• Published on Dec 6, 2019
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Comments • 955

  • Ubay Uddin
    Ubay Uddin Month ago

    Andy is not worried being over weight, he’s going for the ko but Joshua will play different game, he will float like a butterfly sting like a bee and win by points so that he can punish Andy for abusing the pizza. AJ will win 9 of 12 rounds 🤓

  • Kaz B
    Kaz B Month ago

    Manny Robles speaking the truth big respect he knows class when he sees 1 AJ out boxed Ruiz in fashion big respect Ruiz don’t deserve a rematch if he wanted to stay the champ he could of only takes 1 punch couldn’t even touch him real class AJ

  • Laz Arus
    Laz Arus Month ago

    Fuck off Neanderthals

  • Awaken The Greatness Within

    From boxing to sumo wrestling 🤼‍♀️

  • Ashok Bhardwaj
    Ashok Bhardwaj Month ago

    In hindsight this expert was spot on, I really enjoy listening to people who know their boxing in such detail.

  • team AJ Laz
    team AJ Laz Month ago

    Nearly as heavy as his Rolls Royce! But you are just not an AJ fan, Adam

  • Its Autumn&Omnee
    Its Autumn&Omnee Month ago

    Yeah his frightening calorie , has stunned the world . Fatbwoy Andy
    cheese Ruiz' oh geez over weight is totally tired. Bigger you are the harder you fall" Remember this.😂😜

  • Ronnie Patton
    Ronnie Patton Month ago

    Adam Smith was 100% right on everything! he said here.

  • Bjørn
    Bjørn Month ago


  • Rich_LHDC
    Rich_LHDC Month ago +1

    Ruiz is a fraud, lost so much respect for him now. He can forget a 3rd fight.

  • Antony Cole
    Antony Cole Month ago

    Ruiz is just fat and unfit. Anthony is the complete opposite, muscular, very fit and agile.

  • Jimmy .L
    Jimmy .L Month ago

    Ruiz is gonna knock him out.

  • Donnie Cain
    Donnie Cain Month ago

    Unfortunately after just watching the fight he was right. Joshua was able to jab and move around and RiuZ with 15 extra pounds looked flat-footed .Why not be in the best shape of your life to defend your belts? Why does success have to affect in a negative way a fighters training and discipline ? The loss is a big disappointment to me!

  • No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1

    Ruiz had a great fight, Joshua was playing a game of keep away and patty cake, very disappointed, did not deserve those belts considering there was hardly a punch

  • Frankie Lyman
    Frankie Lyman Month ago

    ADAM don't dig my garden up SMITH

  • Ben Crossley
    Ben Crossley Month ago

    I weigh 34 stones and use a fatman bike

  • ron whiteleo
    ron whiteleo Month ago

    'use his feet'= run from Andy Ruiz.... AJ is a scared bytch..

  • David Moore
    David Moore Month ago

    All the dumb comments about his weight , he won the first time after everyone took the piss , he is the world champion and knows what he's doing

  • Saint Beelzebub
    Saint Beelzebub Month ago

    Andy Ruiz - "Adam I told you to take their snickers not their knickers".

  • Ed
    Ed Month ago

    Madalin McCann is still in his basement

  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby Month ago

    Andy going to punch AJ and he’s going to fly to the upper seats lol

  • Thomas Vizcainco
    Thomas Vizcainco Month ago +2

    I think coming in heavier is a big gamble on Ruiz’s part, it could backfire, but if AJ gets caught by a body-shot or a hook to the head like the last fight he won’t survive. He has to use the Ring like Ali, and stay out of range until Andy gets tired of chasing

  • Nafisa h
    Nafisa h Month ago

    The fat jibes n jokes huh? .... Well y'all r gonna watch the fat boy knock the 'fit boy' OUT. (AINT NO SKINNY GOD IN THE UNIVERSE MFS)

  • John Buell
    John Buell Month ago +5

    “Ruiz came in at that weight for a reason”. Sure he has. The reason is he eats too much.

  • jon castro
    jon castro Month ago +1

    the thing with fathletes is if you strip the weight off Andy prob has strong phisuiqe but he's carrying all the extra weight in fat. if you know how to throw a punch you can transfer the weight and add a fuck ton of power to your punches. I'm a fat bot boy who been sleeping 6'6 big motherfuckers since 2002. Daniel Curry ran the heavyweight division for a long time until stipe beat him recently but that rematch coming. it depends what kind of Fatboy you talking bout. Andy on them PED'S Pozole, Enchildas, and Dulce de leche.

  • Sosa Ruhinda
    Sosa Ruhinda Month ago

    Joshua by ko!

  • HunterWolf
    HunterWolf Month ago +1

    Timing and speed beat power
    Joshua FTW

  • osborn offomah
    osborn offomah Month ago +1

    Aj lost too much weight, not sure if it’s going to help him

  • idont wantcorporateretaliation

    this was a dumb strategy. Joshua will be fighting off the back foot this time around and using his reach. Ruiz already had the power to shut down chinny AJ on the last fight, so he needed to pick up speed to close the gap this time, not do the opposite.

  • Jase OOM
    Jase OOM Month ago

    Who cares how big he is. Fury was like 260 and wilder was 213 or something like that. Why is everyone making a big deal about this?

