Yung Gravy Brings Trevor Wallace In To Ice Out His AirPod Pros!

  • Published on Apr 22, 2020
  • Yung Gravy brings in comedian, Trevor Wallace, into Icebox to get his first drip! Trevor comes up with the cool idea of getting his AirPod Pros iced out! Watch as Yung Gravy & Trevor shop and pick up some new drip!
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Comments • 1 766

  • Trevor Wallace
    Trevor Wallace 2 years ago +14569

    might have to ice out my iPod Nano next 😤

  • Young_lechuga
    Young_lechuga 2 years ago +10211

    Trever looks like he’s hanging out with his older brother and his friends

  • Next Generation
    Next Generation 2 years ago +2854

    Trevor: clears his account
    “Yo you get something?”
    Gravy: yeah I got a pinky ring

    • CotterIsAClownLol
      CotterIsAClownLol Year ago +1

      @Clay Tony agreed

    • Clay Tony
      Clay Tony 2 years ago +39

      @uptownla5o4 Gravy is the MAN. Super chill guy, shout out his music too

    • uptownla5o4
      uptownla5o4 2 years ago +52

      I was gonna talk trash about these clowns but then I saw gravy with the Arizona herbal tonic...thats my shit! Respect fam lol

  • Nut Supplier 69
    Nut Supplier 69 2 years ago +291

    No matter how many rappers walk in there and flex their custom chains, nobody will ever beat this flex

  • lucius
    lucius 2 years ago +2739

    goes home after buying iced out airpods.
    takes shit, airpod falls in toilet.

    • lucius
      lucius Year ago

      @øgkrees 😂😂💀

    • øgkrees
      øgkrees Year ago

      @lucius “i AiNt yOUr pAl” 😂😭 go cry

    • Humam_4334
      Humam_4334 2 years ago

      It happened with my phone, lmao, thats some shit

    • Auto Young
      Auto Young 2 years ago

      Ever heard of making fucking sense? Apparently not...

  • yep yepp
    yep yepp 2 years ago +1334

    Yung Gravy looks like he had to bring his lil bro with him cause mom said “take him, or you can’t go out” type situation. Now they just having a gravy ass time 🤣🤣🤣

    • T M
      T M Year ago

      He said his net worth was 1 million

    • Mythical Gamer
      Mythical Gamer Year ago

      Except Trevor is older

    • jr craig
      jr craig 2 years ago +1

      @yep yepp would agree but you literally just did what u called him out for

  • yuh
    yuh 2 years ago +7

    I literally thought this was a comedy video my respect went up for this man😂😂😂

  • Lucky D.
    Lucky D. Year ago +680

    who else clicked this thinking it was a Trevor Wallace skit and not real?

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Year ago +3

      I was watching Trevor Wallace shit and this popped up

    • Guy Fieri
      Guy Fieri Year ago

      N. Wednesday Quansah hello my friend

    • Wednesday Quansah
      Wednesday Quansah Year ago +19

      Definitely thought it was a skit and was very confused.

  • Jacob R
    Jacob R 2 years ago +855

    They have their own cad designers in the back 😂😂 guess it makes sense but just never thought of it

    • Elizar Perales
      Elizar Perales Year ago

      Bout to go apply and put my engineering degree to work

    • Basic_
      Basic_ Year ago +1

      Why do I see you in every comment section

    • Tom
      Tom Year ago +2

      Computer aided design designers. Makes sense.

    • WaskoPlug
      WaskoPlug Year ago +1

      Yo I’m a sub love yo vids

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone 2 years ago +259

    He's going to drop a Fire skit with the those Airpods.

    • Leo Ciresi
      Leo Ciresi Year ago

      zykeveyin malone Is that necklace argentuim?

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe Year ago +457

    "We can make $50,000 case to protect your $300 airpods, That seems sensible"
    lmao bruhh

    • Strayz
      Strayz 10 months ago

      @Sunny I could get authentic air pod pros for 40$

    • _Polyavien_
      _Polyavien_ Year ago

      @Sunny I got my AirPod pros for 100 new.

