Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua II - FULL FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE | Matchroom Boxing

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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    Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua 2 - THE FULL SAUDI ARABIAN FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE | Matchroom Boxing
    Clash On The Dunes - the first-ever World Heavyweight Title fight in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will take place on the 7th of December 2019, as part of Diriyah Season, where the current unified world heavyweight champion holding the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO titles Andy ‘The Destroyer’ Ruiz Jr, and Anthony ‘AJ’ Joshua, the 2012 Olympics gold medalist, go head - to - head in a revenge clash of epic proportions.
    Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2 is now ’Clash on the Dunes’ as the rematch heads to Saudi Arabia.
    The Full HD Press Conference video filmed in London. Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr Rematch.
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Comments • 3 755

  • dancena2
    dancena2 Month ago

    Heck, even Logan Paul Beats Ruiz, maybe even knocks him out!

  • Spam Email
    Spam Email Month ago

    I hope Joshua looses.

  • Dj mixsir
    Dj mixsir Month ago

    Joshua turned into mayweather “hit and run coward “ 😂

  • dalexkom
    dalexkom Month ago

    you can see in Joshua`s eyes he wasn`t gonna lose


    Joshua is thinking about how he can't have sex w a Saudi, and has to wait until he gets home. RUIZ is thinking about tacos and beer. I don't care for Saudi Arabia, love the language. I LOVE BOXING!

  • Tadi
    Tadi Month ago

    We have been in the gym every give me a break. I think Andy has been doing a good job of avoiding the GYM lol

  • Young Afro
    Young Afro Month ago

    Saudi Arabia is good in organising world event like this.Kudos to them

  • Young Afro
    Young Afro Month ago

    Saudi Arabia is good in organising world event like this.Kudos to them

  • Jay Bourne
    Jay Bourne Month ago

    Jab and run = Technical/Disciplined/True Boxer/ great footwork

    Knocks you out = Trash / no technique / bad form / luck / bad footwork

    Why is this the mentality of so called *REAL* boxing fans.

  • Benny Rivera
    Benny Rivera Month ago

    Anthony Josh was promoter This British Cock Sucking bi!ch. This fool Is real arrogant and really thinking of his self higher than he ought to because he really aint shit Promoting a real Bi!ch as boxer anyways

  • Leilani Johnson
    Leilani Johnson Month ago +1

    Let's get it

  • Март Author
    Март Author Month ago

    i like Joshua for physicality(?)physics but i like Ruiz more because he is funny and happy.
    Joshua became slimmer and run fast , Ruiz chased him a bit but a difference was 20 kg .
    i want Ruiz to beat Wilder and Fury .

  • Март Author
    Март Author Month ago

    Joshua is a champ to beat limited when comes a real one he has problems. a real one can punch and defend himself.

  • Lnn
    Lnn Month ago

    You could see AJ's PTSD from the first fight when Andy released punches. He shouldnt fight Andy again. I dont think that would be a good career move. He shouldnt fight Wilder either or Fury. Eddie Hearns shouldnt do that to him.

  • Javier Guadalupe
    Javier Guadalupe Month ago +1

    Not here to take part , here to take over ... woooooooo he took that from Conor McGregor lmfao an fought like mayweather. Hit run hit run lol go toe to toe like the first fight you’ll see Andy will have u over hahahahah give Andy the trilogy an fight in the middle an don’t run around the ring .

    • javier v.
      javier v. Month ago

      Fat ass was a fluke and he'll never be champion again. No one wants the third fight.

  • Mikey Wood
    Mikey Wood Month ago

    Ed: 'Stop wasting my ti...
    Arab: *Hands cheque.
    Ed: Yes.

  • The Jacobs
    The Jacobs Month ago

    Joshua won!!!!

  • Edwin Ramos
    Edwin Ramos Month ago

    He's like telling the reporters to hurry up because his pizza is getting cold 🤣🤣

  • cedrick mwamba
    cedrick mwamba Month ago

    Thx a lot champ

  • David Perez
    David Perez Month ago +1

    If Anthony Joshua wanted to dance he should of went to the club. What a big wuss punch and run. He didn't wanna square up and Fight with Ruiz cuz he would of got knocked out like 1st fight. I say keep the rounds going till someone gets knocked out. Anthony Joshua is an oversized Floyd Mayweather. Two wusses that hit and run around the Ring. That's why Iron Mike Tyson was what brought excitement to boxing REAL FIGHTING

  • Actus Reus
    Actus Reus Month ago


  • Gareth Latcham
    Gareth Latcham Month ago

    Oh BORE OFF....

  • Gareth Latcham
    Gareth Latcham Month ago

    What a load of BULLSHIT 😂😂

  • Singh
    Singh Month ago

    Anthony won

    BHO BHO Month ago

    Enough with the A.. kissing 😘 seriously

  • Abanikannda james olawale

    The prince was so excited and nervous at the same time, that's some passion.

