. That is why I have my interests set on key sectors based on performance and projected growth. They range from the EV sector, renewable energy, Tech and Health.

    • Fauci is-a-liar
      Fauci is-a-liar 3 days ago

      Sounds good as a start. But owning different kinds of stocks is not enough for true diversification.
      Real estate and foreign currencies, are at least as important. In particular, owning most of one's net worth in the US -- including stocks and bonds denominated in the dying US dollar -- is a recipe for disaster.
      Get most of your savings out of the USD and out of the US if you don't want to go down with the ship. The US is finished.
      Russian Rubles, Chinese Yuan, and lesser-known currencices like Georgian Lari are prudent places to stow a bit of your savings instead of keeping them all in dollars. (Imagine if you had bought rubles when the US and its lackeys first imposed the "Big scary sanctions" (LOL) against Russia and the ruble briefly plummeted, as my wife and I did. You'd be sitting on a nice pile of dollars now if you bought at 130-plus rubles to the dollar and then converted those rubles back at 60-70/dollar.
      Better yet, keep the rubles and buy more, given the likely divergent trajectories of the two countries: Russia surviving and the US deteriorating badly until its collapse.

  • sonny44898
    sonny44898 3 months ago +2

    Dave, this was an excellent video! George and Racheal took it to another level! Thank you all!

  • Donald Locher
    Donald Locher 2 months ago +73

    individual stocks have been what has generated a good part of profits to my portfolio, I invested 50K in a diverse portfolio of stocks, ETFs, grade bonds through an investment advisor & made about 260k in a couple of months, but guess what? I re-invested and it compounded even more, hopefully I get to a million soon.

    • Harley Cartley
      Harley Cartley 2 months ago +1

      @Donald Locher just did a google search and found her webpage. I must say her resume is pretty impressive.. will be writing her.

    • Donald Locher
      Donald Locher 2 months ago +1

      @Harley Cartley certainly, she goes by Rita Wildrin Mora. she's quite known.

    • Harley Cartley
      Harley Cartley 2 months ago +1

      recently started in stocks and I don't mind investing a substantial sum, I'm looking to build something like this. I'd like to know if your advisor works with newbies like me who are willing to invest? if yes, can you refer me?

    • Emily Howe
      Emily Howe 2 months ago +1

      Nicely done. love diversity.

  • Alan McMichael
    Alan McMichael 4 months ago +26

    George is such a great addition to the Ramsey personality club!

  • Tagan Rose
    Tagan Rose 4 months ago +14

    When it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the present and investors of the past can provide us with guidance on how to invest 🙏🙏

  • Hollywood 31
    Hollywood 31 16 days ago

    I will be debt free on May 13, 2022....N I'm loving it!
    Thank you Señor Ramsey, for sharing your knowledge 🙏

  • sapper made
    sapper made 3 months ago +2

    26 yrs of building a business I just sold it but still working for the company that bought me. It’s been a painful long slow experience that finally paid off

  • Marshall Hosel
    Marshall Hosel 21 day ago +2

    Solid advice, thanks

  • Kirsten Kosinski
    Kirsten Kosinski Month ago

    I agree with Rachel, it seems to be a relief...
    It's easy to want results fast.
    Good video. Lots of good information!

  • tiktok shorts
    tiktok shorts 4 months ago +22

    I just love the Dave Ramsey team Dave Ramsey and his family incredible amazing people truly a godsend.

  • Savannah Robbins
    Savannah Robbins 3 months ago +2

    Most Amazing Lecture I’ve Ever seen!!! And I have read All of Dave Ramsey’s books and most of Rachel Cruze’s. Thank you!!! Sending to all my friends

  • Doug Knowles Jr
    Doug Knowles Jr 4 months ago +3

    I love DR and we're on our BS2 journey. Was I the only one hoping this wasn't the same info we hear on the radio show?? I was hoping they would talk more about investing and the particulars of doing so. Love you guys and what you do!

