• Published on May 28, 2019
  • My friend Shelbie and I went to the worst reviewed make up artist in our area in New York. We found her on Yelp a few days before. She tried to overcharge me and we later found out she was not an actual qualified MUA.
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  • Olivia Rahaim
    Olivia Rahaim 2 minutes ago

    Wtf just happened to your face. Don’t ever say that lady was polite, she was super rude to you. I respect you!!

  • Madison Maggio
    Madison Maggio 10 minutes ago

    “The eyelashes are sheep wool” BWHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • Madison Maggio
    Madison Maggio 10 minutes ago

    IVE NEVER LAUGHED HARDER “oh there just hearts” “do you like them?” BWHAHAHAH😂😂

  • Bre.star.socks
    Bre.star.socks 17 minutes ago

    Sis really said “I can’t make it look exactly like the picture” BITCH

  • tori marie
    tori marie 18 minutes ago


  • Tacha Metelus
    Tacha Metelus 18 minutes ago

    Too much glue

  • Mindy P
    Mindy P 18 minutes ago

    My 5yrold sis could do better

  • Tacha Metelus
    Tacha Metelus 24 minutes ago

    Why is she putting you eyebrows with eyeshadow

  • Tacha Metelus
    Tacha Metelus 27 minutes ago

    The part when this done lied

  • Livi Divi
    Livi Divi 28 minutes ago

    What kind of foundation brush is that
    This is so bad I can’t even

  • Tacha Metelus
    Tacha Metelus 29 minutes ago

    When she said tf was that gonna help…?

  • Mel Lagacé
    Mel Lagacé 33 minutes ago

    I was shook when she said “umm do you not trust me?!” With the eyeliner.

  • Tacha Metelus
    Tacha Metelus 33 minutes ago

    She just lied like noooooo

  • Aesthetic_Spxrit
    Aesthetic_Spxrit 51 minute ago

    It looked like your face was a five year olds canvas... 😂

  • Nevaeh C
    Nevaeh C 51 minute ago

    Ik u mf lyin I wouldn’t have even payed her I would’ve walked straight out I wish she would try to stop me

  • LevisLife X
    LevisLife X 53 minutes ago

    I was laughing soooo hard when the girl put hearts on they eye shadow

  • Nereily Duran
    Nereily Duran 55 minutes ago

    $70 IS A LOT

  • SoGoL ghp
    SoGoL ghp 57 minutes ago

    Again another fake videossss. Damn

  • Taylor Fulp
    Taylor Fulp 57 minutes ago

    I don’t wear make-up and I could do better than this bish

  • Rixi
    Rixi Hour ago

    I wouldn’t had paid for that..... 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂 bye, girl.

  • Maria May
    Maria May Hour ago

    Make-up artist: I know there is a lot of bad reviews, but I'm like really good at what I do.
    Everyone: you look fucking ugly!

  • Abby Tv
    Abby Tv Hour ago

    This gotta be fake

  • Krystal Garcia
    Krystal Garcia Hour ago

    You paid her!?!??!!? Girl i wouldve walked out!!!

  • Emily Burroughs
    Emily Burroughs Hour ago

    i lost it at the eyelashes loooool

  • lisa corimbi
    lisa corimbi Hour ago

    too bad to be true

  • Rajanae Robinson
    Rajanae Robinson Hour ago

    I would have never paid her if my makeup look like that 😑😑

  • Its Terry
    Its Terry Hour ago

    She based her price on the makeup she used and the lashes🥴. Her face look crazy as hell. She did the makeup her way instead if what the customer asked for. Throw the WHOLE “ makeup artist “ AWAY!😂👏🏾

