• Published on Jul 16, 2019
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Comments • 195

  • BurnRoddy
    BurnRoddy 6 months ago

    Usually he is a cocktease but I don't think he said this as an act of disrespect, more like desperation for trying to get back to Barcelona since days go by and Barcelona and he's still stuck at PSG. Its so sad that he's such a prone for screwing up its not even funny anymore. He probably said it because of the game played that night, it was indeed his best game (at least since going to Europe), but he had others like winning Olympic Gold and the Confederation's Cup with Brazil NT which is wierd he didn't chose over the Barcelona - PSG game, because for South Americans club football is not even close of being as important as International football, no matter where you play.

  • Green Apple
    Green Apple 6 months ago

    Neymar? That Btec Martinelli?

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 6 months ago

    Neymar is the biggest bitch in football

  • B6kmd
    B6kmd 6 months ago

    Watch the Arsenal Realist!

  • Progressive Life
    Progressive Life 6 months ago

    The Cech hashtag hmmm

  • Thomas Collingwood
    Thomas Collingwood 6 months ago

    How can you talk about respect ?

  • Nirvadh Leckram
    Nirvadh Leckram 6 months ago

    I can see Arsenal finishing behind Leicester, Wolves and Everton this season

  • Jac Jones
    Jac Jones 6 months ago

    "stop buying things at the Emirates , stop buying food , stop buying drinks , stop buying merchandise , and there you have it the brand new kit" 😂😂

  • Lt Brook
    Lt Brook 6 months ago

    Oi DT you are mug you fugly fool

  • Lt Brook
    Lt Brook 6 months ago

    DT is a mug

  • Bobby Shmurda
    Bobby Shmurda 6 months ago +4

    Never forget, Unai Emery pulled off the biggest bottle job in Champions Leauge history😂

    • Bobby Shmurda
      Bobby Shmurda 6 months ago +1

      Darren Actually that was Liverpool, now you just sound stupid

    • Darren
      Darren 6 months ago

      Spurs hold the record for the quickest ever CL final goal conceded...

      Congrats on that trophy 😂🏆

  • Prince Madathileth
    Prince Madathileth 6 months ago

    DT spoke about Respect.
    Irony just died.

  • Mike m
    Mike m 6 months ago

    You Tha Man DT Arsenal forever!!

  • Eoghan Carroll
    Eoghan Carroll 6 months ago

    Nice beard 😂🤣😂🤣

  • D. Ray
    D. Ray 6 months ago

    Neymar's poor attitude and arrogance overshadows his talent. It's a shame.

  • Joshua Whyte
    Joshua Whyte 6 months ago

    Some of these world class footballers don’t even care about the passion of the sport anymore.
    The other day I saw that bale said he would “rather fight for a place in his team” than be sold, while already being aware that zidane won’t use him. So he’s basically gonna sit there on his ass earning 400k a week

  • Irfan Hazman
    Irfan Hazman 6 months ago

    DT talking bout attitude LOLL

  • Jack McLaughlin
    Jack McLaughlin 6 months ago

    I’d make him play in the reserves for a year to show him whose in charge however I believe fifa would intervene because he’s such a good player. I’m living in hope he never wins the one he’s desperate to win the World Cup.

  • kidda_ 4U
    kidda_ 4U 6 months ago

    Bruv, just a quick question... are you using ‘just for men’ to dye your beard?🤣

  • Phil Mianus
    Phil Mianus 6 months ago


  • Earth Changing Extremities

    During Don Robbie's AFTV video with Moh, there appears to be a fireball/meteor or shooting star at 4:07

  • triplehhh8777
    triplehhh8777 6 months ago

    Why didn't you join Robbie and Troopz to watch Arsenal USA tour with Stan Kroenke ?

  • KIZZY 69
    KIZZY 69 6 months ago +1

    neymar koscelny swap deal would be good 4 arsenal coyg

  • Kevin Kermany
    Kevin Kermany 6 months ago

    DT you have some good videos and your a die hard fan, but please shave the pubes off your face its summer time and it looks like someone drew that mustache on with permanent marker.

