Binging with Babish: Shawarma from The Avengers

  • Published on Apr 10, 2018
  • Joss Whedon didn't just bring dynamic characters, dazzling action, and rapid-fire quips to the MCU - he brought one character's singular hunger, a hunger that grew like a virus within the Avengers themselves. A hunger...for shawarma. Solemnly munch along in silence this week as we marvel at a carnivorous carousel and puff up some pita.
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Comments • 6 705

  • mark edwin dela vega
    mark edwin dela vega 17 hours ago

    i thought he only cooks not real foods but its common on south east asia im filipino and it is common it's only p50 s1 so its common in the filipines and plz pin this

  • YaroSlav Kitchen
    YaroSlav Kitchen 22 hours ago

    In Russia very popular shawarma!!! But shawarma in lavash!!!

  • Timaroh Ni
    Timaroh Ni Day ago

    Just a recommendation for y’all making this. If you don’t have time to make the dough just add flour, water, and a pinch of salt instead. It tastes the same and is even cheaper.

  • Loneliness Eric
    Loneliness Eric Day ago

    This Shawarma.... shall defeat Thanos.

  • Rob Cameron
    Rob Cameron Day ago

    Dinner leftovers for breakfast is a staple in my world!

  • SpookyHelmet
    SpookyHelmet Day ago

    I've been doing a marathon of all of BWB the passed few days. And God damn it, Babish has the sleekest freakin watches. I want them! All of them.

  • merkev 51
    merkev 51 Day ago

    You should have put red sweet pepper in the shwarma and the bread must be 3 times bigger in size and when you were making the bread you must leave it until it forms into a oval shaped ball if you look at it from the side and the color on the bottom must be all brown not bunt just brown

  • Catnium
    Catnium Day ago

    mate you need to salt and let the cucumber sit for 10m than squeeze out all the water and use just the left over meat of the cucumber for the taziki sauce

  • Jordan Vasquez
    Jordan Vasquez 2 days ago

    *smooth supple ball*

  • Tas Kobo
    Tas Kobo 2 days ago

    This is souvlaki

  • Leuhim
    Leuhim 2 days ago

    The shawarma machine can be used to do "pinchos" (basically pork or chicken pieces in a stick with bbc sauce done with fire)
    Sorry for my english

  • The Mark of Kain
    The Mark of Kain 2 days ago

    The Chef John bromance cracks me up.

  • Sans and Papyrus
    Sans and Papyrus 2 days ago

    You use extra virgin I am extra virgin

  • Loubna Ait
    Loubna Ait 2 days ago

    Why would I only need the machine ones? You can use it to make Döner

  • Hussain Atieh
    Hussain Atieh 3 days ago

    Im muslim And I have to say I'd eat this happily

  • Deezyyeezy
    Deezyyeezy 3 days ago

    why do you always say kosher salt instead of only salt?

  • TheTjoconnor
    TheTjoconnor 4 days ago

    use your shawarma machine for tacos el pastor

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz 4 days ago

    Chef John is like the Stan Lee of the chef world...
    And as always, ENJOY!

  • Rogue
    Rogue 4 days ago +1

    4:28 name raped lol

  • MMJ Edition
    MMJ Edition 4 days ago

    I eat shawarma all the time,

  • Yasmen Alkatawneh
    Yasmen Alkatawneh 4 days ago

    As an Arab i will have to say none of this is necessary

    • Yasmen Alkatawneh
      Yasmen Alkatawneh 3 days ago

      +Vincenzo M its equally as good tbh

    • Vincenzo M
      Vincenzo M 3 days ago

      What's your point? Is it delicious? Yes, yes it is.

  • Hazem B
    Hazem B 5 days ago

    Usually the tahini isn’t consumed straight up without adding a few ingredients first, in order to enhance both the flavor and the consistency…

  • himynameisnotmark1
    himynameisnotmark1 5 days ago

    No salt?

  • ThePyromania13
    ThePyromania13 6 days ago

    What's a good substitute for mint in recipes that use mint as more than just a garnish? I'm allergic to mint

  • ScottyLagoosh
    ScottyLagoosh 6 days ago

    Damn that looks amazing. Nice work and video quality!!

  • Hufflepuff otaku
    Hufflepuff otaku 6 days ago

    hey babish coriander and cilantro are the same thing

  • Taha TTK
    Taha TTK 7 days ago

    first of all: the shawarma have to be marinated in lemon bath ( or orange or any citron fruit) and certain spice mix which is different from place to place and chef to chef. the rest is ok. but also we never make tziziki salad as the sauce of shawarma but we make a GARLIC SAUCE for chicken not tahini, and for the beef shawarma we use tahini sauce. salad is all about a personal choise, basically the chicken shawarma contain only pickled cucumber while the beef shawarma contain some mix of (onion, parsley and tomato) plus any pikes optional, and of course the tahini sauce.

