The Truth About Wireless Charging

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
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  • rick dees
    rick dees 25 minutes ago

    I applaud using technology to making charging 40% less efficent over older more efficent methods because 6 y/o's think it's cool. As long as a buck can be made who cares ii it's way inefficent.

  • Adam Jankowski
    Adam Jankowski 2 hours ago

    It’s also more inefficient

  • Alex Luz
    Alex Luz 12 hours ago

    Título em português, áudio em inglês?

  • Shamus Yasharahla
    Shamus Yasharahla Day ago +1

    This was the purpose of the pyramids

  • Robert Heinkel
    Robert Heinkel 2 days ago

    The whole premise is to get rid of the cord, but the charger has to be plugged in someplace. Maybe a solar powered wireless charger?

  • Gustav Hebner
    Gustav Hebner 2 days ago

    First off this completely leaves out the topic of phase structure and its affect on DNA. Secondly wind turbines are not clean. I was just in Oregon in an area that burned last year. The natural affect of this should be to fertilize the ground and cause a bloom in ground and below ground life and in most areas this is what has happened. However in areas near wind turbines there is absolutely no below ground life. Small burrowing mammals are nowhere to be found when the should be abundant. I'm not claiming to understand what's going on but this affect is only around wind turbines.

  • Jared Z
    Jared Z 2 days ago +1

    45w wired and 25w wireless will be cool Samsung

  • despacito 2
    despacito 2 6 days ago

    Samsung has its newest phone able to charge other 10s without a charger

  • inspire!!! grow
    inspire!!! grow 6 days ago

    Nikola Tesla is ❤

  • Wiley Lynch
    Wiley Lynch 6 days ago

    I'm in awe every single time I cherg my phone

  • raksh9
    raksh9 6 days ago

    Just one more video before I put my phone down to charge. Just one more.

  • TheGuess2D
    TheGuess2D 6 days ago +2

    Ok I no longer care

    AD UNUM TRISTIS 7 days ago

    You said amonomous ...............hehehehe

  • Andrei Yang
    Andrei Yang 8 days ago

    Doubt anyone will ever see this comment, but in regards to inductive charging cars, my dad used to work at Qualcomm, which you can see footage of one of their cars wirelessly charging. One of the big design issues they apparently secretly faced was if an animal were to run between the space of the car charging pad and the pad in the ground, it would be effectively cooked, due to how much power is flowing between those two pieces of metal. I'm no scientist, but in effect, the further away the induction coils are from each other, the more power you need to conductively bridge the gap. Having a thin layer of asphault and then all that air between the bottom of the car and the coils hidden under the road surface isn't ideal, so they tend to pump quite a bit of electricity between them, so if you don't want dead critters, in terms of cars and other vehicles, you'll have to get out of your EV to plug it in or drive onto a large dock where a robotic or hydraulic arm will connect to your car like Jason Torchinsky from Jalopnik envisions.

    Or, if you really want those induction coils, you could slam your car by putting it on air ride suspension, and allow the car to rest right up against the pad so no animals can wriggle underneath, like some sort of Model S that wants to get real low.

  • Apit's 998
    Apit's 998 8 days ago

    You're indian

  • Junk Mail
    Junk Mail 10 days ago

    real tedious explanation, likely technically correct, the rampant speculation was specious and misleading. Mechanical connectors are prone to fatigue and intermittancy. Better regulators could improve coupling efficiencies. Factually "time-will-tell" if we can get rid of the Trumpers, and depend on scientific developments. Marketing politics be damned.

  • Sadie Belle
    Sadie Belle 10 days ago +1

    Wireless charging fried my phone.

  • 池たくみ
    池たくみ 10 days ago +6

    Wireless charger?

