JIBO IS DEAD!?!? - The WAN Show Nov 30 2018

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
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    Timestamps courtesy of Isaiah
    0:00 Start / 10 Year Birthday
    6:00 Sales is underrated
    9:13 Being asleep.
    12:04 The Intro
    12:55 No not Jibo!
    16:40 Go get that shirt! (doesn't get it)
    27:27 Rat talk.
    29:00 Linus' day on 9/11/2001
    30:25 Sponsor: MOS Organizer
    30:34 Linus leaks RTX
    33:55 Sponsor: Seasonic
    34:05 Linus leaks RTX again.
    35:50 Sponsor: Freshbooks!
    37:00 Chinese scientist created first designer babies
    44:55 Reading of super chats
    47:30 TheXvid removing paywall of TheXvid Originals
    50:30 Same bad-time and same bat channel / Outtro.
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  • Duch
    Duch 6 hours ago


  • Adam
    Adam 5 days ago

    Linus seemed wasted this episode. Pills?

  • Eden MacMillan
    Eden MacMillan 6 days ago

    On the topic of designer babies, you both should watch Gattaca if you haven't already. Great film starring Ethan Hawke, Jude Law and Uma Thurman; it essentially envisions a world in which designer babies are the norm and those born naturally are now oppressed, discriminated against and unable to find work in desired fields.

  • D.H.T. Media
    D.H.T. Media 8 days ago

    God this is horrible..

  • Lance Nostrum
    Lance Nostrum 11 days ago

    I have found a fellow rock nerd

  • iHelloway
    iHelloway 12 days ago

    talking about Genetic baby modification : go and watch movie IN TIME , starring Justin Timberlake

  • DifinityRelin
    DifinityRelin 19 days ago

    It might be time for WAN to get a new intro that accounts for the variety of hosts. The times, they are a-changing...

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 20 days ago


  • Doal Fernandez
    Doal Fernandez 21 day ago

    Retail computer sales is a whole different ballgame now, at least in the US. In the US, there is basically only Best Buy left, and the retail sales experience there is awful. It's good if you know what you want.

  • Frank R. Haugen
    Frank R. Haugen 21 day ago

    Academic probation!!?!??? North America is weird O.o

  • Julian Oliver
    Julian Oliver 23 days ago

    Where is part where he talks about dropping out of college

  • Paul Valentine
    Paul Valentine 24 days ago


  • Jellybean01
    Jellybean01 28 days ago

    Sales in aerospace engineering: You keep an aerospace company alive and profit by selling planes to airlines and/or to the government ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • S Clair
    S Clair 29 days ago +1

    Jibo is an amazing idea for the "delivery" mechanism of a home assistant. Google and Amazon should really be looking into replicating it for later-gen devices. If they can deliver something with that kind of personality for under $400 or so then they could really take lead in the market against the opposite company.

  • cornfrakes gaming
    cornfrakes gaming Month ago +1

    pls sub to me i need channel support

  • Jinzo9988
    Jinzo9988 Month ago

    The Jibo thing reminded me of Juicero. Overly expensive, it doesn't do anything of actual value to most if not anybody, and there were better and much cheaper alternatives. Don't back anything with an O at the end of its name I guess.

  • Shelldamage
    Shelldamage Month ago

    The pseudo-leak of the rtx-Titan is a joke.
    It is terrible to see a professional losing his professionalism and becoming a vicarious agent of the NVidia PR department.
    It's a shame.
    You loose my subscription...

  • AScottishBoi
    AScottishBoi Month ago

    "these are evidence"

  • AScottishBoi
    AScottishBoi Month ago

    F for jibo

  • MG_Anon
    MG_Anon Month ago

    Hardness scale is grade 5 in Ontario

  • Wajih bec
    Wajih bec Month ago

    Good james.

  • Robert T
    Robert T Month ago

    I guess Linus doesn’t understand the value of outside investors have with innovation. The Jibo may be no good, but there are plenty of investments where people all say it will never work but then turns out to be a positive invention/innovation.

