Grimes - So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Visualizer)

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • 'Miss Anthropocene' release date: February 21st:
    Music written, produced, performed & engineered by Grimes
    Mixed by Illangelo
    Mastered by Dave Kutch

    Visuals Brought to you by Ethereal Lobby Force (E.L.F.)
    Mac Boucher
    Neil Hansen
    & Grimes
    ~A subsidiary of Media Empire~
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Comments • 2 695

  • KiWi Cat
    KiWi Cat 8 minutes ago

    This is dope af

  • Marina Atkin
    Marina Atkin Hour ago

    I got chills. Incredible song, amazing vocals.

  • Sreeja Mitra.
    Sreeja Mitra. Hour ago

    this is so much better than the Spotify version

  • Jackeline Garcia
    Jackeline Garcia 3 hours ago

    I can’t stop listening uhhhh I love itttt

  • Chris Read
    Chris Read 3 hours ago

    who would have thunk it the britney spears or how do you spell britney spears?

  • Chris Read
    Chris Read 3 hours ago

    ok britnee speers

  • Chris Read
    Chris Read 3 hours ago

    i get the point britney spears ok you can sing my niggard

  • Frank Pepin
    Frank Pepin 4 hours ago

    This is beauty. I dunno what say other than I really dig this dark aetherium vibe. More, please.

  • Alicia Sanchez
    Alicia Sanchez 4 hours ago

    What will be like your next song in 2049?
    Could it be that have we already defeated the dragon?....I hope you continue being this angelic gladiator protecting the earth, and if that doesn't work, take me with you to another planet

  • M
    M 5 hours ago

    Who else listening to grimes friday morning, stoked. Bout to trip on mushies this weekend
    Fuck the brain washed sheep!

  • Alfredo Ferraz
    Alfredo Ferraz 5 hours ago

    Gente, nem preciso fechar o olho pra viajar nesse som, olha que delicia

  • Izaya
    Izaya 7 hours ago

    one of her best songs

  • Zivile Mat.
    Zivile Mat. 7 hours ago

    Bjork vibes.

  • On Off
    On Off 8 hours ago

    x1.25 DO IT!!

  • Tyler Silverstein
    Tyler Silverstein 9 hours ago

    What a temporary place I can get lost in feeling like constantly falling through many floors made of sweets.

  • Louie Guadalupe
    Louie Guadalupe 9 hours ago

    So my character Loudone is infact the man.see he's not god nor the devil.hes the white lotus.

  • Louie Guadalupe
    Louie Guadalupe 9 hours ago

    Snd i could be at walmart.fuck Walmart they never hired me for what?

  • Suntracks Television
    Suntracks Television 10 hours ago

    So beautiful

  • The Elder
    The Elder 10 hours ago

    Oh, silly love
    Coming here
    When I said, "Go"

    Weigh me down, oh, love
    Weigh me down, oh, love

    Yeah, oh
    So heavy, I fell through the earth
    Yeah, oh
    'Cause I fucking love
    Yeah, oh
    So heavy, I fell through the earth
    Yeah, oh
    'Cause I'm full of love from you

    Oh, silly love
    Coming here
    When I said, "Go"

    Weigh me down, oh, love
    Weigh me down, oh, love

    Yeah, oh
    So heavy, I fell through the earth
    Yeah, oh
    'Cause I fucking love
    Yeah, oh
    So heavy, I fell through the earth
    Yeah, oh
    'Cause I'm full of love from you

    So heavy I fell
    Through the earth, baby
    So heavy I fell
    Through the earth, baby
    So heavy I fell
    Through the earth, baby
    So heavy I fell
    So heavy I fell
    So heavy I fell

  • The Elder
    The Elder 10 hours ago +1

    Space X "Dragon" (= Elon Musk). Grimes is the little space knight, who does not slay the dragon. In her latest interview in Interview magazine, she said: "This next release is filled with songs she wrote for people." I believe this song is about her love for Elon. You can hear "Happy Birthday" numerous times at the end. Grimes sad she had these songs ready for about 1 year. So this may have been a birthday gift to Elon.

  • Jordan Huth
    Jordan Huth 14 hours ago

    please come to Denver or Electric Forest

  • Lady Luxx
    Lady Luxx 14 hours ago

    Vocals are so raw, thanks again Grimes!