    • BrownPaperBag
      BrownPaperBag Year ago +4

      @Dullcat those are the regulars, the pros are 300.

    • Dullcat
      Dullcat Year ago +4

      Beuh airpods now are like 160 bucks

  • The Session
    The Session 2 years ago +1

    Proud of my dawg. Love to see people off social media come from normal living to living their dreams. Keep going bro. I didn’t think he was so short. We gone collab one day homie

  • Rohanna F
    Rohanna F Year ago +1

    The fact that this is real, love this for Trevor.

  • Kong King
    Kong King 2 years ago +324

    So AirPods weren’t enough of a flex he had to ice them out

    • Look It's From Time
      Look It's From Time Year ago

      Wait wait wait.....u mean "airpod pro's" lol

    • Bret Becker
      Bret Becker 2 years ago +3

      @William Fien-Thies def didn't go over my head. Im just saying....air pods aren't a flex in the first place.

    • William Fien-Thies
      William Fien-Thies 2 years ago +8

      @Bret Becker woosh

    • Bret Becker
      Bret Becker 2 years ago +5

      Air pods are a flex? You must be broke broke

    • Lil 11
      Lil 11 2 years ago +1

      Kong King yes

  • Lewis McLauchlan
    Lewis McLauchlan 2 years ago +2555

    “Do something u would do on a day to day basis” I know what everyone’s first thought was

  • k4hm
    k4hm 10 months ago

    bro gravy seems so down to earth a lot of other artists seem like they always on some shit, but he is just legit

  • Todd H
    Todd H 2 years ago +13

    Bro these two get my vote for the roles of a live action Beavis and Butt head 😂💯💯

  • Leila Borges
    Leila Borges Year ago +1

    I have to say I admire the fact that he's 6'6" yet always has vintage clothes that fit him perfectly.

  • FrenzyBoi
    FrenzyBoi 2 years ago +176

    Now he's officially allowed to say "I don't speak broke."

  • Boosted_burt
    Boosted_burt 2 years ago +1

    I love how gravy towers over everyone 😂😂

  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed 2 years ago

    Trevor looks so happy, he deserved it❤️

  • Daxon Bennett
    Daxon Bennett Year ago

    9:59 Trevor thought about it and then realized it was prolly a bad idea 😂😂😂

  • #Behenny
    #Behenny 2 years ago +5


  • Michael Pearson
    Michael Pearson 2 years ago +517

    When he said "Let me just spend my whole net worth" I felt that

    • Bret Becker
      Bret Becker 2 years ago +1

      Michael Pearson... you wouldn't know what a million looks like if it slapped you in the face. Bet your net worth was your stimulus check

    • WhosIgno
      WhosIgno 2 years ago +3

      Michael Pearson i do that every week on food/gas

    • Joe Belderok
      Joe Belderok 2 years ago +8

      Me when I go to get a gallon of gas

  • JoeyGR Music
    JoeyGR Music 2 years ago +88

    “You got them virgin ear holes” - Trevor Wallace 2020

  • Shark Teal
    Shark Teal 2 years ago

    I love how GRAVY not even tripping so clam and smooth, he got the sauce no doubt!!

  • Teddy W Gardner
    Teddy W Gardner Year ago

    Lol I love how their reactions of those of hella poor people but yung gravy's like yeah thats nice, but I know I can afford it! Lol they are both the same vibes i love it!

  • shark boy20
    shark boy20 2 years ago +1

    I love how gravy is just walking around a expensive ass place like it is Walmart lol

  • Arjun Rangi
    Arjun Rangi 2 years ago +6758

    spent 50K on AirPods pro. Takes an uber back home. STOCKS

  • TheWutangclan1995
    TheWutangclan1995 2 years ago

    You know you've made it when you can afford to ice out your ear boogers.

