Arsenal are spineless and have no leadership - Shaka Hislop | Premier League

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop debate where the blame should lie for Arsenal’s failure to protect their 2-0 lead in a draw vs. Watford. Hislop says manager Unai Emery should have stepped up and taken charge as Arsenal struggled to play the ball out of the back, but Nicol says the fault for the result rests on the players.
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Comments • 326

  • Dhritiman Sen
    Dhritiman Sen 29 days ago

    Numskulls and boneheads hahahahaahhahahahahaha

  • Liam Gleeson
    Liam Gleeson Month ago

    That Scottish guy talks some waffle

  • Peter Reed
    Peter Reed Month ago +1

    Install jose mourinho and you will win the premiership and champions league, but give him time.

  • MeMyself & I
    MeMyself & I Month ago

    To me, the most alarming thing that occured in the 2nd hlf was.,
    Holding middle-fielder (Torreira), attempts on the Wartford goal, but it ONLY TAKES 3 passes from Wartfords goal to Arsenal conceeding a penalty. That was not David Luiz's fault that a (great??) team Arsenal could so easily be violated (by 4 passes)🤔

  • The Anomity
    The Anomity Month ago

    Mourinho once spent 15 minutes of the half time trying to convince Balotelli not to get red card, he still got it. Its always the players fault, not the manager.

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams Month ago

    They though luiZ and sokrtis was gonna be their spine 😂

  • Oli Mercer
    Oli Mercer Month ago


  • Santos Lewynn
    Santos Lewynn Month ago

    Spineless and no leadership? That has been the Arsenal vintage since 2005 when Vieira left. Younger fans might not even remember when they had a spine.

  • bear boye
    bear boye Month ago

    Xhaka Hislop

  • Supreme Kai
    Supreme Kai Month ago

    Emery is an idiot he should be doing security guard work idk why people are now finding this out

  • JonnyInfinite
    JonnyInfinite Month ago

    Is is me or does Hislop sound like Tom Jones?

  • torasclaat
    torasclaat Month ago

    Stevie should not talk football. He is unable to see big picture. The same thing happens every week. The problem is with Emery's "philosophy".

  • Blacknitro
    Blacknitro Month ago

    I agree with shaka

  • AJ R
    AJ R Month ago

    At the end of the day *insert club* is in absolute shambles! All it takes to be a pundit on ESPN.

  • Mikel Cividanes Bertini

    Arsenal has a poor defense

  • mk2dafullest
    mk2dafullest Month ago

    Stevey just said that Emery made a subs but unfortunately it was two youngster with no experience but at the same time he's saying that it's not Emery's fault.

  • AbdiTV
    AbdiTV Month ago +3

    I agree fully with you Shaka. Emery is an absolute clown.

  • Kevin Wallace
    Kevin Wallace Month ago

    I miss Mustafi now. 🤣

  • Phil G
    Phil G Month ago

    The players are not buying into what Emery is selling. It's the beginning of the end I don't see Emery at London Colney for much longer.

  • Arshavin 4
    Arshavin 4 Month ago

    The question is who can replace Emery and how soon can they start?

  • Ross Marshall
    Ross Marshall Month ago

    Wenger IN!!!!

  • Marc Dennler
    Marc Dennler Month ago

    For once I agree with Shaka. If its Emery or the Players on the pitch, this playing from the back has gone to far. If you have conceded one, its probably a sign that's not a great idea, but to do it again in 3 minutes....Madness! Sir Alex would have thrown the Hair Salon at you, never mind the hair dryer !!

  • Rahul Rebello
    Rahul Rebello Month ago

    Next week when we beat villa, you will ask are we title contenders

  • Mr. Jack M
    Mr. Jack M Month ago +2

    Emery Out!!!

  • Roman Kolarik
    Roman Kolarik Month ago

    All back 4 bottle job's every single one of them

  • Arthur King
    Arthur King Month ago

    Could this be a stronger lineup with the right structure when injured players comeback: Leno (GK); Back 4: Bellerin, Sokratis, Luiz, Tierney; Midfield: Holding (DM) Toreira, Ceballos; Forward: Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe - Yeah play Rob Holding in the defensive midfield. He is more mobile, more skilful than Xhaka, more defensively minded and more intelligent on the ball too.

  • Kelly McKnight
    Kelly McKnight Month ago

    Emery can't coach a team away from home, useless coach.

  • AJ P
    AJ P Month ago +4

    "Socrates?" I wish we had him at the back. He was some player. Dead though.

  • Morto Porto
    Morto Porto Month ago

    Jose for Arsenal

  • Icy
    Icy Month ago +1

    Just sign Mourinho Arsenal ffs

  • Lori K
    Lori K Month ago

    Agree - and that is what the US Men's team did against Mexico. Steve Nicol needs to loosen up a bit - it would be great to see him actually listen to Shaka's analysis and say "hum, interesting".

