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1986: Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams improvise

  • Published on Apr 13, 2013
  • Comedians Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams put on an impromptu show for Ed Bradley and the 60 Minutes crew in 1986. Winters, who Bradley described as "the acknowledged master of improvisation," died April 12, 2013, at the age of 87.

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  • supernumery
    supernumery 5 days ago +1

    Jonathan Winters never got the recognition he deserved. He was without doubt a genius.

    MAKE IT 22 days ago +2

    Two words.

  • שת בנ־אברהם
    שת בנ־אברהם 28 days ago

    “Jonathan has just taught me about… the world is open for play. That anything and everything is mockable in a wonderful way.” -Robin Williams, 1986
    #triggered -liberals, 2019

  • Brandy McNamee
    Brandy McNamee Month ago

    Proof positive that political correctness ruins _everything._ How I wish these two were still with us... ♥
    The world would be a little less dark... :'(

  • BlueWaveDragon
    BlueWaveDragon Month ago

    These two were probably my favorites when I was a kid and I never knew they were friends

  • gwildgoose
    gwildgoose 2 months ago +1

    People knew how to take a joke and laugh at themselves. I recently found out that the slang name for English speaking people in China is ra-ra's, i think because of our r's. I am not remotely offended by this. I think its funny actually because i can see where they would think that. We have lost this sense of humor in our society.

  • Rolling Ormond
    Rolling Ormond 2 months ago

    Everyone in this clip is dead, including the cameraman.

  • Anthony Pascale
    Anthony Pascale 3 months ago

    Amazing funny incredible

  • M Cardona
    M Cardona 3 months ago

    John pantte

  • The FBI & DOJ colluded to cover up hillary's crimes

    Was this is supposed to be funny?

  • jr
    jr 3 months ago

    Is this Paul sicoro from good fellas?

  • Dk J
    Dk J 4 months ago

    I'm just like these guys and my high school buds we are all just as zanney.
    Dean Jackson M.Ed
    Seattle, WA

  • Anna Ferrara
    Anna Ferrara 4 months ago

    ☺️ I miss them.

  • Ed Weibe
    Ed Weibe 4 months ago

    Robin making the Master laugh. That is something. very good. very good.

  • Jeffrey C. McAndrew
    Jeffrey C. McAndrew 4 months ago


  • Largest Classifieds
    Largest Classifieds 4 months ago +3

    Jonathan Winters (upon arrival at the other side), asked, "Is this a joke?"

  • John Maddin
    John Maddin 4 months ago +1

    I was at a book signing at Powell's Books in Portland, OR some years ago. Jonathan Winters was there as the guest author to sign copies of his book of short stories, Winters Tales. The place was jam packed, absolutely filled to capacity when Winters came out to the front table. An employee of Powells, a young guy in his 20's, started the proceedings and during his somewhat stammering introduction made the mistake of trying to make a joke , and Winters' reaction was priceless: a double blink and slight roll of his eyes toward the young fellow as his right eyebrow lifted - which was all he needed to do to send the crowd into a roar of laughter as the young guy laughed himself and finally gave the spot to Winters. One of those you-had-to-be-there monments I'll never forget. R.I.P Jonathan Winters and your immensely gifted and well-loved protegé, Robin Williams.

  • Arrighi Marie Christine

    Deux Génies !

  • Jim Charnoske
    Jim Charnoske 4 months ago +4

    Wow, Definitely Funny Guys. Anyone Could See Robin Idolized Jonathan Winters By The Way He Looked At Him When He Performed. Both Geniuses, Both Shall Be Missed.

  • adam wallet
    adam wallet 4 months ago

    So good. I wish comedy like this could exist today.

  • Diane M. Patterson
    Diane M. Patterson 4 months ago

    Wasn’t he diagnosed bi- polar? What a brave and amazingly funny man.

  • Lois Wright
    Lois Wright 4 months ago +2

    Both so missed

  • Shirlee Poulos
    Shirlee Poulos 5 months ago

    The good ole days when comedians could make you laugh so hard, without profanity. Today, they feel they have to add bad language. These two men had genuine talent. That art is lost today.

  • Michael Exman
    Michael Exman 5 months ago

    A mime is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Lar
    Lar 5 months ago

    Why do people come to the conclusion they are now in heaven. I hope they are but is it just an American saying to make themselves feel better. The same with rest in peace (RIP). What else would they be doing?

  • Patrick Diprimo
    Patrick Diprimo 5 months ago +2

    I've never seen anyone make Robin William's laugh like that, it was nice to see.

  • Ron Estes
    Ron Estes 5 months ago

    03:04 At his best

  • Stephen Yount
    Stephen Yount 5 months ago

    And now Jonathan Winters telling a joke like that, he'd be condemned. Thanks leftist, you ruin everything.