    Induction cooker

  • Jonathan Frisby
    Jonathan Frisby 11 days ago +3

    just an edit recommend you said tesla model 3 and i believe you showed/ labeled the infographic as a model s

  • Lindsay Wheatcroft
    Lindsay Wheatcroft 12 days ago +4

    As I understand it, combustion vehicles generally have an energy efficiency of 20%. Let’s consider the opportunity costs.
    Even if we only went with the 40% efficient charging system, and even if only half the extra grid energy were to come from clean sources, and even if none of the vehicles had a solar panel roof, an inductively charged road network would still yield a net reduction in emissions
    - what emissions continued to happen would do so in large, remote, static facilities that can have massive filters, as opposed to gridlock smogs in urban areas with That Guy spewing horrific black fumes
    - less need for road transit of fuel to petrol stations
    - less physical wear & tear on ports
    - what are we going to make all these batteries out of, where are we going to get the raw materials from, what are we going to do with the spent units
    - market pressure to enforce proprietary elements that fragment the market. Like trying to find a lightning charger, but you need to to get home

  • Justin S
    Justin S 12 days ago +1


  • kn7gez
    kn7gez 13 days ago +8

    A Tesla S = another house on the grid. Doubtful. Means my power bill would double if I had one. Doubtful.

  • 1creeperbomb M
    1creeperbomb M 13 days ago

    *Laughs in wired fast charging*

  • Stoney Blvck
    Stoney Blvck 14 days ago

    Why not use solar power BOOM 💥 problem solved

    • N Vaaj
      N Vaaj 12 days ago

      The technology to harness solar power is not efficient enough yet.

  • Weißbrot Waigmann
    Weißbrot Waigmann 14 days ago

    I couldn't live without wireless charging, I never have to worry about charging my mouse ever again, and I don't need a mouse cable, it's awesome, it charges over the whole surface of the mousepad, if somebody is curious, I am using the Logitech G903 mouse and the Logitech Powerplay Mousepad

  • Nikulas Sphirro
    Nikulas Sphirro 14 days ago

    Make a nuclear powered cell phones a d electronic I strme ts and equipments and gadget that last 20 years.or perhaps solar !

  • ThinkingBetter
    ThinkingBetter 15 days ago

    For those who don’t understand the laws of physics involved, it’s easy to believe that we just need more research and then good efficiency over longer distance will become a reality. Unfortunately, the science says you need very short distance between the coils and coils with very low resistance to get high efficiency. And those talking 90% efficiency don’t tell you the full story as the electronics is also lossy. Rather, for EV, I believe some automatic physical connector make more sense. The challenge is to make it safe and reliable, but it’s not impossible by any laws of physics.

  • MrFallingfromgrace
    MrFallingfromgrace 15 days ago

    Love the vids

  • J M
    J M 16 days ago

    "Electric Cares"

  • Mentos
    Mentos 16 days ago +1

    "at best one day without charging"
    *_Laughs in Energizer_*

  • Spaconacon DayTon
    Spaconacon DayTon 17 days ago +12

    Sex robots, driverless electric cars, wireless charging and colonizing we go bois aliens will notice us now

  • Alex Banks
    Alex Banks 17 days ago

    Is bad for out health is the big question!

  • L C
    L C 18 days ago

    High school physics dealt with girls and their parts. I dropped out of college and made my first $3 million before age 20. I imvented software to manage uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and that was in early 1992. The company that bought my code is APC. I had an idea and executed. I had zero electronics knowledge and definitely couldn't program. I took a problem and created a solution. I hired smart folks and paid them triple their industry standard. We finished on time. All 4 programmers received $365,000 bonuses for their one year commitments. I am an orphan, spoke zero English in high school and my first job in America was dishwasher at age 17. People stop making excuses and start kicking butt. My best to you.

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod 19 days ago

    How much power does it take to produce the second and third and fourth charging cable? Because I have never had a charging cable that lasted the life of the phone. And I probably spend five minutes each time I shop for a new cable. So that's 15 minutes lost over the course of two to three years.
    What's the carbon footprint of those additional cables? How much metal is essentially being destroyed because it's almost impossible to recycle a charging cable?
    I've had the charging port go bad on at least one phone to wear. The phone was fine but it could no longer be charged and the battery had to be taken out and charged in a separate charger. Which I only did for a few weeks before acquiring a new phone. That phone was unrepairable and all the resources within it were lost. This probably happens often.
    How much time is lost plugging in and unplugging phones? Say that it wastes 30 seconds per person per day. I plug and unplug my phone every time I get in and out of the car. Imagine if my console wirelessly recharge the phone instead. At 30 seconds per day, we could be talking 100 man years of time lost every year.
    How many deaths per year can be attributed to a phone having a dead battery?
    You should always ask, " compared to what?"
    So wireless charging is inefficient... Sure. But compared to what?

  • أسد
    أسد 19 days ago +1

    Lol even a wireless charger is connected with a wire to a power grid.

