LeagueAI: An AI Playing League of Legends using Deep Learning

  • Published on Nov 25, 2019
  • This demo shows an AI agent playing League of Legends using the LeagueAI framework. The LeagueAI framework uses object detection and other machine learning methods to provide information about the state of the game. The agent uses this information to take actions such as attacking, retreating and pushing the mid lane.

    The code is available on Github:

    My paper on automatically generating object detection datasets for video games using domain randomization:

    Music provided by Argofox:
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  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera Year ago +94

    I want this game to have something similar to openai from dota 2. Even competitive players had trouble with the bots.

    • Nick Meyer
      Nick Meyer Day ago +1

      @Stanimir Borov3 Elon Musk project. They simulated 80,000 dota 2 games using a Neural Network learning software everyday for 6 months and at the end they had the best dota players play against it. It won like 99.6% of all games. Using strategies that had never been used by pros and they eventually adopted those strategies for competitive gameplay because it's the right strategy. Humans were just too dumb to figure them out because nobody has time to play 80,000 matches a day for 6 months. It basically mastered a game more complex then GO with trillions of possible moves.

    • Stanimir Borov3
      Stanimir Borov3 4 days ago

      wtf is openai

    • Arya Parvizi
      Arya Parvizi Month ago

      @J T if you jump into developement you find no other solutions to it. I know what you are thinking and know the problem but I still agree with open ai's decision... try to solve the problem yourself you see the challenges... you can't use a real physical camera yet because of some technology reasons... we're not there yet for cameras to process screens and play complex games in my opinion (maybe in another decade or two we'll observe that play)

    • Music Parser
      Music Parser 3 months ago

      In Dota the AI had API data from the game, this is just a visual approach. The benefit is, that an Anticheat can't detect it, cause the internal data don't get touched. There are some pro and cons about it

    • Kaasai
      Kaasai 6 months ago +1

      @R. Alexander isn't it made as 5 AI playing in collaboration? I believe I've heard that somewhere

  • Jonathan Gilliam
    Jonathan Gilliam Year ago +105

    I would pay to watch this being played on real games

    • Josiah Kelly
      Josiah Kelly 5 months ago

      League isn’t a real game

    • Giritto
      Giritto Year ago +17

      @Bwah yeah I know they never will, just saying it would be fun if they did, imagine what new things we could have! New gamemodes, maps, maybe better ai's, game modes to train skillshot, kiting, dodging, farm....

    • Bwah
      Bwah Year ago +10

      @Giritto like hell they would open source league lmao

    • Giritto
      Giritto Year ago +18

      Same, but it still need loooots of training, wish Riot could open source their games like DOTA so we can have things like open AI

  • D2
    D2 Month ago +2

    We absolutely need real difficult AI to play against. Sometimes you just want to relax and play against the computer but the AI is way to easy in league so this would be awesome.

  • Fluked
    Fluked Year ago +1

    If you can get this more mainstream/useable, i will put money into it. If it could beat the casual player, that would be amazing.

  • StevenBelievin
    StevenBelievin Year ago +4

    Dude this is super cool stuff! I am really interested in learning about this leagueAI you are doing. Do you think there are other league AIs that have made it to high elo right now?

    • joy timmermans
      joy timmermans Year ago +3

      @StevenBelievin and also will not. happend without support. openAI or alphastar see the whole map and don't have to worry about localizing because of it. but the main thing is they get special versions of the game where they can play at much higher speeds to learn so over the span of 7 days they have played the equivalent of 200 years. and you are not gonna train this league ai over 200 years

    • StevenBelievin
      StevenBelievin Year ago +2

      @Jakob Kristensen I guess there is nothing like the openAI in league yet

    • Jakob Kristensen
      Jakob Kristensen Year ago +2

      Lol no this is not even capable of killing bots. It's a proof-of-concept and far from anything finished

  • Giritto
    Giritto Year ago +5

    Pls train it against bots once its good at solo games, and keep us updated, thats a super nice project

  • Vicente Díaz Pliego

    Well done!
    i love it... I would like to watch it vs real ppl.

  • Clous 48
    Clous 48 Year ago +1

    Buen trabajo hermano, espero que termines tu proyecto :)
    If is possible i will use it with so much apresiate

  • S
    S Year ago +3

    nice work, maybe you can speed up the learning by making it possible to run on volunteers' pcs and harvest data?

  • Alexander D
    Alexander D Month ago

    This is mindblowing, i hope this project didn't die out and you are still developing an ai for league, maybe one day riot will come in with the big cash and buy you out to make some decent coop vs ai finally, because they have kinda good ai in wild rift but in summoners rift bots just literally suck balls.

  • R Jose
    R Jose Year ago +3

    This stuff is really interesting, how many input nodes do you have ???

