KCAL9 Special: Actor's Mysterious Death

  • Published on May 1, 2019
  • He was a successful actor, a newlywed and a man whose life was seemingly on track. That is until one night when Jason Murphy turned up dead at the bottom of the LA River. The coroner ruled his death an accident but his wife believes she has evidence he may have been murdered. Tom Wait reports.

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  • Chelsea Taylor
    Chelsea Taylor 8 months ago +2

    I met Jason once and watching him in one improv show before he died... he was honestly an outstanding performer and an insanely nice guy :(

  • Mubie Loize
    Mubie Loize 8 months ago

    I'm no forensic expert but my gut feeling says she knows ________.

    • Nom De Plume
      Nom De Plume 6 months ago

      She knows??? Shes been adamant at furthering the investigation. Law enforcement closed the case and she spent tens of thousands of dollars on private investigators and spreading Jasons story to any and everyone who will listen. The reason CBS LA is even doing a story on jason is because of her diligence. I can guarantee she had absolutely no hand in what happen to him. If she did she wouldn't be making so much noise. I mean really stop and think, use common sense, if you killed someone and the case was closed as an accidental death wouldn't you be happy it was closed? You wouldn't want law enforcement digging deeper and finding out you're guilty, right? So pls tell me why she would continue making noise and trying everything within her power to get the case opened back up and investigated again??? I mean, i dont know the woman but i know what i and most others would do if we were guilty of a murder and law enforcement closed case as an accident and thats NOT pressuring law enforcement to look back in to it and asking every media outlet in the country to do a story on the person i killed in order to get more eyes on case.... i mean come on, even Stevie Wonder could SEE that the woman is innocent.

  • Jake Browne
    Jake Browne 8 months ago +1

    Oh well another hollyweirdo gone

    • Nom De Plume
      Nom De Plume 6 months ago

      ???? If you're insinuating he was a Hollywood pedo you're mistaken, he was actually a victim of those ppl and was about to come forward to say so.... If you ask me someone wanted to silence him and what he was about to release.... so don't talk shit when you don't know...

  • Эдуард Лутков

    He didn't hurry home because he had an appointment. And then somebody decides the famous acter to be washed in the river. It was a question of love. His wife was waiting, but her husband did not hurry up.

    WOKEN JOE 8 months ago +5