  • p hall
    p hall 4 months ago +23

    Great informative presentation...I listen to Dave EVERY DAY..IT has CHANGED MY LIFE..

  • Maree Wright
    Maree Wright 3 months ago +4

    Love listening to Dave. So many of us who wish we had learnt earlier - common hindsight comment I know. Would love to see Ramsey Solutions in Australia.

  • rr186650
    rr186650 8 days ago

    The thing about inflation in the 80s was that, yes there was high inflation, but the salaries were higher than the inflation rate.
    Today, the salaries are below the inflation rate.

  • myra Jones
    myra Jones Month ago

    Thanks Dave & team … this was awesome 👏 thanks 🙏

  • Jupiter G. Dickson
    Jupiter G. Dickson 3 months ago +110

    The best way to find that balance between saving and living is by investing, This way you get
    to have your saving intact and then live comfortably off the revenue coming in from
    your investments. Financial freedom is possible, you just need to know
    what to do and when to do it. I am a living testimony.

    • Fauci is-a-liar
      Fauci is-a-liar 3 days ago

      That's a lie. You cannot guarantee that he will not lose money. Nobody can. Stop it.

    • Fauci is-a-liar
      Fauci is-a-liar 3 days ago

      No need for professional advice to buy stock-index mutual funds, foreign real estate in some country that you visit enough to become comfortable, and foreign currencies.

    • Allison Wright
      Allison Wright 3 months ago

      I google her complete name Suzanne Stephens Ellis, and I
      found her website I am contacting her now. Thanks.

    • Jupiter G. Dickson
      Jupiter G. Dickson 3 months ago

      Lookup her complete name on the web.

    • Jupiter G. Dickson
      Jupiter G. Dickson 3 months ago

      Well I can't say much, I will prefer you talk with her yourself. I can only
      tell you she is very trustworthy and knows what she is doing.
      You won't loose any money, that I can guaranty you.

  • Financial Education 4
    Financial Education 4 4 months ago +16

    "People often overestimate what they can accomplish in a year, and underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade." Bill Gates

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Month ago

    This started as an interesting conference/webinar but quickly devolved into a normal episode of the Ramsey show

  • Lisa Zimmerman
    Lisa Zimmerman 4 months ago +3

    I loved this!! Thank you Ramsey team!!

  • Calgary Charlie vik001
    Calgary Charlie vik001 3 months ago +3

    I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey … because of him, I am almost debt free … will stay debt free forever… will help my friends ….. Thanks 🙏 Dave .. God Bless You!!!!!

  • Mike
    Mike 4 months ago +5

    Amazing! I absolutely loved it. Thank you, Mr. Ramsey!

  • Brian Pulliam
    Brian Pulliam 4 months ago +24

    Prepandemic, I could easily get my groceries averaging under $100 a week. Now, I am lucky if I spend less than $120 per week. I am thankful for having a little buffer to weather this inflation storm

    • Captain Arrow
      Captain Arrow Month ago

      @So Believer just myself, it would be more if I had a family

    • Captain Arrow
      Captain Arrow Month ago

      @So Believer just myself

    • So Believer
      So Believer Month ago

      @Captain Arrow nice,how many people are you feeding?

    • vvitofrank
      vvitofrank 2 months ago

      @Captain Arrow I’m at 100 a day

    • Captain Arrow
      Captain Arrow 4 months ago

      I spend maybe $200 a month on groceries.

  • Smitty76
    Smitty76 3 months ago +3

    Very good! And good point by Rachel, it definitely helps build your character to delay gratifications.

  • DJ DadBod
    DJ DadBod 4 months ago +2

    Looking forward to coordinating my first FPU, has meant so much to my family I can’t wait to share

  • jawojnicki
    jawojnicki 4 months ago +1

    does Dave ever explain whether "household income" means before or after taxes? (because it makes A HUGE difference)
    let me know

    • Eric
      Eric 4 months ago +5

      Before taxes.

