Can You Use Windows Phone in 2018?

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • Can you really use Windows Phone in 2018? Snazzy Labs investigates.
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    Windows Mobile was an incredible platform for a number of years and competed well against the iPhone and Android flagship devices. Today we'll take a look at the last flagship smartphone from Windows Phone 10: the HP Elite X3. Not only that, but I'm going to use Windows Phone for a week.
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  • Mr. Redneck repair.
    Mr. Redneck repair. 2 days ago

    I like it. Samsung dex ain't bad either

  • I C
    I C 2 days ago

    Windows, on both mobile and PC, has become so backwards over the years. Terribly bloated and messy software, like Windows, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, OneDrive and your contacts in there, apps and features on the other hand are incredibly confusing, troublesome and sparse.

  • apdo dragon
    apdo dragon 4 days ago

    Can window phone 10 run normal window. 10 apps and games ?

  • t1234aylor
    t1234aylor 4 days ago +1

    I had several Windows phones and they were awesome. The maps worked a dream and the whole OS was great. I hate windows on PC and have switched to Chrome OS and it is a lot better. Good memories of windows phone. I am now looking to swap to KaiOS and try that out as I get annoyed with battery life of the newer phones, they barely last a day.

  • Blackdarkdarker bleach
    Blackdarkdarker bleach 7 days ago +2

    i still use a Lumia 520, and it's pretty much unusable and shit

  • Patrick Barker
    Patrick Barker 7 days ago

    every day is leg day

    KINGDOM of AU 7 days ago


  • Vito Corleone
    Vito Corleone 8 days ago

    video starts at 3:56

  • Nathan Glasby
    Nathan Glasby 8 days ago +1

    I just checked my storage and found I have a Windows 10 phone

  • sebastian406
    sebastian406 8 days ago +5

    Knowing you're squatting and not sitting on a chair made me so uncomfortable throughout the whole video

  • Filips May
    Filips May 9 days ago

    I absolutely hate the tiles on the Windows mobile OS

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 9 days ago

    Is it even possible to flash Android onto devices like these or are the processors the limiting factor?

  • Campbell Walker
    Campbell Walker 9 days ago

    Honestly loved my windows phone but the app support was absolute shit

  • UnicornPlayz
    UnicornPlayz 11 days ago +2

    What about 2019? ;)

  • Hemdian
    Hemdian 11 days ago

    07-Jul-2019 ... Still using a Windows Phone (Lumia 930).

  • Asad Ali
    Asad Ali 11 days ago

    I bought Microsoft 532 back in 2015, had to trash it in 2016 mid courtesy lack of apps and unable to download apps down the road and already downloaded apps showing lags and showing signs of death. Frankly..........I still liked it. The tiles were cool (kinda romantic). Google killed it.

  • mortl
    mortl 15 days ago

    stupid question. of course you can´t. you could never use the cancer that is windows phones. they´re even worse than the garbage apple tries to sell

  • Mr_Tea
    Mr_Tea 15 days ago

    I have to say I like this windows phones and hope they will soon make phones line this

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 15 days ago

    you can instal android on it lol

  • Raw Data
    Raw Data 15 days ago

    Writing from 8.1 in 2019. This nokia shit is indestructible!

  • alexandre michel
    alexandre michel 15 days ago +3

    I use Windows Phone in 2019 😃 (Lumia 535) from Microsoft (not Nokia)

  • amir mirtaheri
    amir mirtaheri 15 days ago

    I really love windows and microsoft , the only problem with windows phone was limited apps.
    I really hope one day a mobile size device come to market that could run android apps too, wow, and i destroy my android phone and by a lovley microsoft device.

  • linjean
    linjean 15 days ago

    Man, I don't know what your intent was. Was it poking fun at the Windows phone? From the get go you seemed to be just ready to trash the OS expecting everything to fail or just function "crappily".

  • Random's Favorite Things

    of course you can still use a Windows Phone, they may great coasters and stuff to throw at people who piss you off and paper weights .. they have lots and lots of uses

  • Alexander Schremser
    Alexander Schremser 18 days ago +1

    Watched this on an hp elite x3. I take it with me on vacation, it's one of the best phones I ever had (and I'm burdened with an iPhone at work...)

