Cobra Kai Official Teaser Trailer #3 (Karate Kid) - Sensei Daniel


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  • xVibez
    xVibez 24 days ago

    He's talking crap

  • Cristian Moran D
    Cristian Moran D 26 days ago

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  • Vickey Jackson
    Vickey Jackson Month ago

    I met Ralph so sweet and friendly. I adored him.

  • matt marchment
    matt marchment Month ago

    The same Daniel - yep - that spinning kick looked like crap. And didn't Johnny hand the trophy to Daniel at the end of the original - then all Cobra Kai bowed to Miyagisan. Maybe Johnny forgot all that 'make up and be friends' stuff

  • Lance Fedelicio
    Lance Fedelicio Month ago

    0:04 is that logan paul?

    BBQ RibsTODAY Month ago

    Loved the originals. These movies had all of us fighting each other as kids. Awesome growing up back then.

  • craig cotter
    craig cotter Month ago

    bit immature of them.

  • 1 AlaskanAssassin
    1 AlaskanAssassin Month ago

    Poor Johnny.

  • andy lai
    andy lai Month ago

    glad this turned out to be awesome! thanks guys!

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc Month ago

    Ralph Macchio is literally unreconizable.
    But Billy Zabka is clockable IMMEDIATELY!

  • Furry Days
    Furry Days Month ago

    I love the aspect of the karate kid growing up to be a douche bag.

  • Darlene Lopez
    Darlene Lopez Month ago

    Lame. Need real martial artists.

  • Crocalion
    Crocalion Month ago

    This just makes me sad bc we all love Ralph Macchio but now he is sooo old! He,s old enough to be my dad! Also, in the movie, he seems like a jerk tbh.

  • Tenchuu Khan
    Tenchuu Khan Month ago

    wtf did I just not see?

  • Артём Королёв

    Who is kid there? :D

  • Jade Irem Velazquez


  • Mario Jimenez
    Mario Jimenez Month ago

    When are you planning to release the second season?

  • Nenonism
    Nenonism Month ago

    hahaha.... murika ffs......

  • Marie-caroline PARAU

    Ralala.....souvenir d'enfance!!!! trop mais trop contente de le revoir dommage que Miagi san ne soit plus de ce monde!!

  • Taka sempai
    Taka sempai Month ago

    by Asylum studios?

  • Константин Атякшев

    мастер,что надо))))а удар с разворота просто шикарен)))что за дерьмо вы смотрите???????????????

  • Jay 96
    Jay 96 Month ago

    wait what? what is this... WHHHHAAAAATTTTTTT?!

  • Mic Mac
    Mic Mac Month ago

    0:11 what an impressive flexibility! :D XD

  • John Morris
    John Morris Month ago

    Wow,. this is too cool

  • Gabriel duchesne
    Gabriel duchesne Month ago

    barney will be so happy

  • DaniRN
    DaniRN Month ago

    Esto me recuerda mucho a la Cobra Taka Taka xD

  • oscar azael
    oscar azael Month ago


  • uvouba 2
    uvouba 2 Month ago

    the skull trooper tho

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West Month ago +1

    good to see the death eaters joining a gym...the Brotherhood of karate Need a Humble Leader and The Order of the Dragon Needs a Hero to Continue The Cycle of Corporate Leadership...This Teaser is a Great Roomer...and as a Former Student of karate I am Happy to See You Return; I am Waiting For My Teacher of Kungfu & Kali David Mobley in Missoula MT. and hope to see more of what we have in common Kobra kai in the years to come.

  • 360p
    360p Month ago

    Kung Fury better :D

  • Hippy Gumbo
    Hippy Gumbo Month ago

    It's simply amazing as to how much crap film makers are still managing to scrape from the bottom of the barrel!

  • Sbrodazza Minchioni Porcotti


  • pito perez
    pito perez Month ago


  • Bill Mapp
    Bill Mapp Month ago

    Sweet weeping Jesus on the cross, no.

  • Denis Zolotcev
    Denis Zolotcev Month ago

    Название дурацкое.

