Cobra Kai Official Teaser Trailer #3 (Karate Kid) - Sensei Daniel


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  • tobi madara
    tobi madara Month ago

    That kick...very well. This is a master karate?

  • 和食大好き隊ザ・パンチ!


  • 2012iwanttogohome
    2012iwanttogohome 4 months ago +1

    Team Johnny!

  • Knight Valle
    Knight Valle 4 months ago

    Whats the scene where samantha does tge kick?

  • Jorge Gonzales
    Jorge Gonzales 4 months ago

    Make season 2 faster!

  • ssimpala1901
    ssimpala1901 4 months ago

    Awesome show, so good

  • ssimpala1901
    ssimpala1901 4 months ago

    Found an Easter Egg in Episode 5, Ralph Macchio's electric guitar from the movie Croddroads is on the wall of the pawnshop in the background

  • T-bone Without The Steak

    Bruh best sequel EVER!

  • Karen Meadors
    Karen Meadors 4 months ago

    I love the TV show I hope you make season 2. Where
    Hilary Swank
    Julie Pierce

  • 両角淳
    両角淳 4 months ago

    Miyagi-san was also the same family crest as my house
    I forgot

  • Gafai Cheng
    Gafai Cheng 4 months ago

    best part of this episode is the last 10 minutes!!! Got chills up and down my spine!

  • Baldoxxx4000
    Baldoxxx4000 4 months ago

    If you star in youtube, your career is already going nowhere...

  • Scott In Florida
    Scott In Florida 4 months ago

    you tube wants to be a tv station how sad no thanks google

  • Eden Carre
    Eden Carre 4 months ago

    Assist prior far square attractive teaching besides arrival society punishment behave debt excuse.

  • Shane Roger
    Shane Roger 4 months ago

    Fortnite skull trooper lol

  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone 4 months ago

    This is got to be dumbest thing ever! Karate Kid was so old back in 1984 I saw this movie as a kid. This the for the new generation who has no clue what Karate Kid was. That movie was back in the 80s and the movie was good so was Karate Kid 2
    I am going pass on this! So gay

  • grayjohn62
    grayjohn62 4 months ago

    More remake lameness.

  • gnryushi
    gnryushi 4 months ago

    Give it up, already.

  • Squicx
    Squicx 4 months ago

    This just puts the cerry on top to prove the 80s is returning in all different ways!

  • Jake Andersson
    Jake Andersson 4 months ago

    Barney Stinson would be so happy :')

  • s0ur4pplem4rtini
    s0ur4pplem4rtini 4 months ago

    I'm screaming.Lmaoooo What kind of kick was THAT Daniel-San?

  • Guillermo Flores
    Guillermo Flores 4 months ago

    Hola que hace

  • Saul Zuniga
    Saul Zuniga 4 months ago

    what time is it on...WAITING!!!!!!!

    • MJ Ramirez
      MJ Ramirez 4 months ago

      Saul Zuniga IT'S ON NOW!!!

    • Saul Zuniga
      Saul Zuniga 4 months ago

      MJ Ramirez just post hell ya

    • MJ Ramirez
      MJ Ramirez 4 months ago

      Saul Zuniga Wait, I just read it's at 10am PST; 1pm EST.

    • MJ Ramirez
      MJ Ramirez 4 months ago

      Saul Zuniga YA are they waiting till a certain time?! I'm literally checking every ten minutes!!

  • Foothills Taka
    Foothills Taka 4 months ago

    Daniel san still looking good.

  • george allen
    george allen 4 months ago

    RIP Mr. Miyagi

  • danny cardenas
    danny cardenas 4 months ago

    Wow, poor broken Johnny is trying to put his life back together and pass on his knowledge, and Daniel who can't mind his own business decides he wants to bully poor Johnny and ruin his American Dream. Don't you love Liberals!!!

  • Steve A
    Steve A 4 months ago

    Is Daniel's issue with Cobra Kai more than with Johnny? We know Daniel hated the Cobra Kai style. Silver couldn't even get Daniel to do the training regimen. It is antithesis to what Miyagi taught him. Disliking what Cobra Kai stands for (to him) makes sense. Having a feud with Johnny doesn't, as Johnny changed at the end of KK1.

  • VJ Rei
    VJ Rei 4 months ago

    Daniel is a bully.

  • justin hyland
    justin hyland 5 months ago

    This is a joke, right?

  • Rottie Bull
    Rottie Bull 5 months ago

    Johnny's gonna duck under and ball smash your low hanging middle aged sack when you try the crane again.
    He's got your timing, like that angry dude in Okinawa. I hope your cup splits.

  • Rottie Bull
    Rottie Bull 5 months ago

    Daniel deserves no mercy, mercy is Daniel's weakness. Daniel deserves no mercy, mercy is Daniel's weakness. Daniel deserves no mercy, mercy is Daniel's weakness.

