Binging with Babish: Shawarma from The Avengers

  • Published on Apr 10, 2018
  • Joss Whedon didn't just bring dynamic characters, dazzling action, and rapid-fire quips to the MCU - he brought one character's singular hunger, a hunger that grew like a virus within the Avengers themselves. A hunger...for shawarma. Solemnly munch along in silence this week as we marvel at a carnivorous carousel and puff up some pita.
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  • migame
    migame Day ago +1

    שווארמה זה נורא טעים!

  • Rana
    Rana Day ago

    no fries, garlic dip or pickles??? wHy

  • Gruby wacław
    Gruby wacław Day ago

    To niezły kebab

  • Finn Scholten
    Finn Scholten Day ago

    Its spelled shuarma

  • rrinismystarbucksname

    tahini. also known as tahani, the second favorite daughter.

  • Canadian Guy
    Canadian Guy Day ago

    I am so so so sorry!! But this not how shawarma is made! I am originally Lebanese so I know! Sorry again babish

  • Deplorable Citizen
    Deplorable Citizen 2 days ago

    That looks fucking delicious, not gonna lie. Here in the UK I only ever had kebabs at cheap joints when I was drunk as hell. Then I did some travelling around Europe and had kebabs and gyros in Berlin and Budapest. Man, they were tasty as hell, although I imagine the homemade shawarma in the video is even better.

  • Ali 31
    Ali 31 2 days ago

    I’m sorry but that Tabouli is incorrect, where’s the Lemon good sir? the LEMON!!!! (Also no cucumber)

  • Ahmad Ibrahim
    Ahmad Ibrahim 3 days ago

    You have to roll it you made it like a taco

  • John
    John 3 days ago

    Never use it again!? I'll be making all kinds of shawarma, gyros, and any other kind of meat I can roast on this thing.

  • tofikicz
    tofikicz 3 days ago

    Shwarma is a polish kebab

  • Charlie Bell
    Charlie Bell 4 days ago

    A D V A N C E D T A C O S

  • Matt
    Matt 4 days ago

    I have a soft spot for mediterranean AND middle eastern food, its too good😫

  • Abhijith Pradeep
    Abhijith Pradeep 4 days ago

    if it had french fries and less vegetables, it may have entered the clean plate club

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 4 days ago +1

    I wonder if it exists

  • Jad Arsenal
    Jad Arsenal 4 days ago +1

    I keep coming here to get triggered by the fake shawarma, that's no shawarma that's just a chicken sandwich. Get some shawarma advice from lebanese people 🇱🇧.

  • Sajin JS
    Sajin JS 4 days ago

    MCU fanboy spotted.. 😌

  • Владислав Падалка


    MERK DUCK 4 days ago


  • Shruti N
    Shruti N 5 days ago

    If I may, I know I'm late but it's pronounced "Shaw-ver-maa" not shwaar-ma!!

  • Jinyaaa
    Jinyaaa 5 days ago

    This is almost like a gourmet version of shawarma

  • Joe Northstar
    Joe Northstar 5 days ago

    You didn't grind the beef into pieces.

  • rakib hossain162002
    rakib hossain162002 5 days ago +17

    This is how many times he said kosher salt 👇

    • Animecore:good
      Animecore:good 2 days ago

      This is how many times he said kosher salt

    • Animecore:good
      Animecore:good 2 days ago

      rakib hossain162002 I think you did it wrong

  • Sir Jarvis
    Sir Jarvis 5 days ago

    So... Shawarma is just a chicken donner kebab?

  • i snir
    i snir 6 days ago

    Nooo that is not a shawarma I live in Israel and I know what is a shawarma

  • SNap
    SNap 6 days ago

    whats the difference between this and a donner?

  • Daniel H. Shiotsuki
    Daniel H. Shiotsuki 6 days ago +1

    I will never understand the difference between Shawarma , Kebab , Gyro and Souvlaki .

    • Просто Джоник
      Просто Джоник 5 days ago

      There is no difference because all these words mean meat cooked on the spit, but in different languages.

  • H.M.P. productions
    H.M.P. productions 6 days ago

    This is some baby shwarma. You better make a true eastern-russian delicacy called Shawarma (Shaurma). Filled with all the leftovers you find in the kitchen ( chicken, all possible vegies, carrot "Korean-style", fried potatoes, etc.). The sauce for it is based on garlic, kefir and raw eggs and the whole thing is wrapped into the huge "грузинский" pita. Sometimes it is infused with the chemicals of russian ecology and it creates a "Cheese" pita. The whole thing usually sells for less then 2 bucks somewhere near the local dumps, but man, it is worth its money and risk. So i dare you to try making a true Shawarma.

  • BTW Productions
    BTW Productions 6 days ago

    these are some huge yoghurt cups

  • Hristo Hristoff
    Hristo Hristoff 6 days ago

    All my life I thought Shawarmas were fish kebabs

  • Luis Scott
    Luis Scott 7 days ago

    Its a damn burrito? That's all it is? You made the avengers go to a damn burrito joint Tony?

