Merlon's Master Creation Cummins Speed Boat

  • Published on Jul 16, 2017
  • 600 HP Tarva V Drive Cummins Speed Boat, Built by Merlon Johnson at Old School Garage
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  • dave0z96
    dave0z96 24 days ago

    What kind of truck is that

  • dave0z96
    dave0z96 26 days ago

    I want one of those .

  • Adílson Defavere
    Adílson Defavere 27 days ago

    Vapo ...... voei na cerca.Taquarituba SP Brasil

  • Luke Emms
    Luke Emms Month ago

    Runnin it like a Cr 500!

  • John paul Jenkins
    John paul Jenkins Month ago


  • Jim Mott
    Jim Mott Month ago

    I think it might be the rev limiter cutting fuel

  • Denis Nikolovski
    Denis Nikolovski Month ago

    Love the boat..... Diesel power baby

    OMBENG Tv Month ago

    Oh my God,, That Mitsubishi,,??? 4D

  • Mohd Hisyam905
    Mohd Hisyam905 Month ago

    What gear box you used?

  • Frank Austin
    Frank Austin Month ago

    Is that 90 mph on the speedo cause we all know after 40 to 50 mph the dash speedo is worthless, that is definitely not 90 I dont thing the engine will spin enough revs with that propeller. Lol

  • Andi BB-One
    Andi BB-One 2 months ago


  • zimtuff
    zimtuff 2 months ago

    Why take a filthy engine out in a nice lake like that? The engine is over fuelling, probably in the belief they will get more HP. Anyone who understands diesels know they are not suited to this type of application.

  • Helge Nodland
    Helge Nodland 2 months ago

    And he drives like a moron...

  • SailWolf
    SailWolf 2 months ago

    Bad very bad for the earth

  • Onwaxwings
    Onwaxwings 3 months ago

    Holy fuck I have a boner now!

  • Michael Picozzi
    Michael Picozzi 3 months ago

    Same here love that truck never seen anything like that with a diesel love it

  • Darman Abdullah
    Darman Abdullah 3 months ago

    Saya sangat suka dengan vidio anda
    Apa anda dapat membuat tutorial pemasangan mesin nya

  • trut hurts
    trut hurts 4 months ago

    I love the old truck, and I love the idea of a cummins in a fast boat, but I hate rollin' coal. It just seems so freaking adolescent. I drive a ram with a 6.7 liter, but every time I see some jerk smoking it up in a diesel I think "another punk-ass kid"...

  • Luiz Claudio Vieira
    Luiz Claudio Vieira 4 months ago

    Credo kkkk

  • Gary Megson
    Gary Megson 5 months ago

    Ya, screw the air and the planet.....

  • Adam Douglas
    Adam Douglas 5 months ago

    0:35 idiotism go breath that shit

  • Joseph Mingle
    Joseph Mingle 5 months ago

    Looks environmentally friendly. What a wanker.

  • SloppyGoat
    SloppyGoat 5 months ago

    I'll bet that black smoke really pisses off everyone on the lake.

  • luca 58 ita
    luca 58 ita 5 months ago

    Blah 🤮

  • Kenith Almeida
    Kenith Almeida 6 months ago +1

    I've seen the engine in a Dodge

  • henrikbalder
    henrikbalder 6 months ago

    Where do i buy one?

  • Steve Moore
    Steve Moore 6 months ago

    smokes too much, call the epa

  • Guy Patts
    Guy Patts 6 months ago

    How fast ??

  • MrColdwatercanyon
    MrColdwatercanyon 7 months ago

    If that thing had a truck horn I’d shit

  • Gordon McFadyen
    Gordon McFadyen 7 months ago

    Without doubt, the best boat conversion ever, good one👍

  • Sasquatch
    Sasquatch 7 months ago

    thats so cool

  • EA. jam
    EA. jam 7 months ago

    What type of an engine is that ?
    From what car you took it ?

  • Stephen Thomas
    Stephen Thomas 7 months ago

    Polluting Americans again. Too much money and no sense.

    SHRED ALLOANCE 7 months ago +1

    Sounds like a vacuum cleaner lol

  • Bobby Lamm
    Bobby Lamm 7 months ago

    Sped up

  • lowrider9367
    lowrider9367 7 months ago

    Something's not quite right. That engine doesn't even sound like its beginning to be loaded.

  • Keith Barrows
    Keith Barrows 7 months ago

    wow more black smoke just beautiful........

  • der Jack
    der Jack 7 months ago +1

    I am not a boat guy:
    Does one need that much torque for such a light boat? You get the same power from a 300kg lighter engine.

    • Harry Johnson
      Harry Johnson 5 months ago

      Bass boats will do 70 mph put the box all that work not impressed with the

  • lordieshepherd
    lordieshepherd 7 months ago

    Nup. Too filthy

  • Shreck M
    Shreck M 7 months ago

    I'd just be happy with a Cummins that didn't go bang.

  • Haven Huffman
    Haven Huffman 7 months ago

    6v92 turbo diesel Detroit in a 22ft speed boat MerCruiser sterndrive v6 300hp motor can take big wave on make a TheXvid video

  • Haven Huffman
    Haven Huffman 7 months ago

    diesel boat in big waves

  • J. D. Mendy
    J. D. Mendy 7 months ago

    0:16 this truck 😌

  • choke chain
    choke chain 7 months ago

    Nice boat hauler and boat , now get ten or twenty water skiers .

  • Brian Francis
    Brian Francis 7 months ago

    That propeller is to small.

  • Brian.
    Brian. 7 months ago

    Donkey! no safety gear.

  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper 7 months ago


  • Lawrence Lane
    Lawrence Lane 7 months ago

    Why does he keep pulsing the throttle? Kind of unsatisfying.

  • Rod Farva
    Rod Farva 7 months ago

    I bet all the other boaters just love you stinking up the whole lake making noise.

  • bigeddie1231
    bigeddie1231 7 months ago

    Very cool and truck too

  • Ricardo Guilherme Schiavoni

    Poluição total !!!

  • Руслан Глушко


  • Врр 001
    Врр 001 7 months ago

    Rxp260rs 👍💯

  • Xuejin Zhao
    Xuejin Zhao 7 months ago


  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347 7 months ago

    Yep that tops it. Most bad ass thing I've seen this year 👍 hmmmm. I have a 5.9 block laying around 🤑

    • nin nin
      nin nin 7 months ago

      This comment gave me aids

  • Tyrone Taylor
    Tyrone Taylor 7 months ago

    The enviroment: 😢

  • Otavio Maia
    Otavio Maia 7 months ago

    Devia tomar uma multa pela poluição

  • casey williams
    casey williams 7 months ago +1

    Badass, but that motor doesnt have enough rpms, so basically your having to redline it constantly.

    • Ryan Lawrence
      Ryan Lawrence 7 months ago

      Put a transmission In that and see what it does. Lol

    • Ryan Lawrence
      Ryan Lawrence 7 months ago

      casey williams finally somebody understands.

  • Midlander NC
    Midlander NC 7 months ago


  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed 7 months ago

    The smell would be so bad you would jump ship at the fist opportunity.