  • Xolile Kineri
    Xolile Kineri 15 days ago

    I am from South Africa and am debt free thank God for the grace. My focus now is to build wealth. I will appreciate support in my journey towards building wealth.

  • Gina Michel
    Gina Michel 4 months ago +3

    Outstanding Information!! Thank you for these encouraging words!! 🙌🙌🙌

  • Sikhulile Malunga

    Thank you Sir... Watching from South Africa. In December 2022 I will be debt free from my student loan..

  • Victor Romero
    Victor Romero 3 months ago +13

    Bro, I spent my time from 2015-2019 saving everryythinnngg to pay off my 2016 Honda Civic, $27k...
    debt free still have the same car, feels so good to have $20k and a car paid off, and im 31 years old.
    currently working but I want to start an online business to crank up my net worth.
    saving everything I used to throw at my debt and helping my parents build their savings.
    For us regular people, we have to grind more to stay out of poverty AND help those who help us.

    • Ashley Thompson
      Ashley Thompson 2 months ago

      This is awesome! I have a similar story. My husband and I bought a $28k 2018 hybrid (Chevy volt) in December, but we have a plan to have it paid off by July, the latest. By that time, we will also have around $30k in savings and are also 30 and 31yrs old. Next, we are going to tackle student loans. It will take a while, debt free is achievable if your disciplined.

  • Shane Davison
    Shane Davison 2 days ago

    Real life throws all sorts of complications into this simple math. Marriage for instance will totally destroy any chance of saving money. Also, most people don't find jobs that pay as much as the math requires. Then emotions kick in and you buy and sell at the wrong times in your stock accounts. It's not easy. I have heard people say you need a side job. Those side jobs rarely go well. You wear yourself out for minimum wage or worse and just can't make enough to make a difference. At least I never made much from various side jobs.

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L 4 months ago +7

    Thanks, for helping people to find financial peace of mind and freedom

  • Highland Retro Gamer
    Highland Retro Gamer 2 months ago +4

    This was a bloody brilliant watch, god bless America... 🇺🇲

  • avenue2revenue
    avenue2revenue 4 months ago +31

    Isn't is strange that people with a high income also have high spendings?
    So net, they're not better than any average earner. It's always mind-blowing to me that especially those high-earners don't save and invest😐

    • Fauci is-a-liar
      Fauci is-a-liar 3 days ago

      Not true. High-income people have vastly higher median and average retirement investments, and nonretirement investments, than people with lower incomes.

    • Matthew Reviews
      Matthew Reviews 4 months ago +5

      They call it lifestyle inflation

    • No Name
      No Name 4 months ago +5

      Now I make 140k and know in my soul that I WILL NEVER do that again.

    • J & D Pascale
      J & D Pascale 4 months ago +11

      Keeping up with the Jones is really expensive theses days. Dave says “We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.” LOL

  • Monarch Montgomery
    Monarch Montgomery 4 months ago +10

    Thanks for this. Wish I started sooner . Never too late

  • Caz PK
    Caz PK 3 months ago +5

    Ive learnt also that old habits take time to break so dont give up so quickly. Keep trying and reward yourself once in a while for getting it right.

  • Margs
    Margs 4 months ago +27

    Dave's content was so well written and spoken. He is a very talented public speaker.

    • Richie Vegas
      Richie Vegas 4 months ago

      i am sure he has plenty of staff. he has so much to run there

  • Hablando de todo con Brenda!

    Love it 😊. Glory be to God we are debt free but the house 🏠 and working on it 🙏 God is good!

  • Phi Nguyen
    Phi Nguyen 3 months ago +1

    He has so much wisdom that I can learn from.

  • Natalie Moses
    Natalie Moses 4 months ago +17

    Ramsey team is AWESOME…changing LIVES!!!!!!

  • Becky Tanner
    Becky Tanner 4 months ago +3

    I’m trying to take full advantage of the new year, I’ve allocated my capital in a safe and sustainable way but still leave room for excitement for individual stocks and exciting new opportunities.