  • RandomVidReece
    RandomVidReece 6 months ago

    You been kicked out the house fella? Always recording in your car nowadays you tramp 🤣

  • Eddy Fahey
    Eddy Fahey 6 months ago

    sitting here chatting a load of shit about players and fees when your a fan who littleraly knows nothing but speculation which is half the time bullshit.YOU DONT ACTUALLY KNOW WHATS GOING ON YOU TWAT STOP READING THE PAPERS

  • garybaconman
    garybaconman 6 months ago


  • Herbert Chapman AFC
    Herbert Chapman AFC 6 months ago

    oh I thought yous be talking about arsenal

  • John Strachan
    John Strachan 6 months ago

    Miss information again we want more than 25mill if wan bissaka is worth 50mill then Tierney is worth

    • John Strachan
      John Strachan 6 months ago

      @ledlilalisten we can only beat what is in front of us maybe if your clubs down south weren't so scared of letting us in your league then u would see what would happen but u all know tht already celtic is in institution mate arsenal is jst a club if u didn't have tht premier league money use would be dead man

    • John Strachan
      John Strachan 6 months ago

      And this is the problem with yous is if yous all didn't look down your noses at the Scottish league any top 4 team would have gt van dijk for 15 million

    • John Strachan
      John Strachan 6 months ago

      @ledlila who said it was and we can only beat whats in front of us I can say this for sure celtic and SEVCO aka rangers if we were in your league we would take couple of years we would win more than yous simple facts mate give us that cash and watch us grow even more than what we are now how on earth have yous heavy fucked up your club with the cash yous get stop bitching about a player from the shity scottish league 😃🍀🇨🇮

    • ledlila
      ledlila 6 months ago

      John Strachan epl is harder than the Scottish leauge mate

    • John Strachan
      John Strachan 6 months ago

      @ledlila talkin shit about Scotland but can't pay money for a Scottish player 👍and stop going on about how good yous are when's the last time yous won a league simple banter fc deal with it 🇨🇮🍀

  • Atef Hedfi
    Atef Hedfi 6 months ago +6

    Tomorrow's media: Arsenal is on the verge of signing Neymar because of Edu.

  • GuruParen Murugavel
    GuruParen Murugavel 6 months ago

    Dt is a psg fan😌

  • i2BAD4YA
    i2BAD4YA 6 months ago

    WTF has Neymar & PSG got to do with us?...ffs!!!...stay in your lane Mohammad!!!...(sorry) I mean D.T (it's that fuckin' beard) lol

  • Mcfc
    Mcfc 6 months ago

    You've got yourself popular from speaking your mind being straight up and saying it how it is but when someone else does you find it disrespectful?

    • Steve Whitehead
      Steve Whitehead 6 months ago


    • Ankle Socks
      Ankle Socks 6 months ago

      Mcfc I don’t agree with abusing the players, I genuinely despise it, but DT doesn’t always slag off the players m8, the only thing separating him from pundits is the swearing, so as i said before if we were to go by your logic, pundits would be without a job because they disrespect players all the time. Alas, this seems more like a personal problem you have towards dt though so you’ll forever be salty about whatever he says.

    • Mcfc
      Mcfc 6 months ago

      Ankle Socks no by my logic he’s a hypocrite for calling out Neymar when DT is constantly being brutally honest towards his own clubs players being disrespectful at times in front of millions of viewers. Both are bad in their own ways don’t defend this guy. Pundits are different because they’re respectful

    • Ankle Socks
      Ankle Socks 6 months ago

      Mcfc In this case neymar’s version of brutal honesty is being extremely unprofessional, what he did was wrong. Dt slagging him off for it doesn’t make it any less true either, pay attention to the message not the messenger, by your logic pundits shouldn’t even have jobs.

    • Mcfc
      Mcfc 6 months ago

      Ankle Socks are you high or something lmao stop talking about Neymar’s status it doesn’t matter what level of fame the person has I’d still say the same thing if the person wasn’t popular as it’s very hypocritical of DT to blast another person for being brutally honest when he lives his life being brutally honest as well. It’s double standards. You’re the one who needs to sort yourself out you aren’t even smart enough to understand my point 😂

  • Ankle Socks
    Ankle Socks 6 months ago

    Neymar is taking the ABSOLUTE piss !

  • Rudy Rmn
    Rudy Rmn 6 months ago

    This is a top 5 in our banter era. I'm so fucking angry at this cunt of neymar...

  • Hassan Mohamed
    Hassan Mohamed 6 months ago


  • syedkabirgooner
    syedkabirgooner 6 months ago

    Is it really disrespectful? It was a great game and he played well in that game. Why should the fact he was playing for Barca change that?

