Another Insider Talks PS5 Being More Powerful Than Project Scarlett | PS5 Release date Rumor

  • We have some more information that is seemingly coming from another industry insider that suggests once again the PS5 will end up being more powerful than Xbox Project Scarlett. This is not the first time we are hearing from industry insiders that this is the case. Even if the PlayStation 5 does end up being more powerful, it won't be by much and most people will not be able to tell the difference. Either way though, if this is true it's going to be pretty funny as many hardcore Xbox fans firmly believe Project Scarlett will be the more powerful next-gen console. Seems to me it is going to come down to the exclusive games, and feature set each console has to offer.
    On top of that we also have a new rumor that has popped up regarding the PS5's release date. I don't know if I believe this rumor but it is coming from a source that has been correct in the past about PS5 info. It doesn't seem likely Sony would release a new console this late in the year.
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  • MBG
    MBG  5 months ago +47

    Apologies for the random and abrupt cut halfway through the video but that was a vital piece of info I missed and had to get it in the video. I didn't have enough time to re-record and wanted to get this video out today.

    Anyway yeah I have to say that the rumor about the release date just doesn't make much sense to me, I don't see why Sony would want to release the PS5 so late in 2020. What would they have to gain by doing that?

    I also feel that the PS5 really will end up being the more powerful console because it seems to be a rumor that just won't go away because insiders keep hearing from devs that this is in fact the case. Things could change obviously and we all know the games matter more than the power eve will but man, it will be funny if this is how it shakes out in the end. Hardcore Xbox fans talk all the time about how much power matters and it's going to be a real gut punch to them if Microsoft doesn't retain the title of "the worlds most powerful console". Either way it won't matter, the difference will be negligible and the games will be the deciding factor.

    • Shawn g HD
      Shawn g HD 5 months ago

      I just want 4k 60...1080 120 and the ability to turn anti aliasing off in multiplayer modes i dont care which system is stronger

    • PurushaDesa
      PurushaDesa 5 months ago

      @Neophenom Yeah I especially remember that from the Apple Mac PowerBook days. I just wish more of the journalism and leaks focussed on the actual _selling_ part : Will it be a staggered launch or one global launch since Sony consolidated their operations? Will Brexit and Trump's trade war affect the pricing? Is there a price cut due for the original PSVR to signal the launch of the next generation? I think those are way more interesting questions than some academic spec war. Especially when optimisations for exclusive titles kind of nullifies that difference anyway.

    • Neophenom
      Neophenom 5 months ago

      @PurushaDesa Indeed. The whole power talk is not even new, when I was a kid it was the "bit war" recently it's all about teraflops and next time will be whatever buzz word is next. So I wish I could say this is an recent issue of this Gen, but it goes was far back as the early 90s, so I don't expect people to learn.

    • PurushaDesa
      PurushaDesa 5 months ago

      @Neophenom It's also worth stating console power means nothing without knowing the RRP. It's about value - power per dollar. Otherwise they could just release an high performance gaming rig for well $1000-$1500 in the shell of a console - but then what's the damn point? Power means nothing until we know whether it's a reasonable price or a "Fuck off and build your own PC" price.

    • Neophenom
      Neophenom 5 months ago

      A late release may be due to the backwards compatibility. A feature they may want to have at launch. To me that's more interesting than console power, which may have no impact on performance next Gen. Power talk is only good for trolling and inflammatory talk.

