Arsenal 5-0 Aston Villa 1990-91 (David Platt goes in goal)


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  • fel b
    fel b 2 months ago

    Gawd I remember this. Loved Platt with England and then Arsenal. Why did he go in goal, did he have any experience, I can't remember?

  • tiarnan
    tiarnan 6 months ago

    really miss that team

  • Zakariyya Yusuf
    Zakariyya Yusuf 7 months ago

    My fav Villa away kit

  • Chris Panteli
    Chris Panteli 8 months ago

    We've had some superb results against villa

  • Chtistopher Panteli
    Chtistopher Panteli 11 months ago

    What a Great win and a Great team

  • Gary Baker
    Gary Baker Year ago

    I was ball boy at this game

  • DMD10
    DMD10 2 years ago

    Classic, an outfield player in goal...never happen these days

  • Raj Nirvan
    Raj Nirvan 2 years ago +3

    loved the adidas kits

  • CapiTen10
    CapiTen10 3 years ago +6

    george grahams team only started getting boring when arsenal were knocked out of the european cup by benfica. before that the teams were quite entertaining imo

    • Gun Oil
      Gun Oil 10 months ago

      CapiTen10 spot on with your comments mate..

  • set
    set 5 years ago

    wrong. studs down by campbell and was clearly an honest challenge for a bouncing pass he may have volleyed

  • ExThaNemesis
    ExThaNemesis 5 years ago

    I know it was moot by that point, but Campbell should've been sent off for that challenge on the goalkeeper.

    • Roger Durrant
      Roger Durrant 16 days ago

      Never. A legitimate challenge for a fifty fifty ball.

  • Alan Kilroy
    Alan Kilroy 5 years ago +2

    In the North Bank that day, great goal by Paul Davis.

  • Mike Adams
    Mike Adams 5 years ago +1

    I was there too . Great game

  • MySilverr
    MySilverr 6 years ago

    Great David Platt. Played for the Arsenal 1998 Double year. Got a great header against ManU.

  • ThePaulg123
    ThePaulg123 6 years ago

    How did platt get so fat lol

  • wildernessuk
    wildernessuk 6 years ago

    I was there! Title nearly won...

  • UncleMikeNJ
    UncleMikeNJ 6 years ago

    You don't often see lobbing headers. But then, there's only one Alan Smith.
    Okay, there are a few Alan Smiths, but Arsenal's was the only one worth a damn.

  • RichMurray
    RichMurray 6 years ago +2

    @HexenDSK That's right. When Platt went in goal he was first given an Arsenal keeper's top to wear as Villa didn't seem to have a spare!!!

    Wow, I miss the North Bank!

  • Matsini
    Matsini 7 years ago

    Aah, the classic Seaman-reachback!

  • glengooner74
    glengooner74 7 years ago

    @HexenDSK i remember singing that on that night !!! Hhahah

  • omarfrancis
    omarfrancis 7 years ago

    Haha the birds loved Platty after the World Cup!

  • sf2explus
    sf2explus 7 years ago +2

    paul merson was a great player

  • Marcelo Dino
    Marcelo Dino 7 years ago

    1:21 was the skill before stepovers