How We REALLY filmed PULL UP Music Video ( KSI FT. JME )

  • Published on May 4, 2019
    Behind the scenes video team:
    #PullUp #KSI #JME
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  • Hassan Mohammed
    Hassan Mohammed 8 days ago

    damn this is amazing well-done
    wish you all the best in the future

  • Jack Webster
    Jack Webster 10 days ago

    10:15 sksksksksksksk😂😂

  • Night Flows
    Night Flows 13 days ago

    At 11:09 ksi looks fat af

  • Likefakk
    Likefakk 23 days ago

    68 dislikes, do i do it?

  • PokePro
    PokePro 25 days ago

    Was the rope swing a hint to Logan Paul?

  • Aziz Thanawala
    Aziz Thanawala 27 days ago +2

    Oh boi, how much is KSI spending on his music vids? 😳

  • ونخه - wn5h
    ونخه - wn5h 29 days ago +1

    Peaky blinders and shit

  • Nerd News
    Nerd News Month ago

    2:21 damn, KSI has a big four head 😂

  • Mihnea Vald Bojian
    Mihnea Vald Bojian 2 months ago

    You can learn from here how to organise a proper music video!

  • gilman - videographer
    gilman - videographer 2 months ago

    Starting my video making and video editing and your videos are amazing, i have been learning so much about video making and producing. Keep it up

  • G. Rigz
    G. Rigz 2 months ago

    One of his best songs

  • Riley Walker
    Riley Walker 2 months ago

    11:28 lol jme is jokes

  • Jake Berman hughes
    Jake Berman hughes 3 months ago

    I’m not sure if this was intentional but the poker scene looks a lot like the he music video of appetite for destruction by nwa

  • MarX.
    MarX. 3 months ago

    wait is that Carice van Houten?

  • K7bek
    K7bek 3 months ago +1

    Konstantin ur making an amazing job in The Sidemen's music videos. Ur so underrated , you deserve at least 10 mil subscribers!!!

  • Inseptex
    Inseptex 3 months ago

    at 7:20 the news paper at the bottom is about dax looking for excuses not to fight

  • Gold Ribbons
    Gold Ribbons 3 months ago

    ''Pull up''' has to be one of the best music videos i've ever seen! Great job :)

  • britsniper32
    britsniper32 3 months ago

    Thay RoyalsRoyce is just wow love it

  • Alex Mendez
    Alex Mendez 3 months ago

    I love the whole mobster theme, but can I get an explanation?

  • Ahmed Ilyas
    Ahmed Ilyas 4 months ago

    Is he joshes cameraman and a director/producer?

  • RoyalMaster Destroyer1
    RoyalMaster Destroyer1 4 months ago +1

    Kon I know I’m late but this is amazing you deserve way more subscribers keep up the good work ❤️👍

  • Adam Russell
    Adam Russell 4 months ago

    3:01 shadow boxing

  • AST
    AST 5 months ago

    2:52 this gives a hole new view to shadow boxing

  • Itmac Shortey
    Itmac Shortey 5 months ago

    it would be great if kon directed Real Name Music Video

  • A&D Alliance-
    A&D Alliance- 5 months ago

    my man is better than randolph ngl

  • Osaivbie Osifo
    Osaivbie Osifo 5 months ago +1

    Name of the editing please

  • furiousninja
    furiousninja 5 months ago

    I wondered how different Lamborghini video would have been if it was filmed by Konstantin

  • Freddie’s Mountain Biking

    did you make a story board for this?

  • Nuclear Rycl03
    Nuclear Rycl03 5 months ago

    When KSI opens the box the knuckle dusters it reminded me of captain America first avenger when red skull steals the space stone

  • FRGY
    FRGY 5 months ago

    As a film student that production journal is banging. Amazing visual references

  • Limakuutio
    Limakuutio 5 months ago

    What is the music at 12:10

  • ItzSid Gaming
    ItzSid Gaming 5 months ago

    KSI without a bandana, that's some rare ass shit

  • FitzyJohn
    FitzyJohn 6 months ago

    This guy is the new peter McKinnon

  • Vikrant Panday
    Vikrant Panday 6 months ago

    All this but they spelled bandana wrong

  • Harry Dickel
    Harry Dickel 6 months ago


  • OwenWarrior7870
    OwenWarrior7870 6 months ago

    madddd woahhhhhh

  • Matthew P
    Matthew P 6 months ago

    How do you know so much about filming and stuff have you done a filming course

    • Karad
      Karad 6 months ago

      He has done a filming course!

  • Utkarsh Shahi
    Utkarsh Shahi 6 months ago +1

    Kon has topped his potential every time man, much love

  • Jacob Garrett
    Jacob Garrett 6 months ago

    When kon does the little cut a way monologues it sounds like he’s doing his English gcse

  • Marcus Keen Aadnøy
    Marcus Keen Aadnøy 6 months ago

    this is mad! everyone knows that this takes so much work, but when you watch this vid it's even more than what you think! Great job Kon, once again a amazing music vid!

  • Dean A
    Dean A 6 months ago

    Man your sick

  • Oisin The God
    Oisin The God 6 months ago

    Ksi looks totally different without the bandana

  • Playlist King
    Playlist King 6 months ago

    So basically this is based on the mask movie, but it also has some other details about the old days when alcohol was illegal (for every age) and when more crimes were committed.

  • Ruben Rhubarb
    Ruben Rhubarb 6 months ago

    1:37 injury reserve

  • Parakram Rai
    Parakram Rai 6 months ago

    Omg its the guy from logan paul diss track

  • Jupiter Rose
    Jupiter Rose 6 months ago +1


  • Toby Murr
    Toby Murr 6 months ago


  • Aidantigerfish
    Aidantigerfish 6 months ago

    why is randolph so much worse than you..

  • Eros Official
    Eros Official 6 months ago

    Kon have you thought about starting a TheXvid original series? I feel like that would take you places especially if you upload the breakdown of popular episodes of it

  • HeyThereNat
    HeyThereNat 6 months ago

    What’s the music before the skillshare part??

  • Miguel Duarte
    Miguel Duarte 6 months ago

    Amazing work!

  • Daniel Eliassenfgh618
    Daniel Eliassenfgh618 6 months ago


  • Camera Man Deavon
    Camera Man Deavon 6 months ago +2

    You know, I hope one day I make a movie. I love filmography, I’m so ambitious for it.

  • Elliot Rook
    Elliot Rook 6 months ago +8

    8:20 kon sounding so professional then “that’s what she said” 😂

    • ツLearf
      ツLearf 2 months ago

      He be going hard on kirsty

  • Ross McCarthy
    Ross McCarthy 6 months ago


  • The Fullsterkur
    The Fullsterkur 6 months ago

    JJ would look much better if he was fit at this time .... no offence though

  • Orignal Bradley
    Orignal Bradley 6 months ago

    Big up Ugly duck. sick venue

    ZISHAAN OSMAN 6 months ago

    Your work is insane bro ❤

  • Zach Nacino
    Zach Nacino 6 months ago

    Kon seems like a big teddy bear...but he is seriously tallented

  • grimesy21 dan
    grimesy21 dan 6 months ago

    Honestly Kon you really are probably the best young director and editor I have ever seen. The quality is unbelievable and you have really shown that you are better than a lot of other people. Keep doing this kind of work and before you know it you will be directing things people have never seen before. Keep going bro and you'll go far!