  • Sliding Coffee
    Sliding Coffee 7 days ago

    Shawarma is from Turkey not Avengers

  • Saba'a Ali
    Saba'a Ali 8 days ago

    From an Arab person who lives in the middle east, this is nth like the shawarma we have...
    This looks good tho, but the original shawarma is unbeatable

  • Alex
    Alex 8 days ago +2

    *Me being very hungry*
    *Also me watching this until 11pm*

    NEHA AGARWAL 8 days ago

    Crushed !
    Like the spirit of Avengers when they first faced off against Thanos😂😂

  • Rexify
    Rexify 9 days ago

    I don't think you add tomatoes to a shawarma

  • ARandomPerson
    ARandomPerson 9 days ago

    Make the flaming homer from the simpsons if youre ok with adding cough syrup to your drink

  • Adam Humaideh
    Adam Humaideh 9 days ago

    Instead of tahini, try a garlic spread called toum.

  • Chandler Sun
    Chandler Sun 9 days ago


  • GryphonBrokewing
    GryphonBrokewing 9 days ago

    Street shawarma in Riyadh and Dammam have french fries. Always delicious.

  • A Coincidential Error

    If somebody doesn't watch this the day Endgame comes out, they aren't a true Avengers fan.

  • Jihad Toom
    Jihad Toom 9 days ago

    “Im not pandering you’re pandering” his color commentary makes the videos better 🤣👏🏻

  • RobatRobot
    RobatRobot 9 days ago

    In my country, we call that a Kebab mate. The large ones come in Naan breads.

  • Fazlur Rahman
    Fazlur Rahman 9 days ago

    the wold never had shwarma b4 the avengers.. not true. just New York. 🤣😂

  • am rit
    am rit 11 days ago

    It so interesting to watch that i forget to go to comment section

  • Tahir Saeed
    Tahir Saeed 11 days ago

    Where is Hummus?? I thought it was the key ingredient for a Shawarma 🤔

    DOMINANT GAMING 11 days ago

    I eat shawurma every day it is next to my house and you rolled bread wrong

  • Qnx
    Qnx 12 days ago

    Extra Virgin 😏😏

  • Altan Davaz
    Altan Davaz 12 days ago +1

    In turkey we call them döner kebap

    • Forsida
      Forsida 11 days ago

      actually shawarma is kebab

  • Nour Bshara
    Nour Bshara 12 days ago

    As a lebanese who lives abroad and misses shawarma.. I tried the chicken recipe (not the tabbouleh cuz.. cucumber? Come on that's just plain wrong)
    Well i can honestly say THANK YOU! IT FEELS LIKE HOME

  • Annoyed badger
    Annoyed badger 12 days ago

    wow, thats a lot of salt. Like, way way way way way too much salt on everything. Thats just going to taste of salt. Everything else looked great, but damn, I can taste teh salt on that from here.

  • SpaceBall
    SpaceBall 12 days ago +3

    Babish: makes shawarma video

  • Angel The Thot slayer
    Angel The Thot slayer 13 days ago

    Gyros next ?

  • Nick's BoardWorld
    Nick's BoardWorld 13 days ago

    thats just a doner kebab

  • alexander lol no
    alexander lol no 13 days ago

    Don't you mean souvlaki?

  • Justin R
    Justin R 13 days ago +1

    You can totally repurpose the shawarma machine again to make some tacos al pastor. Just sayin.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  • Alex lukichov potat
    Alex lukichov potat 13 days ago

    Can you make some phalafel?

  • Collin Thibodeaux
    Collin Thibodeaux 14 days ago

    +1 for Chef John

  • Michelle Fonnette
    Michelle Fonnette 14 days ago +32

    Pro tip: Adding salt to salt makes it salty.

  • Marksman
    Marksman 14 days ago

    This is a doner , but not that thick.

  • Alshawi Art
    Alshawi Art 14 days ago

    Grate receipt ,,, small advice for chicken shawarma use garlic paste and for beef shawarma use tahini ... thats what all Arabic countries do ... and also use Lebanese pickles .. 😇👍🏻

  • Vasja Žorž
    Vasja Žorž 15 days ago

    Its basicaly kebab.

  • قناة١٢ ١٢
    قناة١٢ ١٢ 15 days ago


  • Ver Kinkson
    Ver Kinkson 15 days ago +1

    It looks like a plato wrap

  • Elio Alwan
    Elio Alwan 15 days ago

    Man that’s everything but shawarma XD

  • Mitch Connor the 3rd
    Mitch Connor the 3rd 15 days ago

    People eat sumac?? Why what no

  • Eternity Gamer
    Eternity Gamer 15 days ago +1

    The shawarma is an arabic good not a movie food !

  • Adnan Alkurdi
    Adnan Alkurdi 15 days ago

    Damn man your videos are gold

  • Your Disappointed Father

    No idea what Shore-Ma or Sasky are, but you sure made them.

