Anaesthetic Induction

  • Published on Jun 19, 2018

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  • Rob Picton
    Rob Picton 17 hours ago

    Why do they keep talking about sleeping? Anesthesia has nothing to do with sleeping at all. Its a drug induced reversible coma.

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White 14 days ago +1


    • Rob Picton
      Rob Picton 17 hours ago

      Often they will mix it with a local anesthetic

  • Steven Scott
    Steven Scott 29 days ago

    If a person has had the Nissen Fundoplication. this means they can no longer vomit. What happens if, when they wake up, they feel nauseous? Can it be treated before they feel like they need to vomit?

  • hala gamal
    hala gamal Month ago

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  • John Kenneway
    John Kenneway Month ago +1

    That young lady could put me under anytime, I'd breathe deeply for her.

  • beserk
    beserk 3 months ago +1

    They put sleeping gas on me to take my teeth out of my mouth and put new ones when I woke up I feel like I was dead but I wasnt I didnt care I just was annoyed I wasted time and cried

    Edit: I got a needless put in my arm for 5 times cause they couldnt find my vain bro she started moving the needles I fucking got pissed i just rub it off and tried to look away before I knocked her out

    • Kaitlyn Murphy
      Kaitlyn Murphy 2 months ago

      BerSerK What teeth did you get removed? Do you choose the smell of it? How long did it take you to go to sleep? And does everyone have to to get a needle put in?

    • beserk
      beserk 2 months ago

      @Kaitlyn Murphy I hate needles I dont know about u every time I see blood I go weak then the feeling when it enters the skin and when it's out

    • Kaitlyn Murphy
      Kaitlyn Murphy 2 months ago

      BerSerK is it scary? Because I have to get my canines removed and I’m terrified 😭

  • Robby334
    Robby334 3 months ago +6

    Well done to all our NHS staff a great service - Thanks

  • Madison Elizabeth
    Madison Elizabeth 4 months ago +11

    I remember when I was 9 I was really nervous to have my teeth pulled so they put me to sleep as I call it. The put two needles in my arm and I was like looking at my doctors face and then like I don’t remember like blanking our or anything getting all fuzzy and hazy. But it was like the needle was in a few minutes later I was out I guess, oh and while they were operating I didn’t feel a thing.

    • Olga Guryeva
      Olga Guryeva 6 days ago +1

      Madison Elizabeth I was brave and let them pull my tooth out and I was 8 now I’m 10 lol any ways I was like about to cry it hurt like hell LOL 😂

  • Northern Studio
    Northern Studio 5 months ago +51

    This chick is making me drowsy even without drugs.

    • Ni Hom
      Ni Hom 29 days ago

      She looks like ahes falling asleep talking about it

    • Ethan Liang
      Ethan Liang 2 months ago


    • Velozitti
      Velozitti 3 months ago +1

      really chose the best career possible

  • Chilly monroy
    Chilly monroy 5 months ago +5

    I just fall in love with the nurse

  • NadeerahTv
    NadeerahTv 5 months ago +2

    I hope she don’t go through anasteahia awareness

  • Sirra Arris
    Sirra Arris 5 months ago

    Lectures on managing critical care complications in anaesthesia

  • Kelly Ruddy
    Kelly Ruddy 9 months ago +1


  • Kelly Ruddy
    Kelly Ruddy 9 months ago +7

    I was nervous.

  • qazwsxzwharp
    qazwsxzwharp 10 months ago +9

    Do most children get put to sleep with the mask or an IV? How old is too old to get put to sleep with the mask?

    • Sport Girl01
      Sport Girl01 6 months ago +1

      I'm a special need teen and get numb cream or mask depends on the person. So depending on what or who does you will vary the age

    • Lanney Pothast
      Lanney Pothast 9 months ago +2

      Maybe 18

    • c coop
      c coop 9 months ago +5

      We usually had children, especially toddlers, breath some gas before we attempted the IV. First we pkaced monitors. Oh warm blankets too. Then the CRNA can monitor the child while myself (RN) and the Anesthesiologist get an IV in. Then the child will be intubated. When starting the IV, they don't feel it with the gas going. The cut off age depends on the child. Some 8 year olds will listen to our explanations and lie there still while we start an IV. We use a touch of lidocaine before we insert the jelco.
      I would always explain to the parents that their baby will be fussy, even crying in the recovery room. It's usually not pain because the doc usually injects a little local. It just depends on the surgery and child. Anyway, I would tell the parents that the child, especially babies will know they're in a different place and something has happened. It's fear that can upset them. That's why I would tell Mama that her baby is mostly confused and afraid and that's why she's crying. That seemed to help the parents.