  • nope
    nope 19 days ago

    I like wireless charging for my phone because I pick it up often. Without the wireless charger I have to either plug/unplug it frequently (which will wear out the charging port on top of being inconvenient) or just not charge it throughout the day (I like using my phone, a lot, so the battery usually doesn't last that long). I do actually plug it in at night though because, well, I'm sleeping. I won't be picking up the phone and taking it anywhere for a while.

    As for electric vehicles, I don't know. I'd imagine that if I'm going to get out of my car it will be for at least a couple hours (and if I'm home at the end of the day, several hours). I don't see how plugging it in would really be that inconvenient. And if I was only stopping for a few minutes, how much charging is it really going to get either way? At least with phones the inefficiency of wireless charging is offset by convenience, since phones get picked up and handled a lot.

  • FabricioSTH
    FabricioSTH 19 days ago

    Would be nice to make a video about 5G. Is it safe or not?

  • Raul Visnitchi
    Raul Visnitchi 20 days ago

    The truth about phone wireless charging. It's a joke. It's just being lazy, not plugging something. Radio is true wireless. Wi-Fi is true wireless.

  • Bill OfRights
    Bill OfRights 20 days ago

    If there are plans to incorporate inductive charging in such things as furniture, are there potential health risks should parts of the human body intercept magnetic flux?

  • Ob Fuscated
    Ob Fuscated 21 day ago +2

    Pads avoid wearing out USB C connectors. That's the only reason I ordered one since except for file transfer (cable is far faster than Bluetooth) it eliminates need to connect a cable.

  • Andrew Vazzana
    Andrew Vazzana 21 day ago

    This is where thorium reactors come in

  • Memolous maximus
    Memolous maximus 22 days ago

    The charger needs wires!!!!

  • DataLog
    DataLog 22 days ago

    4:45 AutoMonus electric vehicle? Hahahaha I'm crying!!!

  • A Game's Channel
    A Game's Channel 22 days ago

    I want ranged charging. Probably impossible now, easy when its year 474654824720691

  • Villy Zanej
    Villy Zanej 23 days ago +1

    4000 mAh, i dont care about battery xD

    • PATTON
      PATTON 21 day ago

      Muslims should stop going to Norway

  • Timing Eternalis
    Timing Eternalis 23 days ago +8

    or you know, go back to removable batteries and just have a dock to charge an extra one
    man i miss my galaxy beam

    • Wiley Lynch
      Wiley Lynch 6 days ago

      You sir, are an imbicilic dinosaur.

  • Michael Harto
    Michael Harto 23 days ago

    We need another breakthrough in battery technology. We need smaller size and bigger capacity battery.

    • Me Good
      Me Good 20 days ago

      or, you know, removable batteries...

  • Biff Danielson
    Biff Danielson 23 days ago

    Sometimes I envy the amish.

  • John Does
    John Does 24 days ago

    Remember the seventies had a little Texas instrument calculator it had a little solar panel in it and would charge that little Texas instrument calculator for a weekend time I mean never go dad always ready to go why can't phones have big brother have you pay for this crap cuz I can get a hundred to 300 to $2,000 out of every time Cinemark $0.20 little solar panel piece

  • Jef ier
    Jef ier 26 days ago +2

    Charge your phone cook your brain.

  • MrBizaaro
    MrBizaaro 26 days ago

    Wireless charging mobile phones my ass.. its cordless charging thats it

  • Nissim Trifonov
    Nissim Trifonov 26 days ago

    3:57 ... super easy!

  • sebastian murissich
    sebastian murissich 27 days ago +1

    How much eficiente is a electric car compared to gas one? Everyone said electric is greener but from where comes power if can throw away 59% of it

    • sebastian murissich
      sebastian murissich 25 days ago

      xXGaminBro'sXx, this is awesome I live in South America some of the electric grid is powered by green sources but how many countries like Scotland and Ireland are (in power supply)? And I think green is not only to have green energy is to use it in the best way posible.

    • xXGaminBro'sXx
      xXGaminBro'sXx 25 days ago

      sebastian murissich well in I think Ireland or Scotland electric cars a very green because the entire country is powered on wind mills

  • David Ciesielski
    David Ciesielski 27 days ago +2

    Thank you for showing both the pros and cons!!! People never talk about the cost of electric cars in reality.