  • Crifstar
    Crifstar 5 months ago

    He would have been destroyed as a racist today

  • climbthatmountain
    climbthatmountain 6 months ago

    Winters and Williams- batteries ARE included, pre mixed, fully fueled, and ready-to-race. If there were ever two more creative, high-energy individuals I've not witnessed them. They are loved and missed.

  • Amy McLean - Super Ink Arts

    Thank you so much for uploading ths.

  • Thomas Jeffries
    Thomas Jeffries 6 months ago

    I bet that those who were there, were crying from laughing so hard.

  • MrMrNevets
    MrMrNevets 6 months ago

    Could you imagine how these jokes would play today? Damn, the times have changed

    • glenwo2
      glenwo2 6 months ago

      Both gentlemen would be forced to APOLOGIZE to the black people, trannies, and other sick FREAKS out there.

  • Kathy KathleenK
    Kathy KathleenK 6 months ago

    Hello Mr. Winters & Mr. Williams. I miss you. I know you have very important jobs. When God & the angels see us suffer they need you to cheer them up & make them laugh. Thank you for that & for all the times you have made me laugh. I love you very much.
    0010110. 43

  • Louis Byron
    Louis Byron 7 months ago

    Jonathan Winters was one-of-a-kind. He could, and did, make fun of everybody, and was still beloved by all.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 7 months ago

    I kinda feel sorry for Robin. It seems he was always on, because he wanted to be accepted. We loved and accepted him and he didn't know it

  • cre8gnr8nrg
    cre8gnr8nrg 7 months ago

    The world is open for play...that anything and everybody is mockable, in a wonderful way...
    We need that again, we need that now...

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 7 months ago

    4:28s they break the most important rule of improv

  • jennifer86010
    jennifer86010 7 months ago

    4:22 Despite the fact that Winters' home had a tennis court, I can't imagine him ever playing tennis.

  • Quidnunc
    Quidnunc 8 months ago

    God, how I miss the inimitable genius of those two comedy giants.

  • cindy pruitt
    cindy pruitt 8 months ago +2

    They are all gone, every damn one of them, Hug!!!

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 9 months ago +2

    What hilarious comedy geniuses Robin Williams and Johnathon Winters were. I remember them very well in one of my favorite sitcoms Mork and Mindy.

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Yeah is so much better now people don't even how to talk to each other any more socially face to face real life they are boring and not some what.

  • Donald Rutter
    Donald Rutter 9 months ago +5

    They gave me the Greatest Gift anyone one can . They made me LAUGH! Heaven is a very funny place now .

  • Albert Gaspar
    Albert Gaspar 10 months ago

    And then go watch your copy of "Its a Mad Mad Mad World" and catch all the comedic greats together in one movie. Nowadays, if you get a bunch of comediens together, you get stuff like "Grown Ups"

  • michris21
    michris21 11 months ago +2

    1980's and no one had a problem

  • Dean Christensen
    Dean Christensen 11 months ago

    These two were and still are my idols, everything I know about thinking on my feet improv came from them, they are missed.

  • wbslnger2004
    wbslnger2004 11 months ago +3

    Wow even before robin came in, I could see so much of johnathan winters in robin Williams. Those 2 were amazing

  • Oscar Meyer
    Oscar Meyer 11 months ago +1

    THat was great!

  • Lloyd Welling
    Lloyd Welling 11 months ago +2

    Jonathan Winters,Cpl USMC,guard the gates brother,SF.

  • Brendan Hall
    Brendan Hall 11 months ago

    1:07 Roy Potter

  • Michael Doster
    Michael Doster Year ago +2

    HYSTERICAL!!! Two LEGENDS! Thanks for the POST!

  • John J Titor
    John J Titor Year ago

    Still an awesome classic to this day!

  • Mike Treker
    Mike Treker Year ago

    I hope Johnathan is in the next world.

  • zero starfree
    zero starfree Year ago


  • mr notaro11
    mr notaro11 Year ago

    jonathan winters.........what a talent!

  • James Ridgeway
    James Ridgeway Year ago

    Add Richard Pryor a s Sam Kenison.

  • James Ridgeway
    James Ridgeway Year ago

    Special place in heaven for these two. God loves everything that makes people laugh. These two are the start of the 12 funny disciples.

  • James Ridgeway
    James Ridgeway Year ago

    It’s easy to be funny when you don’t have to. It’s a nightmare when you have to be funny.

  • Vlad III
    Vlad III Year ago

    May they both rust in peace.

  • ToUgH LoVe
    ToUgH LoVe Year ago

    Who dislikes this

  • Michael D
    Michael D Year ago +4

    I loved these guys. God they were great. Thank God for technology. I can keep on seeing them and laughing.😀✌🍻

  • Michael Doster
    Michael Doster Year ago


  • Paul Simmons
    Paul Simmons Year ago +17

    God, that's the way comedy should be. Both of these guys are missed, especially now in dark times where decades of progress are being rolled back by the soulless.