  • Mone tube
    Mone tube Month ago +1

    this looks like a comedy movie,first i think this was a karate parody than i read The original Karate Kid, Daniel LaRusso, is back....

  • Hi Rez
    Hi Rez Month ago


  • spida gangsta
    spida gangsta Month ago

    white ppl trynna be asian and people be sayin they better this is better lmao

  • Michael Conza
    Michael Conza Month ago

    This was actually pretty good IMO.

  • Joel Cast25
    Joel Cast25 Month ago

    This is cool for those who relate mostly 80's kids like me.

  • Paul Gardner
    Paul Gardner Month ago

    Zero imagination. They have to try to cash in on a long ago movie. Shame what entertainment has come to.

  • dialduane
    dialduane Month ago

    This looks like Cobra Crap.

  • Vladimir Aleko
    Vladimir Aleko 2 months ago


  • Gokkle of Geer
    Gokkle of Geer 2 months ago

    Is Hilary Swank in this ?

  • Kyle Eberle
    Kyle Eberle 2 months ago

    It's good to see Macchio on the screen again. If you haven't caught his performance in The Outsiders, it's amazing.

  • ATM Rice Price
    ATM Rice Price 2 months ago

    there is fortnite skin in there

  • Jerson Dumlao
    Jerson Dumlao 2 months ago

    you want to get technical. I've kicked his face..hahhaaha

  • John Newman
    John Newman 2 months ago

    Ah, yes, the "Kicking Glass" technique. Very subtle

  • Missael A
    Missael A 2 months ago

    this movie is going to be awesome

  • Lu
    Lu 2 months ago

    From "wax on, wax off" to "wax actors".

  • NPC Trevor
    NPC Trevor 2 months ago


  • EggsandMayo
    EggsandMayo 2 months ago


  • CanadianTurf Sandwich
    CanadianTurf Sandwich 2 months ago

    Brilliant ! ahhah!! defenitely gonna watch it!

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 months ago

    I get the feeling this movie is political; Left vs. Right. And, the Right wins?...unthinkable.

  • Dale Bouwman
    Dale Bouwman 2 months ago

    I love the Karate Kid (1st one) it's one of my fav's right up there with Back To The Future and Indiana Jones. I'm looking forward to it....especially for Daniels bounce-walk. Holla!!

  • John Murray
    John Murray 2 months ago

    A new Karate Kid with the original Daniel-san? I'm sold.

  • Vampe
    Vampe 2 months ago

    Is this a joke ?

  • Dean Aly
    Dean Aly 2 months ago

    Old farts pretending they are still relevant

  • Leeber Snowy
    Leeber Snowy 2 months ago

    Danial san

  • stephen stewart
    stephen stewart 2 months ago

    WTF. Is this actually happening?

  • E R.A.
    E R.A. 2 months ago

    like karate kid, this is another piece of rubbish about karate .............better to watch kung fu panda than this crap!!!

  • slave trader
    slave trader 2 months ago


  • Joe Cosgrove
    Joe Cosgrove 2 months ago

    It looks to be a definite must not watch movie.

  • Cyber Stein
    Cyber Stein 2 months ago

    Boring. Give me an MMA show, something of a never back down type of show. This crap is boring asf.

  • Anar Chy
    Anar Chy 2 months ago

    0:10 the kick is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO weak ahahahahaha

  • Jack Pack
    Jack Pack 2 months ago

    The skull trooper returns yaaaaaaaa!

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 2 months ago

    Johnny got f'd over.
    1st rule of the tournament: No kicks to the face. Loses by getting kicked in the face.

  • Field Marshal Haze
    Field Marshal Haze 2 months ago

    The crystal meth version

  • The Blonde Git Studios
    The Blonde Git Studios 2 months ago

    Oh hell

  • Looncan
    Looncan 2 months ago

    Gayest thing i ever seen, and i live opposite a park where maleONmale gang bangs are a regular weekend occurrence

  • tobi madara
    tobi madara 3 months ago

    That kick...very well. This is a master karate?