  • Sam Horsnell
    Sam Horsnell 2 years ago

    Shot bro, definitely earned it. Love your videos man all the way from New Zealand

  • Maddboybinnx
    Maddboybinnx Year ago +9

    They are literally in ICEBOX icing out AirPods talking about small ear holes Lol IM SO DONE BRO 😂😂😂

  • emad
    emad Year ago +1

    "if your airpods are normal people are gonna judge you" Best salesmen of 2020

  • SYNE
    SYNE 2 years ago +4467

    Who else surprised he even has that much to just blow

    • Son of a Quack
      Son of a Quack Year ago

      @Saintrazer injured him? I’m confused. Like hurt him to part with all that money?

    • Son of a Quack
      Son of a Quack Year ago

      @Daniel Horton goddamn I guess that’s what happens when you’re funny and have little characters you can put Kerch in

    • Kyle cleetus
      Kyle cleetus Year ago

      @prodbydead_ they make money on the publicity. Alot of business do it. Jewelers are no different. Find someone with a huge following, give person product, have person say how great product is, persons viewers buy product, business makes money.

  • lørd skum
    lørd skum 2 years ago +12

    yung gravy and trevor wallace are like the kids who can hang out with both the popular kids and the dorks

    BROWN BE4R Year ago +3

    I swear, diamond sellers always got a smile on they face

    • Ernest Hughes
      Ernest Hughes Year ago

      Cause they rocking crazy markups. These stores got some overhead cause they designing stuff but markup on jewelry is insane got a cousin at a jewelry store abs she gets to buy stuff at cost and sometimes it’s 80%’off lol

  • Justin _w7
    Justin _w7 Year ago +2

    Trevor Wallace and yung gravy are like the perfect duo we didn’t know we had

  • xylem XD
    xylem XD Year ago

    You can tell he didnt want to buy the chains a bracelet😂😂

  • Benjamin Kiedyszko
    Benjamin Kiedyszko Year ago +20

    Seeing the money equivalent of what you’re buying in person always makes it harder to part with your cash

    • anwar nesbitt
      anwar nesbitt Year ago

      Bruh i start work on Tuesday and I plan on getting the new iPhone se airpods and a macbook air I still feel like it's not worth spending the money but then again I don't got none of those shots so its whatever.

    • dreamystefano
      dreamystefano Year ago


  • Circle The Baggins
    Circle The Baggins 2 years ago

    Trevor just liquidated some assets into gold and diamond futures 😂 pretty smart dude

  • Most Subscribed To YouTube Channel

    Loved how he flexed the stuff on him he didn’t buy yet

  • SlightlyCookedBread
    SlightlyCookedBread 2 years ago +11

    Lmao Trevor looks like he’s hanging out with the cool kids at the park

  • GamaKiwi
    GamaKiwi Year ago

    You already know Trevor broke the bank with them air pods

    SPIKE REVIEWS Year ago

    This dude spent more icing out his Airpods than my whole education and car combined wtf am I doing with my life lolol

  • Tye
    Tye 2 years ago +180

    I didn’t realize how tall Yung gravy is holy

  • Gabe Ruiz
    Gabe Ruiz 2 years ago +1

    Yung gravy is literally the chilliest dude

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir 2 years ago +2012

    I’m looking forward to a skit using those AirPods 😂

    • prod. Image
      prod. Image Year ago +2

      Oh this is the guy who used to do Herobrine clickbait

    • jr craig
      jr craig 2 years ago +1

      @GxneBøy that's not how it works lol

    • KR1ZZY
      KR1ZZY 2 years ago +1

      @Smokaloto hey guys today we will be remaking trevor wallace vlogs in minecraft

    • Smokaloto
      Smokaloto 2 years ago +1

      Wyd here

    • sky-high
      sky-high 2 years ago +1

      Or being roasted on great taste

  • MuttStuff
    MuttStuff 2 years ago

    My man literally still drinks an Arizona energy tea. Love it, lol.

  • MuttStuff
    MuttStuff 2 years ago

    My man literally still drinks an Arizona energy tea. Love it, lol.

