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  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
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    This episode: Lots of tabletop RPG talk (we argue about furry games), artificial coffee, real coffee, the most popular D&D classes, and plenty of insanity.
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Comments • 35

  • BenXL
    BenXL 4 months ago

    The Birmingham accent is fine. Everyone gets its confused with the Dudley accent which is the terrible one.

  • Scott Staley
    Scott Staley 4 months ago

    The chat message @ 5:55. Looooool.

  • WR3ND
    WR3ND 4 months ago

    The internet is slowly but surely becoming cable TV - 1000 different channels with 10000 different ads, and nothing you want to watch. No, I'm not just talking about TheXvid. It's an analogy. Why have Google search for what you want to look for instead of more popular and recommended sites so they can sell ad services to them?
    TL;DR: The future of the internet sucks itself off through a portal, and we get to watch.

  • n o i d
    n o i d 5 months ago

    Bring Albert back too

  • n o i d
    n o i d 5 months ago

    Bring Bauer back

  • Roy Weatherby
    Roy Weatherby 5 months ago

    no usa at all
    no walls
    no front doors to any home

  • G Man
    G Man 5 months ago

    Medium roast? That's not very "metal"

    LRRPEXILE 5 months ago

    Hey’ Logan your hair keeps running away from your forehead.

  • Marz Marz
    Marz Marz 5 months ago

    That's not safe that's segregation lol. Fucking identity politics.

  • Mission Failed
    Mission Failed 5 months ago

    Proud boys are a terrorist group. they should all be round up and locked away at GITMO. bunch of coward fascists

  • Sieg670
    Sieg670 5 months ago

    The word plastic is derived from a Latin word meaning "able to be molded" if that makes the name more justifiable for ya.

  • WolvenSpectre
    WolvenSpectre 5 months ago +1

    When something is described as "Plastic" it means that it can be easily shaped or molded. Clay, Rubber, and yes Plastic are all Plastic Materials. Plastic Man can be shaped, stretched, or molded into different forms. Elongated Man on The Flash is actually Plastic Man, as Jimmy Olson was the original Elongated Man.

  • Spinks
    Spinks 5 months ago

    Bro idk, that's hard to find some good shit too and something better.

  • Hector Rivera
    Hector Rivera 5 months ago

    Rant30 coffee version

  • Dirty Hari
    Dirty Hari 5 months ago

    Scouse : like house or mouse

    We call the peeps from Birmingham, Brummies :)

  • Prime Technophilia
    Prime Technophilia 5 months ago

    5:16 Its called (political) social programming. In 10 years time, we'll all be eating babies and thinking its great... lol

    • Faptn. Undrpants
      Faptn. Undrpants Day ago

      People have been eating babies for years... do you not even Pornhub?

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 5 months ago

    Well the EU Copyright Directive is a nightmare and I am concerned about the existence of the internet in the future in Europe not the EU

  • Peter Thomson
    Peter Thomson 5 months ago

    Yojimbo watch it.

  • Delnith17
    Delnith17 5 months ago

    @teksyndicate I am trying to verify my forum account and the verification email will not arrive. Any ideas?

  • the one you dont see
    the one you dont see 5 months ago

    coffee! coffee! coffee!

  • greentea
    greentea 5 months ago +3

    talks about deforestation caused by coffee while drinking coffee lol

  • Hot Shots Catering
    Hot Shots Catering 5 months ago

    Loving this episode! Not only does Starbucks burn beans to be consistent but also so you can taste it when you had 62 ounces of Hemp milk!

  • MeepMoop World
    MeepMoop World 5 months ago

    lol what about the flakes and how they get offended by the most retarded stuff.... lmao

  • Moon Bunny
    Moon Bunny 5 months ago +2

    I enjoy a good rant 30 truly I need more in my life lol good times

  • Chris
    Chris 5 months ago +1

    Should have more Rant 30 :D

  • Lisa Noodul
    Lisa Noodul 5 months ago

    "Dat ASSet Tho" xD

  • Calvin Jary
    Calvin Jary 5 months ago +8

    Coffee(tm) is my favorite brand of drink. I usually drink it out of cup(tm) and while relaxing on chair(tm) three of my favourite companies right there I just name dropped

  • Wannabe Weaboo
    Wannabe Weaboo 5 months ago

    list for english accents dumpster cockney i would say is 3rd after brimingham accent and liverpool accent/scouser accent

  • Shadow BannedbyGoogle
    Shadow BannedbyGoogle 5 months ago

    Data is just Data in motion.