    COPPA COMPLIENT 2 months ago

    Why did it say I win when was the last time Xbox won? Against ps

  • Don Mooney
    Don Mooney 3 months ago

    He sounds like a douchebag. Why would you even say do you really wanna know?
    Its a video game console. Not a cancer screening.
    Comes off like someone who just wants attention

  • Lord_Kuku
    Lord_Kuku 4 months ago

    MicroSoft snaps there fingers and says "I am X-Box"
    Sony snaps there fingers and says "AND I AM PLAYSTATION"
    Than the X-Box vanishes. :)

  • Elaine Hodgkinson
    Elaine Hodgkinson 4 months ago

    I am a ps fan boy but most of all I'm a gamer. I'm a fan boy that doesn't give a flying fuck about whatever the next person buys because all I give a fuck about is MY EXPERIENCE and in MY PERSONAL view it's Sony because of its exclusives and a console is only as good as it's games. With that being said if you like Xbox great that's YOUR PERSONAL VIEW and as long as it gives you the joy and pleasure that my ps gives me well who the fuck am I to patronise you. Remember we're all gamers and hopefully cross play will be coming more frequent which will shorten the barriers between us except exclusives we can get on and respect one anothers preference.

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98 4 months ago

    I just want 60fps 1080p for rdr2.

  • PeterTheGr3at
    PeterTheGr3at 4 months ago

    PS guy here. I think despite which console will turn out to be the most powerful,i think both camps should be happy,we are finally getting 4k 60 fps gameplay,and 1080 120 fps. I only own the base model of the ps4,and9 out of 10 games i mostly play is 1080p at 30 fps,so the difference will be huge for me. It will be an amazing gaming experience for you no matter which one you get.

  • ghost player
    ghost player 5 months ago

    It might be there wait to see when Xbox release so thay can 1 up them

  • ICZERZERO 5000
    ICZERZERO 5000 5 months ago


  • June Bugg
    June Bugg 5 months ago

    Here you go again pushing propaganda.

  • alphach1mp
    alphach1mp 5 months ago

    All I care about in the next gen console is no lag or slow downs, 1080p at 60fps for every game at a minimum.

  • Xenobyte
    Xenobyte 5 months ago

    I hope we see Alan Wake Remake and Part II on Playstation

  • Angel Gangster88
    Angel Gangster88 5 months ago +1

    PSVR won next war 2020

  • Yobill Lin
    Yobill Lin 5 months ago

    Before ps3 coming out, the graphics quality really catch me up when PS2 came out, the graphical jump really a jaw dropping from ps1....since then when enter the x360 n ps3 era, I'm waiting about almost 3 years to decide on ps3 as my next console ( Yes, I'm almost, almost choose x360 because the Gpu run betters on x360)...why I finally choose ps3? Simple, cause the game like uncharted ( especially uncharted 2) makes me realize that beside Sony really doing great job to exclusive triple A game, they can push the limit of the hardware itself that x360 can't do.....shit dude you think X360 has a game that had a amazing graphics like Uncharted 2 or 3?? Even they had a better Gpu??.... And finally I do realize that triple A game and exclusive game is more important than just a great hardware console... Look at Nintendo, they still can survive with Zelda, Mario and Pokemon....

    KRAZYD0NUT 5 months ago +2

    Fan girls can fight about which console is best. I will eventually own both and enjoy both.

  • MUZ
    MUZ 5 months ago

    MBG so I guess power only matters when your favourite plastic box has the advantage? I understand people can change thier minds, I myself have used my PS4 Pro more than my Scorpio since I got one. However to then constantly hate on the brand you loved while love the brand that you used to constantly slate just makes you look like a 12 year old fangirl

  • Meistro Shine
    Meistro Shine 5 months ago

    The Xbox one couldn’t even do 1080p when it launched. Not surprising if the Xbox is weaker next gen too.

  • TEasy83 "We All Made Playstation Nation"

    Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year MAKE SINCE TO ME GREAT VIDEO.

  • Conan C
    Conan C 5 months ago

    Look at the face.....lmao

  • Hynotama
    Hynotama 5 months ago

    It could very well turn true. How many of us expected the PS4 to be more powerful than the original Xbox One? Yet it happened. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft just releases a wreck with the excuse that people can upgrade later. But then I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft learned their lesson and releases something with more raw power than PS5. The games though... yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • Sunny Ramoutar
    Sunny Ramoutar 5 months ago

    It doesn't matter if the Xbox is more powerful... Sony's exclusive lineup is the reason people will buy the ps5 has nothing to do with power. Halo and gears of war is I know? I played them both...gears 5 has amazing console graphics but the story is shit the gameplay is OK and the characters is all miss. Geez

  • Hazman
    Hazman 5 months ago +1

    PS5 & Switch 2 for more PC, Xbox Scarlet & Stadia even gaming on powerful smartphone because Switch is much better in handheld gaming by far!