  • Y Chromosome 99
    Y Chromosome 99 5 months ago

    OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Daniel La Russo is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    X RYDER L 5 months ago

    oh it wont be in theaters its gonna be a youtube series ?

    FABI GAMES 5 months ago

    ersgdfgdgwetwefsdfsdfs looooool XD xd XD XD XD

  • Toyime Mese Uihie
    Toyime Mese Uihie 5 months ago +1

    I live Daniel San

  • Josh Moryn
    Josh Moryn 5 months ago

    Yeah, but what does Barney Stinson think about it?

  • Jon Bobadilla
    Jon Bobadilla 5 months ago

    The kick to the face was an illegal move

  • Michael Calhoun
    Michael Calhoun 5 months ago

    Am I the only one that wants to know if Daniel finally learned some REAL Karate?(or kung fu?)

  • Jason Aguirre
    Jason Aguirre 5 months ago

    Laruso still looks scrawny as hell.

  • M. Patel
    M. Patel 5 months ago

    No, i rooted for the kid from jersey who barely knew karate...

  • Vera Nadine Bóinn
    Vera Nadine Bóinn 5 months ago

    No. No. No. Not good. They should leave well enough alone. Ugh.

  • Ultra instinct Eli
    Ultra instinct Eli 5 months ago

    They should do another TheXvid red series with Chozen & Mike Barnes returning wanting revenge for their defeats

  • Rob Calhoun
    Rob Calhoun 5 months ago

    I'll wait for the pirated version. Screw ThemTube.

  • Charlie J
    Charlie J 5 months ago

    I had a dream about this once proving that DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Long live the 80's!!!!

  • Silver Reyes
    Silver Reyes 5 months ago

    Will Mr. Miyagi make a guest appearance?

  • Ja Wo87
    Ja Wo87 5 months ago

    After seeing these trailers I have to say it looks interesting.
    First, I agree with whoever discussed the protagonist and antagonist. I completely agree. To me, imho, it looks like it is going to be a redemption arc for Johnny. In truth, many kids these says are disrespectful little, well you know. Johnny, in the first movie, was not only the bully, at least of Daniel that we saw, he was also the victim of bullying from his sensei and his father. With his experiences fighting Daniel, he learned a few things, plus it's been 30 years, people can change.
    I have a feeling that Daniel is not only remembering when he first began to learn from Mr. Miyagi, but also doesn't have all of the facts. As the case can be for most new articles these days. What would you bet he only heard about that happened once Johnny began giving the gang-bangers a lesson, but not about what happened before.

  • Jason Quattrone
    Jason Quattrone 5 months ago

    This actually looks like a slapstick comedy. That would be AWESOME!! It will totally work if they don't take it seriously.

  • 765 lb squat
    765 lb squat 5 months ago

    looks gay will not watch

  • Sarah Blackwell
    Sarah Blackwell 5 months ago

    Does he ever even age?

  • David C.
    David C. 5 months ago


  • Owen Nelson
    Owen Nelson 5 months ago


  • Joeasia1981
    Joeasia1981 5 months ago


  • Rick C. Hodgin
    Rick C. Hodgin 5 months ago

    I would at least give it a try if it didn't contain profanity.

  • Karate 4 Kids USA Victory Martial Arts

    Mr. Zabka is simply the best!

  • Jennifer Leonardini
    Jennifer Leonardini 5 months ago

    My sister saw William Zabka in Los Angeles about a year ago and she said he was still incredibly handsome!

  • Mare Rosen
    Mare Rosen 5 months ago


  • Too Unique
    Too Unique 5 months ago

    So its going to a web-series, and not a movie? now thats shitty...

  • Jnita07 Corp
    Jnita07 Corp 5 months ago

    I so want to see this movie!

  • dede9806
    dede9806 5 months ago +1

    So before it was Daniel san that was picked on and now that they are older and supposedly mature, Daniel becomes the jerk... Mr miyagi would be ashamed !

    • WWE Girl
      WWE Girl 5 months ago +1

      dede98906 ikr! imagine Mr. Miyagi being upset of how Daniel has changed.

  • youdosuck
    youdosuck 5 months ago

    Please to me this is a Tourist Ad for Los Angeles.

  • Kelsea T
    Kelsea T 5 months ago

    Daniel is the bully in this film. Watch all the other trailers.

  • oogity-boogity woogity
    oogity-boogity woogity 5 months ago

    Since we're bringing back 80's bully movies, let's have to Back to the Future series. Marty McFly vs. Biff Tannon.

  • Sweet Release
    Sweet Release 5 months ago

    "That we did it all for the glory of cash."

  • varanid9
    varanid9 5 months ago

    I thought that, at the end of the 1st movie, they were friends?

  • drum4life22630
    drum4life22630 5 months ago

    Does anybody else notice that the grunt sound is one of the death sounds used in Goldeneye for the N64?

