Can You Use Windows Phone in 2018?


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  • Snazzy Labs
    Snazzy Labs  8 months ago +600

    Using this for an entire week is going to be... interesting. Who knows?! Maybe by the end of the week I'll have a new favorite mobile OS... 😂

    • D'Anna C
      D'Anna C 9 days ago

      Chairs and stools are amazing inventions.
      Quit whining...

    • mayibongwe tshuma
      mayibongwe tshuma 22 days ago

      Snazzy Labs send me that phone

    • laki2nice
      laki2nice 26 days ago +1

      Why not, I just bought Lumia 930 in December 2018 to replace my Lumia 640 XL. However Microsoft don't let me stay with Windows 8.1 Cyan, they push me everyday to upgrade to Windows 10.

    • ofsanjay
      ofsanjay Month ago +1

      i am using lumia 525 from 2016 to till now :::(

    • RedHairdo
      RedHairdo 2 months ago

      +BrutalSystem Said no one ever who properly owned both.

  • zachary evans
    zachary evans 2 days ago

    No one ever really wanted a Windows computer either, to be honest. Especially an HP.

  • Cornelius Heinrichs
    Cornelius Heinrichs 3 days ago

    Using an Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows in Feb 2019

  • MaxGame
    MaxGame 4 days ago

    Hate Windows Phone so much!!!
    30-40min lost for download update and another 1-1h30min for install... Really!? This is not PC but phone... Update take to much time!

  • Fabian Valenzuela
    Fabian Valenzuela 6 days ago

    Windows phone was the only one that made me want to switch from the iPhone.

  • TheRealCxixmx
    TheRealCxixmx 6 days ago

    i miss windows phone, i dont care much for ios or android. Currently using android but i miss the days of variety with windows phone, bb10, android and ios.

  • Ujaan Chatterjee
    Ujaan Chatterjee 6 days ago

    Come on my maid uses a window phone of 2014

  • James Vinson
    James Vinson 7 days ago +1

    It's 2019 and I'm sick of Android and can't afford an iPhone or its myriad of adapters to use on my Windows 10 All in One. I'm buying a Windows Phone because I like its interface and it doesn't come with a bunch of bloatware I'll never use. Plus the fact that Windows Store isn't so convoluted with needless apps and that the hardware is actually decent is a big selling point for me. Plus I'm quite antisocial so I'm not gonna bother with crap like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram. As long as I can text my friends and family, I'm good.

  • Manzoor Ahmad
    Manzoor Ahmad 8 days ago

    what is the name of this model

  • Disaster Nation
    Disaster Nation 9 days ago

    I mean. The LG G5 had USB C in 2016.

    WNBT TV 10 days ago

    And then samsung dex take it well Ok

  • deadbluesky
    deadbluesky 10 days ago +1

    in 2015 the Lumia 950 and 950XL had the USB C... i still got one and a Lumia 1520 (1520.3) the unicorne version they still work very well and until now i think only the Huawei P20 pro can get better picture, but for sound recording on video those Nokia Lumia got 5 mics dolby 5.1 with bass filter, the only phone with that technology and never beaten... continuum was very advance. My old Nokia Lumia 920 in 2012 had Qi wireless something that Apple add only last year on the IPhone 8, in 2015 the Lumia 950 had the retina scan for unlocking the phone... i will finish with the fact that Nokia was totally indestructible, now you just look at the screen of the new Samsung and it crack and the cost to replace a Samsung screen is a way too expensive !! So you talk about old stuff but it took a long time before others compagnies add it to their new crappy phone !!

    • deadbluesky
      deadbluesky 10 days ago

      Now i have a LG but i will be back with Nokia soon, the Nokia 9 pureview is coming with android pie at the MWC 2019 and a better version i supposed to get out in july !!

  • SirGamerPlays
    SirGamerPlays 10 days ago

    That's my current phone, to this day.

  • Zeldagigafan
    Zeldagigafan 11 days ago

    I one thing I do miss from my Windows phone, which I replaced just a couple weeks ago as it was a low end phone from 4 years ago, is the live tiles. Being able to see headlines on news articles and subjeck lines of emails on the home screen was an awesome feature that I wish Microsoft implemented into their Android launcher.

  • Kezmir
    Kezmir 11 days ago

    Kinda sad. Wish the windows phone would have made it. More competition is only good for consumers. : / Id maybe consider getting one as they developed.

  • girdhar choudhary
    girdhar choudhary 11 days ago

    Dude i am doing that from last 2 yrs and my friend too and i am serching for the replaced that too with a Windows.