  • saul Guerrero
    saul Guerrero Month ago

    Ruiz no more snickers let’s go !! We need fight #3 in 🇲🇽

  • William Falcon
    William Falcon Month ago

    This fight SUCKED AJ just ran away
    Cheap boring pussy ahead.

  • Erdwwn Tv
    Erdwwn Tv Month ago

    AJ cant knock-out my marshmellow

  • Michael Ayoola
    Michael Ayoola Month ago +2

    Andy, did you hear that? “We are taking this fight very very seriously. & Andy knows that” says ur coach . So, you were well prepared. If you had won tonight, you would hv said you prepared for the match. So stop giving excuses.

  • Test Account
    Test Account Month ago

    eddie hearn loves his money, fixes the first fight so aj will lose when the odds are high, and now making the sport of boxing a joke by selling out to a country that doesn't care about boxing - they just want to see what whitey will do for some $$

  • karey lester
    karey lester Month ago +1

    these Saudies have so much money its sick

  • Alexander Mihov
    Alexander Mihov Month ago +2

    Nowadays, people would do anything for money. Unbelievable and sad

  • Kid Dynamite
    Kid Dynamite Month ago +1

    Passion or truck loads of money?

  • Bash D'Great
    Bash D'Great Month ago

    The first fight was not a level playing field. Andy Ruiz has been watching Anthony Joshua. He knows AJ in and out. And to AJ, Andy Ruiz was just another guy from next door. But unfortunately, table turned. But now, they are on same level playing field. Good job AJ, Bravo!

  • bigbodyrover
    bigbodyrover Month ago

    Aj wasnt fucking with ruiz this time. Now yall will look at the video different wont you 😂😂😂

  • bigbodyrover
    bigbodyrover Month ago

    Blah blah he couldnt hold the belt for more than a few months 😂

  • RB BRU
    RB BRU Month ago

    Who’s here after AJ won

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik Month ago

    First was a fix.

  • Hiram Maxem
    Hiram Maxem Month ago

    Andy, watch out for the water, food and air pumped through your hotel room AC - anything could happen in this business. Ánimo y partele su madre!

  • OnSean Zion
    OnSean Zion Month ago

    And now??? NEWWWW

  • Shoaib Ahmad
    Shoaib Ahmad Month ago


  • Hugh Neutron
    Hugh Neutron Month ago

    Great just fucking great I was dumb enough to bet 20 grand on that fat Mexican and now I’m broke as fuck I hate boxing 🥊

  • Ivan Sandvall Fitness

    Joshua is gonna win 100%

  • kieran franey
    kieran franey Month ago

    Don't let the fact that , that part of the world is the high end market of the child sex trafficking though Eddie , as long as you get profit. HOW FUCKEN DARE YOU DO THIS TO THE VICTIMS.

  • Orion Casablanca
    Orion Casablanca Month ago

    Win ruiz

  • Orion Casablanca
    Orion Casablanca Month ago +1


  • Caleb Foster
    Caleb Foster Month ago

    That boy Ruiz high AF

  • Danny Archumbolt
    Danny Archumbolt Month ago

    Wow I'm not gay, but damn that sadi dude sitting between those guys looks like a dude who got beat by the terrorist gods. In advance, Yeah let's hear it from you triggered peeps that I said that! Get over yourself if you're triggered

  • Norman Dunnagan Jr.

    Joshua doesnt like the barbershop after the loss

  • Ricardo Magana
    Ricardo Magana Month ago

    Takes pride to tell a crowd that you were wrong! Even tho I don’t like Eddie Hearn I give him that for admitting he was wrong.

    • Ricardo Magana
      Ricardo Magana Month ago

      Satavius Walker that he took the arabian guy as joke and he told him in his face and apologized

    • Satavius Walker
      Satavius Walker Month ago

      Eddie was wrong for what??

  • patrick y
    patrick y Month ago +1

    If AJ loses....Eddie Hearn is IMMEDIATELY on suicide watch.

  • Kenneth Ford
    Kenneth Ford Month ago

    146 sky staff the and not one fucking translation expert

  • Hel Gar
    Hel Gar Month ago

    Andy Ruiz ate his way out of his championship. Yumyum, F the belts, where's the mac and cheese.

  • Roger
    Roger Month ago

    Hear this guy 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ 12:50 Why they always have dumbass mofos that are up there?! This dude said he wants to thank the KING! REALLY BRO??! THATS THE FUCKEN PRINCE YOU IDIOT 😤🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣 they just introduced him too, like 2 minutes ago

  • Dat Fresh AfrikanBadBoi

    Dubai prince is ugly as fuck

  • Ciaran Dove
    Ciaran Dove Month ago

    Aj better beat the fat pudding

  • Gus Gotay
    Gus Gotay Month ago +1

    FK saudi arabia

  • bellyboy. com TMT
    bellyboy. com TMT Month ago

    We're going to win bro 💪🏾 💪🏾 💪🏾 💪🏾 💪🏾

  • Obtuse One
    Obtuse One Month ago +1

    aj the bodybulder is gnna get SMASHED and for a man that got Beat down 4 times last fight he has good confidence