  • Stacey Baker
    Stacey Baker 3 months ago +2

    Dave changed our lives.... BS7 and working on retirement savings and giving.

  • Maine Lee
    Maine Lee 4 months ago +6

    Just saw Dave on the TV congratulations to the Ramsey family !

  • John Sikes
    John Sikes 4 months ago +2

    Dave is awesome!

  • Renaissance Man
    Renaissance Man 4 months ago +2

    I followed most of your advice and it has worked out well for me. Now I did not pay cash for home as this is not realistic in California unless you are a gazillionaire.

  • Charity Erwin
    Charity Erwin 3 months ago +2

    Learning alot and cant wait to get started

  • JG10RKN
    JG10RKN Month ago

    Truly inspirational

  • Work Phone
    Work Phone 29 days ago +1

    on this day (April 27th) on the Everyday Millionaires Theme hour, Dave talked to a guy with a 1.5 million dollar net worth thanks to his Gamestop investment. before his GME purchase his net worth was less than 50k

  • Tang Tang
    Tang Tang 4 months ago +11

    I love ramsey solutions I’m a big fan from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 it’s hard to adopt in such super high real estate ridiculous situation like big cities in the US but baby steps still workable !

  • ISD Saw
    ISD Saw 3 months ago +2

    great advice and information

  • NJ Valueinvestor
    NJ Valueinvestor 2 months ago

    Solid advice from start to finish. Coincidently, Warren Buffett's biography is "The Snowball", and many of Dave's proverbs were in a book " The Millionaire Next-door."

  • Kaylor Roberts
    Kaylor Roberts 4 months ago +1

    Thank you Dave Ramsey!

  • Greg
    Greg 4 months ago +19

    House paid off with Dave's program, now we just save and invest. Plenty of money for vacations and toys, it isn't exciting but it does work.

    • pamela lima
      pamela lima 28 days ago

      The best part comes when you GIVE
      “The generous soul will prosper “

  • James Miller
    James Miller 4 months ago +11

    Best 90 minute Finance Wealth Educational podcast in my 37 years of experience in personal finance!
    Thanks Great Job Big Dave, Rachel and George!

  • Jerry Johnson
    Jerry Johnson 4 months ago +17

    I would love to see Elon Musk on the Dave Ramsey show. I follow Dave, but love what Musk is doing as far as SpaceX and Tesla. As well as Musk's views on the future of technology and civilization.

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl 3 months ago

    Thank you Dave!

  • banderson5676
    banderson5676 2 months ago

    Dave or staff, if you read this, weird question - but how long does Dave prep for his speeches? Great job!

  • bethrn2008
    bethrn2008 4 months ago +21

    I just love how the add that just played on this replay was for a get rich quick scheme: “how to build your hands off, million dollar making, e-commerce business selling on Amazon” . 🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Max the Random Builder
    Max the Random Builder 3 months ago +1

    Wow excellent performance Dave! Didn’t see the sarcastic side of you before. Great info thank you.

  • Meadows and Minefields
    Meadows and Minefields  4 months ago +66

    When he said MATH is NOT RACIST I wanted to throw a table in celebration of this fact! We cannot be victimized if we have knowledge and owernership of our gifts to build a life worth living. It matters where we start and who we are, but we can still find a way to win even while this system is stacked against us in various ways!

    • Leah McDermott
      Leah McDermott 28 days ago

      @pamela lima Okay, you obviously missed my point. My point is not about money. Yes, anybody and any person irregardless of colour can become rich with hard work. I’m just acknowledging that America is racist and it IS harder when you’re person of colour. Don’t let it go over your head 💕

    • pamela lima
      pamela lima 28 days ago

      @Leah McDermott if you have a lot of many who cares your race??? América is all about money

    • Meadows and Minefields
      Meadows and Minefields  4 months ago +4

      Too many of us give up. But we can't afford to quit on ourselves because no one else will change it but us

    • Meadows and Minefields
      Meadows and Minefields  4 months ago +4

      @Leah McDermott i just liked how he said it. Like it's hope for the individual to find a path to self determination in a system predisposed to disposing of marginalized people.