  • Knut Holt
    Knut Holt 10 months ago +4

    Here is nearly nothing explained except what the parents are expected to do and how they are expected to behave. They admit that the anesthesia is stressful and claim that so it must be. What they do not tell is that many procedures done gently without anesthesia are less stressful that the anesthesia often used for the procedure. Neither do they tell that anesthesia always have harmful effect on the brain and neurological system of a child. Neither do they tell that the main reason for using heavy anesthesia in many cases is to shield for the child details of a procedure and hinder the child to tell these to the parents and other people.
    One of the reasons for this shielding is that staffs are often afraid of being accused of sexual abuse if details are revealed. Another reason is that they often will do additional procedures they do not tell about, including using the child for research or medical training. These points are generally meant, and is not specifically about the staff in this video.
    The women tells that they will also discuss options for anesthesia with the parents, but she tells that ultimately the anesthetist decides. By analyzing her behavior and bodily reactions during her narrative I tend to conclude that they intent never to listen to wishes of the parent, only pretending a discussion to manipulate the parents to accept something they already have decided. .If a parent upon what they know is best for their child regarding any procedure, deeply disagree with the staff, they should disrupt the preparation, take the child home and find some other place.

    • Damien McDonald
      Damien McDonald 2 months ago

      @Catherine Flowermaker how about YOU shut up? And any little kids reading this, shut up too! And go tell your parents to shut up!!

    • Catherine Flowermaker
      Catherine Flowermaker 3 months ago

      I can totally report you.

    • Catherine Flowermaker
      Catherine Flowermaker 3 months ago

      Please don’t tell them too shut up that’s mean. There are also kids on here. So please stop. Or I will tell you too shut up. Why were you saying too them too shut up? Huh lady. Rude lady. Do we want you too be rude on here because I can report you.

    • Steph's life
      Steph's life 5 months ago

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    • becca simmonds
      becca simmonds 9 months ago +9

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  • Christine Vogt-Klimshuk

    This is probably one of the most honestly delivered explanations of general anesthesia! The procedure isn't always a trip to an amusement park for kids as most videos show. Parents and children need to know what to expect and not have any freaky surprises or if the child will feel pressure or pain and why! They need to be prepared (not scared; it can be done properly) for what pre-ops/post-ops are going to happen whether they're scary, painful or embarrassing. Even the small involuntary twitches that happen during induction need to be explained to the family. It totally freaks them out if they think surgery will be done on their kid while the kid isn't totally out! Yeah, it can come across that way to a worried parent who is about to walk out of the room and let someone cut their child open in some way. Kids don't always find a mask over their face to be a pleasant experience and the falling asleep process isn't something they always think of as all that great either! Some really freak when they start to lose the control that being awake allows. When they wake up, it's not always pretty. Some are really mad! It's normal but they can be really upset. When we see them either just going under or just waking up that's the time we mostly watch that they don't pull out the IV. Children's hospitals usually do everything they can to make things comfortable for a child but kids aren't all cookie cutter critters! Every child, just like every adult must be treated and respected as an individual. Some will have an experience that is just dandy while others have a stressful experience. Not every kid is going to act as if there's no pain, or fear and not every parent will be as solidly comfy about a kid going through surgery as most videos show. There will be pain, fear, possibly vomiting and other icky stuff but these are normal and planned for in the event that they occur. Always nice to know they are expected and that there's already a plan in place for "YOUR" kid! Notice in many of the vids how often the participants look like they're all smiles and having the time of their lives. This one certainly is much more realistic than almost all of the others I've seen, Yeah, I'm a nurse.

    • Rob Picton
      Rob Picton 17 hours ago

      Not sleeping. Nothing to do with sleeping. Its a drug induced coma.

  • C Bassi
    C Bassi Year ago +25

    This is an excellent video. Everything is explained so well from beginning to end. well done for producing a marvellous helpful guide. THANK YOU