  • sithknight19
    sithknight19 18 hours ago

    Banging track. Listen to this as I do my edits

  • linda lohan
    linda lohan 19 hours ago

    This song pulled the planets down into my backyard

  • Natalia Rose
    Natalia Rose 19 hours ago +1

    Check out Hana’s and Claire’s call on HANAS channel also Hanadriel out now on iTunes 🤷🏻‍♀️😂💀💕 Who else is excited for Grimes New Miss Anthropocene Album 🐉🗡🖤

  • Daz Is Back
    Daz Is Back 20 hours ago

    Love this !

  • beautiful _
    beautiful _ 21 hour ago

    Grimes be my friend and teach me how to make music with you I am so bored of fighting off demons

  • Daniel H.
    Daniel H. 21 hour ago

    Eu salvei essa música ou ela me salvou?

  • ileana pelivan
    ileana pelivan 21 hour ago

    955 people who dislike love dragons :))

  • Piacabs
    Piacabs 23 hours ago

    oozes with sex appeal.

  • Ran Moore
    Ran Moore Day ago

    Great song! looking forward to the release but the video is so frustrating back and forth and back and forth and back and forth!

  • Alvaro Olaechea
    Alvaro Olaechea Day ago

    why the fuck did I end up here after listening to punk rock

  • Pascal Mortier
    Pascal Mortier Day ago

    How is this possible ? I listened to this song 3 times, because it is of Grimes; than I thought "good song". I listened 6 times and I thought: "Very good". Now I think: "What an incredible good song !!!".

  • Lauren Sif
    Lauren Sif Day ago

    I am swoooooned. this and life in a vivid dream. anyone have any similar songs to recommend?

  • Taahanni
    Taahanni Day ago +2

    This song is what *actually* broke the cybertruck windows.

  • Carl
    Carl Day ago

    You got turned into a Jester bruh.

  • Denisa Hannigova

    This gives me creeps

  • squid1060
    squid1060 Day ago

    anyone else feel like this has a homestuck soundtrack vibe?

  • Oscar Ávila
    Oscar Ávila Day ago +1

    This must be what it feels like when god touches your soul.

  • Anastasia Danilina

    Что за астрономически-божественный пиздец?😍

  • The Coward Liberius

    just eat less

  • JL | Broddha
    JL | Broddha Day ago

    This song is steamy.

  • Metatron777
    Metatron777 Day ago

    This song seems to be from another planet

  • it is i shut.
    it is i shut. Day ago +1

    anyone hear her quietly saying "nyoom . . . nyoom . . . nyoom . .. nyoom"

  • Milos Petrovic
    Milos Petrovic Day ago

    This song transform me into a plant. The plant is the rose from garden of Eden. That is how much this is beautiful. 🌹

  • insulin babe
    insulin babe Day ago

    incredible, claire never disappoint me, and guys she doesn't have an specific genre, she experiments and she does what she feels. yes, this is a lot alike like the first albums, and my favorite style, but it doesn't mean that she has to do everything like this

  • Ana Melissa Sanchez

    Bjork + Dreams music video by Beck

  • cdrain68
    cdrain68 Day ago

    I remember hearing her on Late Junction makes me almost want to go back to Canada.

  • Jessica Vasquez
    Jessica Vasquez Day ago

    Spunds like I'm waiting for SpaceX to go live . Hey Elon, please update the tunes for SpaceX or maybe just add this one .

  • gbmgbmgbm
    gbmgbmgbm Day ago

    i love S H I F T T E

  • Nikolaos Pizanias

    Very good song and "interesting" video. I hate the junk Grimes have puked out in recent years. This was a return to the original good stuff.

  • Timothy Germann
    Timothy Germann Day ago

    Hanging out with Musk, now she's singing about Neutron Stars.

  • jimmy hill
    jimmy hill Day ago

    Re shours

  • Reg Rock
    Reg Rock Day ago

    I kick the fuck out of sjws to this.

  • Jack Be
    Jack Be Day ago

    grimes was a huge influence to me while i was making my original song, "beauty hurts"! 💖💖💖 you can check it out here:

  • Brad 1
    Brad 1 Day ago

    love the graphic in this idk about the music! Feedback I think if you did more falling rocks kinda in different directions might have been sweeter great work though keep it up

  • Rachel
    Rachel Day ago


  • Radovan Josipovic
    Radovan Josipovic 2 days ago

    Michael Oldfield approves this for sure.

  • TinkTinkTink
    TinkTinkTink 2 days ago

    I'm here for the Dungeon and Dragons movie b-roll.