"Tastes Like Boiling Dishwater" | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • Not knowing what you're serving isn't good.
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  • Sherri H
    Sherri H 4 hours ago

    Everyone who works in the kitchen in these shows always looks depressed/exhausted/angry. Like, why are you there?

  • stargir1e333
    stargir1e333 7 hours ago

    Tastes like a boiling dishwasher XD

  • Mic Mic Bungee?
    Mic Mic Bungee? 8 hours ago

    "yeah, the big uh.... *_NINOOOOO!!!"_*

  • Mic Mic Bungee?
    Mic Mic Bungee? 8 hours ago

    The waitress' accent is adorable

  • Patrizia rose Whitaker
    Patrizia rose Whitaker 19 hours ago

    Sack mitch ffs

  • Millenium
    Millenium 3 days ago

    1:36 :P

  • Snl23
    Snl23 4 days ago

    Mitch low-key kinda hunky

  • Feather rose _
    Feather rose _ 5 days ago

    Anybody know what episode this is so I can watch it?

  • Nelson Perez
    Nelson Perez 5 days ago

    Love that ladys irish accent

  • Daniella Farkash
    Daniella Farkash 5 days ago +1

    Who came here because of the thumbnail 😂😂😛

  • Trinity Williams
    Trinity Williams 6 days ago

    gordon in the thumbnail lmao 😂😂😂

  • davids11131113
    davids11131113 6 days ago

    So how are we doing?
    Here you take a bite of this shit and tell me!
    Best technique ever.

  • Queen Louise
    Queen Louise 6 days ago +1

    It's funny how Gordon moans about the Shepherds Pie but he makes a Shepherds Pie later then says its ground beef? SMH

  • Om Pandya
    Om Pandya 6 days ago

    How can jains have onion soup?

  • The Ragkues
    The Ragkues 6 days ago


  • Rupert Bloomsbury
    Rupert Bloomsbury 7 days ago

    Why is she still working for these cunts

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 8 days ago

    Putin and Obama drinks Boot Coffee, so its fine

  • Connor Mazur
    Connor Mazur 8 days ago +1

    "the kitchen staff doesn't know what their doing" umm how about you fire them?

  • savvy sav
    savvy sav 9 days ago +2

    Brain: Must not.. read comments before..finishing..video

  • Aadam Aslam
    Aadam Aslam 9 days ago

    I’m sorry but why is the owner called chief? Are his parents mentally stable?

  • Stella Bell-Murray
    Stella Bell-Murray 9 days ago

    He always orders the French onion.

  • alzauri fatahillah
    alzauri fatahillah 11 days ago

    G: Its taste like shit.
    W: Its indeed shit.

  • My Little Funny Channel
    My Little Funny Channel 14 days ago +2

    He stick his tongue out 😩😭😂

  • Joshua Hess
    Joshua Hess 15 days ago

    *deep inhale*

  • big dawg 56
    big dawg 56 17 days ago

    So he's been eating his own slop for 16 years? "Tastes good to him". I know knothing about cooking in a restaurant but who cares what tastes good to him, its what tastes good to the customer.

  • Donald Crosley
    Donald Crosley 17 days ago

    That was the first time that lady ever said piss

  • The Bike
    The Bike 21 day ago

    Love that Irish accent

  • Xtreme843
    Xtreme843 22 days ago


  • Majken Eriksson
    Majken Eriksson 22 days ago +1

    I can't be the only one that read the title as "boiling dishwasher".

  • Reverse Card
    Reverse Card 23 days ago +1

    This is asmr

  • Victory .Studios
    Victory .Studios 23 days ago


  • Yuiop Yams
    Yuiop Yams 23 days ago

    Yum Yum

  • ILoVe Vivian Tries
    ILoVe Vivian Tries 24 days ago

    He is one of the most pickiest Chef's I've ever seen.

  • Crypt Lover
    Crypt Lover 24 days ago +3

    The manager obviously hasn't seen Cat in the Hat...YOU'RE FIREDDDDUH!

