Top 10 Best Foldable Electric Scooter to Buy in 2019

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
  • Foldable Electric Scooters are portable, space saving, convenient to carry around and easy to ride. There are a lot of Foldable Electric Scooter available in the market and it is easy to buy one which is not that good. For your convenience we have listed Top 10 Best Foldable Electric Scooter so that you can make an informed decision before buying one.
    Best Electric Scooter Review:
    Best Electric Scooter List:
    1. Segway KickScooters 10:35
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    2. Nanrobot D5+ 09:51
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    3. CycleBoard 07:58
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    4. Swagtron Swagger Pro SG3 06:35
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    5. MOBOT Widewheel Electric Scooter 05:59
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    6. Mi Electric Scooter 05:01
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    7. GOTRAX GXL Electric Scooter 04:18
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    8. AKTIVO Scoot Electric Scooter 03:09
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    9. Razor E Prime 01:40
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    10. EON Scooter 00:14
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
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    • Martin Tigermaan
      Martin Tigermaan 6 days ago

      People need to remember about one more thing if they want to ride an electric scooter. Please watch my short teaser:

    • peter phoenix
      peter phoenix 2 months ago

      i would've subbed but the music was far too annoying...

    • Summer Vibes
      Summer Vibes 4 months ago

      This is best Electric Scooter ever produced. Check it out

  • Dear Father
    Dear Father Day ago

    Xiaomi is my favorite

  • Mr. Kid
    Mr. Kid 6 days ago +1

    2. Nanrobot and 1 is ninerobot, bruv what are you thonking.

  • Sajjad Torkanlo
    Sajjad Torkanlo 8 days ago

  • Dave Chippy
    Dave Chippy 9 days ago

    No zoom stryder?

  • your planet my planet
    your planet my planet 18 days ago

    These thinks are ace..
    7 solar panels make 1000kwh per year. Enough to go 30,000 miles on these!

  • Sergio Alexis
    Sergio Alexis 20 days ago

    6,1 Y 1,6 me gustas y no me gustas xDDD

  • Meren Benz
    Meren Benz Month ago

    O my god, ninebot is one of the worst...I use it myself.

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  • Dom s
    Dom s Month ago

  • Cratoni Helmets
    Cratoni Helmets Month ago

    Helmpflicht für E-Scooter?! Der E-Scooter Helm:

  • Ronald Wilman
    Ronald Wilman Month ago

    Looking for insurance on my nanrobot LS7. Any advice.

  • arki ninja
    arki ninja Month ago

    Better if its also solar-powered

  • Anais Lloyd
    Anais Lloyd Month ago

    Where can I find one of those eco scooters and the links don’t work

  • Antherus Nick
    Antherus Nick Month ago +1

    If i wanted list of scooter i can just search. No info on prices. Gg

  • GreekRhino
    GreekRhino Month ago

    Poor review, no pricing, no max distance after 1 charge, no nothing. Probably just throwed some clips of electric scooters in your Adobe Premiere Pro and just upload it to youtube

  • Dick Zibb
    Dick Zibb Month ago +1

    Some of those are great, but ONLY for civilised places - where the importance of good condition of the roads is comprehended by everyone - unlike Norway.

  • Wheelsity
    Wheelsity Month ago

    Amazing video :)

  • EcoRide PH
    EcoRide PH Month ago

    The world's only suspension kit for the Xiaomi M365... we just launched yesterday. Email me at if interested.

  • Hello People
    Hello People Month ago

    Which is better a
    E-Scooter S1, Electric Scooter or Voyager Ion scooter

    • Wheelsity
      Wheelsity Month ago

      Well you must look at their specs to determine what is the best. Brand names doesn't ring a bell. Just look at the specs

  • Darryl Wolfe
    Darryl Wolfe Month ago

    Are these things waterproof?

  • Hello People
    Hello People Month ago +3

    I’m to lazy to walk home from school it’s 45 min walk I have open periods
    So I’m looking to buy an electric scooter

    • Jeff Bezos
      Jeff Bezos 12 days ago

      Can it go up steep hills

    • salty boi
      salty boi Month ago

      I got a electric scooter I'm trying to sell

    • salty boi
      salty boi Month ago

      Ehy hit me up

  • Mark Julius
    Mark Julius Month ago

    This video sucks but time. No real reviews and lots of missing info. For example, the second to the last scooter seemed really nice, but there was no mention of the range or how long it would take to charge. In fact, there was info whatsoever. Thumbs down.