  • GoblinPhreak
    GoblinPhreak 5 months ago

    I don't think Trumps bill is for people being "bullied" per say. Its about true freedom of speech online. Its like going on reddit, you call someone a "fucking retard" while explaining how they are spreading misinformation, trying to stop these retards from making other people retarded. Now you are banned from that reddit because "there is no freedom of speech" and sadly, at least in r/AMD, most of these retards are either too young (thus too dumb) or foreign, either way their IQ is low as fuck and when you correct them, they go full retard and try to get you banned for it.... its kinda sad.
    For example, the HUGE meme of "at 4k the LOAD changes from CPU to GPU".... and their "proof" is the "utilization percentage". So at 1080p, you might have 80% cpu but 30% gpu, and at 4k you have 30% cpu and 80% gpu.... so the load changed right? RIGHT? except that's not how computers work. And these retards actually think that if you pair a 2080ti with an i3, that you can play any game, max settings, at 4k, because the load transfer from cpu to gpu..... WRONG.
    The way I explain it for these retards....., lets say the cpu is capable of 20 character long executions. At 1080p, its only 5 characters long, so you can do it 4 times within one execute, thus the utilization % on cpu is high.... at 4k, its 15 characters long, so you can only execute once, so the utilization % on cpu is low. "Utilization" is NOT "LOAD" and they don't understand this. Same goes for the gpu, they see it go from 30% utilization at 1080p to upwards of 100% at 4k.... so they assume the load transferred. NOPE. IN FACT, Level1tech (your old partner wendel) showed that at 4k, the 3900x actually gets more fps than a 9900k.... sure he admitted that the amount of frames was low and you could say its within margin of error (up to 10fps), but the fact is you gain fps.... the reason people generally don't want to hear that, is that it ruins their idea of bottlenecks.... computers don't actually work in the way people think they do.
    And personally, it comes down to plebs being online. The internet used to be for nerds. We go on our computers, dialup slow as fuck, someone calls and you get disconnected, so you reconnect. It wasn't for the faint of heart. Normal plebs were out drinking piss water (basic beer) playing sports and doing other things. Nerd were online gaming, sharing information, making each other smarter. AS technology grew, the amount of morons that have access to the internet increased. Now we have morons online, spreading misinformation, and then other morons patting them on the back. And these retards feed off other retards. "omg i got 30 likes im so smart hehehehe" its fucking pathetic. Its like back in the day, cheating on an online video game was considered taboo. It rarely happened and when it did, that player was generally attacked vocally and banned for cheating. In today's world, at least by Steam Stats for their AI Anti-Cheat, 2/10 players cheats.... that means every time you do matchmaking, 2 people cheat based on the statistics.... that is ridiculous. Just had a legit game, next game you gonna get 4 cheaters on the other team statistically. Its just ridiculous. And cheaters act like you can't tell they are cheating.... games have rules, and kids today, non nerds, they don't learn the rules. for example in cs:go.... being on a ladder ruins your accuracy. you may get lucky and land a hs while on a ladder, but you will not do it consistently. new cheaters will stay on the ladder and one tap hs everyone not realizing they are breaking a rule that proves they cheat. Bunny-hopping in cs:go, the developers actually set the game up to where if you bhop legit, using your space bar or mouse wheel, after a few hops the game FORCES you to slow down (run speed). Its a hard coded fix. You get these retards with cheats, who will speed hop through the whole map using cheats.... they have no idea they are breaking a hard-coded rule again. Moving while shooting significantly reduces accuracy. Cheaters run around getting 1 tap head shots while moving. Its impossible to do. They don't realize they are being obvious. because they are all fucking stupid. I honestly miss the old days, nerds being nerds, helping each other get smarter, having pride in being a nerd. now being a nerd is a meme.... "derp i play xbox and fortnite im a nerd" no.... just no.

  • Shadow BannedbyGoogle
    Shadow BannedbyGoogle 5 months ago

    The solution is always new laws. We don't need new laws. We need to enforce the ones we have. Google FB Twitter and other need to be either a publisher or platform. Not both. Anyone that edits legal speech are not platforms and loose legal protections. They are publishers and can be held libel. Each country can dictate what legal speech is that these companies need to follow. This lowest common denominator shit has to stop. If you have to have a new law. The internet needs a bill of rights and freedom of speech guarantees.

  • factory life
    factory life 5 months ago +1

    When is your show live?

    • mbsfaridi
      mbsfaridi 5 months ago

      factory life Try the link in the description.

  • BattleToads
    BattleToads 5 months ago

    coffee is for white bitches. guess you have to appeal to that market once you piss off the tech community...

  • Diddely Doe
    Diddely Doe 5 months ago +2

    Ayooo love your channel