UK PM Boris Johnson's spokesman apologises to Queen over lockdown parties - BBC News

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • Downing Street has apologised to Buckingham Palace for two staff parties in No 10 on the night before Prince Philip's funeral.
    The gatherings, first reported by The Telegraph newspaper, took place on 16 April 2021 and went on until the early hours.
    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said it was "deeply regrettable that this took place at a time of national mourning".
    Boris Johnson, who was not at either party, faces questions over alleged Covid rule-breaking at No 10.
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  • Dibbler D
    Dibbler D 4 months ago +557

    Trying to defend all this just makes me more angry, these people seem to forget they work for us. I am no Royalist but seeing the Queen alone at her husbands funeral, while the night before they were partying at No 10 is damning and unforgiveable.

    • tiny
      tiny 4 months ago

      Sand that people didn't want to know 2 years ago

    • ADC TV UK
      ADC TV UK 4 months ago

      @Sniper_Militia more than likely she probably was but we'll never ever find out about it

  • Mukuni Mulundika
    Mukuni Mulundika 4 months ago +180

    Imagine the Queen having to sit completely alone mourning the love of her life to show that even she is not exempt from covid protocols. And the people making these protocols are partying away at the very top of govt headquarters the night before. Despicable and disgusting.

    • Aviator Sound
      Aviator Sound 4 months ago

      @jjeffery worboys
      She was pretty much sitting alone with the Archbishop.

    • adam ant
      adam ant 4 months ago

      So, you are having shipphams mackeral paste by a pond? That's lovely.

    • Bon
      Bon 4 months ago +1

      @adam ant you're right about Anthony, but saying asexual, non binary people should not be allowed oppinions is just rude to everybody, don't say that.

    • Jack is not in the box
      Jack is not in the box 4 months ago

      Dude says he cannot tell the difference between a party and a business meeting.

    • Anthony der
      Anthony der 4 months ago

      @adam ant Actually I'm a highly successful businessman currently sat outside my £2million mansion having Pâté on crackers by my pool.
      But keep on cracking out those youtube comments. You are the real winner! LOL.

  • Tom Barrett
    Tom Barrett 4 months ago +453

    The irony that the one person who is literally above the law, sacrificed to mourn her late husband on her own, whilst the people still “supposedly” within law are breaking them.

    • manic hairdo
      manic hairdo 4 months ago

      @Nick Jones Yes. It's utterly divine, thanks. 😅

    • The world is our garden
      The world is our garden 4 months ago +1

      Mate there is no way she mourned alone

    • Nick Jones
      Nick Jones 4 months ago

      @manic hairdo must be nice to live as such an ideologue.

    • Revealed
      Revealed 4 months ago

      @Geepee Eff it’s a civil suit not a law suit. The money will just be paid out by his mom aka us the tax payer.

  • Jermaine Kato
    Jermaine Kato 4 months ago +224

    How can the Conservative party decide whether Boris resigns or not when most of the MPs giving their decision were at the party during the lockdown? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

    • Vera Bolton
      Vera Bolton 4 months ago +3

      @Liga Kaktina It's easy to point the finger to someone else. That's how our leaders "take full responsibility". Sickening.

    • SLSnoX
      SLSnoX 4 months ago +3

      @Liga Kaktina The Labour party aren't in power, so they aren't relevant here. They don't decide on anything.

    • Liga Kaktina
      Liga Kaktina 4 months ago +2

      What about Labour party? Didnt they know anything about partys. You cant keep secret that involves so many people

    • The Element
      The Element 4 months ago +2

      @JanuMeza Yeah, right.

  • Mekhi101
    Mekhi101 4 months ago +544

    What about all the people that were wrongly fined but paid so that they avoided a criminal conviction. £800, reduced to £400. There was no appeal procedure. Will the PM be fined?

    • tiny
      tiny 4 months ago

      Yes you can get your money back right here local MP they have to get in touch with the government or wide to the house of commons yourself ( they can't get away with the couvd lies ) good luck x

    • Leo Sath
      Leo Sath 4 months ago

      Stop the Governments overreaching Covid measures .. Your freedom depends on it

    • Jack McB
      Jack McB 4 months ago

      @TheSebiestor what😂😂 we'll get tory regardless of who we vote for because English votes far outnumber ours, the only way to get who we vote for is to go independent and run our own political system, every other country o the planet does it, no reason we cant

    • Ulla Gunther
      Ulla Gunther 4 months ago

      @oskat 2005 what do you find dangerous about these times? Stop watching tv and/or listening to LBC. You'll be completely fearless after that, promise!

  • Twig Whitcombe
    Twig Whitcombe 4 months ago +172

    Shameful...just shows how much respect they haven't got for this country

    • Ali Pratt
      Ali Pratt 4 months ago +1

      @E Rico I think the answer to that is obvious but people may not e able to accept the fact that they were played.

  • The one true GREG
    The one true GREG 4 months ago +76

    I'm not even a royalist but it was heartbreaking to see our Queen alone at Phillips funeral, bye-bye Boris, thanks for nothing.

