• Published on May 14, 2019
  • Yeah so this went a bit weird...
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  • Jonk
    Jonk 11 hours ago

    Talia unironically called Fifty Shades a good film

  • OCT236
    OCT236 9 days ago

    When miniminter insults the name Oscar... 😓

    MIGHTY 12 days ago +1

    Talia screaming so much my mum came in thinking I was watching porn lmao

  • TrippzXI
    TrippzXI 12 days ago

    Sound effects made this so much better😂😂

  • Pughy01
    Pughy01 12 days ago +1

    2:50 5:04 5:48 6:48 7:58 8:48 Simon's laugh is 100% the most contagious laugh a youtuber has

  • Dominic Akadimah
    Dominic Akadimah 13 days ago

    i am borned 7th of february 2007

  • amazing andra
    amazing andra 17 days ago

    My bithdays on February 7 lmao 😂

  • uuborg
    uuborg 19 days ago

    God fucking dammit why are these so enjoyable

  • Puta madre
    Puta madre 19 days ago +4

    Talia is actually so fkn hot

  • Bluer Playz
    Bluer Playz 20 days ago

    Big D

  • Liam Cummins
    Liam Cummins 20 days ago


  • Tejpal Singh
    Tejpal Singh 22 days ago

    For 24 hours

  • Tejpal Singh
    Tejpal Singh 22 days ago

    Say yes to your girlfriend

  • TEO Cordz
    TEO Cordz 23 days ago +1

    My names chase thanks for the complimant

  • Raven359
    Raven359 24 days ago

    people i am joke to you?

  • Barnabás Török
    Barnabás Török 24 days ago

    If there will be next time: "Ofc If you can hold the candle..." lmaooo

  • Sam Newton
    Sam Newton 25 days ago

    Play dead by daylight with talia

  • Vic C
    Vic C 25 days ago +1

    lmaoooo talia face is changing every video

  • Galaxy girl
    Galaxy girl 25 days ago

    I love crocs

  • Jasmine Fuemana
    Jasmine Fuemana 26 days ago +3

    When Simon said the words didn't fit in the screen and it just said 'eet' my mind immediately went: " Oh, YEET!"

  • Chayse Delosh
    Chayse Delosh 26 days ago

    Great I’m chase with y chayse

  • Serge Jr Sima-Ella
    Serge Jr Sima-Ella 27 days ago

    Are they still dating?

  • Vukadin MC
    Vukadin MC Month ago

    "Ready to *Lum* inside that *Lussy* with my big *Lilly* "

  • daRkVapourZ14
    daRkVapourZ14 Month ago

    They definitely watched 50 shades after this 🤣

  • Rhys Cushion
    Rhys Cushion Month ago

    Go on this app as KSImon

  • Team 6
    Team 6 Month ago


  • dark matter64
    dark matter64 Month ago

    I'm from hull u ahole just because hull city is better

  • James Harber
    James Harber Month ago

    As someone who is from Hull i am not offended in anyway... It is a shithole 😂

  • Brooksboy 03
    Brooksboy 03 Month ago +2

    Ay wait I swear shellshock is that tank game online

  • Wilson Mwaibabile
    Wilson Mwaibabile Month ago

    Rah talia😻

  • Charlie Berkley-Smith
    Charlie Berkley-Smith Month ago +6

    Tht BBC itv joke was class 👌😂👌😂💯

  • Dimas Rasidin
    Dimas Rasidin Month ago

    Why is her head so fucking biiiig

  • Dale Collins
    Dale Collins Month ago

    pause at 3:40 you will know when you see it

  • daboss man
    daboss man Month ago

    My pan na me is kiki32 let play dbd

  • NEPTUNE - you just got lucky

    oh my god x 100 by talia haha

  • Rita Oliver
    Rita Oliver Month ago

    BIG D

  • GUA 145
    GUA 145 Month ago

    we need to know whats censored to know whats going on

  • Ollyyyy
    Ollyyyy Month ago

    I’ll have you know that I live in hull and there isn’t as many crackheads as you think

    • Ollyyyy
      Ollyyyy Month ago

      Nobody can afford it

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch Month ago +2

    “Guy 6ft2”... 8 Inches. We’re going accurate!”
    “Orrr not!!”
    Mate she outed you. Lmao 😂. Love her. New to your channel today and only seen your different Tinder videos and you two make me laugh. Cute, funny couple 🙂.

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch Month ago +98

    *“Do you love Chipotle?”*
    *“Do I have Crocs?!”*
    That made me laugh 😂.

    • Edward Westbury
      Edward Westbury 6 days ago +1

      That part of the video played as I looked at the comment that was weird

  • Anastasia McCluskey

    Ha! My name is Anastasia!😂

  • Haz King
    Haz King Month ago

    Mate don’t dis Hull 😂😂

  • Adam NSlNG
    Adam NSlNG Month ago

    Im from Hull you arsewipe

  • Just Another Viewer

    anastasia is a sick name

    yea, why would you get anastasia if youre not sick?

  • Amelie Thornton
    Amelie Thornton Month ago +1

    Omg Simon I support Leeds united aswell
    Founded in 1919
    In Yorkshire is elland road

  • Deebledoo42
    Deebledoo42 Month ago

    My sister's name is Anastasia

  • Ice Cool
    Ice Cool Month ago +1

    oh my God, what am I watching

  • Billy._bak
    Billy._bak Month ago +10


  • Hicham El Fida
    Hicham El Fida Month ago


  • Talha Numan
    Talha Numan Month ago +1

    No one
    Talia: are u alrigghhtt

  • Daniel Drew
    Daniel Drew Month ago

    Simon should go on grinder 😂

  • TomuxD
    TomuxD Month ago

    The russian text says shelookslikeaslut :D

  • Insanity
    Insanity Month ago

    My dawg used my name

  • FlowiiAssistentOfficial

    69k likes for big d lol

  • edward phung
    edward phung Month ago

    JeromeASF best shellshock

  • Chase Flewelling
    Chase Flewelling Month ago

    My name is chase

  • GainesGaming
    GainesGaming Month ago +1

    How dare you put my name on there

  • Otto  Blood
    Otto Blood Month ago

    Anything good is censored
    photos blurred
    Great vid

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards Month ago

    3:09 literally me

  • Burn in Hell
    Burn in Hell Month ago

    6 foot 2 means 6 foot and 2 inches