Anthony Davis Full Highlights 2019.11.12 Lakers vs Suns - 24 Pts, 12 Rebs, 4 Asts! FreeDawkins

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • November 12 | NBA Regular Season | Anthony Davis Full Highlights 2019.11.12 Lakers vs Suns - 24 Pts, 12 Rebs, 4 Asts! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments • 41

  • musiconcloud17
    musiconcloud17 Month ago +1

    He's making light work right now. AD could easily get 40 if he wants to but he's pacing himself and not even at the level he knows he can be at. By midseason, we'll see AD with more games of 35+ points & 15+ rebounds with some dominant defensive play on the regular the closer it gets to the playoffs. These Lakers are just beginning to tap into their true potential on both ends of the floor...

  • CoolKidd 24
    CoolKidd 24 Month ago +2

    Even when he's dealing with an injury, he's putting up great numbers. I feel like he can be an MVP candidate.

  • James Band
    James Band Month ago

    This guy is good but injury prone

    • Lolz
      Lolz Month ago

      hes played way more than hes sat the bench injured so i disagree almost everyone in contact sports with at some point have to take a recovery break thats all AD has really had

  • Murwan Osman
    Murwan Osman Month ago


  • Karuizawa Kei
    Karuizawa Kei Month ago

    C'mon Dawk. Why won't you ever post Aron Baynes (a.k.a the GOAT) highlights

  • GodMelo Anthony
    GodMelo Anthony Month ago +2

    Hes been a focal point of the Lakers offense and im afraid it might be too much for him , Need him healthy for playoffs

  • Charles Kevin Lique
    Charles Kevin Lique Month ago +15

    The last possession could have went to Rubio but because AD has a large catch radius he snatched that ball as if he was taking candy from a baby.
    Stay healthy big man. We need you in the long haul.!

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau Month ago +1

    one of the absolute best big men in today's game, what an absolute MF beast

  • Zheng Da
    Zheng Da Month ago

    Where’s dbook and rubio’s highlights???

    • OGxced
      OGxced Month ago

      Zheng Da they lost. Fuck em

  • Tay Yasharal
    Tay Yasharal Month ago

    We need Rondo highlights.

  • Tay Yasharal
    Tay Yasharal Month ago +1

    He has to stop hitting the ground so much.

  • Eden Perez
    Eden Perez Month ago +3

    Not even at 100% and still putting up moster numbers.

  • Maximiliano
    Maximiliano Month ago +5

    Lakers need some load management

  • Prime T-mac
    Prime T-mac Month ago +6

    Absolute beast 🔥🔥🔥

  • Zylo1009
    Zylo1009 Month ago +34

    Best big man in today’s game. Love that he doesn’t have to run himself into the ground to win games

  • Youngboy_uzi_Kodak
    Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Month ago +8

    I hope AD don't play the whole season hurt but he still putting up monster numbers

  • XxKillerBullxx XxDogxX

    This 19-20 season will be hella fun for Anthony

  • LeDevin James Booker
    LeDevin James Booker Month ago +25

    Best Big Man in the League

    MVP WESTBROOK Month ago +10

    Great win for AD and LeBron

  • Jones James
    Jones James Month ago +6

    Just a normal day in the office for AD.

  • PhilipS
    PhilipS Month ago +14

    Where's rondo debut highlights?

    • musiconcloud17
      musiconcloud17 Month ago

      Rondo put his imprint on the game the way he was orchestrating and facilitating. KCP only played 8 minutes, this is what we needed!

  • 민트쌈
    민트쌈 Month ago +2


  • MrGenexxx
    MrGenexxx Month ago +1

    Needs more help. Reminds me of DLo and the Warriors.

  • G M
    G M Month ago +1

    Lakers baby

  • Mikey
    Mikey Month ago +2

    Laker is supposed to beat the Suns with arguably 2 of the best players(according to Stephen A) but Devin Booker & Ricky Rubio are proving that height disadvantage can be overcome with skills & speed.

    • A5 A3
      A5 A3 Month ago +1

      What height disadvantage?

  • Big White Duck
    Big White Duck Month ago +3

    Damn dawk how you posting so late?

  • 22 Chad
    22 Chad Month ago +2


  • RockRoll
    RockRoll Month ago +6

    Best player on the lakers carrying once again

    • NBA2KLTT17
      NBA2KLTT17 Month ago

      I knew one of y'all LeBron haters would comment that AD is the best player on the Lakers. Cut it out.

    • Bronsexual Patrol-#HOKAGE
      Bronsexual Patrol-#HOKAGE Month ago

      22 Chad He’s better than Lebron but LeTrash isn’t top 3

    • 22 Chad
      22 Chad Month ago +4

      *in the world, if he better than bron he deff better than that bitch Kawhi