  • Francisco Garay
    Francisco Garay 5 months ago

    This looks all sorts of sad.

  • james cassidy
    james cassidy 5 months ago

    How does your voice get higher as you get older?

  • Soul Fly
    Soul Fly 5 months ago

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GARBAGE

  • Elisa A
    Elisa A 5 months ago

    Wax on Wax Off

  • Reggie Burnett
    Reggie Burnett 5 months ago

    Lol I kicked his face... Genius way of saying hell yeah.

  • rlalko l
    rlalko l 5 months ago


  • yo mama
    yo mama 5 months ago

    the real karate kid, the best

  • Brian E. Denton
    Brian E. Denton 5 months ago

    Daniel Larusso is going to fight?

  • GuitarWholesale
    GuitarWholesale 5 months ago

    If the Karate Kid quit Karate to become a car salesman, that means the Original Karate movies were about a simple guy who used to practice karate AS A HOBBIE.
    Think about it.

  • Zach Moore
    Zach Moore 5 months ago

    Plot Hole: Kicks to the face were illegal in the competition in the original film, yet a kick to the face is what won Daniel the title in that film....hmmmmm

  • Dwight Stewart
    Dwight Stewart 5 months ago

    This is a comedy right?

  • RussX5Z
    RussX5Z 5 months ago

    Holy crap does Ralph Machio ever age??

  • darren ferguson
    darren ferguson 5 months ago

    As an actor it's good to see them work and get paid. As a viewer I would never watch this. Go Miyagi!

  • Mike Kragness
    Mike Kragness 5 months ago

    If it is the same ol Daniel he is still a fat pu$$y! Lets be real all of the foes he fought in these movies would beat the brakes off that dude cmon....

  • Eli Yamin
    Eli Yamin 5 months ago

    They couldn;t let it go huh

  • MaharlikaAWA
    MaharlikaAWA 5 months ago

    Why would they wear skeleton costumes exactly like they did 30 years ago? They would have to find different looking skeleton outfits. Same product would not be available.

  • Robert Ibanez
    Robert Ibanez 5 months ago

    wow this looks bad lmao

  • Yash Chaturvedi
    Yash Chaturvedi 5 months ago

    William zabkaaaaaaa...... if you know what i mean 'HIMYM'

  • 1Vision Production
    1Vision Production 5 months ago

    wtf lmao

  • Nocturnal Blaze
    Nocturnal Blaze 5 months ago


  • Jorge Felix
    Jorge Felix 5 months ago

    si daniel de joven nunca pudo peler karate menos ahora de viejo

  • James H.
    James H. 5 months ago

    Get him a body bag! Yeah!

  • Jeff Boyd
    Jeff Boyd 5 months ago

    That kick where he kicked the drink out of his hand was terrible form. Good lord, its bad. It's so bad that they had to cut between the action, just so he could reposition and barely lift his leg off the ground to tap the cup out of the guy's hand.

  • Larhonda Chambers
    Larhonda Chambers 5 months ago

    I am done ! Let it go!

  • Kent Goertzen
    Kent Goertzen 5 months ago

    How long has Daniel lived in the Valley and he still has a Brooklyn accent? Ralph Macchio can't be bothered to work with a language coach?

  • Art Madonia
    Art Madonia 5 months ago

    Can't wait till cinemasins covers this

    ERICK DE LA VEGA 5 months ago

    tantos putos años y nadie puede enseñarle a patear a Daniel Laruso ptm la misma mala ejecucion de Karate..................

  • trevor bgs
    trevor bgs 5 months ago

    Stop making sequels to series that ended. The last two movies made in this 'Karate Kids' series have been terrible, be original and create your own damn movie.

  • Twin Cities Fishing
    Twin Cities Fishing 5 months ago

    Lexus is really getting into the movie business.

  • Luigi Battista
    Luigi Battista 5 months ago

    Daniel is a jerk

  • Marcelo Jimenez
    Marcelo Jimenez 5 months ago

    lol Daniel was always the bully

  • Adapa
    Adapa 5 months ago +1

    Mr. Miyagi would be rolling in his grave right now..

    • Stephen Wade
      Stephen Wade 4 months ago

      Mr. Miyagi isn’t a real person. Pat would have loved it.

  • Leo
    Leo 5 months ago

    Mr. Miyagi Sensei was right. It was a mistake to take on a new student. He created a monster. F.Y.I though, Hitting something out of someone's hand is; theft, & battery. Which is illegal. So Mr. LaRusso could be arrested for kicking that drink out of that guys hand.
    R.I.P Pat Morita.

  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown 5 months ago

    Just leave it alone. Fucken money hungry re-boot whores.

  • all4Hisgloryalone
    all4Hisgloryalone 5 months ago

    You Tube RED ...who is dumb enough to pay for that???