Amir Garrett, Puig & David Bell take on the Pirates in a benches clearing brawl, a breakdown

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019

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  • Jomboy Media
    Jomboy Media  16 days ago +54

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    • BOOTS_TX
      BOOTS_TX 3 days ago

      You forgot Garret won it all with no Fucks given.

    • snake_z
      snake_z 15 days ago +2

      Jomboy Media ok

  • MrJphelps5
    MrJphelps5 Hour ago

    This is one of the best breakdowns of a fight i have ever seen

  • Lux Nguyen
    Lux Nguyen 18 hours ago

    lmao this is one of the best ones yet

  • Duzzit Matter
    Duzzit Matter 19 hours ago

    Pitcher: Hey Coach, I’m going to charge their bench and start an epic brawl.
    Coach: OK great - go get ‘em kid! Wait...did you just say...whoa shit

  • Ken Fresno
    Ken Fresno Day ago

    Pete Rose, banned for life for betting on his own team to win. David Bell, still welcome in the game after charging on the field and assaulting people. Baseball is hilarious.

  • folkraider
    folkraider Day ago

    American sports are so hilarious. Can't take them serious at all.

  • SnarlyCharly
    SnarlyCharly 2 days ago

    I like how Jomboy pronounces Clint Hurdle's name like "Clinn Turtle"

  • Steve Vondran
    Steve Vondran 2 days ago


  • Ryan Delling
    Ryan Delling 2 days ago

    The Chris Archer story im in tears 😂😂😂

  • luis lopez
    luis lopez 2 days ago

    underrated channel was laughin the whole time 😂😂😂

  • Valravyn
    Valravyn 3 days ago

    Guess you can say he got “stan-puiged”

  • Nithin Danday
    Nithin Danday 3 days ago +1

    Why the fuck is this age restricted?

  • Carlos Tijerina
    Carlos Tijerina 3 days ago

    Freaking great commentary and awesome video editing to slow mo parts and pause moments man it was too funny I seriously loved it

  • Jimmy P
    Jimmy P 3 days ago

    Best fight break down ever.

  • quinn
    quinn 3 days ago

    zero physical threat... all of them

  • Fred Jones
    Fred Jones 3 days ago

    Time for a drug test .

  • Chad Mcnichol
    Chad Mcnichol 3 days ago

    I love Reds we are too funny

  • david beagley
    david beagley 4 days ago

    bunch of pussies

  • Magneto Jones
    Magneto Jones 4 days ago

    Favorite video on my favorite channel.

  • Chase Pennington
    Chase Pennington 4 days ago

    Dude, baseball is fucking crazy.

  • 10 David
    10 David 4 days ago

    More empty seats than a WNBA game

  • SSYabuddy
    SSYabuddy 4 days ago

    “Ima trade him in 2 minutes I don’t care”

  • Sterling Burton
    Sterling Burton 4 days ago

    This is THE Jomboy video.

  • Lorenzo Baca
    Lorenzo Baca 4 days ago

    Puig would’ve smashed up Crick lol

  • FB1BB1BB1
    FB1BB1BB1 4 days ago

    I like revisiting this video....Still laughing...Garrett is Grratte!!!

  • Jonah Loeb
    Jonah Loeb 5 days ago

    5:23 In case anyone's wondering, yes, that _is_ the Pirates' strength & conditioning coach

  • Anibal Carranza
    Anibal Carranza 5 days ago +2

    Puig & garret should be automatically be in the hall of fame for this😂💯


    Hahaha u always make me laught

  • Jose Saavedra
    Jose Saavedra 5 days ago +1

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😵😵😵😵 Thank you for this HILARIOUS video!!!! Great commentating!

  • Dawlin Urena, PhD.
    Dawlin Urena, PhD. 6 days ago

    New MLB reality: Players play. Jomboy breaksdown and we have fun watching!

  • Let’s go Pat’s 0

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg Men

  • Kevin Tate
    Kevin Tate 6 days ago

    I am so glad I found your channel. If I remember right you are in New Jersey. I grew up in Jersey but got out while the getting was good. I enjoy watching your videos. Good job!

    MICHAEL HALL 7 days ago

    CRICK is a f*ckin PRICK!

  • MC MLee
    MC MLee 7 days ago

    Excellent lip reading as usual 😂

  • N S
    N S 7 days ago

    Cincinnati police not doing anything. If this fight was in the parking lot outside or in the street. Guarantee people would’ve been arrested

  • R. Jakobi
    R. Jakobi 7 days ago

    Subscribed to your channel on the power of this vid alone. Look forward to more in-depth brawling analysis.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 7 days ago

    My brother and I quote this video to each other all the time

  • Mike .A
    Mike .A 7 days ago

    “I’m like that!” LMAO

  • Piper Cherry
    Piper Cherry 7 days ago

    so is garrett like that?

  • Chad Mcnichol
    Chad Mcnichol 8 days ago

    Amir garret is a savage

  • Gibram Diaz-Gutierrez


  • Lorenzo Dawkins
    Lorenzo Dawkins 8 days ago

    Great day in baseball

  • Elephant Boy321
    Elephant Boy321 9 days ago

    Super funny scene!

  • Elephant Boy321
    Elephant Boy321 9 days ago

    So right he knows how to read lips

  • Aidan S
    Aidan S 9 days ago

    So bad, it’s fucking Age-Restricted

  • Black Stark
    Black Stark 9 days ago

    Baseball Lacks spirit and sportsmanship. Its just bat ball with WWE and loads of steroids.

  • S. Iacomus
    S. Iacomus 9 days ago

    I'm Chris Archer and this is "Zero Fun." Why don't you take a seat?

  • StridoxPlays Fortnite
    StridoxPlays Fortnite 10 days ago

    At 5:50 Puig throws his teammates on the ground like a ragdoll while they try to stop him 😂😂

  • Jacob Burnett
    Jacob Burnett 10 days ago

    When an MLB BREAKDOWN is age restricted

  • Danfrombackhome
    Danfrombackhome 10 days ago

    Anybody else see melky running over with a bat? Lol

  • Leo Kleman
    Leo Kleman 11 days ago

    Damn, my grandmother is pitching better than some of these guys, and she's been dead for a while now. And the bitch slapping? I don't get it.

  • wilmtigers
    wilmtigers 11 days ago

    "Yo blue, I know you don't give a fuck, but I'm about to fight them."
    Best-ever Jomboy breakdown vid! There should be awards -- the Jommies -- every year. Best Actor in a leading role... And the Jommy goes to... Amir Garrett!!!

  • Bunson Baker
    Bunson Baker 11 days ago

    Puig is so annoying

  • vinson henderson
    vinson henderson 11 days ago

    Bra the commentary is awesom

  • Cheese Hiroshi
    Cheese Hiroshi 11 days ago


  • Herman Helderman
    Herman Helderman 11 days ago

    this is funny dude

  • 34stzoo
    34stzoo 11 days ago

    Baseball players are the biggest cry babies. Why do you cars if he’s looking into your dugout. Pussies!

  • Godspeed Killua
    Godspeed Killua 12 days ago

    so corny

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones 12 days ago

    His coach got the ball and told him go get him. Lmao

  • Oswaldo Ramones
    Oswaldo Ramones 12 days ago

    I fucking love Joey Votto. Such a great torontonian