  • Sire DragonChester
    Sire DragonChester 5 months ago +1

    They both using Custom Desktop AMD zen 2 CPUs along with custom RDNA (Navi) Gpu. Rumours Ps5 maybe using zen 2+. While not zen 3, but will maybe have added feature. But performance difference this time wont matter as much. Unless Xbox go with more powerful Gpu again. Like they did with Xbox x. Since both using desktop CPU this time. It be huge gam changer. As current gen are using older Mobile AMD jaguar cpu/Gpu. Which has held BOTH console back. Mostly at 30 fps, with only few games hitting 60. Even on pro/Xbox x.
    Sony won this gen simple cuz they had games games and games. Xbox focused on power. Then canceled many games, like scale bound as example. Then killed off lionhead studies (fable series. While has its issue. I still loved the games). Along with MS forcing window 10 down our throats. But they “don’t” even trust it them-self and use Linux for cloud/servers and they “ARE” part of Linux Committee. google it your self ppl. While I love 360 and PS3 days. Hated Xbox one, hated Xbox menu/UI and lack of games. What games actually take full advantage of Xbox x? Gears 5? Hah.
    If Sony continued just make many games. Good quality games and with help zen 2. Sony will prob win again.

  • TheGrt14Real aka K•Y Bob

    They don’t know. Nobody will really know until both finished consoles are next to each other being tested. If it is true and the new Xbox will indeed have AMD Arcturus Tech driving the graphics instead of NAVI then everything is speculation because that tech isn’t even being released until next year and nobody knows its capabilities other than it having more CUs than NAVI.

  • Victor Jasso
    Victor Jasso 5 months ago

    Yea? Well my pc is more powerful than both of them combined.. So...

  • m ichael mick
    m ichael mick 5 months ago

    Xbox day one

  • Wood Worm
    Wood Worm 5 months ago

    PS5 will feature a secret fx chip that will push effects like splashes,, smoke and other environmental effects over the edge.
    Personally i dont care just give me 1080p and 60 fps or more and im good.

  • SkyLimit Gaming
    SkyLimit Gaming 5 months ago

    Consoles and power should not be in same sentence they just weak little pc's locked down that you cant upgrade !! 🤣

  • Random person you don’t know

    I wish people could just get used to other platforms instead of fighting like little bitches of what platform is better

  • Cristian H.
    Cristian H. 5 months ago

    Another insider Talks, pc is even more powerful

  • Gert van Bruggen
    Gert van Bruggen 5 months ago

    I have a coleage on my work who is really only Xbox minded and he is trying everytime to convince me to buy one
    I already have a PS4 and PS4-Pro and the only reason i was tempting to buy a Xbox is so that i can play together with him on first person shooters .
    But normaly i mostly play Single play games.
    So he started wel the Xbox Network is way better then Sony's Network also the Xbox has a better Joystick
    But then i told him maybe the joystick is a bit better for us big hands but i can buy a third party Xbox look joystick if i want for the PS4, also I like the PSVR Xbox does not have that and i like the exclusive games Sony has.

    So my question to you MBG is Microsofts Network better and is the Xbox Joystick better, you have more experience in both system then i have.

  • NoFlags
    NoFlags 5 months ago +1

    All know is Sony is going to give up the games that's all I want.

  • Marcin Jechorek
    Marcin Jechorek 5 months ago

    well outsider says stfu with that clickbait, twat

  • Alexandra Seifried
    Alexandra Seifried 5 months ago +1

    whether a console is more powerful or not is irrelevant. It's the games that make or break a console.

