• Published on Jan 30, 2018
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  • The frog
    The frog Month ago

    I thought l subcribed to this channel fresh human bones by the cartel?

  • The frog
    The frog Month ago

    How much does it weigh 👋

  • Isaiah Goudy
    Isaiah Goudy Month ago

    Take the suspention off and put it on your dirtbike

    MOTORCYCLE STIG 5 months ago

    I just bought a 300 scorpa. I've owned every company except ossa and sherco and I havent ridin my baby yet. Got the factory 300 with the orange wheels cant wait. Back wheel hopping already!? Damn I'm impressed!? None of the stuff you do on go pro does it justice lol

  • _hawaiian.pedalbloxx
    _hawaiian.pedalbloxx 7 months ago

    Graham Jarvis vs Joey Mac

  • l3yfajamz
    l3yfajamz 10 months ago

    After the jmac opening vids you always do, and you introd the trials bike resting against a rock, there was a ramp shaped rock behind it id love to see you backflip from that rock you've got skills I think you'd nail it, go Joey go Joey do a backflip you can do it go Joey lmaoo

  • toadamine
    toadamine 10 months ago

    Needs a paintjob lol

  • Mark Semple
    Mark Semple 11 months ago

    I have a trials bike

  • J IR
    J IR Year ago +1

    I miss that intro
    great video

  • Aero Vision
    Aero Vision Year ago

    I am new to ride, hardly find info of trail bike brand and type. Can you give me some info of which trail bike good for beginner

  • Joshua Getchell
    Joshua Getchell Year ago

    Oh dang, here comes Debo, hide yo shit!! Brakes make it even more mountain bike-ish

  • Nate Duvall
    Nate Duvall Year ago

    Nice trials skills

  • Spud Laverton
    Spud Laverton Year ago

    I ride trials I’ve beta 80 big wheel 2015

  • Gracin Southard
    Gracin Southard Year ago

    A some

  • sherri richburg
    sherri richburg Year ago


  • aj gaming
    aj gaming Year ago

    What is it with his short@$$ shorts

  • Lanca
    Lanca Year ago

    This ain't a 2018 scorpa

  • Zundappmannen Mæ sjøl

    SHERCO 300cc 2018 u Wanted blue tho😏

  • Jordan Huybregts
    Jordan Huybregts Year ago

    Do a ride through the hills with Danna on it

  • Filofas
    Filofas Year ago

    In my opinion nothing beats K-750

  • Austin Nagel
    Austin Nagel Year ago

    i need some advice i am 12 i ride 100 xr got eny email me nagel.austin11@gmail.com

  • BlueMagmaBoy Playz

    I know the intro songs XD

  • Zack Wilson
    Zack Wilson Year ago

    love you and no homow

  • Cameron Young
    Cameron Young Year ago

    see the dots at 5:25 In the sky

  • Chapzer
    Chapzer Year ago

    bro i couldn't do this cause when i see a rock i can get a good angel on i go full send lol

  • 1505 Bacon lover
    1505 Bacon lover Year ago

    I dirtbike bro

  • piggy horses
    piggy horses Year ago

    How fast?

    SENNE MLG Year ago +1

    What up ladyboys isnt iT ladys and boys 🤔😂

  • kokinatora
    kokinatora Year ago

    You're awesome

  • sar 51525
    sar 51525 Year ago

    Can we name the bike sweeks

  • Rebel Bikez
    Rebel Bikez Year ago

    Your audio sucks

  • DJ Koala
    DJ Koala Year ago

    How does he use the throttle when jumping is it a twist or a press throttle??

  • A21M
    A21M Year ago

    nice vid

  • Bonnie Jones
    Bonnie Jones Year ago


  • hunter mcarthur
    hunter mcarthur Year ago

    The srech

  • Redneck Revival
    Redneck Revival Year ago

    You guys are too funny when you get together

  • Redneck Revival
    Redneck Revival Year ago

    I erred vroom vroom Dana

  • Marilee Rose
    Marilee Rose Year ago

    I think u should maby on one of ur introes u could do a.bunny hop and in the air do a.36D

  • Mads Jørgensen
    Mads Jørgensen Year ago +1

    Nice bike 👍🏍

  • Tiffany Prince
    Tiffany Prince Year ago

    Can you get me a drink

  • Chase Webb
    Chase Webb Year ago

    Fuck who ever didn’t like the video

  • Devlin Brush
    Devlin Brush Year ago

    Noooooooo pant it gold and blue

  • chyane fox
    chyane fox Year ago

    Can I have one to.

  • Tanner Walker
    Tanner Walker Year ago

    Can you go fast on that

  • Zaccheus Horsman
    Zaccheus Horsman Year ago

    I wish I could ride with a legend like you I’m 11 though so my mom wouldn’t let go there unless she came

  • Kushina Saiko
    Kushina Saiko Year ago

    If you were a first time rider what bike would you recommend anyone bc if never rode a bike I'm a beginner what bike should I get I'm 4 ft lol and I'm 14😁

  • Johniff Gumbs
    Johniff Gumbs Year ago

    I can do it

  • dodo likes
    dodo likes Year ago


  • Adam Pearson
    Adam Pearson Year ago

    Why didn’t you get a Sherco (blue) basically same bike ?

  • Logan Geist
    Logan Geist Year ago

    dont paint it

  • Kaden Bratton:
    Kaden Bratton: Year ago

    Wooooooooh haven't watched in a while did you keep the street bike and Dirtbike then got a trial bike?

  • Patrick Emerson
    Patrick Emerson Year ago


  • tristan dais
    tristan dais Year ago

    You should race rabbit man with his bike and your new bike

  • Bike life
    Bike life Year ago

    Are trial bikes better ??????

  • Wheelie kid 420
    Wheelie kid 420 Year ago

    I can kinda do this stuff on my 140 so i need a trials bike

  • rylie garner
    rylie garner Year ago

    Love your video's

  • Quentin Carlson
    Quentin Carlson Year ago

    I have a classic fantic trials bike

  • Sommer75
    Sommer75 Year ago

    32 ladyboys got offended and downvoted this:)

  • Dylan Lozano
    Dylan Lozano Year ago

    yeah the story about how you broke your foot riding the trials bike sucked but just about 6 months ago on my very first day of riding my Sherco 125 I was going to splatter onto a 3 foot log and I went over the log and fell off but the front tire hit a rock and the back wheel hit my face and I ended up fracturing both sides of my jaw the top of my nose and my chin so after the crash I ended up having a bad nose bleed

  • Stefán Steinarsson

    I wish youtube had a "skip intro" button like netflix