Arsenal 5-0 Aston Villa 1990-91 (David Platt goes in goal)

  • Published on Oct 10, 2010
  • Arsenal were two points ahead of Liverpool at the top of the First Division table and with a game in hand on the Reds as they welcomed struggling Aston Villa to Highbury in April 1991. Villa's task was daunting - the Gunners had only lost two games all season in all competitions (although they would soon lose a third to Tottenham in the FA Cup). Brian Moore is the commentator.
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  • Fiachra
    Fiachra 3 months ago

    See Platt handing back another jersey? He was given an Arsenal keeper's shirt without realizing, and put it on at which point we all sang "You'll never play for Arsenal"...

  • fel b
    fel b 6 months ago

    Gawd I remember this. Loved Platt with England and then Arsenal. Why did he go in goal, did he have any experience, I can't remember?

    • Fiachra
      Fiachra 3 months ago

      he was the captain, they were 4=0 down with no chance, has to be someone with a bit of confidence..

  • tiarnan
    tiarnan 10 months ago

    really miss that team

  • Zakariyya Yusuf
    Zakariyya Yusuf 11 months ago

    My fav Villa away kit

  • Chris Panteli
    Chris Panteli Year ago

    We've had some superb results against villa

  • Chtistopher Panteli

    What a Great win and a Great team

  • Gary Baker
    Gary Baker Year ago

    I was ball boy at this game

  • DMD10
    DMD10 2 years ago

    Classic, an outfield player in goal...never happen these days

  • Raj Nirvan
    Raj Nirvan 3 years ago +3

    loved the adidas kits

  • CapiTen10
    CapiTen10 4 years ago +7

    george grahams team only started getting boring when arsenal were knocked out of the european cup by benfica. before that the teams were quite entertaining imo

    • Fiachra
      Fiachra 3 months ago

      yeah, he wanted to do an AC Milan...on the cheap..

    • Ad Digi
      Ad Digi Year ago

      CapiTen10 spot on with your comments mate..

  • set
    set 5 years ago

    wrong. studs down by campbell and was clearly an honest challenge for a bouncing pass he may have volleyed

  • ExThaNemesis
    ExThaNemesis 6 years ago

    I know it was moot by that point, but Campbell should've been sent off for that challenge on the goalkeeper.

    • Roger Durrant
      Roger Durrant 4 months ago

      Never. A legitimate challenge for a fifty fifty ball.

  • Alan Kilroy
    Alan Kilroy 6 years ago +2

    In the North Bank that day, great goal by Paul Davis.

  • Mike Adams
    Mike Adams 6 years ago +1

    I was there too . Great game

  • MySilverr
    MySilverr 6 years ago

    Great David Platt. Played for the Arsenal 1998 Double year. Got a great header against ManU.

  • ThePaulg123
    ThePaulg123 6 years ago

    How did platt get so fat lol

  • wildernessuk
    wildernessuk 7 years ago +1

    I was there! Title nearly won...

  • UncleMikeNJ
    UncleMikeNJ 7 years ago

    You don't often see lobbing headers. But then, there's only one Alan Smith.
    Okay, there are a few Alan Smiths, but Arsenal's was the only one worth a damn.

  • RichMurray
    RichMurray 7 years ago +3

    @HexenDSK That's right. When Platt went in goal he was first given an Arsenal keeper's top to wear as Villa didn't seem to have a spare!!!

    Wow, I miss the North Bank!

    • Fiachra
      Fiachra 3 months ago

      yeah, he did get an Arsenal keeper's shirt without realizing, and put it on at which point we all sang "You'll never play for Arsenal"...

  • Matsini
    Matsini 7 years ago

    Aah, the classic Seaman-reachback!

  • glengooner74
    glengooner74 7 years ago

    @HexenDSK i remember singing that on that night !!! Hhahah

  • omarfrancis
    omarfrancis 7 years ago

    Haha the birds loved Platty after the World Cup!

  • sf2explus
    sf2explus 7 years ago +2

    paul merson was a great player

  • Marcelo Dino
    Marcelo Dino 8 years ago

    1:21 was the skill before stepovers