  • Dvodihalica
    Dvodihalica 11 days ago +1

    As a former WP user (Lumia 520) I can say that Windows Phone (8.1 and 10) is most underestimated mobile OS that ever existed

  • Universal AniLol
    Universal AniLol 12 days ago

    I still love windows phone, windows phone 8.1 is golden age. However windows 10 mobile turn it to dark age. Remember in insider, it makes everythings corrupted and unusable :D. Windows 10 mobile now is much better than before but has very few apps. So sad to windows phone because of lagdroid and ios. I like ios how it is smooth but its theme isn't suitable to windows.

    BLEACHED KUN 14 days ago

    Wait, if windows had a face recognition, does that mean the iPhone X copied windows?!
    Windows was 2 years ahead of Apple in technolgy.....

  • Tommy Hopps
    Tommy Hopps 15 days ago

    he looks like the school shooter from black eyed peas' big love song lol

  • meme farmer hamish
    meme farmer hamish 16 days ago

    it's not so much 'can you' it's more, *'should you'*

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 18 days ago

    No, even as feature phone, they still can't done it well. I have used 3 WPs, Nokia Lumia 525, Microsoft Lumia 640 and 950XL.

  • Edsel Malasig
    Edsel Malasig 20 days ago

    are people worn out by the look and feel of other smart phone OSes?

  • Thomas Peterson
    Thomas Peterson 20 days ago

    Yeah. I can see your struggle.

  • JAYK
    JAYK 20 days ago

    More like ‘could you use a windows phone ever?’

  • Arturs Strawberys
    Arturs Strawberys 25 days ago

    I have lumia 550 MS phone windows 10, its nice but works like it should! dont have bank application but goood deskope windows 10 pc it is. Its get less paid but shore i bought it becose its cheap but if dont work yust restart it it takes care most errors i have but some help it updates you can put description and wait 3 mounths and its fixed. soonner or later. so now my phones has it :)

  • Alaa Fathi
    Alaa Fathi 25 days ago +4

    2019 and still using windows phone .. my fourth year with lumia 535 .. wish it improves.

  • chris quirke
    chris quirke 27 days ago

    Love your content been a fan for awhile now great production by the way if you have any old phones lying around i can use one my iphone5 is on its last legs thanks

  • ProLuigiGamer 01
    ProLuigiGamer 01 28 days ago

    I don't care about all of this information only one question can I play War Thunder on this phone

  • divyanshu bhandari
    divyanshu bhandari 28 days ago

    dude, i want windows phone by nokia.

  • johnny michalak
    johnny michalak 29 days ago

    dam apple fans be like fucking sheep now. thinking 2016 was forever ago

  • Kalev Weiß
    Kalev Weiß 29 days ago

    Is there a campaign to bring it back?

  • Jon Johns
    Jon Johns 29 days ago +1

    Got my Windows phone in 2012 (Nokia Lumia 810) .. Still using it as my primary phone, Still working BEAUTIFULLY, Still the Best UX in my opinion.

  • Brotto Britto
    Brotto Britto Month ago

    NO, DON’T USE IT !!!! IT’S A TRAP !!!

  • goodfella
    goodfella Month ago

    It's 2020. I'm still using it.

  • Torchwood Leeds
    Torchwood Leeds Month ago +1

    I am still on Windows 10 Mobile in 2019 haha Only plan to change is when Fbook and YT Drop there support. I do see even the odd Windows 8.1 Mobile which is very surprising haha p.s great vid

  • crikk23
    crikk23 Month ago

    got an idol s4 think it be cool to have a phone i could use with my computer... runs like shit...most apps i use not on store...every app crashes a few times a day (even basic phone app)...and the apps that are on it are missing alot of FB message cant make calls or videos...
    i ve tryed to get through it hopping itd get use to it or something...ya no...hope i can send it back lol or install android on it

  • Andron MacBeton
    Andron MacBeton Month ago

    Such a bunch of useless bulshit, and didn't even mention how that "windows phone" cannot connect to a Windows Shared FOLDER!
    To put some pictures from the phone to your computer - YOU HAVE TO CONNECT A CABLE OR USE SOME CLOOOUUUD CRAP!
    15 years in between since Windows CE, AND NO IMPROVEMENT! NONE! AT ALL!