  • 5taunch
    5taunch Month ago

    Your blazer fits like a sack of sh**

  • Sunny Vlogs
    Sunny Vlogs Month ago

    Heavy ruiz will take out light anthony easily this time around

  • Fay Ahmad
    Fay Ahmad Month ago

    Please adam where are they?????

  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx Month ago

    his voice is damn

  • Mario Breton
    Mario Breton Month ago

    I support Andy Ruiz 🔥

  • Amai0
    Amai0 Month ago

    Adam’s Smith’s voice does not match his body 😂😂😂

  • Full English2308
    Full English2308 Month ago

    Ruiz will put Joshua back on his arse

  • Iserved 88
    Iserved 88 Month ago

    So is it worse if AJ gets beat by a bigger Andy!🤔

  • Jerry Phillips
    Jerry Phillips Month ago

    Heavyweights are fucking lazy. How the fuck do you come in 15lbs heavier than the last fight? That's never good.

  • Ghost Wind
    Ghost Wind Month ago

    Can someone explain how much punch power is compromised with AJ losing ~ 10 lbs?

  • Ghost Wind
    Ghost Wind Month ago +1

    Whatever happens, hope this goes 12. Wanna see a long fight.

  • Architeuthis Dux
    Architeuthis Dux Month ago +1

    One hit to AJ and he's out!

  • distill
    distill Month ago

    When a chubby guys hits that flow state. Good luck with that left jab man. Ruiz is a beast.

  • Nabil Abdulrashid
    Nabil Abdulrashid Month ago

    His hat, clothes and some small 2.5kg weights i his pockets of Ruiz is heavier he’s not that much heavier

  • Guy Homes
    Guy Homes Month ago

    Boxing fans get a clue and get some common sense ! In the first place no boxer gets weighed with all their clothes and shoes on !!!!! You all have been WWE.....d, or should I say made a fool of ! Andy is obviously playing mind games with you and Anthony Joshua ! He could have been wearing special made shoes with weights in them, and or.... having weights strapped around his ankles or whatever !Plus he could have drank a ton of water and ate a big meal besides for doing all these other things before he got weighed in ! Most of you just got April fooled...... In December LOL !

  • S Cooper
    S Cooper Month ago

    Fat lives matter #FLM

  • Samuelson baker
    Samuelson baker Month ago

    Andy Ruiz is a far better boxer , end of , to say anything else shows ignorance , he beat Parker on points but was robbed via the judges , its really disrespectful not to see this or just plain stupidity . AJ is clearly not the same fighter that Kod Dillian or Wlad , his muscles were more rounded, tighter and bigger , the fact is... he was on juice . Now its a question of when can he get his juice , testosterone gel or whatever . It's obvious and ridiculous no one mentions it , I can only assume that would be for legal reasons .
    Damn though its always tough being the smartest person in the comment section , reminds of when I called Wlad vs Fury and everyone laughed . I laughed all the way to the bank , casuals/ experts the reality is it comes down to intelligence and seeing the bigger picture . As Bruce would say " Be water my friend " .

  • Buff Commando
    Buff Commando Month ago

    Adam Smith has the most punchable face in world boxing.

  • Science fitness Studio

    Soon as they started talking about whyte. OFF!

  • stormtrooperbb
    stormtrooperbb Month ago +2

    He was stacking up on tacos , remember no tacos in saudi

    • Pill Cosby
      Pill Cosby Month ago

      Al pastor is my fav nothing better

    • Better Watch Saul
      Better Watch Saul Month ago +1

      They have something similar al pastor tacos came from Arabia

  • David
    David Month ago

    joshua does not have a skill set at all. he is gambling by coming in light hoping it will improve his overall performance, you cant teach an old dog new tricks. i think ruiz bangs him out again

  • Manchester is Blue
    Manchester is Blue Month ago

    She’s in Adams freezer, next to the frozen pizza

  • Ryan Syddall
    Ryan Syddall Month ago

    Cant improve a chin aj going to sleep even if he wins wilder would destroy aj all day long

    • Ghost Wind
      Ghost Wind Month ago

      Wilder got dropped by journeyman Sconiers

    BOXING HOOK Month ago

    Don't be surprised if Ruiz had some weights in his pockets. When you see him in the boxing ring he will look slimmer than last time. Could be mind games

  • John Brownbill
    John Brownbill Month ago +2

    It’s the laurel and hardy of heavy weight fights. My money is on the piano winning.

  • John Brownbill
    John Brownbill Month ago +9

    ‘It’s like some slimming world session here. Everyboy is wandering round talking about everybody’s weight!’ Made me laugh.

  • Revenant
    Revenant Month ago

    He was fat when he beat Joshua the first time, and he will be fat when he beats him again. End of.

  • Thomas Larkin
    Thomas Larkin Month ago

    Adam Smith the Bacon 🥓 Bonce ...🤣🤣🤣ERRRR SMITHERS ...😂😂😂

  • Percy Andrews
    Percy Andrews Month ago


  • Volvic
    Volvic Month ago

    I will sleep with Anthony Joshua. .please make me a Baby AJ..You are a so Hot real man.