  • Meme Central
    Meme Central 24 days ago +1

    The question is, how do YOU, Gordon, know what boiling dishwater tastes like?

  • Cisco A
    Cisco A 25 days ago

    At least they aren't hardheaded

  • Johnny Qush
    Johnny Qush 25 days ago

    He reminds me of that guy from Shes out of my league

  • jAM Ab
    jAM Ab 25 days ago

    watery dish ewry 1 ?

  • Wahmen respector
    Wahmen respector 25 days ago

    The outros are the best thing

  • Yousuf Films ™
    Yousuf Films ™ 26 days ago


  • Alexis Schopp
    Alexis Schopp 26 days ago

    What kinda of pie did he say the beef pie was? halp, please.

  • Jasρєr
    Jasρєr 27 days ago

    Dammit Squidward

  • Mummiesbois
    Mummiesbois 28 days ago

    I just realised the floor manager looks like the disgustang girl grown up

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 28 days ago


  • Arceus
    Arceus Month ago +1

    I'm updating my xbox one S rn

  • Jack Sullivan
    Jack Sullivan Month ago

    Wait has nobody else had Shepard’s pie with beef????

  • Burpo Stockings
    Burpo Stockings Month ago +2

    A cottage pie? Is that what he said? I always thought shepard pie was beef

    • kai cokar
      kai cokar 27 days ago

      Burpo Stockings me too haha i’m so confused

  • Silver Star
    Silver Star Month ago +5

    Bad Resturant 101: Dark brown chairs and green tables.

  • mykylc
    mykylc Month ago

    01:20 has the balls to try to manage the kitchen...no balls to cook and make it "right".

  • Renzo Ticheloven
    Renzo Ticheloven Month ago

    get's a glass of water.
    Gordon: it's just so dry

  • Renzo Ticheloven
    Renzo Ticheloven Month ago

    Gordon: who makes the air in this bloody restaurant? It's so dry and bland..

  • This username is not unnecessarily long

    Gordon: It tastes like boiling dishwater
    Squidward: *It is* dishwater

  • VigilHimSelf I
    VigilHimSelf I Month ago +2

    Ummmm if he said it taste like boiling dish water
    That means he tasted boiling dish water 😂 😂 😂????

  • always _ loyal
    always _ loyal Month ago +1

    How does he know what boiling dish water tastes like.... oh right he's Gordon

  • Marci Leatherboots1

    Here is what continually amazes me: You're a restaurant owner (or management position) you have no customers, you're losing money, and it never crosses your mind that maybe your food is terrible? Seriously?

  • 장미Claris
    장미Claris Month ago +1

    "O-oh I don't know..i-i" BItCh iMa SlAp yOu sO hArD yOu'Ll SeE hElL aNd BaCk.

  • Bobon Meiknob
    Bobon Meiknob Month ago

    It's a good entertainment show but completely scripted. No restaurant would stay open long if the food was as bad as Ramsey pretends, and where I come from Ramsey would get his mouth busted for the way he talks to people and acts.

  • Andhika Prayoga
    Andhika Prayoga Month ago

    I expected some Squidward jokes on the comment.

  • gray grey
    gray grey Month ago

    i believe the question here is why the fuck does gordon know what dishwater tastes like

  • konaya
    konaya Month ago

    Why is this channel so bad at telling which episode a clip is from? Put that info in the description.

  • BossKingKiller22
    BossKingKiller22 Month ago +3

    Instead of "Shepherds Pie" It's "Shitty Pie".

  • _0 r p h v n _ _ 0 n l i n e

    This chick manager is an idiot

  • 7BJDX
    7BJDX Month ago

    How hard is it to put what episode and season this is from, I want to watch the whole thing every time I see these 4 minute videos

  • Vinícius Assis
    Vinícius Assis Month ago

    He got annoyed because of the lamps?

  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks Month ago +1

    i love dishwater, i put them on all my dishes

  • Booty Guru
    Booty Guru Month ago +1

    Love the honesty coming out of the lady😸

  • Tyler Andrade
    Tyler Andrade Month ago

    "He said it's like piss"
    That made me fucking laugh so hard.