  • Breeanna Griffin
    Breeanna Griffin Hour ago

    Regardless them brushes looked crusty AF

  • Alysia Reyes
    Alysia Reyes Hour ago

    They don’t sound the same 😑😂

  • Taylor Grace
    Taylor Grace Hour ago

    This is literally painful to watch

  • Hattie Mae Doss
    Hattie Mae Doss Hour ago

    When the girl was doing your lips she bent over we saw her

  • Edward Dell’Acqua

    You know this is fake it’s her friend hhaha😂😂

  • life with Lea
    life with Lea Hour ago

    Omg my best friend is 11 and can do make up better than this lol

  • emilylinn channel

    Lol and I will

  • Selkku Julkku
    Selkku Julkku 2 hours ago

    This is so fake smh

  • Richard
    Richard 2 hours ago

    "Anastshiya " 💀

  • Maggie
    Maggie 2 hours ago

    probably staged but you're really pretty

  • Roselene Htee
    Roselene Htee 2 hours ago


  • trixie tension
    trixie tension 2 hours ago

    Yo she fucked you up so bad. Bitch don't deserve $5

  • Brook Syn
    Brook Syn 2 hours ago

    7:57 do u not trust me ?!?!

  • Munfox
    Munfox 2 hours ago

    The way she went about everything including doing the actual makeup reminded me of when a child pretends to be a makeup artist 😭

  • Elena Rose
    Elena Rose 2 hours ago

    No hate or shade to her but this seems mad fake

  • Yaoi Chip
    Yaoi Chip 3 hours ago

    Why are people still doing this challenge , like you now what is gonna happen, it's just common sense to now that.

  • Lily McIlhargie
    Lily McIlhargie 3 hours ago

    I could have done better than that and I'm 13. But the lashes I would mess up to.

  • Jaiden Andrews
    Jaiden Andrews 3 hours ago

    Sis went off all I've seen is ppl leaving and being nice finally someone speCking their wmind ong 😂🙄❤️

  • Tamiyah Mcgriff
    Tamiyah Mcgriff 3 hours ago

    This is sooo fake 🤣🤣

  • princess gamer
    princess gamer 3 hours ago

    Omg when I was five I did better than that 😂

  • Anastasia Malyugin
    Anastasia Malyugin 3 hours ago

    not lying but that looked but a clown

  • Erin McNamara
    Erin McNamara 3 hours ago

    This has to be a joke

  • Elaina Rose Salvatore
    Elaina Rose Salvatore 3 hours ago

    😂😂😂I have no words for this😂😂😂

  • Daisy Hood
    Daisy Hood 3 hours ago

    I still wouldn’t pay £70 I would pay 5p 😂

  • allie bewleyz
    allie bewleyz 4 hours ago


  • Ashley Fassett
    Ashley Fassett 4 hours ago

    imagine calling someone sl*w bc they can’t do makeup... yikes

  • Charvonnia Cutchin
    Charvonnia Cutchin 4 hours ago

    no she did not !!!!!

  • lupita flores
    lupita flores 4 hours ago


  • Siena Elle
    Siena Elle 4 hours ago

    It’s real 9:22 is brown hair, her friend has blonde

  • warda hussain
    warda hussain 4 hours ago +1

    The makeup artist was her friend we got scammed 😡

  • Valecia Smith
    Valecia Smith 4 hours ago

    Yo she just want the money

  • QueennLexxx
    QueennLexxx 4 hours ago

    New subscriber 😊

  • Brittany Oleyar
    Brittany Oleyar 4 hours ago

    so obviously fake. fuck you

  • Sue King
    Sue King 5 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂WTF? 😳😳 even $70 for her unprofessionalism is totally unacceptable!!

  • furiousfallingflower -

    odhdkshdodhd wtf that’s probably how it’s look when i’d try to do makeup lmao

  • chetavia young
    chetavia young 5 hours ago

    How could she even let you walk out like that 💀💀💀💀

  • Unknown 1243651
    Unknown 1243651 5 hours ago

    She's soo bad at doing makeup

  • Silent Death
    Silent Death 5 hours ago +1

    Oh hell nah I ain't praying for you're face i'm praying for that lady she needs to go to school and get a real makeup job then if she does really good THEN she can charge someone 180 dollars cause like honey I can do way better makeup then that

  • Fiona Goode
    Fiona Goode 5 hours ago

    This is fake af

  • Haydyn Mulholland
    Haydyn Mulholland 5 hours ago

    the friend is not doing the makeup lol, it might be staged but it's not her friend cause she showed them both in the same clip.