  • J K
    J K 6 months ago +3

    If DT when HMP hed get his wig split by the goons

  • 19 15 FC
    19 15 FC 6 months ago +4

    Neymar is a Drama queen. What do you expect. Roll and roll

    • Sub2Zero
      Sub2Zero 6 months ago

      @John Hepp neymar is the one who screwed it up he should have stayed at barca.

    • John Hepp
      John Hepp 6 months ago

      And P$G deserve evey bit of this. They came in and screwed Barça!

  • umeezal
    umeezal 6 months ago

    It wouldn’t be a DT video without him saying *So what am I going to moan about today?*

  • The 3rd Saint
    The 3rd Saint 6 months ago

    What do you want him to do? Lie?

  • wemzi
    wemzi 6 months ago

    I disagree with a lot of what DT says but I definitely agree with that josh kronke thing. WHAT THE FUCK was he thinking. Does he no know people already fucking hate them?

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder 6 months ago +2

    On tomorrow’s video mention what you think of the ravel Morrison to Sheffield Utd deal? Good deal or a gamble??

    • Bob Builder
      Bob Builder 6 months ago

      Theo Fre agree

    • Theo Fre
      Theo Fre 6 months ago +1

      Bob Builder he was terrible for östersund

  • Guga Bastos
    Guga Bastos 6 months ago

    Barcelona can win whatever they want without Neymar, this team destroyed Liverpool and if Dembele took that chance they probably would've won the UCL this season, I really don't understand why Barça are willing to spend way more than they need, screw up their FFP situation for a 27 year old who had severe injuries in 2 season in a row

    • Guga Bastos
      Guga Bastos 6 months ago

      Dude, the first game wasn't luck, Barça had an amazing performance, they bottled in the second one and Liverpool were brilliant but that doesn't change the fact that they were good enough to get a 3-0 against the champions of Europe, with a decent manager they would've gone through, Barça's biggest problem is Valverde, the roster is definitly capable of winning it

    • tranquilostar
      tranquilostar 6 months ago

      Guga Bastos liverpool we’re unlucky to lose 3-0 lmao nd then still came back to win by 4

  • David
    David 6 months ago

    Arsenal are a shit team

  • Ciaran Mac
    Ciaran Mac 6 months ago

    How the fuck do you have difficulty in pronouncing the surname Tierney??
    Tier-knee not Tee-air-knee. Ffs

    13TEEN TRENDS 6 months ago +10

    😂😂😂 DT is talking about neymar's bad attitude 😂😂 come on lad

  • Jamie Fitzgrade
    Jamie Fitzgrade 6 months ago +3

    Neymar not showing hes club respect.... Shock Horror

  • Ryan
    Ryan 6 months ago +2

    Tier-nee not tee air nee

  • Dominic Brown
    Dominic Brown 6 months ago +4

    To lose 4-0 and come back to win in that fashion of course it’s gonna be one of the greatest moments

  • Dominic Brown
    Dominic Brown 6 months ago +2

    To lose 4-0 and come back to win in that fashion of course it’s gonna be one of the greatest moments

  • Zane Gates
    Zane Gates 6 months ago +2

    For the price palace is asking I would much rather have Pepe

  • The Londoner
    The Londoner 6 months ago +1

    Alright mate the beard is coming on strong.. Converted to Islam??

  • 95winston
    95winston 6 months ago

    Dt can you promote this petition to the club

  • Another Happy Landing
    Another Happy Landing 6 months ago +4

    Who cares about psg or its fans absolute dead fake club

  • Jack Bagshaw
    Jack Bagshaw 6 months ago +1

    Neymar is a little shit bag who will never be regarded as one of the greats because of his attitude. I think I always felt he was just salty because he peaked in a time where Ronaldo and Messi are absolutely untouchable.
    Hate the cunt.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 6 months ago +16

    DT talking about respect😂😂😂

  • Dave Goodwin
    Dave Goodwin 6 months ago

    Stop buying the kits... so here is the new kit

  • Culé Luke
    Culé Luke 6 months ago +1


  • Just Gentz
    Just Gentz 6 months ago +1

    He was just telling the truth... it was either that moment or him scoring the 3rd goal in the champions league so perhaps he should have lied but maybe that incredible feeling he felt , it was just the truth.