  • Oscar Ramirez
    Oscar Ramirez 18 days ago

    I ❤️ Windows Phone.. 🙁

  • Humboles
    Humboles 18 days ago

    We use Windows 4G 640 phones (Win 10) that _never_ falter, unlike our iPhones and Sony Androids. Many people don't suffer novelty-mania, so detest pointlessly ditching working tech. Calls, texts, email, camera, GPS all update, working as new. The worldwide eco-disaster of prematurely replacing _slightly_ older technologies is a plague on the planet. WhatsApp is soon to disappear on Windows phones, a blow for loyal users (especially in Asia, where the app is super-popular).

  • Mahmoud j.
    Mahmoud j. 18 days ago

    its 2019 and im still using my 640 win10

  • Laksh Bhirajdar
    Laksh Bhirajdar 18 days ago

    it's 2019 n m still using it

  • Santiago Finamore
    Santiago Finamore 18 days ago +29

    I bet Windows Phones will become collector's items in the future

    • Robert McMillan
      Robert McMillan 4 days ago +1

      @billy_ Have you ever had one? They did everything anyone needed and they were way cheaper than the competition, so I don't know how you could say that?
      Without windows and blackberry phones the public are now left with a choice of Expensive iPhones which the public are demanded to upgrade every two years or so or suffer Apple slowing the performance down to frustrate you (Remember that?), Or Android phones, which is a bit on the cheap and nasty side.
      Both options are a step backwards and people like yourself, and society at large can't see it.

    • billy_
      billy_ 5 days ago

      @Robert McMillan windows phones suck though lmao

    • Robert McMillan
      Robert McMillan 5 days ago

      Like a lot of good stuff over the years past, it's not appreciated by the mindless masses so doesn't do as well in sales as the dumb, overpriced market leaders.
      How very typical of this world.

  • Ipodz Gaming
    Ipodz Gaming 19 days ago

    The windows phone is not a blast from the past

  • Sanal Faris Tvlog
    Sanal Faris Tvlog 19 days ago

    When windows desktop mode, is it possible to install programs like on WindowsPC? Plz answer

  • Mindaugas
    Mindaugas 20 days ago

    My girlfriend still uses it until today.

  • rghmf
    rghmf 21 day ago

    i used to love my windows phone :(

  • siyabonga yayo
    siyabonga yayo 21 day ago

    so saad i loved windows phone

  • WaffleGoo
    WaffleGoo 22 days ago


  • Cody Dirkson
    Cody Dirkson 22 days ago

    I just bought a lumia 640

  • Johnny Rodriguez
    Johnny Rodriguez 23 days ago

    I hope Windows makes a come back they had badass phones ❤️

  • Rancid Jane
    Rancid Jane 25 days ago

    I have a brand new, unused Windows phone sitting on the shelf. I suspect it will never get used.

  • Vishu Kumar
    Vishu Kumar 25 days ago

    the only thing I hated in these phones were lack of applications.

  • vimal raj
    vimal raj 25 days ago +3

    I'm still using the same Nokia Lumia

  • nakatomi haimitsuisi
    nakatomi haimitsuisi 25 days ago +1

    Hope if win phone would have return with great success
    Cheap elegant and phone excellent phone is win phone
    Excellanto magnificanto
    But it failed due to lack of apps may win phone return with gr8 features

  • Alessandro Bianchi
    Alessandro Bianchi 26 days ago

    il problema di questo sistema operativo è stato principalmente la non compatibilità con esso delle applicazioni Android... La povertà dello Store ne ha disincentivato l'acquisto

  • Mark Warner
    Mark Warner 26 days ago +1

    I loved my windows phone I wish they'd come back

  • Julius Minklei
    Julius Minklei 27 days ago

    But. Can you use it in 2019?

  • Kuch V
    Kuch V 27 days ago

    Well i still love windows phone over android and ios

  • Donny R
    Donny R 28 days ago

    Windows Suck and Linux rules! Android is built on Linux which was built on Unix. Also, microsoft can get into any PC running their operating system.

  • Lars A G
    Lars A G 28 days ago +5

    My Lumia 950 is still working just fine and the OS just got an update mid-June 2019.

  • RunFor OurLives
    RunFor OurLives Month ago

    Why would you want to?

