Goalkeeper throws ball into own net in Ethiopian Premier League


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  • Athamas
    Athamas 4 months ago

    Karius's step brother 🤣

  • Athamas
    Athamas 4 months ago

    Why the fans were screaming like that the whole time?😂

  • east coast
    east coast 5 months ago +2


  • AdemolaVictorTv
    AdemolaVictorTv 10 months ago +1

    Error 404

  • c4binF3v3r
    c4binF3v3r 10 months ago +2

    World class

  • G S
    G S 11 months ago +1

    African statistics

  • Markos Zeleke
    Markos Zeleke 11 months ago

    ጨዋታዉን ያየ ካለ ምን እንደተፈጠረ ያስረዳን! ካልተሳሳትኩ ቡና ከፋሲል ከነማ መሰለኝ! ዉጤቱ ስንት ለስንት ተጠናቀቀ?

    • Markos Zeleke
      Markos Zeleke 11 months ago

      ፍቅር ያሸንፋል! Thank u brother!

    • world cup 2018
      world cup 2018 11 months ago

      Markos Zeleke fasil ke wolwalo new
      1 le bado alkual

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 months ago +3

    The opposition used black magic to cause the goal keeper to throw the ball into his own net. Ethiopians widely practice black magic so I am not surprised.

    • mozey Moze's
      mozey Moze's 4 months ago

      Magic has no color.

    • Trashbin2797
      Trashbin2797 4 months ago

      and i can fly

    • Ezra weldeab
      Ezra weldeab 10 months ago +4

      Your are so confused bro there is no such a thing as black magic in Ethiopia. You probably saw a youtube vidio somewhere in Africa anyways you read to keep your scope of mind wider. Don't just eat and sleep.

      *GÊLAWDÊOWŠ* 10 months ago

      John Smith I'm Ethiopian and I don't even know black magic.....wtf is that?

    • Dreama Dreama
      Dreama Dreama 10 months ago

      John Smith stink

  • Trollus Maximus
    Trollus Maximus 11 months ago +5

    To bad honest man cant bet on nigerian league anymore. If home team somehow loose match, there is war nigeria for 2 months xD Away win is paid in blood :D

  • tom domagalski
    tom domagalski 11 months ago +3

    Some voodoo shit

  • AYYY_ 3
    AYYY_ 3 11 months ago +10

    Best audio of all time

  • Markus Muzikants
    Markus Muzikants 11 months ago +17

    Match fixing

  • Prabhakar Tallapelli
    Prabhakar Tallapelli 11 months ago +2

    Was it a goal ?

    • Markus Muzikants
      Markus Muzikants 11 months ago +4

      No it wasn’t. He passed the ball to his teammate. Lol😂

    • Ad Benjamin
      Ad Benjamin 11 months ago

      Prabhakar Tallapelli yes