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon 28 days ago

    i like it when he says charging

  • Andrew Hart
    Andrew Hart 28 days ago +1

    Forget about the wider issue of adding more grid capacity. The biggest problem for adoption of wireless charging for cars is that it doubles the cost of charging your car. With increasingly fast rapid charging that’s a trade off that becomes less and less attractive. For phones, I imagine that wireless charging is slower than charging by cable. Personally I would always prefer a fast charging USB port to be available instead of a wireless pad. Of course there is the slight issue of having to carry a cable with you, but I’d much prefer phone manufacturers to standardise on a single type of usb power connector, then cafes could provide us with a usb cable instead of a usb socket.

  • Peter WRight
    Peter WRight 28 days ago

    A few years ago I worked in manheim on a high power vehicle system , I left the project when I clashed with a mechatronica who was project manager (not an engineer) because I doodled on a piece of paper the faults in the physics to get everyone in out team on the same page to find hopefully then a solution, later they departed from mega watt transfer for busses on a bus stop , dimming all the lights in the street every time the bus stopped and made a system to flog to Porsche, well the rich can afford the power Bill's and they certainly do not need to heat the garage in winter . I do actually have an idea that would work but no fu...r is interested

  • Franz73
    Franz73 28 days ago +5

    Inductive charging is (now) NO good technology for charging everyday due to bad effiency. All technology should be measusered on efficiency and the ability to recycle materials of devices. after use!

  • demmordor
    demmordor 28 days ago

    Video starts at 1:23

  • joe c
    joe c 29 days ago

    Don't microwaves use the same technology just ramped up.. so what your saying is if I have a desk that charges stuff am I slowly cooking my balls?

  • Dirk Tween
    Dirk Tween Month ago

    It is shown,
    THAT ALL people
    generate an alternating electromagnetic field !
    IF this field can be used
    (not just wasted),
    IT IS possible to create
    "Human Energy" devices.
    ( Sit in a car,
    and car has power
    until you Leave the car !)
    As this field is normally wasted,
    we can provide an Infinite amount of power.
    Proper "training" in using this field,
    CAN teach people to USE
    their "extra-sensory" abilities !

    • Martijn Maas
      Martijn Maas 26 days ago

      damit... The Matrix will become reality if the machines find out...

  • Zyipitoe
    Zyipitoe Month ago

    Shower thought:
    Wireless chargers are not actually wireless

  • StarzzDrak
    StarzzDrak Month ago +2

    5:45 wtf there is wire right under the phone whats the point of wasting 60% per 1cm ?

    • David Gatherer
      David Gatherer Month ago

      StarzzDrak agreed, in this age when resources are becoming more scares. It seem perverse that we’re going down this route. Yet another example of big business putting profit before ethics:(

  • Oskar Janicik
    Oskar Janicik Month ago

    Only that thinks the intros are a bit to long before he starts talking about the subject of the video

  • Keith Brown
    Keith Brown Month ago

    One thing I took away from this episode, is that 'chargus interuptus' is bad for your phone.

  • farisfaris
    farisfaris Month ago

    7:26 daaammn dead space 2's the sprawl space solar panel

  • Mario Jantscher
    Mario Jantscher Month ago

    It seems that the devices still must be placed on a particular platform to get charged... So what is the whole shabang about this shit technology? My phone will charge slower and will stay at one place while charging... Doesnt look like a big improvement?! If it is not possible to carry your phone through your apartment while charging your device, wireless, I am not impressed.

  • C. Armstrong
    C. Armstrong Month ago

    Man. Lg V20 with 11000mah battery...
    I only get about a day and a half...

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net Month ago

    Deffinetly dont recall wireless chargin taking off too quick in 2008. Maybe by 2014

  • R O B B I E
    R O B B I E Month ago +1

    how the hell did this guy say all that non stop without even taking a breath?

  • Oswaldo Arturo
    Oswaldo Arturo Month ago

    Is this guy retarded?

  • Floyd French
    Floyd French Month ago


  • jadekayak01
    jadekayak01 Month ago

    How can there be 4 billion cellphone users in the world when there arent even 1 billion people

  • Srinivaas Sudabattula

  • oberguga
    oberguga Month ago

    High energy electromagnetic radiation field can be cancerogenous. Like near relay stations, radars, radio station antennae high voltage power lines an so one. High power Inductive charger if it close to user can be too...