  • bill baker
    bill baker Month ago

    dont know so much about a hp phone i have been using a nokia 920 for years (windows 8.1) and still using it its outlasted everything ive had including 2 blackberries & 3 apple phones its still going even though ive run into a snag with it i think there good phones

  • Charlotte Dashwood
    Charlotte Dashwood Month ago

    Come for the windows phone, stay for the cute guy .

  • Memes Back
    Memes Back Month ago +1


  • RobertgamingRO
    RobertgamingRO Month ago

    i use a HP laptop

  • Brazen Bull
    Brazen Bull Month ago

    I've been thinking of getting an x86 smartphone and putting win10 on it. I long for x86 and desktop application capabilities in a pocketable form factor. Even if I only use it as a "microtablet", itd be damn cool. And alot more durable than a laptop or tablet

  • bsdims
    bsdims Month ago

    Psst, can you use a PocketPC in 2019?

    • bsdims
      bsdims Month ago

      @Bitchass McGee ay neato

    • Bitchass McGee
      Bitchass McGee Month ago +1

      @bsdims still have mine from 2007. It doesn't get used much but tinkering with old games and emulation is fun... neither works very well, of course

    • bsdims
      bsdims Month ago

      @Bitchass McGee *from 2005

    • Bitchass McGee
      Bitchass McGee Month ago

      Yes. Yes you can

    KIRA GAYANA Month ago

    U didnt update thebfon before u started running it yet u claim ur a TheXvid..the fek update store updates apps

  • Osama Afzal
    Osama Afzal Month ago

    i really miss Nokia lumia operating system...i wish it could relaunch again....

  • Abel Arredondo
    Abel Arredondo Month ago

    Androids note or notebook phone was bad ass

  • Carlos simaozinho bem

    I use my windows phone 10 in year 2019 microsoft made a big mistake to quit windows phone and fuck it up brands like Nokia they use android now i idon't like android coz is not stable android drain's phones battery quickly i stil have and i use my nokia lumia 735 with windows 10 mobile update in 2019

  • Mark Atkins
    Mark Atkins Month ago

    Any other links to buy one of these? Can I buy the one you have?

  • Tiger25NYC Brooklyn

    That phone looks great the hardware is nice I never had a Windows phone I wish it was still here 2019

  • Alexonator
    Alexonator Month ago

    Yeah idk my One plus 3T is also from 2016 and it has usb c and an 821 and 6gb of ram. I still use it today as it's not that worth it to upgrade.

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star Month ago

    Fuck Windows phone its useless

  • ch282
    ch282 2 months ago

    to think that there must still be a handful of derps who are using this today

  • Cyber Gaming Studios
    Cyber Gaming Studios 2 months ago

    I liked windows phone but the only reason i started to hate it and not use it because barely any app support that you see on android and ios and some apps like facebook etc you have to pay for but should be free

  • Sara Rea
    Sara Rea 2 months ago

    Miss the windows layout wish it did better.

  • Y.W. F
    Y.W. F 2 months ago

    Window should focus on upgrade their window phone .

  • nishant kumar
    nishant kumar 2 months ago

    Irony is that Microsoft has not able to make profits from windows than these morons by ridiculing windows phone on youtube.

  • Akash Chandrashekhar
    Akash Chandrashekhar 2 months ago +1

    i still use a windows phone, and it's the only phone that i use, its NOKIA Lumia 830

  • antiochian
    antiochian 2 months ago

    So last week I moved from iPhoneX to Pixel 3. Decided to use my Lumia950 for a day just to see how well I'd like it. As I've been using it for entertainment/weather/alarm clock via WiFi, it had all the Windows 10 updates running.
    I still loved the tile interface and the gestures, fonts and other elements still work beautifully.
    When I threw my SIM chip in, I was alerted to SIM updates - which I installed. I made and received phone calls which did great on the phone, wireless earbuds and automobile Bluetooth. The deal breaker was no matter what I did, I could not get my cellular data to kick in. So mail and everything else was restricted to WiFi.
    Had not been on Android for over a decade. When I got my Pixel the next day, I immediately purchased the premium version of Launcher 10 which provides a full Windows Phone experience on Android - including Live Tiles. I have everything set up - but have ended up just using the native Pixel launcher - which I think is gorgeous given it's minimalistic Design.