Zion’s knee injury not believed to be severe - Adrian Wojnarowski | SportsCenter

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Adrian Wojnarowski gives the details of New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson’s knee injury, reporting that the team does not believe it is severe, but he will miss a “period of weeks.” (2:52) Brian Windhorst adds that the Pelicans are going to be conservative with Zion’s health moving forward into the season.
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Comments • 260

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R 16 days ago

    Seems he’s been hurt since that fuckin shoe blowout...

  • Alexy2Sexy6063
    Alexy2Sexy6063 16 days ago

    He’s already a bust. Overhyped

  • Zerpician
    Zerpician 21 day ago

    Zion is my fave player in this past draft but, because of his size I would've taken RJ.

  • Alex AB Parts
    Alex AB Parts 22 days ago

    So who was that other rookie with those numbers from 20 years ago

  • Nate Creates
    Nate Creates 23 days ago

    i said about a month ago his knees are going to brake within 2 years and had a ton of people say im stupid. with his weight/vertical/play style his knees WILL BRAKE.

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby 23 days ago

    He ain't playing but 20 games this if that

  • THCya
    THCya 23 days ago

    Seems to me that he is going to be battling injury his entire career with his playstyle.

  • Michael Crawford
    Michael Crawford 25 days ago

    Drew Brees and Zion Williamson should trade. Drew can play power forward for the Pelicans and Zion could play QB for the Saints. Anyone else think this is a great idea??

  • Erson Velasco
    Erson Velasco 26 days ago

    Speedy recovery young gun! NBA will be better if you gonna be around soon...

  • Raymond Crisostomo
    Raymond Crisostomo 26 days ago

    I won't rush this kid to start back. He needs to let him heal properly maybe come after the all star. Also need to lose weight about 40 lbs. He can't play like this for 82 games. His NBA career won't last.

  • Clyde Cromey
    Clyde Cromey 26 days ago

    The Knicks dodged a bullet with this one

  • randy brooks
    randy brooks 26 days ago

    I said all along that Zion should lose about 20 pounds he is too heavy i see that and that would put pressure on his knees, the NBA pace is much faster then College basketball and when u are 284 pounds jumping hard like that it will take its toll on your knees, he should come back weighting at least 265 pounds, i believe that would be good for him.

  • Flame Goddess
    Flame Goddess 26 days ago

    I've been saying this before preseason, he needs to lose weight because his height/weight distribution is abnormal, and his knees won't hold up

  • Jonathan Tom
    Jonathan Tom 26 days ago

    Guy is one cheese burger away from being on season 16 of the Biggest Loser Celebrity Edition. A 6’6, 300 lber that cant shoot whos already having knee surgeries. He’ll be out of the league in a couple years

  • semih akgun
    semih akgun 26 days ago

    Just like me i just torned my miniscus and i got a ACL tear in my left knee. I just got my miniscus surgery like 4 days ago and after that i need to have surgery for my ACL and im only 14 and now om out for 11 months. And im a fotboll player/soccer player😔.

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander 26 days ago

    Whos here after it was announced hes gonna be out 6-8 weeks?

  • mapletabl3
    mapletabl3 26 days ago

    welp... that didn't take long...

  • Elann Suvat
    Elann Suvat 27 days ago +1

    He's probably in the top 5 in weight in the entire NBA. And for his 6'6" frame, it's a bit much. I guess he can lose some body fat, but what is he really going to lose? Isn't he mostly muscle and high bone density?

  • Oel Dave
    Oel Dave 27 days ago +1

    He will play like 15 games this season with 14/7/3/3blks

  • GNB
    GNB 27 days ago

    its severe because this is the same knee he injured in AAU college summer league and pre season

  • Admin Administration
    Admin Administration 27 days ago

    Let’s be honest we all knew he was gonna get injured but most of us thought he would at least make it to the season. We just wanted another Lebron so we started wishfully thinking that he could pull it off without dropping weight..

  • Star Storm
    Star Storm 27 days ago

    should have drafted barret

  • change_up
    change_up 28 days ago

    but yet it's weeks before he can start? fake sports news. boycott nba until they start zion!

  • Bmo Dex
    Bmo Dex 28 days ago

    Another what if story....I’m calling it now. Derrick rose v2

  • anton
    anton 28 days ago

    He should be playing football

  • Joshua Batts
    Joshua Batts 28 days ago

    He has way too much weight and he needs to drop to 260

  • Selfish Stockton
    Selfish Stockton 28 days ago

    Even if he misses a few weeks and is still the overwhelming favorite to win ROTY, that should let you know that his greatness transcends all hype

  • James Robert
    James Robert 28 days ago

    I hate the fact that zion is too heavy to play 82 games a season. If it werent for the fact its impossible to play at the pace the nba players go at the weight hes carrying zion would be one of the best players ever.
    Zion is the first player ive ever rated lower than thier level of play due to the fact that its almost a guaruntee that at 6 6 290 zion is too heavy to play at the pace needed 82 games a year plus the playoffs obviously to be consistently succesfull.
    Add to his size the style he plays with and uv got a guy thats almost guarunteed to be plagued with injuries his entire career
    My colleagues told me i was crazy when i said id trade back to the 2nd pick if iwere the pelicans and get 2 1st round picks from the grizz and let memphis take zion and the pelicans grab ja morant.
    I think ja morant is a shoe in for roy this year

  • Miami Sports fan
    Miami Sports fan 28 days ago +1

    I honestly kinda saw this coming he kinda looks injury prone

  • bluesrocker33
    bluesrocker33 28 days ago


  • awinner23
    awinner23 28 days ago

    Uhh, wow was that phone reporting, uhh, tough to listen to.