  • Ellen Mehlomakulu
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    First let me say that I am a fan and I live a debt free life. To use wealth being built in agriculture for 200 years as an example of people working hard is perspective I suppose. HOWEVER, it would have been important to also note that the people getting wealthy were not actually doing the hard work. Unless this is an example of letting your money work for you. I mean slaves were considered property. That portion of the introduction should've been removed.

  • hoosier trail rider
    hoosier trail rider 4 months ago +22

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  • Donald Loudermilk
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    This is really great stuff!! I am finally 100% debt free and am going to max out my roth ira this year, all because of Uncle Dave and his team, and videos, and inspiration!!

    • Manny Rodriguez
      Manny Rodriguez 2 months ago

      @Ellen Mehlomakulu list your debts smallest to largest, continue paying your minimum payments to everything else and with any extra cash you have put it to the smallest debt. Do that until it’s paid off, then with the money you were paying the smallest debt, take it to the next smallest debt and tackle that. It’s the debt snowball. It organizes your life a little easier and you see results.

    • Joey Dziedzic
      Joey Dziedzic 2 months ago

      @Ellen Mehlomakulu the biggest thing is being committed to the process, doing the budget every month, only using cash, really tracking what you spend, etc. All the stuff that Dave preaches. You can do this!

    • Ellen Mehlomakulu
      Ellen Mehlomakulu 2 months ago

      How did you do it? I'm in sooo much debt,I hate pay day! I have an idea of how I'm gonna start ...I'm just scared of the process!

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    But I was curious if any brits had any experience translating this to UK/GBP?
    Aforementioned, I’m yet to watch, so could be answered but wondering if anyone from the comments could guide to!
    Let’s get wealthy guys!

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    Here’s my question I’m 25 obviously if I follow these steps I can reach heights that I want by my late 30s early 40s but what can I do that maybe more risky (I can take higher risk) but also less time?

    • Matthew Reviews
      Matthew Reviews 4 months ago +4

      I’d suggest picking up some financial books if you haven’t already. People hate to read but books have the ability to explain in much better ways than someone explaining in a video. Theres just something different about them. Never stop learning. Knowledge is power.

    • MrXzylonx
      MrXzylonx 4 months ago +1

      You looking to gamble? Go play with cryptocurrency and find a blackjack table. Sure, it's possible to win at both. But that's not a long-term investment strategy. It's called gambling.

    • Jeff Lloyd
      Jeff Lloyd 4 months ago +4

      Find ways to increase your pay and increase your savings rate. The savings rate will dictate how long it takes for different financial independence wickets.
      The process is still the same but it will go into overdrive with a higher savings rate

    • Brian
      Brian 4 months ago +4

      Barna Bucks Trust the PROCESS and use wisdom in developing wealth. When I was your age I sought out the get rich quick schemes. Trust me it’s a bad idea. Taking your time, getting wise council from others who have successfully created wealth and walking out the PROCESS one day at a time. Who you become in the process of creating wealth is of value you can’t put a dollar value on.

    • Javier Huizar
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    • Fauci is-a-liar
      Fauci is-a-liar 3 days ago

      Good, but you could earn 8-9% interest now on insured US Dollar Certificates of Deposit in other countries, including Ecuador, which has the USD as its currency.
      You could earn much higher interest than that in CDs in other currencies in other countries.
      You should be focusing on getting more than half your net worth out of USD and out of the USA. Don't go down with the sinking ship.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 4 months ago

      I buy apartment buildings, and I agree - monthly passive cashflow is the best. Mutual funds are for the middle class. The rich buy businesses and income producing commercial real estate.

    • Michael
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    • Mike
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      Around 40% of high schools in America teach his high school curriculum!

    • Ray B
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    • Sharon Elizabeth Wegner
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