  • CasT Foolish
    CasT Foolish Month ago

    37:30 he disappeared without leaving any trace

  • CasT Foolish
    CasT Foolish Month ago

    Me, 26:15: better turn up the volume, I can't hear anything
    James, 26:23:YEEEEEEAH

  • Croyfer
    Croyfer Month ago

    38:40 Asian John? :o

  • Alastair Royale
    Alastair Royale Month ago

    Starbucks is bustling on Christmas, everyone wants their peppermint soy macchiato with two shots of caramel, light whip, and double shot of espresso... or some crap like that.

  • Alastair Royale
    Alastair Royale Month ago

    Wurtzite Boron Nitride

  • Ken Prunier
    Ken Prunier Month ago

    James was being really passive aggressive today. What's his deal? It was like he's treating Linus as a kid

  • tskjesusfreak
    tskjesusfreak Month ago

    Lol 12 minutes in they finally did the intro. This why I'm a fan!

  • Cameron Bean
    Cameron Bean Month ago

    Time: 12 minutes "Roll intro". A 12 minute cold opening, followed by emotional silliness, and lots of yelling offset... I declare WAN show to be entertainment of the highest degree. Just pure winsauce.

  • Joshua Warren
    Joshua Warren Month ago

    Wow Linus, such nuance.

  • Salem from Online
    Salem from Online Month ago

    "what in life is not sales" a funeral

  • Romain Savioz
    Romain Savioz Month ago

    Linus would have done an apprenticeship in Switzerland

  • Brian A
    Brian A Month ago

    Linus: "I'm failing calculus, better get a tutor".
    Yvonne tutoring Linus: "You should drop out".

  • Chris Chen
    Chris Chen Month ago


  • Eric Siegel
    Eric Siegel Month ago

    I've had no interest in TheXvid Originals since I have no interest in paying for TheXvid. uBlock Origin removes ads just fine, so there was nothing I'd get out of paying. I may actually start watching Originals if they are just like every other video.

  • Off-Grid Optimist
    Off-Grid Optimist Month ago

    @Linus, why do you only feel bad for intelligent people?...

  • Bloodysugar
    Bloodysugar Month ago

    Linus mocking Times for having beleived inJibo without having made any search about it... wouldn't it be the same kind of sarcastic situation if Times would mock Linus for having promoted Tellspec ?
    Oh no, my bad, different stuffs : Jibo was useless but actually working but Tellspec could have been usefull while physically impossible to work. ^^

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 Month ago

    I've had TheXvid Red for the ad-free watching since it was available in the US. Eight months ago, I actually started using Google Music at my other job. I have never seen a TheXvid Originals episode. Some of it sounded interesting, but not enough so as to bump it up in my viewing queue to go out of the way to watch it now.

  • Alexi Xeno
    Alexi Xeno Month ago

    I liked the hardware of Jibo, the AI was behind the time though, they should have released it before hand so they could work on it live to improve it. but that would have been a large leap in spending.

  • Srini Aero
    Srini Aero Month ago

    The Titan trigger video

  • Michael Bates
    Michael Bates Month ago

    Dude, a lot of the stuff produced by youtubers blows TV and Hollywood (Netflix/Hulu...) productions away... I'll probably catch a lot of flak for this, but when was the last time you watched a series that wasn't completely cliche in the "drama" ... yes, a lot of youtubers try to do this too, but there are exceptions here in youtube. There are no exceptions in the big production studios. The script writers are freakin awful. I could write a book.. but last comment on this, your (Linus Media Group) production quality is great and over the past decade I see the improvements you've made; that is just icing on the cake though because it's the content that is interesting... that's where the big production houses fail and their production quality does nothing to fix that. Keep it up, I'm a huge fan!

  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim Month ago +1

    I lost Linus on his reasoning for Jibo. If anything, the fact that Siri was already out there and the success of other smart home devices is proof that if Amazon and Google hadn't outcompeted the creators, Jibo had a very good chance at success.

  • Daksh P
    Daksh P Month ago

    I really wish Mos was available in Canada. It is perfect for my needs.

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody Month ago

    James is a fantastic co-host for The WAN Show, keep him on! :)

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody Month ago

    The only good TheXvid Original series I've watched is Vsauce's Mind Field.