  • Rufus & Egbert
    Rufus & Egbert 28 days ago

    That was some pretty tepid reporting.

  • Your Child
    Your Child 28 days ago

    he should get a knee brace and wear it during games, at least try to help them out.

  • Complex Savage
    Complex Savage 28 days ago


  • Tony Rivera
    Tony Rivera 28 days ago +1

    Duke & Pelicans medical staff can’t be trusted..they’ve had months since Zion blew out his shoe & was drafted to diagnose & treat the knee

  • Tony Rivera
    Tony Rivera 28 days ago

    Pelicans going 20-62...Zion out all year

  • L. M
    L. M 28 days ago

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but I think he needs to lose some weight!

  • Robert Weekes
    Robert Weekes 28 days ago

    He really needs to lose 20 pounds at least. Blake Griffin stopped getting hurt when he lost weight

  • Steven Wong
    Steven Wong 28 days ago

    If he's been practising and playing pre-season, it blows my mind that the pelicans don't make him wear some kind of knee support brace to reduce strain

    • TJ
      TJ 25 days ago

      Zion is just a cash cow..The pelicans will just use him up.All NBA players are just people to use. DeMarcus Cousins said something about this before.

  • Bryan Seay
    Bryan Seay 28 days ago

    He has an Achilles Knee

  • Johnny hendrix#23
    Johnny hendrix#23 28 days ago

    It doesn't matter if he lose weight if he has d rose bones penny hardway grant hill knees game over I hope not though

  • David K
    David K 28 days ago

    He's actually fat, lol. No wonder he gets injured.

    • Your Child
      Your Child 28 days ago

      David K fat?!! have you ever seen a picture of this man? Now don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely all muscle.. but you gotta admit, that man has a lot of muscle and isn’t fat. at least in my opinion.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Father Time underfeated🍉☃

  • Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous v.2

    I believe in Zion!

  • Ruel Agnes
    Ruel Agnes 29 days ago

    zions body and the ways he play are prone to injury

  • mm mm
    mm mm 29 days ago

    bad sign already he hasn't Even played 1st game yet lol this will backfire on David Griffin.. pelicans gonna suck so bad. fans gonna be annoyed over there

  • Bern Zion
    Bern Zion 29 days ago

    I knew it already this would happen its just the how many seasons left for him its sad tho

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson 29 days ago +1

    I'm not gonna lie he stay healthy throughout the season he's going to be a nba All-Star no doubt and he's going to be better than LeBron james in his rookie season

  • Jamis Mirs
    Jamis Mirs 29 days ago

    He will surpass everything without injury. So please dont

  • Giffond Hall
    Giffond Hall 29 days ago

    pelicans still will make the playoffs

    • Aria
      Aria 29 days ago


  • Joe Blue
    Joe Blue 29 days ago

    I hope Zion cashed in as much as possible before injuries take him away from the game. Zion is a spectacular athlete but ever since I saw him play high school ball I knew injuries would be his biggest concern. Honestly if I was part of the pelicans organization I may have overlooked him as firsr draft pic bc of him being prone to injury. And I hope I’m wrong.

  • 19messi33
    19messi33 29 days ago

    Bad News!!!!! hope he isnt injury prone in his career, but it isnt the best start of his NBA Career. Because this would be the most depressing moment if we would never see a fully fit and healty Zion in the NBA.
    I don't think i am the only one who was looking forward to the start of the NBA Season and in particulair Zion and the Pelicans.

  • Equinox79
    Equinox79 29 days ago

    Oh my, why ohh why

  • Geoff Thompson
    Geoff Thompson 29 days ago

    Great to hear both Zion and Patrick Mahomes only have some kind of knee strain.

  • Plebington
    Plebington 29 days ago +1

    the next anthony bennett dont @ me

  • Ship Wrecked
    Ship Wrecked 29 days ago

    Many pelicans only stand on one leg, I'm not sure that was a good choice for an NBA team.

  • Jessie McBride
    Jessie McBride 29 days ago

    I hope he can find a way to fix his knee problems

  • Gravyman
    Gravyman 29 days ago

    Man get outta here with this Zion BS! Y'all already know the way he exerts himself is VERY Derrick Rose-ish, and he's super heavy. You know in your heart this man is gonna have injury trouble throughout his career. Take the blinders off people!

  • Hugo Cardozo
    Hugo Cardozo 29 days ago

    Bad knees never go away.

  • Martin Winslow
    Martin Winslow 29 days ago

    nike did this