  • Darky Frosty
    Darky Frosty 16 days ago

    I eat shawarma with Lebanese bread even though I'm Lebanese I never ate a shawarma with pita

  • Tyler Privette
    Tyler Privette 17 days ago +1

    No, YOU'RE pandering.

  • MgBerserk
    MgBerserk 17 days ago

    Shawarma is a arabic food.

  • Calelo62
    Calelo62 17 days ago +2

    these videos are so motivating. When I get out of college I'm gonna try to cook some of this stuff

  • Fire Demon
    Fire Demon 18 days ago

    Doughz balls

  • Chace Shinohara
    Chace Shinohara 18 days ago +1

    Mate you over donnit srsly wtf

  • Chace Shinohara
    Chace Shinohara 18 days ago +1

    Shawarma is just called doner
    Just without the fancy smahncy sauce

  • Ángel Harris
    Ángel Harris 18 days ago +1

    Pita bread is not supposed to have yeast

  • Avram David
    Avram David 18 days ago +3

    the chicken is good but the way you prepared that sandwich if you do the same for someone in the middle east they will literally kaboom you for insulting shawarma sandwich . but again the most important chicken was good

  • Bilal Sfarijlani
    Bilal Sfarijlani 18 days ago +3

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸❤️

  • Harsh Dave
    Harsh Dave 18 days ago +1

    What is the wrap that he uses that just sticks on to the rim of the bowl when coverig

  • harsi georges
    harsi georges 18 days ago

    As a lebanese your video gave me cancer my friend that taboule is just not right and the spices used jesus dont get me started i love your videos dude just please do like a tad bit more research

    • Dawson Miss
      Dawson Miss 17 days ago

      I was skimping through the video and so didn't even realise that he was making tabouleh until I saw your comment! I cringed when I went back and watched it again..

  • Mclardus The Magican
    Mclardus The Magican 19 days ago +1

    this is like doner kebab

  • M0NK3Y -
    M0NK3Y - 19 days ago

    U should make a podcast

  • Orkhan Eyvazli
    Orkhan Eyvazli 19 days ago +1

    I eat often Shawarma in my home country but I never saw this style before. Maybe I ate another type of food😂😂😂

  • Nerd Neck
    Nerd Neck 19 days ago +4

    *Toasting with Thanos*
    Instead of *Binging with babish*

  • tHeSeNtRy
    tHeSeNtRy 19 days ago

    That is definitely not Tabbouleh...

  • Haya AlKh.
    Haya AlKh. 19 days ago

    the assembling is very very wrong its soooo annoying!
    first off, tahini is usually with beef shawerma, some people add it with their chicken shawerma but its not the originial.
    second, instead or with tahini, the chicken shawerma ALWAYS HAS GARLIC SAUCE its ESSENTIAL to annny shawerma! the more the better!
    third, WHERE ARE THE PICKLES AND THE FRIES INSIDE THE SHAWERMA? Its the most important thing in a shawerma besides the chicken! and we never add cucumber and tomatoes?!

    • Haya AlKh.
      Haya AlKh. 19 days ago

      This^ is a classic chicken shawerma!

  • Σταύρος Θεοδωρόπουλος

    So u put tzatziki and pita bread both greek on an arabic dish??

    • Dawson Miss
      Dawson Miss 17 days ago +1

      Tzatziki isn't typically put in it. Maybe it was a personal preference? I've seen people dip their sushi in ketchup

  • Ronny Reese
    Ronny Reese 20 days ago

    If you call that a shwarma bro thata wrong no pickles no mayonaise its not even grilled

  • Werner Beinhart
    Werner Beinhart 20 days ago

    You can add pomegranate seeds and sirup to your taboule and it will taste very nice as a side dish

  • BoredZ
    BoredZ 20 days ago

    I think, much like The Chieftain, you could be narrating paint dry and it would still be enjoyable to listen to.

  • بسام خان
    بسام خان 20 days ago

    Thats doesn’t look right

  • Rashid Alhassoun
    Rashid Alhassoun 20 days ago

    Bruh thats not tablouleh thats just some wierd salad

  • Luq Man
    Luq Man 20 days ago +1

    Its looks more complicated dish than you make crispy beef rendang :(

  • Eslov
    Eslov 20 days ago

    Cell shading is so timeless. I love it!

  • Adam Hater
    Adam Hater 21 day ago

    OK, guys, I am from Russia and this is not what we call Shawarma. Google шаурма and just look at pictures. You are great chief, but you don't even know how it looks like. I was never angry while watching cooking videos till this one. Great channel, rediculous guide.

  • feliforlife
    feliforlife 22 days ago

    0:40 did andrew just spoil infinity war in the first 40 seconds of a marvel recipe

  • F4110ver
    F4110ver 22 days ago

    эм. Ержан все ровно лучше готовит. Правда, когда не спит

  • Robin Aelias
    Robin Aelias 22 days ago