  • This is to play!
    This is to play! Year ago +1

    Wow You are much more advanced than me, I am also doing a project of that caliber, and I ran into the same problem of training, it is impossible to train an AI to play well against real players, the solution that yesterday is to use object detection to analyze different games of the same champion and so I can learn, well it is an idea that I have not yet tried, but I think it can get to a well-executed function.

  • Mike Wosausky
    Mike Wosausky 2 years ago +1

    hi, nice video, just wondering how do I run this ai? and will it improve over time?

    • PhoenixYT 124
      PhoenixYT 124 Year ago

      Yes it normally would improve, because that is what ai learning is about.

    • Bernardo Sant'Anna Costa
      Bernardo Sant'Anna Costa Year ago

      @OliverAi What you think about make a pygame or a web-based game to imitate LoL?

    • Bernardo Sant'Anna Costa
      Bernardo Sant'Anna Costa Year ago

      @OliverAi What you think about make a pygame, processing, p5 or a web-based game to imitate LoL?

    • Gamer 64
      Gamer 64 2 years ago

      @OliverAi is the video going to be here soon because I would to try this :)

    • OliverAi
      OliverAi  2 years ago +2

      To run the AI you can check out the github repository. I plan to make a video with a detailed tutorial early next year :)

  • PhoenixYT 124
    PhoenixYT 124 Year ago +2

    Youre like totally the most underrated youtuber. 65 subscribers? Jesus. This video is just perfect in my opinion, yeah its short, but its so damn interesting and cool to look at. Unbelievable.

  • GH044
    GH044 Year ago +1

    in the future we wont see real LCS players we will just be looking at some ultimate AI's xD

  • Silver
    Silver 11 months ago

    You really should be using a framework like Serpent.AI for something like this.

  • Asking Why is Free
    Asking Why is Free 2 months ago

    League will never be dead. LeagueAI will replace real players to appear that the game is alive. This is not a conspiracy. This is a plan B of failing games. People don't want games with no players. LeagueAI are players but not people.

  • Wen's Channel
    Wen's Channel 6 months ago

    do you or anyone in chat knows how the framework interacts with the actual game? I'm trying to do the same thing on my end but got stuck on the first step. It seems the game now blocks the simulated input from scripts, it only recognize actual input from real mouse and keyboards

    • Clayton Ginther
      Clayton Ginther 5 months ago

      Use a Pi zero as a HID

    • AlexanderMic
      AlexanderMic 6 months ago

      hello ,the keyboard of control doesn't work,but with direct mode in directx can be working.But need to rebuild key values and something I don't really understand.(make several new functions about keyboard in python)

  • Nothing Music
    Nothing Music 8 months ago

    Good!!!! We want more

  • Louis Switzer
    Louis Switzer Year ago

    is there a chance i could obtain a copy of the champion and minion models from 3D models, that's shown in #1 of the readme file?

  • Richard's Chess World

    Do more videos pls. U deserve way more than 89 subs 🤣

  • Michael
    Michael 2 years ago +37

    can it beat beginner/intermediate bots? :D

    • Tyrone
      Tyrone 6 months ago +1

      @QuadraxisTheGreat The one on AI made for Dota has beaten real pro players. It can 10000% be achieved on League, too.

    • QuadraxisTheGreat
      QuadraxisTheGreat 7 months ago

      @Theye29 You’re right, the dude is just being an unoriginal dickhead like most league players. The AI would inevitably pass humans in skill tho

    • Theye29
      Theye29 10 months ago

      @Paradise Express i am learning english, and i am Pretty sure you can understand what Did i said

    • Paradise Express
      Paradise Express 10 months ago

      @Theye29 Dude, can you speak English. I have no idea what you just said

    • Theye29
      Theye29 10 months ago +2

      @Paradise Express When I do something I can talk about it, dUmbAsS

  • dippa
    dippa Year ago

    i want to do something similar. i was thinking about writing a little game that simulates the laning phase with minions only so the bot could just learn to farm.
    Should have same physics as real minions though.
    But with a simulation like this you could let the NN learn way faster than realtime. The only problem is: how do you transfer it to real league of legends?

    Also i have a question for you:
    do you draw the boxes onto the image and then process it with the NN or are the boxes just for your information and the position / size of the boxes are passed into the nn?

    • Jakob Kristensen
      Jakob Kristensen Year ago

      If it's a close to 1:1 clone of League's laning phase the trained network should be easily transferable.

  • San 2
    San 2 Year ago

    Nice project, I subscribe.

  • Floyd Connor
    Floyd Connor 2 years ago +3

    Hey dude, how hard would it be to automate a voice program then tells you when your trinkets are up so you know what to ward and stuff? im very tunnel visiony and i hate it, id love something to shout at me and remind me what i gotta do xD

    • DrBalanced
      DrBalanced Year ago

      @Joschi it takes away the process of learning to watch for missing enemies, but technically you wouldn't need a script to do this. So yes, but no.