  • Dceva2
    Dceva2 Month ago

    U look like Hunter avallone

  • Paul Verizzo
    Paul Verizzo Month ago

    The end of Nokia running Symmbian ended an era that I still miss. Interact with your PC via cable, none of this MS cloud only thing.
    I've now run the 810, the 925, and 950XL. And Alcatel something or other. I dread the day I have to go Android. I use the latter from time to time and I feel like I'm driving a Yugo after a BMW. Windows Phone is what engineers call "elegant." Easier to use, live tiles, etc. The lack of particular apps for banking or shopping is sometimes slightly annoying, but eventually getting to my PC is always good enough.
    MS blew billions on the purchase of Nokia, and it's like, oh well, loose change. Talk about poised for greatness and then walking away.

  • Rytis Liaučys
    Rytis Liaučys Month ago

    Man, I really wish this had taken off. Android and iOS all come with their faults, and surprisingly (considering it's Microsoft), other than the lack of applications, Windows 10 mobile was actually pretty neat and smooth to use.

  • Chuck Carroll
    Chuck Carroll Month ago

    Windows Continuum still impresses me to this day. Granted, multi-tasking is lacking, but it's a really cool feature nonetheless. I know that Samsung has experimented with this concept a bit with Dex and I'd love to see this kind of phone-as-desktop concept available on more devices.

  • Massimo Riserbo
    Massimo Riserbo Month ago

    Give the guy a stool ........ theoretically

  • DunePanda
    DunePanda Month ago

    i have a nokia lumia 920. i cant seem to get an update to go from 8.1 to windows 10.

  • Jason Hurd
    Jason Hurd Month ago

    What about the cube WP10? Can it be used today?

  • E-Travel Channel
    E-Travel Channel Month ago

    Hi! Does the Facebook app work in 2019?

  • Putera Muzzaffar Azmil Jamalus

    Major love...

  • John Burrows
    John Burrows Month ago

    I loved Windows phone , Nokia messed it up . Back in 2011 Windows had some traction, in Italy it was ahead of Apple ! Mr Elop decided to attack 'the next billion' so they turned out lots of low end plastic handsets . Sadly 'the next billion'went out and brought cheap Android phones.

  • Stanislav Orekhvo
    Stanislav Orekhvo Month ago

    windows phones is more safe phones in the world

  • William
    William Month ago +1

    It's actually better than the original audios.

  • Michelle McMahon
    Michelle McMahon Month ago

    Quinn, it is not a computer 8:17

  • Valan Sultanna
    Valan Sultanna Month ago

    I just Googled that and Google came back with a price of $1,132.88, unlocked, from 3 stores. A person would literally be out of their mind to pay that much for a phone. The one below is going for $723.46. Not as bad as the first return but it is still outrageous.

  • Craig Maloney
    Craig Maloney Month ago

    I had a Nokia Lumia Icon Windows phone, to this date, still my favorite phone

  • Sonicovy brutální kraviny

    I am still using windows 10 mobile on my microsoft lumia 640XL LTE🤣

  • Fallen Lizardbrain
    Fallen Lizardbrain Month ago

    I own an ancient relic. A Microsoft windows phone made in Vietnam in 2015

  • MrEd315
    MrEd315 Month ago

    Well, most if not all of the most popular programs ("apps") from Google and its affiliates didn't have a functional version for Windows phones because Google always blocked the app API every time a developer created an app version for those phones. Remember "Pokémon Go"? There were people who bought a phone just to play that game... 😕

  • Matthew Gallagher
    Matthew Gallagher Month ago

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but why not just raise the table and the camera so that you can be in frame without squatting? 😂

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark6789 Month ago +1

    So is Windows Continuum basically Windows 10 RT?

  • Łukasz Pasoń
    Łukasz Pasoń Month ago +2

    Windows phone is much better then shitty android with billions of apps for children mostly:)

  • Alan Hayward
    Alan Hayward Month ago

    I bought a Windows phone back in 2013, it wasn't cheap. Within a few years Microsoft pulled the plug, I was pissed.
    I sold my Windows laptop, in fact sold everything that was Microsoft and bought a Chromebook and switched to a Sony Android phone. So in conclusion, Microsoft ain't getting another penny of my money ever! And can fuck right off!

  • Maria Clemencia Samudio

    my brother buy a Windows phone, IT WAS GOD ITSELF, IT CAN RUN A LOT OF GREAT GAMES,
    Windows phone 10 he tried to install
    he go back to windows phone 8, but it was too late, it died because windows phone 10...