  • Shawon Shaan Ahmed
    Shawon Shaan Ahmed Month ago

    4-4-2 diamond is a disastrous system. Play the 4-4-2 woth two wide midfielders use pepe and nelson there. Pepe has to help the defence as well

  • Karl Kani
    Karl Kani Month ago

    i'm having to seriously think about shaka, his thing is getting blacker, he has gone from objective to running subjective, not that nicole burly are not but shaka maybe for clicks or maybe just being subjective for clicks

  • Abyss
    Abyss Month ago

    Emery the fraud is finally being found out.

  • Mudig
    Mudig Month ago +6

    Stevie: Sakratis is the most experienced player at Arsenal

    David Luiz: Am I joke to you....oh 😔

    • Nihal Reddy
      Nihal Reddy Month ago

      Both are pure experienced trash

    • Yafet Tegbaru
      Yafet Tegbaru Month ago

      Facts, how is sokratis the most experienced... DAVID LUIZ WON A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

  • Calvin Reinhold
    Calvin Reinhold Month ago

    Our captain is xhaka. Enough said. This coach is just dumb

  • jah Gideon aka westyute

    Emery is no good no good

  • Mini Grande
    Mini Grande Month ago

    That's a bit harsh and I'm not an arsenal fan . I think there coming on well

  • Hayden Eden
    Hayden Eden Month ago

    We would be better if Arsene stayed

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago

    70 million on Pepe. Was he playing. Now we know why no other clubs fancied him, especially at that price.

  • Ebrahim Atcha
    Ebrahim Atcha Month ago +27

    it’s funny how arsenal fans thought luiz was a decent signing

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin Month ago

      Arsenal just don't have a defensive and midfield philosophy at all. Cech won everything , played football at levels players at Arsenal could only dream but at Arsenal he looked like a championship player . Luiz wasn't great but the man has achieved things in top football . Arsenal need to stop blaming everyone but their own training and tactics which seem to be overrated .

    • Troy.U
      Troy.U Month ago

      Ebrahim Atcha he is way better than mustafi, a decent one. But this is emery at all fault for keep on using kids with no experience risking points

    • Ronak P
      Ronak P Month ago +1

      Ebrahim Atcha at least we thought he would be better than Mustafi.

  • Heartof G.
    Heartof G. Month ago

    Can we replace Emery with Mourinho, please?

    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb Month ago

      Heartof G.
      😂😂 he’ll never manage Arsenal.

    GAMEZSTAA Month ago +2

    The Invincibles season seems like forever ago.

  • simeon kumwenda
    simeon kumwenda Month ago

    Emery is too blame u cnt jst stand and watch ur team making stupid and dangerous passes ard the 18 box and xhaka been made captain "BULLSHIT"

  • Sofir Uddin
    Sofir Uddin Month ago

    Mr Nicol...Kahpoo

  • Sherap Choetso
    Sherap Choetso Month ago

    Jose mohrinho new arsenal manager my prediction 9.16.2019

  • Mettin Kaytaz
    Mettin Kaytaz Month ago

    1:44 Ozeel??
    C'mon Stevie, that was Hilarious!

  • Khory Whyte
    Khory Whyte Month ago

    That’s emery wants them to play emery’s subs were a joke torreira who hasn’t been playing well for months now willock and Nelson when the player that getting toast the whole second half was AMN? Chambers was the change that begging for either you take Ozil or ceballos and play 3 at the back or take out AMN and try stop the constant bombardment on the right he did nothing about it

  • Daniel Abel
    Daniel Abel Month ago +1

    Eh I have never seen any other team do the goal kicks that Arsenal did...Made no sense to me having the cb's behind the goalie, such a weird decision. In what world is that effective if you want to play out from the back...

  • Mike T Football Tv
    Mike T Football Tv Month ago

    Wenger in

  • Barca 1999
    Barca 1999 Month ago

    Thank god ESPN ON YOUUUUTUBE is gone. 🤣🤣

    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb Month ago

      Barca 1999
      Oh ok.

    • Barca 1999
      Barca 1999 Month ago

      @Aaaa Bbbb Usually at the end of every espn video the male presenter says Thank you for watching on youtube and the way he says it is so annoying

    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb Month ago

      Barca 1999

  • C Bourke
    C Bourke Month ago

    Julien "the boys are always right" Lauren

  • loh kokwan
    loh kokwan Month ago

    Maybe replace Emery with

  • Mr. A
    Mr. A Month ago

    this title could be from any season from 09/10 till now

  • someone
    someone Month ago

    They lack cojones

  • Weekend_Logic
    Weekend_Logic Month ago +1

    So who is everyone nominating for next Arsenal manager? Is Vieira ready for the job yet?

  • mosshark
    mosshark Month ago

    Hire Wenger back ASAP.

  • 16t.clancy 16t.clancy


  • Lloyd Francis
    Lloyd Francis Month ago


  • Deron Bernard
    Deron Bernard Month ago

    Both the player's and the coach must take responsibility..