  • Komsan Akkhapracha
    Komsan Akkhapracha Month ago +3

    Why has no one built a bigeer tyre ,say 12” so it can absorb more bumps.Just wondering .....

  • Bradley Tomkins
    Bradley Tomkins Month ago +1

    The razor scooter looks so cheap 😂

  • FromBeToReality
    FromBeToReality Month ago +3

    i don't know how #10 wasn't #1. it was the only one with a seat. the option of sitting ranks high with me ...

  • Mobility Seeker
    Mobility Seeker Month ago +1

    crap video... this review is much better:

  • Kazi Hassan
    Kazi Hassan Month ago

    Price needs to be in the videos please

  • Francislau Lau
    Francislau Lau Month ago


  • Chris B.
    Chris B. Month ago +1

    My favorite one is the promo video for the Xiaomi scooter which has nice easy music and couples enjoying a quiet leisurely existence away from the rat race. It makes me feel sad watching it because I would like to live that way instead of being stressed out with work all the time and just wanting to be able to have a peaceful life.

  • LES
    LES Month ago +3

    Just from what I've seen here, my favorites would be the first and the last ones.

  • Diana Olator
    Diana Olator Month ago

    The Dualtron must go in number 1, durable, powerful and autonomous. The Segway is very bad, it has many failures shortly after use, it is a cute scooter but it is not recommended for daily use, it is delicate on unheard surfaces, its design causes it to be released on the shaft and there is no spare for that and carry sensors together with the weight in grip makes it unstable and susceptible to failure of electrical materials by vibration, by design the weight in the base must go. Dualtron is more professional and manufactures professional scooters with good re sale

  • rob rose
    rob rose Month ago

    Next, maybe, try?

  • GreekRhino
    GreekRhino Month ago

    Did they woman on the right tried to do bunny hop? 4:50

  • Francisco Martins
    Francisco Martins Month ago

    Name first music?

  • yaboi layshay
    yaboi layshay Month ago

    I mean does it go from best to worst number 10 team badass everything after that POS

  • Svengali Falls
    Svengali Falls Month ago +1

    Oh yes and price

  • Svengali Falls
    Svengali Falls Month ago +7

    Terrible job. Every scooter should have listed its range top speed and charging time.

  • Cyberguy777
    Cyberguy777 2 months ago

    the links just bring up an amazon search of 'electric scooter' it seems like the amount of effort someone would put in if they stole someone else's video

  • Jiří Rašner
    Jiří Rašner 2 months ago

    hello my friend

  • Now i can't change my name

    I just got one and I wanted to see people happy with their electric scooters

  • kurtler1
    kurtler1 2 months ago +1

    Список самых дерьмовых самокатов! Отстой!

  • гега тв
    гега тв 2 months ago +1


  • gordon anirah
    gordon anirah 2 months ago

    Waste video

  • Jim Horwitz
    Jim Horwitz 2 months ago

    Misleading title

  • Der Italiener
    Der Italiener 2 months ago

    Germans be like: Well nice but still can't use these in Germany. 😂🙈

  • jiankun chen
    jiankun chen 2 months ago

    i dont think Ninebot scooter is best.

  • California R
    California R 2 months ago

    An era of lousy scooters, disillusionment, preposterously low quality machines all over the place. Total sham. A joke.

  • Mr SS
    Mr SS 2 months ago

    He left home for work and then charges it in his office lol. Free charging

  • jmcassonetto
    jmcassonetto 2 months ago

    Stopped watching after - girl w daisy dukes - Do u have to buy extra charger for office or have to carry it for long trips? everyone mentioned already this vid is just ads - not review

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 2 months ago


  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 2 months ago +1

    I have a weird habit of looking at reviews of things I will never buy 😭😭😭🤔🤔🤔

  • Andrew Talley
    Andrew Talley 2 months ago

    I claim BS. My Segway fell apart in just over 2 months of use.

  • EJL
    EJL 2 months ago

    Do you need a license to ride an electric scooter?

  • Mythos
    Mythos 2 months ago

    They are not doing a review, they are just copying vids from the companies. Lame.

  • sly lutfi
    sly lutfi 2 months ago

    delete your channel unless you change your format please.

  • Kyle Vin
    Kyle Vin 2 months ago +2

    Ive seen 12:11 minutes of ads. When does the review video start??

  • berale baitz
    berale baitz 2 months ago

    Inokim is top 1

  • nanrobotscooter . com
    nanrobotscooter . com 2 months ago

    Too many ads