  • CreativeGamer 03
    CreativeGamer 03 Month ago +5

    The main difference between WP7/8/8.1/W10M and Android/iOS:
    • Windows Phones have little popular apps than Android/iOS due to the major failure in the past and didn't topped the world mobile market.
    • iOS/Android are more vulnerable/prone to malware and viruses due to being an open operating system (Android), and some apps can even store dangerous files to the internal storage without consent because it lacks a file manager by default (iOS). Windows Phones, on the other hand, is an ARM-based OS that doesn't run .exe files that could be potentially Trojans or viruses, and doesn't get infected easily since its source code and OS are more securely built and made...
    • Some NOKIA Lumia phones have an excellent and super high resolution camera (e.g. Lumia 1020) since NOKIA and Carl Zeiss teamed up together, even for the latest mobiles of NOKIA (manufactured by HMD, a company by former NOKIA workers. Yea, pretty much made by NOKIA).
    • iOS security features can be fooled and be controlled by scammers/hackers to lock out the owner, since Apple doesn't much care about it. Android, however, is also on security-wise and cannot be fooled easily, but it can be bypassed using Trojan apps. Windows Phones, well, is also secured, but not easily bypassed. Hackers can't just hack a Windows Phone since its not DOS based, and Trojan apps can't execute an illegal command because the OS itself is closed like iOS, and the OS itself is an ARM-based OS, which doesn't do x86 or x64 commands or actions or run .exe or .bat files.
    • So my best guess is, ....
    When it comes to security, WP.
    You can still install apps like installing APK files on WP by installing XAP or AppX files that are designed for the current version of the OS you have.
    You can install by:
    - PC -
    Make sure the XAP or AppX/AppXBundle file is not from the Store database. Rather, if you want a paid game for free, search for any cracked versions of it. Then, if you have installed the WP 7/8/8.1/10 SDK (Lite), run Windows Device Registration Tool to Dev unlock it. And lastly, run Application Deployment Tool and browse the file to install (deploy) to your phone.
    - local app installer -
    _only works on W10M_
    Go first to Settings>Security>For Developers>Select Developer Mode and press OK when a pop up shows up. Then, go to File Manager, and search for the file and tap on it. Tap on Install... Done!
    That's all, thank you. I hope this helps, I think. 🌚 (Lenny)

  • main of earth
    main of earth Month ago

    bain Windows lik back te the future

  • T4online
    T4online Month ago

    fuck windows phone

  • Rich Roylance
    Rich Roylance Month ago

    I'm watching this on a windows phone right now....and I'm still happy with it.

  • krishna kumar silvery

    I'm watching this video on laptop next to Lumia 535 Dual-sim

  • إحسان الحق

    well windows phobe was good!!

  • rogerman pistol
    rogerman pistol 2 months ago

    you could not use it when it first came out, it would not support half of the apps

  • RedHairdo
    RedHairdo 2 months ago

    I'm genuinely sorry for anyone who spent a dime on this useless piece of shit. It's even worse than I knew it for. Didn't think that was possible.
    Also, weren't there promises of an x86 emulator by Microsoft? I wonder whatever the hell happened to that? Well, fucked up useless brick, straight to the garbage it goes.

  • RedHairdo
    RedHairdo 2 months ago

    4:23 The FIRST thing he tries on the fucking phone, and LOOK at what happens. ROFL! Seriously, it just WOULDN'T have been _Windows_ phone if it behaved in any other way!!!
    Stick for anything Microsoft, and you're in for a whole bag of hurt. Jesus Christ. Why is practically ALL Microsoft products useless or made obsolete by the competition? Only if more programs (including drivers) were released for non-Windows platforms, because EFFICIENCY is factually not a reason.

  • RedHairdo
    RedHairdo 2 months ago

    omg, just burn that stinky shit brick!!! BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!!! Jesus. Exorcize that garbage and bring 'em Nokias for due replacement.

    • RedHairdo
      RedHairdo 2 months ago

      4:23 The FIRST thing he tries on the fucking phone, and LOOK at what happens. ROFL! Seriously, it wouldn't have been _Windows_ phone otherwise!

    • RedHairdo
      RedHairdo 2 months ago

      But you know what's worse than Windows Phone? YES, WORSE THAN WINDOWS FUCKING PHONE.
      Windows Mobile. Cower in fucking fear.

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan 2 months ago

    Gross Windows

  • Tony Ling
    Tony Ling 2 months ago

    If you could flash it with driod, it might be a useful phone

  • I ran
    I ran 2 months ago +1

    a "chair", that's what you need brother.

  • Quang Vien Tran - TQV
    Quang Vien Tran - TQV 2 months ago

    Made a video about apps in Windows store on Windows Phone

  • guerrahp HPG
    guerrahp HPG 2 months ago

    Ummm. They had usb-c in 2015.