  • Kyle Stubblefield
    Kyle Stubblefield Month ago

    I have 1 thing to say to the people that are doing the Gene Splicing. "Khan Noonien Singh".

  • Allen Entrekin
    Allen Entrekin Month ago


  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago +1

    LOL writing grants only 2% of an academic's job? Please, try at least half.
    Word-smithing is a huge talent to have.

  • AT - ST
    AT - ST Month ago

    This is the only show I *Wan* to watch

  • Agent GuL
    Agent GuL Month ago

    No more fing sugar for Linus...... EVER!

  • tallgom
    tallgom Month ago

    30:35 Nvidia shill confirmed!

  • tallgom
    tallgom Month ago

    Damn it I love it when James says 'FreshBooks' 😅

  • Bryson Leonard
    Bryson Leonard Month ago

    Wow, embryos have to consent to have their genes edited but not for being killed by their mother so they don't have to raise them. Hm that's a nice one there

  • racoongammer
    racoongammer Month ago

    You might have had a larger influencing you think your fan base will be the type that would actually buy this if you said that you should lot more technology-based products.

  • Don Cheadle
    Don Cheadle Month ago

    When James looks right at the camera it's like he's looking straight into my soul, it's kinda disturbing...
    and YAY free mind field

  • Community Tech
    Community Tech Month ago

    leave Jibo alone !!!

  • Alex H
    Alex H Month ago

    Linus confess your involvement in the deaf community!

    • Alex H
      Alex H Month ago

      I even sent an email and asked if you knew ASL!

  • Mihkel Kukk
    Mihkel Kukk Month ago


  • Vinayak Sharma
    Vinayak Sharma Month ago

    Why are the twitter handles still for Luke and Linus, it should really be the LTT Twitter now

  • Addictive_LiquoriCe

    I used my HX 650 for 10 years. I'll keep my Prime titanium until it dies or becomes incompatible. So forever then.

  • Anon Mason
    Anon Mason Month ago

    22:39 Don't open yourself up to liability like that. Haha.

  • Anon Mason
    Anon Mason Month ago

    Did Linus just degrade his marriage down to "sales"?
    At least you don't need calculus to make a doghouse.

  • Nigel Loke
    Nigel Loke Month ago

    13:12 go twerk it off! (gif in forum discussion link)

  • Cristobal Borquez Chavarria

    I love the "freshbooks" thing so much

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne Month ago

    You're right about VSauce. I thought it was dead for the longest time, turns out it just switched over to premium. The worst part is the fact that there are no comments. The intelligent conversations and debates after his videos were the best part.

  • I'm Bananas
    I'm Bananas Month ago

    so, Rhett and Link buddy system will be free 2019-2020?

  • s8wc3
    s8wc3 Month ago

    33:16 Aaaand James is fired.

  • Frags
    Frags Month ago

    The sooner we make humans live longer the sooner this planet gets destroyed. Now tell me this is ok.

  • Marvin Alberto
    Marvin Alberto Month ago

    they should apply for a job at Anki #heyvector

  • Punit Daga
    Punit Daga Month ago

    Am I the only one that didn't get a notification for this?

  • liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)

    "leaked" fuck off.

  • Ari Awad
    Ari Awad Month ago

    Fun fact my professor at Lesley University did the animations for JIBO

  • Igor Berezin
    Igor Berezin Month ago

    seasonic killed my mobo after 1 year brand new with warranty seal sticker. Why did it kill my mobo? I opened it up and saw a white wire that was overlapping the circuit board which was crushed against the circuit board and it just happens to be punctured by one of the onboard components pins where they are soldered and were never cut down to size. so over time the point of the component on the board bored through the plastic jacket of the "patch" wire they put in to replace or make a lead on the circuit board that it shorted itself out from vibration sending high voltage from 120V area into 12V pin connectors frying most of the components in pc. Be ware. this was S12II or something like that power supply. Seasonic didnt take responsibility for their poor build quality and did not resolve the issue they caused and damages to my system which I had to rebuild from scratch back in 2015 which was a brand new 1yearold 2,000 usd pc build.