  • 和食大好き隊ザ・パンチ!


  • 2012iwanttogohome
    2012iwanttogohome 6 months ago +1

    Team Johnny!

  • Knight Valle
    Knight Valle 7 months ago

    Whats the scene where samantha does tge kick?

  • Jorge Gonzales
    Jorge Gonzales 7 months ago

    Make season 2 faster!

  • ssimpala1901
    ssimpala1901 7 months ago

    Awesome show, so good

  • ssimpala1901
    ssimpala1901 7 months ago

    Found an Easter Egg in Episode 5, Ralph Macchio's electric guitar from the movie Croddroads is on the wall of the pawnshop in the background

  • T-bone Without The Steak

    Bruh best sequel EVER!

  • Karen Meadors
    Karen Meadors 7 months ago

    I love the TV show I hope you make season 2. Where
    Hilary Swank
    Julie Pierce

  • 両角淳
    両角淳 7 months ago

    Miyagi-san was also the same family crest as my house
    I forgot

  • Gafai Cheng
    Gafai Cheng 7 months ago

    best part of this episode is the last 10 minutes!!! Got chills up and down my spine!

  • Baldoxxx4000
    Baldoxxx4000 7 months ago

    If you star in youtube, your career is already going nowhere...

  • Scott In Florida
    Scott In Florida 7 months ago

    you tube wants to be a tv station how sad no thanks google

  • Eden Carre
    Eden Carre 7 months ago

    Assist prior far square attractive teaching besides arrival society punishment behave debt excuse.

  • Shane Roger
    Shane Roger 7 months ago

    Fortnite skull trooper lol

  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone 7 months ago

    This is got to be dumbest thing ever! Karate Kid was so old back in 1984 I saw this movie as a kid. This the for the new generation who has no clue what Karate Kid was. That movie was back in the 80s and the movie was good so was Karate Kid 2
    I am going pass on this! So gay

  • grayjohn62
    grayjohn62 7 months ago

    More remake lameness.

  • gnryushi
    gnryushi 7 months ago

    Give it up, already.

  • Squicx
    Squicx 7 months ago

    This just puts the cerry on top to prove the 80s is returning in all different ways!

  • Jake Andersson
    Jake Andersson 7 months ago

    Barney Stinson would be so happy :')

  • s0ur4pplem4rtini
    s0ur4pplem4rtini 7 months ago

    I'm screaming.Lmaoooo What kind of kick was THAT Daniel-San?

  • Guillermo Flores
    Guillermo Flores 7 months ago

    Hola que hace

  • Saul Zuniga
    Saul Zuniga 7 months ago

    what time is it on...WAITING!!!!!!!

    • MJ Ramirez
      MJ Ramirez 7 months ago

      Saul Zuniga IT'S ON NOW!!!

    • Saul Zuniga
      Saul Zuniga 7 months ago

      MJ Ramirez just post hell ya

    • MJ Ramirez
      MJ Ramirez 7 months ago

      Saul Zuniga Wait, I just read it's at 10am PST; 1pm EST.

    • MJ Ramirez
      MJ Ramirez 7 months ago

      Saul Zuniga YA are they waiting till a certain time?! I'm literally checking every ten minutes!!

  • Foothills Taka
    Foothills Taka 7 months ago

    Daniel san still looking good.

  • george allen
    george allen 7 months ago

    RIP Mr. Miyagi

  • danny cardenas
    danny cardenas 7 months ago

    Wow, poor broken Johnny is trying to put his life back together and pass on his knowledge, and Daniel who can't mind his own business decides he wants to bully poor Johnny and ruin his American Dream. Don't you love Liberals!!!

  • Steve A
    Steve A 7 months ago

    Is Daniel's issue with Cobra Kai more than with Johnny? We know Daniel hated the Cobra Kai style. Silver couldn't even get Daniel to do the training regimen. It is antithesis to what Miyagi taught him. Disliking what Cobra Kai stands for (to him) makes sense. Having a feud with Johnny doesn't, as Johnny changed at the end of KK1.