  • Vivek Verma
    Vivek Verma 2 months ago

    hey that's an iMac installed Windows 10 😂😂

  • Louvin Balonglong
    Louvin Balonglong 2 months ago

    the "sacrifice" you do? for US? you mean US who gives you views to keep your channel going? oh thankyou so much for all the sacrifices you make. without you and your videos we would have nothing to eat, no roof above our heads and no oxygen to breath. so, yeah thanks again for all of your "sacrifices"

  • GameBoy Freak
    GameBoy Freak 2 months ago

    or u can just sit in a chair lel

  • Sţëfäñ Däñiël
    Sţëfäñ Däñiël 2 months ago

    Lol i use a windows phone now xD

  • RealComp5
    RealComp5 2 months ago

    I'm still using a windows phone and although I am going to switch to android soon just because the support for windows phone is so dead now... if you're not big on social media then a windows phone still works perfectly fine. I don't care about Instagram or twitter or snapchat. I do care that there are a lot of bugs that just never got ironed out though.

  • Diego delos santos
    Diego delos santos 2 months ago

    im still using my nokia lumia 1520 windows 10

  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin 2 months ago

    Well let me answer your question: Yes, you still can.

    I left Android for Windows Phone/10 Mobile (WP/W10M) back in 2016 with the Lumia 830. Thoroughly enjoying it since it was a bliss to use compared to my previous Android phone before it. Just last month, I replaced my 830 with the Lumia 950 XL and I just couldn't be any more happier with it.

    If you are heavily dependant on app, Windows 10 Mobile aren't for you. But if you have all the essential daily app needed like I do, you should be alright. And let's not forget one more thing: Eventhough Microsoft discontinued major updates for W10M, you are still getting security patches to this day. Best of luck saying that to your Android phone of the same age if you are not using custom ROM.

  • Maggie Mothe
    Maggie Mothe 2 months ago

    Why is there a lady taking her inhaler behind your moniter?

  • Vas Me
    Vas Me 2 months ago

    Ohhh no 2016 was ages ago🤣.

  • Kevin Gordon
    Kevin Gordon 2 months ago

    Can you tell me how to transfer contacts and photos from Lumina 640 to and LG stylo 4?

  • The Unknown and Unsolved

    I miss my windows phone was far better than this Android piece of junk I have now. The keyboard was so much better, the apps never crashed, it didn't have bootloader fuck ups like Android. I'd still use the windows phone if the browsers worked better, was the only fault I ever found.

  • Mr Angry
    Mr Angry 2 months ago

    I still have one of these and was my main phone for nearly 2 years. Also one of my favourite phones along with the N95. Only reason I stopped using it was WhatsApp stopped being supported, and the screen is in a state and I can't find a replacement. As a duel sim though it's still my backup / overseas phone. Always preferred Win Phone to Android and I'll never have an iPhone, please MS get back on the horse as the world needs a 3rd option!

  • Lommey Hun
    Lommey Hun 2 months ago

    Stay windo :) Im still using Lumia 640 With W8.1 i love it :)

  • Hiu Ching K
    Hiu Ching K 2 months ago

    The best app for watching TheXvid is "myTube!" in MS os 😁 lol. My family members are using ios and android phones. In comparison, I still think of Lumia as the prettiest phone in the world(and i like the neat style of both hardware and software so much). iPhones and androids are so ordinary in design and some of them even looks tacky. By the way, I'm quite disappointed with Nokia's new android phones.

  • Guilherme Nascimento Costa

    I still use Windows 10 Mobile.
    My Microsoft Lumia 640 has a good hardware and it serves me well until today. I have it since 2016 and it looks like new.
    I had a Sony Xperia L in 2015 who lasted just a litlte more than 1 year.
    I still prefer Windows than Android.

  • omar khan
    omar khan 2 months ago

    4:28 crashed their own app

  • Aventanario
    Aventanario 2 months ago

    I really wanted windows phone, at least it can help me in detox

  • Achille e Ariel The Cocker Spaniel

    Perché il titolo è in italiano?

    SAIM BBCD 2 months ago

    I love windows phones

  • Brendan Kapp
    Brendan Kapp 2 months ago

    Squatting?? Use a chair lmao

  • Asim1995-Tank Raid Online

    I miss Symbian and Windows phone because Android eats the buttery, and I don't like I phones 😥

  • Critically Cheesy Caleb

    Bezels aren't that bad... unless it's a Razor or Red phone.

  • Beef Ingot
    Beef Ingot 2 months ago

    Whats that jacket?

  • Faisal Umair
    Faisal Umair 2 months ago

    If microsoft had not behave like an idiot, windows phone was the king today. As ios getting shittier and android is getting complex everyday.