    • jackpics
      jackpics Month ago +1

      Yeah, I agree that the European Union is horrible, Paul! Indeed, dark times.
      Thank goodness for the light of people like Trump, Farage, and Bolsonaro. Make nationalism great again. We'll get back to greatness.

  • Tari Ferrie
    Tari Ferrie Year ago +6

    Jonathan Winters and Robin I speak your names.
    Sweet spot!!!

  • Esteban Grijalva
    Esteban Grijalva Year ago +2

    These two were the Laurel and Hardy of Improvisation

  • tomtalker2000
    tomtalker2000 Year ago +9

    Two of THE BEST comedians this world will ever know. God bless them both.

  • Dom Brunelli
    Dom Brunelli Year ago +3

    all three dead so sad..Winters,Williams, Bradley

  • Michael Doster
    Michael Doster Year ago

    My absolute lifetime favorite of ANY form of entertainment, Johnathan Winters was always leaving me in the floor laughing with tears ! He could be the world's biggest smartass, and leave you with tears in your eyes.

  • Christopher Dillon

    Because in the last eight years that’s all the political agenda has been us to separate the American people by color, race, ideology and religion, thank God Obama is no longer our president! Americans and America first, white black or indifferent.

  • EvilLordBane
    EvilLordBane Year ago +1

    They never mentioned the fact Jonathan Winters played Robin Williams son on the TV show "Mork and Mindy". Yes, that's right his son. You see, Orks age in reverse.

    • brainsareus
      brainsareus Year ago

      It's a little segment, how much can they get in?

  • Jofinsky
    Jofinsky Year ago

    Today Winters would be condemned and fired from TV for mocking black people. That's how sick this society has become.

    • brainsareus
      brainsareus Year ago +1

      no; most people would know he wasn't mocking a black person.

  • Chris Brunelle
    Chris Brunelle Year ago

    I'd like to see Cam from Modern Family play Winters

  • aa
    aa Year ago

    4:21 Robin stayed in Jonathan's house?

  • Kathy
    Kathy Year ago

    The good ole days of J. Winters....... YES! those were the days people could laugh in
    REALITY vs political correctness crap! people could just be good ole PEOPLE!

  • a. banks.
    a. banks. Year ago +2

    Unbelievable to think that all 3 of these guys are gone! What a huge loss of talent, that did speak for humanity....

  • tnj50
    tnj50 Year ago

    Just found this--I'm still laughing...

  • Earthdog BIG BROTHER FAN

    2 men who wer'nt realted but are father & son in comedy ..


    I really love comedy

  • Joseph Carpenter
    Joseph Carpenter Year ago

    Two Boyos God Bless

  • Greg Norman
    Greg Norman Year ago

    priceless winter, huge admirations

  • Hans CakeStealer
    Hans CakeStealer Year ago

    Can you imagine the fallout with doing those impressions today omg I miss those days

  • Joshua Bates
    Joshua Bates Year ago

    Wow! Racism is funny! What was the interviewer thinking!

  • Anthony Allen
    Anthony Allen Year ago +1


  • Major Mazzaroth
    Major Mazzaroth Year ago

    Two guys suffering from severe depression. But they made us laugh. Weird ain't it.

  • geosutube
    geosutube Year ago +2

    "Basic Egyptian Army training course."

  • 82 Luft
    82 Luft Year ago +2

    Winters and Williams, American Masters

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B Year ago

    Before the Obama and Hillary and G. Soros $$$$ destroyed comedy!

  • 82 Luft
    82 Luft Year ago +2

    Least we forget Ed Bradley's departure. All of these three wondrous men now belong to the ages

  • Woodland Restoration

    so glad they were here

  • Tony Louros
    Tony Louros Year ago

    @2:57 No big deal just Robin Williams wearing a ear cuff.

  • kim buck
    kim buck Year ago

    They both make heaven funnier

  • StarDragon77
    StarDragon77 Year ago

    (Hands up). JAZZ HANDS!

  • bonnie a
    bonnie a Year ago


  • tory shepard
    tory shepard Year ago +2

    This is real comedy that made U laugh. Fast forward to 2017, and what do people call comedy? Kevin Hart? Saturday Night Live?? Jersey Shore?????? CHILD PLEASE

  • Yuriy Stakhiv
    Yuriy Stakhiv Year ago

    good bullshitrs, you just have to be one to know one. Brooklin mentality

  • Solo Rogue
    Solo Rogue Year ago +1

    Have no doubt that being PC would ruin their comedy. They would be called racist and how dare they mimic stereotypes. PC has ruined the world.

  • Ivan Dovranić
    Ivan Dovranić Year ago

    Ahh.. I just can't get enough of these two.

  • ynotcougar
    ynotcougar Year ago

    Jonathon Winters , Robin Williams, and George Carlin, 3 people who really made a difference in my life..............Not counting my probation officer and my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Longgenie....................

  • Jonathan Pineda
    Jonathan Pineda Year ago +2

    5:25 egyptian surrender