Markelle Fultz 1st Career TRIPLE-DOUBLE 2018.4.11 76ers vs Bucks 13-10-10! | FreeDawkins


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  • Felicia Moniq
    Felicia Moniq 11 days ago

    Y’all clowning fultz but proof that he is the no. 1 pick is that he is able to be effective on the court with a clear and apparent injury

  • Reef
    Reef 21 day ago

    And now he is being traded. We think.

  • H R
    H R 24 days ago

    This is definitive proof that Markelle is tanking on purpose. When he got this triple double only one of his shots was a jumper and that was from 5 ft. This theory that Fultz can’t play because he can’t shoot is nonsense. Even if he couldn’t shoot he affects the game on so many levels that has nothing to do with shooting. He can get to the basket at will but currently doesn’t try. His defense and speed is above avg but currently he doesn’t try. He’s trying to get traded

  • Kendrick  LO
    Kendrick LO Month ago

    pray for markelle!

  • H R
    H R Month ago

    This absolutely makes no sense! How can a player go from this to where he’s at today? Scared to shoot, scared to attack, can’t defend, can’t play off the ball or shoot off the dribble. How?

  • Brian Diaz
    Brian Diaz Month ago

    Still a bust

  • Lincoln Chen
    Lincoln Chen 3 months ago

    Good kid, plays with a lot of heart. So weird what happened to his jumper though.

  • Lino Balajadia
    Lino Balajadia 3 months ago


    . ....8

  • wiz*once
    wiz*once 3 months ago

    This guy should've been a freaking star by now, but since he had a shoulder injury.

  • Lebwon Goku
    Lebwon Goku 3 months ago

    lacirated lip

  • JAY 275
    JAY 275 4 months ago

    So lanky bro😂

  • M0thaphucka
    M0thaphucka 4 months ago

    That’s crazy honestly. Last game of the season he beats the record for youngest triple double

  • UzayUzay
    UzayUzay 4 months ago

    chris paul 2.0

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique 5 months ago

    craque craque y nada mas

  • Lakers Will Rise
    Lakers Will Rise 5 months ago +1

    This was stat padding in the last game of the season to surpass Lonzo Ball's record. It was garbage time in the last game of the season. If it wasn't stat padding then why didn't he play after this in the playoffs. They stopped playing him after this.

  • Jt Williams
    Jt Williams 5 months ago

    That was about the least competitive game he could’ve got a triple double in. The whole game looked like garbage time. Trade him while he retains value

  • Shabba Ranks
    Shabba Ranks 5 months ago +1

    The whole city is up n down with him but the dude can play and shows signs of being an all star

  • Gg Morris Jr.
    Gg Morris Jr. 5 months ago

    I swear fults is the most skillful player in the draft all he need is a jumper

  • DatBoulSeer
    DatBoulSeer 5 months ago +1

    Fultz does so many great things in this video, if he gets his jumper back he’s gonna be so good

  • Jabbar Fant
    Jabbar Fant 5 months ago +2

    This a wonderful example of why he should stay in Philly.

    JENN YANG 5 months ago

    he a bust

  • Vange
    Vange 6 months ago +1


  • ayo ajaz
    ayo ajaz 6 months ago +2

    play him for like 30-40 mins and his numbers are gonna be off the charts, I get why people say tatum is a beast and mitchelle as well but give this man some playing time next year now that he is back from injury, he put up 10+ points and close to like 10 assists and couple of steals and rebounds in few games while playing under 15mins......thats ridiculous

  • Joseph Riehl
    Joseph Riehl 6 months ago +3

    Plenty to like about his game even without his jump shot, which will come back eventually. Gonna make people eat their words!

  • Kala Kula
    Kala Kula 6 months ago

    Fultz faces🙌 I don’t even like you guys faces

  • Pitch Arunsuwannakorn
    Pitch Arunsuwannakorn 7 months ago

    Crucial summer for Fultz! I hope he recovers from his injury

  • Swipa The Fox
    Swipa The Fox 7 months ago

    Simmons being jelous.

  • Aggravated Genius
    Aggravated Genius 7 months ago +4

    man this dude could have been used against Boston

  • Alexander Sz
    Alexander Sz 7 months ago +1

    Waaait why did he not play at all in the playoffs? !

  • webking185
    webking185 7 months ago

    a dud. deffitnately not the no. 1 pick. no. 1 pick dont rides the bench. fultz = anthony bennett

    • Yung Chocolate
      Yung Chocolate 7 months ago +1

      webking185 Cuz Bennett was the youngest to get a triple double

  • Kenneth Donnelly
    Kenneth Donnelly 7 months ago

    Lavar and Lakers on a suicide watch

  • gilang rama
    gilang rama 7 months ago

    It'll give his confidence back

  • Steven Larkin
    Steven Larkin 7 months ago

    3:45 HELL naw

  • Eddy Tang
    Eddy Tang 7 months ago

    3:44 "hell naw!"