  • Slawt
    Slawt 2 years ago

    My favorite part was how surprised Trevor was that it was a “functional paper clip”

  • Thomas Herrmann
    Thomas Herrmann 2 years ago +4

    Imagine what hes gonna do when he loses one of them

  • lildachi740
    lildachi740 2 years ago +330

    It’s like a big brother bringing his little brother to the store

  • Volly-P
    Volly-P 2 years ago

    Lol, can’t wait to see his reaction when he will loose them😂

    • Leo Ciresi
      Leo Ciresi Year ago

      Просто Петруша How can you lose big gaudy EarPods like that?

  • Shakwon
    Shakwon Year ago

    Cool to see Trevor gettin to the bag

  • George Washington
    George Washington 2 years ago

    All the shit that he said was $100k+ had me over here thinking "Oh that's not bad" when he said something was $8,300. As if I could afford that shit. 😂😂

  • freedom
    freedom 2 years ago +3

    As yung gravy once said, "all I want for Christmas is some ice"

  • Josh Bleezy
    Josh Bleezy 2 years ago +753

    “That’s actually just a functioning paperclip...”
    “IT WORKS?!?”😭

    • Brandon L
      Brandon L 2 years ago

      XXXSkelboy nah it was a functioning gold paper clip or silver idk but it was a iced out useable paper clp

    • adagio
      adagio 2 years ago +16

      “that’s haarrdddd”

    • Devcs
      Devcs 2 years ago +26

      I thought maybe it’s a gold paper clip or somethin but imma die if it was just a regular ass paper clip

  • J R
    J R Year ago

    The dirt bike is for all the kyles out there 😂😂😂😂

  • Shhh The Kid
    Shhh The Kid 2 years ago

    Trevor acts like me when I'm high as fuck but also nervous around strangers

    COLORBOOK ANTICS 2 years ago +3

    Can’t wait until this man drops those and I find them on the street

  • Dubstep [Standoff 2 Clips]
    Dubstep [Standoff 2 Clips] 2 years ago +115

    Yung gravy: Has a lot of money
    All the girls in the store: argh argh I like money

  • The White Oni
    The White Oni 2 years ago

    Gravy is a GOAT 😂😂😂

  • Sule
    Sule Year ago

    I was gonna say if he got regular airpods iced out they would fall out of his ears and somebody would gram them and run 😂

  • Hood Ish247
    Hood Ish247 Year ago +2

    “If trev didnt film it then it ain’t filmed right” 💀💀

  • Its Hammy
    Its Hammy 2 years ago +2

    “I would just cop that just to flex” 😂the iced out “custom” piece

  • x. zero97 .x
    x. zero97 .x 2 years ago

    Out of everything he could ice out he brings air pods 💀

  • Krispy Sellz
    Krispy Sellz Year ago +8

    Gravy’s voice legit makes me wanna fall asleep 😴

  • Mark Crooks
    Mark Crooks 2 years ago

    Dude hanging out with gravy for a day would be so fun

  • Erika Grey
    Erika Grey Year ago

    This was hilarious lol

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful 2 years ago +23

    The best part of the vid is how Trevor is walking around with his packed Herschel Bag like that 😂

  • Sean Weston
    Sean Weston Year ago

    I love Trevor he doesn’t flaunt money around much

  • The Darkness, It Consumes Me

    "That's actually just a functional paper clip"
    "It works?" 😂😂😂😂

  • b shark
    b shark 2 years ago

    I worked with gravys cousin at a restaurant like 6 years ago. I been on the gravy train for a hot min dude! Crazy seeing this shit.

  • SuperHodge08
    SuperHodge08 Year ago

    Gravy got called tf outt!
    Gravy-"I bought a rollie"
    Zahir-"oh okay. You mailed it in for service. Right?"