    • Joschi
      Joschi Year ago

      @Davidson Cheng thats just cheating, right?

    • Davidson Cheng
      Davidson Cheng Year ago

      How about a program that detects enemy champions on the minimap and potentially warn you when a gank is coming? It is still a working process, check out github.com/dcheng728/League-Minimap-Scanner

    • Mr Breiart
      Mr Breiart 2 years ago

      Honestly, it would be a funny little script to code, but i wouldn't actually suggest you to ever run anything like that online. Just learn how to play. It will be easy to think about warding at a certain point.

    • OliverAi
      OliverAi  2 years ago +1

      Hey, thanks for watching the video! That would actually not be that difficult, since in that case you know what you are looking for and where. I mean you could just run some simple matching between icons to detect the type of items and trinkets, no deep learning involved. Then you could track the keyboard presses and keep timers of the cooldowns.

  • gladJonas
    gladJonas Year ago +38

    its been a year

  • Mio
    Mio 8 months ago

    how do you set this up?

  • PoIoSeLeGxEiThFaSh
    PoIoSeLeGxEiThFaSh Month ago

    Still csing better than my teammates!! 🤖

  • R Jose
    R Jose Year ago

    the inputs are the entire frame or just getting the 4 attributes FROM the input frame? because inputting the frame with the attributes derived from it seems redundant..

  • MrEMusic
    MrEMusic 10 months ago +1

    This is what riot means by pvp lobby autofill

  • B.
    B. 5 months ago

    Yo, Is this still something being worked on? I am interested. let me know.

  • Doofmaster
    Doofmaster Year ago +4

    But can it troll and flame?

  • London
    London 11 months ago

    How do you run this?

  • benpoke
    benpoke Year ago

    still better than my adc

  • sgonged
    sgonged Year ago

    How would I best bounding box last hit minion or red box that minion is last hitable?

  • Tirziz's Archive
    Tirziz's Archive 11 months ago

    I think TFT is much better for neural network.

  • Elvis Čakstiņš

    So How much you want to get Chalanger?

  • João Carlos
    João Carlos Year ago

    How can i help develop this? im newbie

    • R Jose
      R Jose Year ago

      @g00gle minus That is objectively not true

    • g00gle minus
      g00gle minus Year ago

      you cant, if they show you the code then you will relize its the same as the script kiddies who plays lol, where you autododge, attack ect where its predict shoots where its hardest to avoid, while avoiding any shot thats possible, just with attached some code to lead it down lanes, some buy scripts based on money ect.

      Yea, unfortunately there was no ai here :( just scripts and regular botting. The developers of the game can allready set the bots to do this, but nobody would win vs somebody that can land full combo on you in a millisecond, like full annie's nukes, or use r on kartus when sombody is under treshold with no healing items\support nearby. automatically. ect ect, hence its the same dilemma counter strike bots had back in the day, shoot too good and nobody can fight them, outside of the bots useing glock to do no dmg and not aim at head.

  • Rexen14
    Rexen14 5 months ago

    1:20 could have put a fuckin epilepsy warning

  • HS 9%
    HS 9% 2 years ago

    I am Brazilian I understood but the less the video , an artificial intelligence plays for me ??

  • drewbert83
    drewbert83 Month ago

    report mid. literally a bot.

  • RealKallos
    RealKallos 2 years ago


  • ViiV Creations
    ViiV Creations 10 months ago

    same basic crap we've had for a long time now. ull always get banned using it since leagues scans ur pc for any weird programs running

    • Clayton Ginther
      Clayton Ginther 5 months ago

      Easy to pass by running the model on a raspberry pi and using it as a human interface device.

    • Chraan
      Chraan 10 months ago

      This is not supposed to be used in gaming but it's a study into AI (at least I hope that)

  • Kingsley Ekechukwu
    Kingsley Ekechukwu 6 months ago

    I just playe with a programmed ai bot taric summer name Twtv Chubroki watch his vod follows u around

  • Jadovran
    Jadovran 10 months ago +1

    LeagueSharp 2.0?

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah Year ago

    It is a bit lame for my taste. It would be better if you did this on a deeper level rather than visual, like getting info from network packets or making reflections and getting the binary data and processing them.

  • 9DarksNote6
    9DarksNote6 11 months ago +1

    this is so fuqin unfair why i cant get this stuff what an ai can

  • SJK Gaming
    SJK Gaming Month ago

    Can you upload the video it's been 2 years

    MAX POWER REC 2 years ago

    hi how to play on windows 10 this script
    cant open .py files

  • Ricardo Trillo
    Ricardo Trillo Year ago

    bring Updateeeeeeeeeeees

  • Dimitrios
    Dimitrios 16 days ago

    very bad. just an image recognition app to fool the 15year olds lol

  • Blade_des
    Blade_des 10 months ago

    hmmmmm. all that tech....to cs like a bronze