  • Ewan Bailey
    Ewan Bailey Month ago +6

    Chief: ‘’This soup, it tastes like tar’’
    Mitch: ‘’I think its pretty good’’

  • Tracy N
    Tracy N Month ago

    "lamps from another era"😂😂😂😂

  • Aristide Torchia
    Aristide Torchia Month ago

    how can food look so disgusting?

  • Ramiro Lemus
    Ramiro Lemus Month ago

    But tasting taste is how you like it Isn't Chef Ramsay? #masterchef #commanderinchief #kitchenbrigade #maga

  • The LB Channle
    The LB Channle Month ago

    Well if he doesn't know what he is doing there then why is cooking

  • Christopher Ortiz
    Christopher Ortiz Month ago

    What I wanna know hell does anyone know what boiling dish water taste like haha

  • cricket
    cricket Month ago

    gordon's very soft "sheep" whisper keeps me up at night

    GYU LKRCA Month ago

    Someone slap mitch please.

  • Potato Peeps
    Potato Peeps Month ago

    I dont trust diners with *_carpet_*

  • Mr cheese String’s
    Mr cheese String’s Month ago +3

    How does he know what boiling dishwater tastes like

  • Corina Vigil
    Corina Vigil Month ago

    Worst mistake you can make starting a business with family never works out

  • Johnny Rayo
    Johnny Rayo Month ago

    Those wrinkles are legendary

  • Bri Bis
    Bri Bis Month ago

    Sherperds pie in the USA is made with beef which isnt the best but can be delicious if actually made right

    HARDROCK Month ago

    Thank me later

  • General kenobi
    General kenobi Month ago

    The owner always complains about the kitchen staff. Fire the fuckers and hire new staff. It’s not rocket science

  • Weird Mike
    Weird Mike Month ago

    I hate when people change the ingredients for a recipe dish and STILL call it the original name.

  • ꧁ ༺ Gió ༻ ꧂ ༒

    Rất hay nếu có ViêtSud

  • Script Kiddy
    Script Kiddy Month ago +10

    -It's like someone has pissed in my soup.
    -Well that's not good...

  • Peeping Johnny
    Peeping Johnny Month ago +2

    Gordon:tastes like dish water
    Squidward:it is dish water

  • Annette Jackman
    Annette Jackman Month ago +1

    Seriously how do you up mess up a shepards pie, or a cottage pie come to think of it!! Its beyond easy

  • Kevin Neilly
    Kevin Neilly Month ago

    dude is savage

  • Kevin Neilly
    Kevin Neilly Month ago

    lol gotta fake it till you make it sometimes

  • Call Me Drew
    Call Me Drew Month ago

    *Oh boy*
    She knows shit's about to go down.

  • Alka John
    Alka John Month ago

    His tongue 👅 in the thumbnail!!!

  • Indianapolis Jones
    Indianapolis Jones Month ago

    Boiling dish water would be very hard to eat, considering it's boiling and you don't eat water you drink it.

  • Cheyne_Tetra MFG
    Cheyne_Tetra MFG Month ago

    Lol that ending

  • emjay beats
    emjay beats Month ago

    Those Nino jokes always get me 😂

  • A Guy.
    A Guy. Month ago +4

    He never says “Tastes like boiling dishwasher” so why is it quoted?

  • michael88h
    michael88h Month ago

    God Mitch is so damn retarded. Shit excuse of a chef

  • michael88h
    michael88h Month ago +1

    I don't see how people can cook this bad and still think it's good and how Ramsay is full of it.

  • AlternateAlternative

    Women with Scottish accents are so attractive lol

    • osu5inarow
      osu5inarow Month ago

      That's nice because this girl has a Irish accent.

  • Lashunda Williams Baker

    When he tried the onion soup and stuck his tongue out had me so tickled😂😂😂😂 he was sick at that very moment

  • Pottymouth 1
    Pottymouth 1 Month ago

    Plot twist the owners always blame others when they are supposed to overseer