  • Shiroski O'charos
    Shiroski O'charos 8 months ago

    Ohhhhh!!! This is why I love this 2017 NBA draft class! I can't wait for an rivalry between Fultz and Lonzo!

  • Hector Zeroni
    Hector Zeroni 8 months ago

    Youngest with the triple double.. OFF THE BENCH!

  • Chaz Lee
    Chaz Lee 8 months ago

    This guy trash I see all these other rookies dropping 30 and he dropping 10 he’s a bum

    • Chaz Lee
      Chaz Lee 7 months ago

      Uwe Olamendi sure can 😁

    • GamerOfThe80s
      GamerOfThe80s 7 months ago

      Chaz Lee I wonder if you can score - 1 pt in the NBA

  • Sleepy Gary
    Sleepy Gary 8 months ago

    Ship him to China for a year let him get his confidence up. #FultztoChina2k19

  • Black Ninja
    Black Ninja 8 months ago

    This is the new Spurs wtf?

  • FOT2010
    FOT2010 8 months ago


  • arjl880
    arjl880 8 months ago


  • The lit life
    The lit life 8 months ago

    He's like a Mix of Harden/Broy wait till he get his jumpshot back ! 76ers will be unstoppable

  • bono hiuson
    bono hiuson 8 months ago

    Man, Philly is scary!!

  • Tay Ks Dirty Glock
    Tay Ks Dirty Glock 8 months ago

    Seeing TJ being the first one to congratulate him means more than most know. TJ stepped up huge for us when Fultz had his issues. With Fultz playing like this, the writing is on the wall for TJ moving forward. He comes up like a friend and shows him love before anyone

  • shadman Mahbub shapnil
    shadman Mahbub shapnil 8 months ago

    1st overall pick fam

  • FNG Handles
    FNG Handles 8 months ago

    he went up for that last rebound

  • prazertv
    prazertv 8 months ago

    Fultz proving that he's not a bust. Good for him. I've love to see a healthy 76ers take out Cavs in the ECF. It would be great for the NBA.

  • Christian
    Christian 8 months ago +2

    Embiid, Simmons, Fultz
    The Next big 3 in the East

  • Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson 8 months ago

    In a few years this kid will be the best point guard in the east, and it will not even be close. Already easily the most athletic.

  • Oskar Bravo
    Oskar Bravo 8 months ago

    Fultz is a nightmare in the paint.

  • Jay Macasilhig
    Jay Macasilhig 8 months ago

    who says Fultz is a bust?

  • Zhacky Samson
    Zhacky Samson 8 months ago

    3:44 HELL NAW!

  • Chet Collins
    Chet Collins 8 months ago

    Lonzo isn't in his league

  • Erik Thorsvik
    Erik Thorsvik 8 months ago

    That missed dunk? though at 0:44

  • Razorslash43
    Razorslash43 8 months ago

    That last rebound was a grown man rebound...he got up so damn quick😬

  • EssGee James
    EssGee James 8 months ago

    Trust the process 🤫

  • Yu Johnny
    Yu Johnny 8 months ago

    Did you see that full court bounce pass with spin on it? Elite passing skill.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 8 months ago

    3:45 “oh hell nah”

  • Michael James
    Michael James 8 months ago

    This kid is going be awesome much credit for coaching staff to resting him till he was ready. Forget being number 1 pick, they got Simmons and Embiid let the train, grow and learn. Needs to work on his jumper but the boy can get in the lane.

  • Al A
    Al A 8 months ago

    Nobody says shit when Fultz blatantly steals a rebound to stat pad and get a triple double, yet when Russ does it (88-13 with a triple double) it’s a problem? Fucking hypocrites.

    • Cosmic Logic
      Cosmic Logic 8 months ago +1

      Al A That's fighting for rebounds every player does that, what people are referring to when they say Russ stat pads is when Stephen Adams and some of his other teammates box out the defender just so Russ can have an uncontested rebound.

  • BananaBro 967
    BananaBro 967 8 months ago

    Still sucks lonzo ball got it before

  • MaullyMist
    MaullyMist 8 months ago

    Philly fans something SPECIAL !

  • Leula Finau
    Leula Finau 8 months ago

    Meaningless game

  • Hublo Trap
    Hublo Trap 8 months ago

    Finesse Zo out the Record.

  • Caesar Sondakh
    Caesar Sondakh 8 months ago

    Never give up kids no mater what they say...

