Katharine McPhee sings That's Life with David Foster

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
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  • pam lorenz
    pam lorenz 10 hours ago

    Sorry not feeling her. Give me LeeAnn Rhimes please.

  • Emma Dee
    Emma Dee 22 days ago

    What are they doing? It looks like cruise ship performances!!

  • Sir Eugene Courtney

    At times, her face has a slight resemblance to Elvis Presley.

  • dcoleman4444
    dcoleman4444 Month ago

    She always looks a little bored when she is singing.

  • Amy Hall
    Amy Hall Month ago +1

    I'm glad they're happy. They make good music together!

  • TheRayjane
    TheRayjane 2 months ago +2

    Her beauty is beyond
    Amazing voice ♥️

  • Sir Eugene Courtney
    Sir Eugene Courtney 2 months ago +3

    Where is the sound mixer? Her voice is being drowned out by the band.

  • Juanita Varnado
    Juanita Varnado 2 months ago

    They are so sweet together!

  • So Ait
    So Ait 3 months ago

    Is she canadian

  • bluemoon 381
    bluemoon 381 8 months ago

    Fantastic performance!

  • Renata Nazirova
    Renata Nazirova 8 months ago


    ROMAN PERFILOV 8 months ago


  • Guadalupe Valadez
    Guadalupe Valadez 9 months ago +2

    KATHARINE MCPHEE IS THE BEST ONE IN THE WORLD OF “AMERICAN IDOL “ ... whole lot of contestants, to me SHE WAS , deprived of the RIGHTEOUS AND DESERVED TITLE, THE QUEEN 👸🏼 , OFICIAL, ( not that idiot of hicks🤣)

  • Tom Drabik
    Tom Drabik 9 months ago +5

    She looks and sounds amazing... as usual. Thanks for sharing :)

  • MI.X.KO
    MI.X.KO 9 months ago

    When and Where was this?

  • M Zeeshan Iqbal
    M Zeeshan Iqbal 9 months ago +2

    Beautiful Performance ✨🌠