  • KayJeyD
    KayJeyD 2 years ago +20

    Trevor’s like the energetic little brother to Gravy 😂

  • Ace Made It™️
    Ace Made It™️ Year ago +4

    I feel like gravy and trevor are those siblings that always stay together but gravy is the more popular one and has to take trevor everywhere 😂

  • ATK Killer19
    ATK Killer19 Year ago

    I wanna get my two watches iced out how much that’s gone cost me

  • Gabriela Rodriguez

    Y yo aquí comiendo huevito con catsu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Braydoh ___
    Braydoh ___ Year ago +1

    Yo Trevor looks like a little kid in a candy store😂😂🤣

  • Cogswell46
    Cogswell46 2 years ago

    I'm over here trying to spend less than $5000 to lift my jeep, while Trevor out here dropping $50,000!!! On earbuds!!

  • Ufhdhchshshdh Kk Mfjfhc

    Idk these guys but there pure comedy’s💀

  • operatorhxrry
    operatorhxrry Year ago +1

    price tag: more than every car ive owned ever
    clerk: yeah that’s actually just a paper clip

  • Trashbushi
    Trashbushi 2 years ago

    Ice box is like the chick fila of jewelry 😂

  • Solar_Pathz
    Solar_Pathz Year ago +3

    It’s all fun and games till a diamond falls in his ear

  • Kegan Swenson
    Kegan Swenson Year ago

    Young gravy is the bomb he is always

  • Joaco
    Joaco 2 years ago

    This is how it feels to be buying something from the Apple Store when you're broke

  • You
    You 2 years ago +1

    My boiiiii!!!! Finally made it to ice box

  • Kieran Miller
    Kieran Miller 2 years ago

    I love how gravy is looking at $100K plus pieces while sipping that 99¢ Arizona

    SQUADLY 2 years ago +7

    Welp... looks like I gotta go watch and like all his videos now so he doesn’t go broke....

  • Caroline Tarmy
    Caroline Tarmy 2 years ago +38

    all these people talking abt the cash, I'm just confused on how tf Gravy is that tall

  • Tom Long
    Tom Long 2 years ago +1

    Had no idea he was already that rich

  • Septeco
    Septeco 2 years ago +2

    “When your broke you wear these leather watches” *buys iced out AirPods*

  • Auto Young
    Auto Young 2 years ago +6

    I knew Trevor wasn't no broke boy but damn...

  • Y Tho
    Y Tho 2 years ago +1

    Mans has like a 90% chance of getting Covid-19 from smelling all that money💀

  • American Airsoft
    American Airsoft Year ago

    Bro you know good and well what we all thought of when she said do something you do on a day to day basis

  • le7tfeet
    le7tfeet 2 years ago +10

    Trevor looking at an actual paperclip
    *famn thats flex yo*
    "Thats actually just a functional paperclip"
    "Damn it works too?"

  • Zephuros
    Zephuros Year ago +1

    Imagine losing one side of the airpod pros

  • UMGッ
    UMGッ 2 years ago +11

    Larry Lawton would love to hit this place in his prime days 😂

  • Kamlesh Patel
    Kamlesh Patel 2 years ago

    The cycles of life 😂

  • walker w
    walker w 2 years ago +593

    Trevor Wallace spending money on stuff that he would benefit off in his business realm

    • TylerAllenTV
      TylerAllenTV 2 years ago

      Tax write off🤑

    • Marc D
      Marc D 2 years ago +27

      Priyanka Chatkara You really ate the marketing huh

    • Priyanka Chatkara
      Priyanka Chatkara 2 years ago +5

      NCHAMM3R bro come on what do you mean jewelry has always been a staple in hip hop to show that you actually somebody like how people say look the part and act the part well jewelry is part of looking the part but recently it’s become so popular that its more a fashion statement level thing now like now if you’re in the entertainment business you better buy some jewelry

    • BenNguyen253
      BenNguyen253 2 years ago +10

      NCHAMM3R he does comedy videos

    • Ian Gervasi
      Ian Gervasi 2 years ago +11

      im still a little confused on how tho