Cole Sprouse Shares Adorable Photos from His First Tonight Show Appearance

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • Riverdale's Cole Sprouse celebrates nearly 20 years of Tonight Show appearances by giving Jimmy an adorable hand-drawn portrait like he gave Jay Leno during his first visit in 1999 and explains how his Instagram-shaming backfired.
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    Cole Sprouse Shares Adorable Photos from His First Tonight Show Appearance
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 394

  • bable dack
    bable dack 12 hours ago

    Кто тоже Русский и кто тоже пришел посмотреть момент где он говорит на русском : Где Лили? Я кстати не нашла...

  • Jaelyn Yeyi
    Jaelyn Yeyi Day ago

    Omg he’s so cute❤️

  • loglady
    loglady Day ago

    0:23 0:27

  • Dominika Domaczaja
    Dominika Domaczaja 2 days ago

    he looks like dylan sprouse. 😮

  • ShawN TyleR
    ShawN TyleR 3 days ago

    He's hot 🔥

  • usha dabas
    usha dabas 7 days ago

    Oh fuck..he is so cutee

  • Marit Broersma
    Marit Broersma 8 days ago

    I just find out this was published on my birthday
    Is it meant to be😂😅❤️

  • Jerryca Bussiere
    Jerryca Bussiere 10 days ago +1

    1:18 jimmy said he's gonna hang it on his fridge.. what if he's thirsty at night and he turns on the kitchen light and sees him on his fridge... hope he screams but sighs and lughs..

  • Vanessa Amaya
    Vanessa Amaya 11 days ago

    I miss the Suite life of Zack and Cody

  • imnmist
    imnmist 15 days ago

    0:52 I AM WHEEZING

  • Laura small
    Laura small 16 days ago +2

    Him I DIE
    Me then haha noo haha
    Me now oh shit he wasn’t lying

  • Piper Mckinley
    Piper Mckinley 18 days ago +3

    Wait he does die?!

  • Haley
    Haley 21 day ago +2

    When cole said that his quivering Disney self I almost spit out my water

  • Dead Memes Lie Here
    Dead Memes Lie Here 21 day ago

    Is he Zach or Cody

  • Wilhuff Tarkin
    Wilhuff Tarkin 21 day ago

    He looks similar to Roomie Official

  • anafbmad
    anafbmad 21 day ago

    oh that's his name...brussel sprouts is what I read

  • Blacknitro
    Blacknitro 22 days ago


  • Romasa30 Almahdi
    Romasa30 Almahdi 24 days ago

    Jimmy: don't catch me,don't catch me
    cole: can u see me?
    Me: starts dieing😂😂😂

  • Te’liyah M
    Te’liyah M 24 days ago

    3:50 that was a real spoiler if you watched the last episode of riverdale in season three you would know

  • Ac
    Ac 24 days ago

    does Jughead actually die?

  • Ola Niezgoda
    Ola Niezgoda 26 days ago

    3:36 can you see me? Lol

  • Emily vaca
    Emily vaca 27 days ago

    1:59 I've never actually seen someone drink on the show

  • Marah Fitz
    Marah Fitz 28 days ago +1

    Cole: "Yeah I die" 3:54

  • Ruby H
    Ruby H 29 days ago

    little do they know jughead actually died!!!!! WTF!!!

  • mia orlisa
    mia orlisa 29 days ago

    Lol so this is the cole Mackenzie talkes abt😂

  • MissFruityL !
    MissFruityL ! 29 days ago


  • lacatia mason
    lacatia mason Month ago

    I hate pictures especially when I am not ready for them.