  • eboni257
    eboni257 5 hours ago


  • J White
    J White 5 hours ago

    Lmfaoooooooo I am deaaaaad! Her friend said “she fucking You up”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Then the lashes🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ whew chile

  • Reina Aqua
    Reina Aqua 5 hours ago

    fake as hell

  • emma maddox
    emma maddox 6 hours ago

    Bruh this has to be fake😂 it’s gotta be no one would do this with eyelash glue ahh

  • Lani's World
    Lani's World 6 hours ago

    Your gonna be the prettiest girl in the prom🤡

  • truvelocity
    truvelocity 6 hours ago

    When she said,”Do you not trust me?” - I knew this was staged.

  • Reina Aqua
    Reina Aqua 6 hours ago

    this feels like the make up artist already knew

  • Diana Romero
    Diana Romero 6 hours ago

    What the hell did she fu**ing do to you?😮💄😰

  • Lila Egyszarvú
    Lila Egyszarvú 6 hours ago

    9:22 the ,,makeup artist” is not her friend. (Just for the people who think it)

  • unicorn gaming
    unicorn gaming 6 hours ago

    I would laugh the whole time xd

  • Clover
    Clover 6 hours ago

    this is so stressful to watch holy fuck.. and she's like 'you don't trust me' lmao she's fucking nuts dude

  • brianna back
    brianna back 6 hours ago

    Fake lol

  • Lisete Rätte
    Lisete Rätte 6 hours ago

    what the hell is this

  • Ivan Cati
    Ivan Cati 7 hours ago

    Omg this is the same make up artist that others people went jeez

  • Chiderah Abani
    Chiderah Abani 7 hours ago


  • holly Hess
    holly Hess 8 hours ago

    i never laughed so hard wtf 😂😭

  • Ashley
    Ashley 8 hours ago

    No way this is real

  • KittyWawa23 KittyWawa23

    The eyeliner is unbelievable. I wouldn’t even payed her if she did that to me!!
    “What is that?”
    “It’s little hearts”
    “ Do you like the hearts?”

  • Haley Scranton
    Haley Scranton 8 hours ago

    This is fake 😂

  • Nicole Biber
    Nicole Biber 8 hours ago

    The eyes looked kind of good with out the eyelashes and the eyeliner

  • Zuleima Salazar
    Zuleima Salazar 9 hours ago +1


  • Zuleima Salazar
    Zuleima Salazar 9 hours ago +1

    And this video like I really don't know what to say.

  • Zuleima Salazar
    Zuleima Salazar 9 hours ago +1

    OMG milli Bobby brown my daughters love you.

  • Jenella
    Jenella 9 hours ago

    To be honest this video is fake

  • Damari
    Damari 9 hours ago

    You payed her for that bs !? Lmfaoooo no ma’am!!!

  • Giulia Bernardini
    Giulia Bernardini 9 hours ago

    At 12:24 u can see the lady that did the makeup.

  • Stitchthekitten
    Stitchthekitten 9 hours ago

    It doesn’t matter if it’s staged this still made me gag 😂 did you guys watch Avatar and go “yo this must be staged people ain’t blue” like-

  • WolfFox Ka
    WolfFox Ka 9 hours ago

    Maybe, she’s new? At least she tried? Maybe? Idk. It looks so, creative?

  • shelby marie
    shelby marie 9 hours ago

    i would’ve been like “GIRL- i look like a clown”

  • Gacha Makes Studios
    Gacha Makes Studios 9 hours ago

    She probably cried when you left good for her

  • Gacha Makes Studios
    Gacha Makes Studios 9 hours ago

    She know good and well you were not ok with that the lady is trash at that I clearly don’t get why she even said you were going to the cutest girl in the prom and 190 girl bue

  • Hozzie Kitten
    Hozzie Kitten 9 hours ago

    Is this fuckin for real tho

  • Gary Moss
    Gary Moss 9 hours ago

    I would rather have shrek do my freaking makeup -__-