  • Aslesha Mahajan
    Aslesha Mahajan 7 days ago

    You should really come to India and try the amazing shawarma that you get here

  • Dare Jones
    Dare Jones 8 days ago

    So it's a gyro.... hmmmmm kind of

  • Dare Jones
    Dare Jones 8 days ago

    Isn't sumac a rash? Asking for a friend

  • DS• DeadShot
    DS• DeadShot 8 days ago

    How i like my women

  • 100 subs for no reason

    *ExTrA tHiCk*

  • Star
    Star 9 days ago

    and for the first guy who put tomatoes on chicken shawerma needs to be punished real hard
    it is garlic sauce and pickles maybe some hot sauce, that is it!! all this stuff is on the side between bites

  • Star
    Star 9 days ago

    where did you get this tabbouleh receipt؟!
    for god sake the amount of wheat , this Mujaddara not tabbouleh anymore
    and cucumbers are just a bit much, use lettuce instead, and all the salting dear god all the salting
    I don't blame you, you clearly never tasted tabbouleh before,
    it is supposed to be green and fresh, smell and taste of spring

  • Woldoe 123
    Woldoe 123 9 days ago

    This too much and too expensive for a good shawarma

  • Barbaqued Minion
    Barbaqued Minion 9 days ago

    Did you just say sumac is Sue-mah I’m Persian and we put in everything

  • J J
    J J 10 days ago

    these are tacos. you could have said tacos

  • Kerem Delialioğlu
    Kerem Delialioğlu 10 days ago

    Oh look, they're trying to make döner!

  • Paula Costruț
    Paula Costruț 10 days ago

    Where are the Romanians that eat shawrma everytime they’re drunk and craving?

  • Houston Smith
    Houston Smith 11 days ago

    Liked for Chef John...and everything else.

  • Natan turnpu
    Natan turnpu 11 days ago

    who eats a pita like that

  • Человечек Саша

    Only mc hovanskiy, aka pes huliganskiy, znaet how to cook shavermu!

  • Idontknowwhatetonamethis

    Its not “shwarma” its “shawerma” get it right

  • Thats gr8 m8 8/8
    Thats gr8 m8 8/8 12 days ago

    Hey you prolly wont see this but if you did oil before yogurt at the start none of the yogurt sticks and you get a more accurate measurement

  • Syeda Noushin Arefeen
    Syeda Noushin Arefeen 12 days ago

    what about the garlic sauce???

  • Something_Wrong
    Something_Wrong 12 days ago

    So I am really lazy and this was already way above my normal line of effort, so quick question; can I just buy pitas from the store?

  • Keegan Tandy
    Keegan Tandy 13 days ago

    Is no one commenting on why he makes 1000% more food than he can eat

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King 13 days ago +1

    Shawarma were invented when someone had too many tomatoes and cucumbers

  • Heidi Mahmoud
    Heidi Mahmoud 13 days ago

    accoutrement... that word got on my nerve!

  • Khalid 2007
    Khalid 2007 13 days ago

    Mmmmm shawarma

  • Anmol pandey
    Anmol pandey 13 days ago

    Achaa roti sabzi banarahey hoo

  • Yasir Farooq
    Yasir Farooq 13 days ago

    In this case so hard work very easy buy a shwarma on shop

  • Timothy Sikalias
    Timothy Sikalias 14 days ago +1

    Babish what the fuck was that you just made a souvlaki which is Greek and called it some gibberish shit!

  • Fares Elie
    Fares Elie 14 days ago

    Americans .....

  • X Cuber
    X Cuber 15 days ago

    Bro you rock!! Thanks for mentioning palestine instead of isreal. Love from jordan🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴

  • Rob Shand
    Rob Shand 15 days ago


  • Abboudi Jaber
    Abboudi Jaber 15 days ago

    I’m Arabian,and I swear every time he says shawarma I get triggered,it sounds like his saying shwarma

  • Alfie Woodall
    Alfie Woodall 15 days ago +1

    You probably don’t make enough for this

  • M.S BS
    M.S BS 15 days ago


  • Allan Hussey
    Allan Hussey 16 days ago

    its recooked do to food safety as someone might cut to deep into the meat and cut off a raw piece

  • Luke Watkins
    Luke Watkins 16 days ago +1

    I’m Greek and absolutely love this dish

  • Eliza Jakaite
    Eliza Jakaite 16 days ago

    Шаверма :)

  • Mavicity
    Mavicity 16 days ago +1

    Chef John's flat bread recipes always turn out great. ♥

  • M Zero
    M Zero 16 days ago

    they really don't know how to make shawarma in NY city, I mean this looks amazing and all and u did some great job, But u really need to try the other simpler more delicious recipe

  • Domiknow Domiknow
    Domiknow Domiknow 18 days ago

    You forgot to add quinoa mint and lemon to that salad

  • asfiya rahman
    asfiya rahman 18 days ago

    That’s not how you wat a shawarma. Go to a middle eastern restaurant and order a real one 😂

  • Dragon69 Arret
    Dragon69 Arret 18 days ago

    you should come to greece and try similar dishes

  • Astr0hax
    Astr0hax 18 days ago

    just saying, that was raw tehini,you usually mix water, aswell as some cumin and lemon juice to make actual tehini.