  • Mahmood A
    Mahmood A 5 months ago

    There are no xboners left

  • vV3Xx God
    vV3Xx God 5 months ago

    MBG ur a Sony ps5 dicc head wat a bullshit TheXvidr you R‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • JohnnyGrafx
    JohnnyGrafx 5 months ago +1

    Honestly I'm still pretty happy with how games look on the ps4. I certainly don't mind more power, but I feel like we're getting into an area of diminishing returns with it. I'm more concerned about backwards compatibility and other features than I am with everything running in 8k and 60fps.

  • A K
    A K 5 months ago

    Sony buys xbox

  • Awake
    Awake 5 months ago

    I just hope they make both console 650$+ Canadian to force me to get a gaming pc 🤣

  • HawkMan
    HawkMan 5 months ago

    Rpgs and graphics are all that matter

    JFKTV 5 months ago

    Nahhhhh I’m thinkin’ November.

  • Damian Henry
    Damian Henry 5 months ago +1

    Im Going PC & PS5 this generation. Never buying another Xbox console ever again. Unless they get console exclusives that are good.

  • Heriberto Nieves
    Heriberto Nieves 5 months ago

    how can anyone knows if there is no rumors of scarlet that i know off yet

  • Gareth Lloyd
    Gareth Lloyd 5 months ago

    I was 15 when the ps1 was released. We are on the 8th generation and I'm 40. Why haven't those kids in the playstation video not aged when they are playing the PS4 and why is he still living with his parents in his bedroom

  • iempire100
    iempire100 5 months ago

    A completely useless and unnecessary opinion but there are a bunch of fugly people at xbox. Seeing Phil makes me salty.

  • Luke Guardiola
    Luke Guardiola 5 months ago

    Phil Harrison once of Sony in 2007 also told me that online was going to be easy on PS3. An insider showed us all a boomerang controller that didn't appear. How'd that work out?

  • CodeBionic
    CodeBionic 5 months ago +1

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like a f ing pedophile

  • DJ Wally West
    DJ Wally West 5 months ago

    Has Sony ever launched in Nov? Could have sworn that ps1 launched in Sept. & PS 4 launched in Sept or Oct. PS 2 & 3 i didn't get day one so im not sure.

  • dogeymon83
    dogeymon83 5 months ago

    There will be a PS5 pro and PS5 budget console

    • Ghost Though
      Ghost Though 5 months ago +1

      Sony already confirmed that's NOT happening... Please do research before posting so you don't look like ass on the internet

  • Isaac Bernardez
    Isaac Bernardez 5 months ago

    imma PS4 guy rn, as for next gen, ps5 jus has more games and things to be edited about, I'm not partial to one company or the other I liked the 360 way more than PS3 and this generation was ps4>Xbox, if Xbox is better next gen then thats awesome! But rn ps5 has more going for it in terms of games, also all halos after Halo 3 I just didn't like at all, and I only liked the 1st 3 gears games, the OG's, and Forza is ass imo, and ninja gaiden 2 was my favorite game, and it was exclusive to Xbox!! Xbox jus ain't what it used to be man

  • Ryan Nelson
    Ryan Nelson 5 months ago

    Im sure everybody would be shocked if the next xbox is not more powerful than the next playstation.

  • SuperZombiepimp
    SuperZombiepimp 5 months ago

    Same rumors I heard the last 2 gens anyone can say they have heard a inside source it's like saying my dad's cousins co worker works for Nintendo and sources say that a switch pro is on the way get the fuck out of here with this bull shit click bait crap

  • Prime Hustla
    Prime Hustla 5 months ago

    Yet MBG doesn't know about the PS5 Pro so yeah looks like if the regular ps5 is slightly more powerful then obviously the Pro version will be even more powerful

    • SavageKingx30
      SavageKingx30 5 months ago

      That was already confirmed to not happen tho.....