  • Laura Margerison
    Laura Margerison Month ago

    Cole: I die
    Me: you’ve died and come back to life like what... 3 times now? Come on COLE! Get it together 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • bearisol
    bearisol Month ago

    4:33 *cough cough* supernatural *cough cough*

  • Faye
    Faye Month ago

    Cole Sprouse would make a reaally good writer

  • Asma J
    Asma J Month ago

    i love his voice 😭♥️

  • Miranda Torres
    Miranda Torres Month ago

    Omg!!!! Cole Sprouse is a beautiful 🤤😍

  • Nor Lyana Mohd Ramli
    Nor Lyana Mohd Ramli Month ago +1

    Idk when he stares at the camera i just falling in love with omg he is so handsome!

  • Isobel Merren
    Isobel Merren Month ago +1

    Cole sprouse: I DIE
    riverdale end of season 3: oH

  • asela deraad
    asela deraad Month ago +5

    He could play Eric in the little mermaid remake!!

  • Anna Cope
    Anna Cope Month ago +1


  • Plushy makes cracky
    Plushy makes cracky Month ago +3

    I've been in love with Cole Sprouce since Zack and Cody. Anyone else?

    • bemnet legesse
      bemnet legesse Month ago

      Me too it was and it is my celeb crush😅I will go to auditions when I'm older and I would love to go to an audition of riverdale or stranger things ❤️

  • Mean Bean YASSS QUEEN
    Mean Bean YASSS QUEEN Month ago +1


  • Sienna Haan
    Sienna Haan Month ago +1

    cole.... so so fine

  • llpslovell aquar
    llpslovell aquar Month ago +1

    Omg what made me here.... Riverdale !!! His smile is overly loaded cute :D brought his twin in next season ;)

  • bemnet legesse
    bemnet legesse Month ago +2

    Actually my crush take a Pic of like that and I did a photo of him too so it ends up taking pix of each other😂

  • Ana Teodora
    Ana Teodora Month ago +3

    Cole: breathes
    Every girl ever (especially lili reinhart) : 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼

  • Angelina Kenny
    Angelina Kenny Month ago +1

    Dude tbh when I saw the camera duels thing I was like can’t you just go up and ask for a picture?
    ( for actual humans I get paparazzi has to do this for money)

  • Chloe's Corner
    Chloe's Corner Month ago +1

    3:55 is legit now... maybe forshadowing?? idk...

  • Seldontop Music
    Seldontop Music Month ago +1

    Do you like it?
    I'm gonna hang it on my fridge!
    But do you like it?
    I'm gonna hang it on my fridge!
    Every parent's reaction to their kids crappy drawings

  • Mya Ogle
    Mya Ogle Month ago +1

    Cole is so cute lili is lucky

  • Petitee
    Petitee Month ago +2

    Jimmy falon said The riverdale cast is the best cast on tv completely ignoring the fact he said that about the stranger things cast

  • Sajnin Meem
    Sajnin Meem Month ago +1

    Such A Cute Sarcastic Ass 😂

  • Paula Schatz
    Paula Schatz Month ago +1

    After the season 3 finale I am convinced that Jughead is going to die

  • Lana Will
    Lana Will Month ago

    The thumbnail tho

  • DJ.S.M.
    DJ.S.M. Month ago

    Does coke really smoke I mean if I were jimmy I’d be ded Rn being honest I don’t like the breath of smokers but I’m guessing he used a freshener

  • Ana Lalala
    Ana Lalala Month ago +2

    “Yeah I die.”
    *stares intensely into the camera*

  • Lindsey Vig
    Lindsey Vig Month ago +1

    Literally the only downside of Cole is that he smokes

  • Evany13
    Evany13 Month ago

    "i die" season 4 flash forward foreshadowing?

  • Даяна Абилова

    Ничего не поняла
    Но было интересно

  • MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    So does this mean that is hes natural hair and not blonde.

  • ppletcher
    ppletcher Month ago +2

    Wait Cole said he died but in season 3 the last episode he “dies” (ik he was joking or was he)

  • xo_xo xo
    xo_xo xo Month ago +2

    3:30 this dog's look😍😂

  • Feralz
    Feralz 2 months ago +1

    I was trying to remember where I have seen this kid, he was Ben in friends.