  • Accrsd
    Accrsd Month ago

    ...we had a tv in every classroom at my junior high

  • Peter A. Morrison
    Peter A. Morrison Month ago

    You should all feel “bad” for JIBO. What did YOU DO to keep JIBO from failing? Nothing. No-thing. Sent money, but not enough to change the job prospects of the employees who are now unemployed granite and talc chewers.

  • Sunderas
    Sunderas Month ago

    Seriously?!? RTX? Shame on Nvidia for this cheap trick... Linus, you probably didn't need to go onboard with this, regardless of the payout.

  • Guy Barros
    Guy Barros Month ago

    you'd be able to raise some serious VC cash with Floatplane. sprinkle in a bit of blockchain here and there and ask for 200 mil. Blockchain digital media platform... I can hear the money from here.

  • The Infidel
    The Infidel Month ago

    as a customer service person 25 years+ i can tell that theres always that (often huge) disparity between what sales promises and what the reality delivers and people like me have to eat the shitburger for it.

  • Nic Wilson
    Nic Wilson Month ago

    The scientist who claimed he'd managed to create gene edited children has 'gone missing' already. Shoulda seen that coming.

  • Garoseau
    Garoseau Month ago

    worst leak ever.

  • Alan Cheung
    Alan Cheung Month ago

    10 years ago I built my first PC. It was an Ultra Modular PSU (The only one in the market at that time) and..... It's my living room media pc now

  • ddniUK
    ddniUK Month ago

    RTX shilled, twice. At least they did it after announcing the sponsor section

  • Daniel Gwozdz
    Daniel Gwozdz Month ago

    LTT is built on giant red polyurethane dragons.

  • j.p.
    j.p. Month ago

    hahahaha titan psu with raytracing

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire Month ago

    Damn, Linus got woke in a way that doesn't make him a cunt... I didn't even know that was possible for someone to do.

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire Month ago

    Oh yeah, I believe you China! Anyone in China would totally design a female child, is this the year they _aren't_ killing baby girls?

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda Month ago

    I had to drop out of school too, highschool though. Passed all my course work & state exams except for one, math. I kept trying longer than anyone else did at Primavera Online Highschool. Had tutoring & every bit of extra help I could get to understand Algebra 2, Trig & Calc. Between just not getting it though & some of the course work actually being wrong, I never knew when I was actually right or not. If I wanted to continue trying, even though my Math AIMS scores were getting lower each time. I'd of had to pay & that's just ridiculous, to pay for more failed attempts at getting a diploma where I score worse each time? No thanks, I tried my best & proved it.

  • Greg
    Greg Month ago

    I couldn't do calculus either but it's OK! I'm going to be a pilot now.

  • Chris Rowlison
    Chris Rowlison Month ago

    I was gonna say, you should be like Freshbooks, Great for the people that couldn't pass calculus in ur life lolz

  • pyrogreg07
    pyrogreg07 Month ago

    Intro always way too loud 😠

  • Pro7Sauce
    Pro7Sauce Month ago

    Please bring back Luke and get rid of this ballbag you replaced him with...

  • Seraephus
    Seraephus Month ago

    "JIBO DEAD!?"
    "Jibo *is* dead."

  • Shyam Prathik
    Shyam Prathik Month ago

    Did you spoil the new Titan RTX, We are expecting a video on it soon.

  • rubikfan1
    rubikfan1 Month ago

    mdi forbid techtubers from telling about rtx titan. so they "exatently" show it.

  • SweetBabyJames78
    SweetBabyJames78 Month ago

    17:40 Linus sounds like that mom from The Big Bang Theory 😁

  • Serge Storms
    Serge Storms Month ago

    Except that sales and marketing are the first departments to go when things start to go south when the organization starts to flounder or worse the economy goes to shit.

  • skyler padilla
    skyler padilla Month ago

    What a fucking stooge I feel betrayed fuck nvidia why can Navi 7nm come out now I don’t want nvidia 🤬

  • skyler padilla
    skyler padilla Month ago

    Notice how he basically said he was sponsored by nvidia by showing the rtx titan

  • Phil Sheppard
    Phil Sheppard Month ago

    How about what the EX staff are up to now ?