  • Brother John's
    Brother John's 8 months ago

    Man, the injury was a challenge but to see him playing and really taking the ball to the hole like a veteran is really great, god bless him and his family and team members I bet he has grown as a person over the last year.

  • PointBlack1O'8
    PointBlack1O'8 8 months ago

    Just wait and watch this guy turning into an impact player BIG TIME!

  • Ellah.villegas 121515
    Ellah.villegas 121515 8 months ago

    Triple double for a bored game because bucks are scared to face the cavs for the play off's game ./.

  • Bobdylan Calderon
    Bobdylan Calderon 8 months ago


  • Carlos Barrio
    Carlos Barrio 8 months ago

    Zo had his first tripdub against Bucks
    Fultz did his first tripdub against Bucks

  • Sebastian G
    Sebastian G 8 months ago

    2:30 A Jumper shot.

  • Lakers Dynasty
    Lakers Dynasty 8 months ago

    diffrnce between Lonzo and Fultz is Lonzo is just a passer, that's all....while Markell is also a offensive threat even when he lost his jumper....Fultz actually plays aggressive because he has a well developed body than skinny Lonzo..... I still think Lonzo cam be better but that's just me because I'm a lakers fan.....Fultz also could be better though

  • Dollah TwEnTy 7
    Dollah TwEnTy 7 8 months ago +1

    Can yall stop with the Lonzo vs Fultz arguments. Theyre both good in their respective styles. Cant we all just celebrate this young fella's remarkable achievement?

  • Azmon Rougier
    Azmon Rougier 8 months ago

    amazing that even after being sidelined for so long he was still able to pull off the youngest triple double... the sixers' future is bright!

  • chunhaylee
    chunhaylee 8 months ago

    So he's shaping up to be like Lonzo Ball - he can do everything but shoot field goals.

  • Stain Blitz
    Stain Blitz 8 months ago

    Forget the triple double but down 40 points?!Jesus!

  • kajuan ferdinand
    kajuan ferdinand 8 months ago

    Watch this nigga start busting threes like dame lillard

  • Gregory Ramsey
    Gregory Ramsey 8 months ago

    Good job young man. I never felt like u were a busy jus do yo thang and prove the nation wrong. Work hard play harder my boy.

  • Hombre
    Hombre 8 months ago

    Way better than lonzo

  • MrIcemonster
    MrIcemonster 8 months ago

    Been telling everyone all year don’t sleep on Fultz...he coming!!!

  • HPM Boss
    HPM Boss 8 months ago

    This has to be the best rookie class I've ever seen

  • OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs
    OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs 8 months ago

    The fact that yall keep lonzo name in talls mouth says enough

  • Red Vanderbilt
    Red Vanderbilt 8 months ago +1

    Stat padding!!!

  • OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs
    OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs 8 months ago

    Both the rookies that were laughed at the most are about to create a huge rivalry ...i look foward to alot of lonzo vs fultz finals

  • furyofbongos
    furyofbongos 8 months ago

    Dude's going to be scary in no time.

  • Rhythm son
    Rhythm son 8 months ago

    Everyone should take note....never give up.....Markelle is #MRBOUNCEBACK

  • Jay Tinsley
    Jay Tinsley 8 months ago

    I just dont get it it doesnt look like he jumps high but bro....this guy flys I just dont get it

  • The Tru Way
    The Tru Way 8 months ago +1

    Amazing Fultz

  • Jonathan Barnett
    Jonathan Barnett 8 months ago

    Anybody else see markelle get stuffed by the rim at 0:46 or was it just me? 😂

  • chrisop guscott
    chrisop guscott 8 months ago

    I wonder those Fultz Haters are going to say now

  • furyofbongos
    furyofbongos 8 months ago

    They didn't give him that 10th rebound, he TOOK it.

  • Marvin Estrada
    Marvin Estrada 8 months ago

    When he starts making three-pointers call me

  • Mike Conville
    Mike Conville 8 months ago +1

    It's a shame he's probably going to get dealt in the offseason ..I think this team is constructed fine but they are going to want the chance at another superstar and a trade would have to probably do... if we don't get LeBron we'll probably go after Leonard and that means giving up Saric and/or Fultzy

  • Chidiebere Enemuo
    Chidiebere Enemuo 8 months ago

    The real Boys II Men.

  • BamBam KapoW
    BamBam KapoW 8 months ago

    wow, now this is what you called "brotherly love".

  • crazybike911
    crazybike911 8 months ago

    Simmons jealous

  • erictko85
    erictko85 8 months ago

    He's smooth and deceptively athletic. I like his game!

  • Pro Bro
    Pro Bro 8 months ago

    Fultz > Lonzo

  • damonmd3
    damonmd3 8 months ago

    Bust this was a blowout on the first quarter