  • Dexter 86
    Dexter 86 5 months ago +1

    Power does not matter! The Games do

  • LurkerDood
    LurkerDood 5 months ago

    If I was Microsoft, I would just delay the Xbox launch 6 months to 1 year after PS5 to get that new & improved GPU + CPU 😁😄

  • Benjamin Robinson
    Benjamin Robinson 5 months ago

    It will always be the games that are the deciding factor. Looking at Sony's first party dev, they will dominate again.

  • Xavier Abreu
    Xavier Abreu 5 months ago

    Why talk about it if the changes/specs between them both wouldn’t be drastics?

  • croissant de baguette de omelette de fromage

    I'm worried about the price

  • Evildead
    Evildead 5 months ago


  • Mr
    Mr 5 months ago

    PS5 is powerful
    50% of the video games are going to be

  • Evildead
    Evildead 5 months ago

    True story tell me yes

  • sinner 13 Halloween fiend

    Just subed n im defiantly get a ps5 i hope they do the pro out the gate i dont like the get base one n then 3 yrs laster for the same price get a more powerful n better one nobody gots that kind of money lol

  • Orphan of Kos
    Orphan of Kos 5 months ago

    The face in the thumbnail says it all

  • Erathen
    Erathen 5 months ago

    I love playstation but If the ps5 don't have full mod support I'm getting the Xbox instead...

  • Billy Weaver
    Billy Weaver 5 months ago +1

    Sony devs saying ps5 is more powerful 😂😂😂

  • Seun Exed
    Seun Exed 5 months ago

    The xbox one x is the most powerful console because they had a full year in development. I know they gad a year but i cant remember what year. If im not mistaken the xbox one x came out. In november 2017 and ps4 pro came out in November 2016.

  • Harvey Russell
    Harvey Russell 5 months ago

    Can't wait to get a full confirmed specs list for both consoles.

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson 5 months ago

    Remember the ps3 it's this that and the other and it was a joke to program games for the xbox 360 pissed all over it. No matter what the ps5 will sell bucket loads because of the exclusive games

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson 5 months ago

    Click baiting trash. Trust me the xbox scarlett will be more powerful you are full of shit

  • Some Random Guy On The Internet

    Damn, those PS Fanboys really are easy to please. Just some idiot saying PS is better and "quality" exclusive games is enough for you. You know the console actually makes the console right ? Not marketing or games XD

  • Gameslord
    Gameslord 5 months ago

    Does it really and truly matter which 1 will be more powerful?
    Both will be very likely EXTREMELY console standards.

  • Some Random Guy On The Internet

    Yep. This is the problem here.
    On one hand we've got XboX, who is obviously leading the console market (both console power and price) and the there is PS... Who's got... well... sheep fanboys who are stupid enough to trust this shit and get bought easily just because of some "quality" exclusive games. Console makes console... Not marketing or games.

  • Custom PC Builder UK
    Custom PC Builder UK 5 months ago

    Power is nice to have to further enhance games that are already amazing (PS4 Exclusives) but power means very litttle for lackluster games. Power compliments / assists great games but can't turn a rubbish game into a great game as we have seen demonstrated this generation, also power means nothing if the system has nothing of note worth playing. Power can drive innovation but it all comes down to good talent and creative ideas.

  • ken goku
    ken goku 5 months ago

    As long as Sony is around Xbox will always be a waste of money except Xbox 360

  • Theodore Thompson
    Theodore Thompson 5 months ago

    Nobody knows yet stop lieing like y'all know

    • D2daK87
      D2daK87 5 months ago

      Soo... The developers with next gen devkits that secretly leak this info don't know? They're just blindly making games for systems of unknown spec?!🤣🤣😂😂

  • Benttugamer
    Benttugamer 5 months ago


  • Pete Oliva
    Pete Oliva 5 months ago

    Original Playstation released in December, just saying! But not since, you're right!

  • pickle rick
    pickle rick 5 months ago

    XBOX one x was brought out about one year later that also helped.

  • pickle rick
    pickle rick 5 months ago

    I'll wait i don't care November or December.

  • finnegan wake
    finnegan wake 5 months ago

    Those dudes in the in the commercial really don’t age