  • Right2Fail
    Right2Fail 18 days ago

    did he just make a fancy döner or am I hallucinating

  • A. Run4yolife
    A. Run4yolife 18 days ago

    A real shawarma kebap war in the comments hahaha

  • Sour Candy
    Sour Candy 19 days ago

    You kinda forgot to mention what kind of yogurt.

  • Tony Guzman
    Tony Guzman 19 days ago

    Should've been shawarma from h3h3

  • bani dani
    bani dani 19 days ago

    That a little bit of salt looks like a little bit more then a little bit.

  • MrScratchty
    MrScratchty 19 days ago

    In Australia that’s a kebab

  • Nadine Ibrahim
    Nadine Ibrahim 20 days ago


  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Shugoki

    What was that clear stuff that dripped into the salad bowl at 3:43

  • Alex Liberman
    Alex Liberman 22 days ago

    damn this made me want to eat a marvle movie

  • Ayşe Nur Sarı
    Ayşe Nur Sarı 22 days ago

    Ohhh 🤦🏻‍♀️ Pita bread is Pide and Shawarma is Şavurma

  • ofirbouba
    ofirbouba 22 days ago +15

    In Israel we eat shawarma with amba souce and sour cabbage salad and it is the best thing ever! It is made of mango and you should give it a try

    • Abenation 123
      Abenation 123 3 days ago


    • Franklin Armendariz
      Franklin Armendariz 6 days ago

      You’re all really retarded

      I only worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster

    • FelixFerris III
      FelixFerris III 9 days ago

      lmao these replies

    • H.S.J TUBE
      H.S.J TUBE 12 days ago +1

      Danny Boy I think you are the stupid .

    • hamza elyousfi
      hamza elyousfi 15 days ago +2

      Not only you steal lands you also steal culture
      Filthy soap material cunts

  • Taha Rauf
    Taha Rauf 23 days ago

    That is not a shawarma ik you did what you could do but authentic shawarmas are so much better

  • Dan Productions HD
    Dan Productions HD 23 days ago

    Plz do a basics with babish sushi

  • Sawsan Ali
    Sawsan Ali 23 days ago

    It's look like an American shawarma, not like the Syrian one 😋😋 j'adore shawarma ❤

    ABHIRAM KUNNATH 23 days ago

    any keralites
    Kubboos and shawarma

  • HeroBrineHD Ford
    HeroBrineHD Ford 23 days ago

    In the philippine there is a food named shawarma

  • Jonas Jørgensen
    Jonas Jørgensen 24 days ago

    that is NOT how you make tzatziki!
    you shred a whole cucumber in a kitchen towel, squeeze out all of the water, add it to the greek yoghurt, add 3-4 or even more pressed garlic cloves, add a sprinkle of olive oil, maybe abit of lemon
    and then let it sit in the fridge for a while

  • Qusai Nayil
    Qusai Nayil 25 days ago

    Some of the comments make me laugh hard 😂

  • Qusai Nayil
    Qusai Nayil 25 days ago

    Once you try it you become addicted to it 💥

  • 3hanzzz
    3hanzzz 25 days ago

    These are some quality videos tbh

  • Jad Ghanem
    Jad Ghanem 25 days ago

    Tabouleh doesn’t need cucumbers it is just tomato parsley onions and idk what it is called in english but it is called borghol in arabic

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. 25 days ago +12

    Babish's Kosher salt is Gordon Ramsay's olive oil!

  • Alaa Ashry
    Alaa Ashry 26 days ago

    Love the recipe but this is not shawerma...

  • Gemma Weber
    Gemma Weber 26 days ago

    You and your shawarma are welcome at my house anytime :) just bring shawarma lol

  • Marcel F.
    Marcel F. 26 days ago

    Thats not a real shawarma.. its so americanized.

  • Xeidon Gaming
    Xeidon Gaming 26 days ago

    This is why I love Romania,Shawarma is something everyone knows xd

  • Dr. Invader;}
    Dr. Invader;} 26 days ago

    What is the difference between kosher salt and normal salt?

  • Majd Wehbi
    Majd Wehbi 27 days ago

    Chicken shawarma mostly consists of: the chicken, pita bread, garlic paste, french fries, pickels.
    Ps: i know this cause im Lebanese

  • Basheer Afaneh
    Basheer Afaneh 27 days ago

    accoutrement is being misused here. I would say accompaniment.

  • joni waly
    joni waly 27 days ago

    where I live, you have shawarma stands literally everywhere.

    MM-KONG 27 days ago

    i think it looks incredible but shawarma isnt mad like this sorry man :(

    KEKISTAN UBER ALLES 27 days ago

    μαλακίες έκανες