    • FilledWithVariousKnowledge HungryForMore
      FilledWithVariousKnowledge HungryForMore 4 months ago

      @SLSnoX He’s been stripped off all duties

    • SLSnoX
      SLSnoX 4 months ago +3

      @TheDragon 201 Defending child rapists is never respectable.

    • jojo
      jojo 4 months ago +1

      Said exacly the same thing, still people amaze me that they believe all this bulshit

    • TheDragon 201
      TheDragon 201 4 months ago +3

      @B33FY2015 she's defending her son because guess what, HE'S HER SON.
      If you had a child that committed a crime whether it be pedophilia or something akin to that you would support and try to protect them or atleast make them undemand what they did was wrong because HE IS HER SON.
      The Queen already must be really depressed with the Harry and Megan situation and her husbands death.
      She doesn't want to lose anymore of her family.and that's a respectable belief!

  • Solace of Lyra
    Solace of Lyra 4 months ago +110

    I blame myself in believing that the people who lead us have a pinhead's worth of integrity and honour. I feel sadness for all of us who tried to follow the rules. We will never forget those that we loved and lost. Remember.

    • captain sensible
      captain sensible 4 months ago +1

      @Billy Batts how did corbyn flout the rules... Just out of curiosity ( I don't particularly like him)

    • Senoritabeatmymeata
      Senoritabeatmymeata 4 months ago

      @Billy Batts Did it*

  • RZR 🔈
    RZR 🔈 4 months ago +153

    It’s sad that people had to follow the covid rules for funerals of their loved ones, yet the ones who set the rules were throwing parties, making a mockery of us ordinary law abiding citizens!

    • Sally ann Wheeler
      Sally ann Wheeler 4 months ago

      @obiwan raven 🤦‍♀️🤐😴👋👋

    • obiwan raven
      obiwan raven 4 months ago

      @Sally ann Wheeler i havent deleted anything off here, all my messages are still there i looked thanks. dont know what your problem is? i am not arrogant, what you dont like is people getting on with things and not going along with the crap and hype

    • obiwan raven
      obiwan raven 4 months ago

      @Rhys Shaughnessy what from 2 yrs ago when no one really knew it was here. very few have died so no i dont care lol

  • Jlf 20
    Jlf 20 4 months ago +547

    Should refund every single person who was fined by these draconian rules

    • George Woodman
      George Woodman 4 months ago

      Just shows what type of society we live in. People unable to attend funerals of loved ones, men unable to attend the hospital to witness the birth of their first children. The countless amounts of time that people have missed being able to do their own thing...
      .. But here you are complaining about money!

    • Jack is not in the box
      Jack is not in the box 4 months ago

      TRUE SAY, I want my money back!

    • The world is our garden
      The world is our garden 4 months ago +1

      Someone needs to make this a petition

  • Janet Fox
    Janet Fox 4 months ago +153

    I think that this is disgraceful, if Our Queen, can respect the COVID rules, then how can these people think that they can do as they wish. They all need to resign, people have lost all respect for the government. They certainly have no respect for Our Queen or the people.

    • Julia Montalván
      Julia Montalván 4 months ago +2

      The queen is not a saint god seek. The love for monarchy has become to everyone in blinds 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • alimos76 harrington
    alimos76 harrington 4 months ago +22

    It's never been clearer that the Queen feels she serves the people and Boris believes they serve him. Lead by example and take responsibility. We aren't just angry. He already set the tone of his "apology" with his technically followed the rules excuse. We don't forget that he lied about there being any parties a few weeks ago. What else does he forget?

    IBIZABIKE 4 months ago +13

    I hate it when people say, one rule for them and one rule.for us ,this is wrong it is dozens of rules for us and no rules for them

  • Lee Kirkman
    Lee Kirkman 4 months ago +54

    Shameful our poor Queen sat alone in church with nobody to console her in her grief, And these people are partying. Shame on them! and God bless the Queen.

    • The world is our garden
      The world is our garden 3 months ago

      @Lee Kirkman doing what exactly???

    • The world is our garden
      The world is our garden 4 months ago

      @Lee Kirkman she wouldn't last 2 seconds in a council house 😂 and generally 1 person shouldn't be allowed to have 6 residences handed to them when there are people out there that are homeless and on the streets mate she's worse than a benefit scrounger

    • I'll_Be_Frank
      I'll_Be_Frank 4 months ago +1

      @Lee Kirkman Karen? She enabled them

    • The Bababoey
      The Bababoey 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, im gonna cry rivers to the woman who's a reminder of the economic imbalance of our country

  • Vlad Cooke
    Vlad Cooke 4 months ago +140

    The fact they had a party before prince Philips funeral is disgusting

    • FreemenT
      FreemenT 4 months ago

      TBH he was such a lad, it was probably in his will to make his death a bank holiday.

    • Donny
      Donny 4 months ago

      @nick the smokers son The party wasn't for celebrating Prince Philip, it was a leaving do for a No 10 colleague. Completely unrelated. Yet they would have been fully aware of Phillip's funeral the next day. Ridiculous

    • MissPuglife
      MissPuglife 4 months ago

      They were prob celebrating his death

    • Dale Howard
      Dale Howard 4 months ago


  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 4 months ago +7

    It’s funny how he’s never there at the parties that are at his home 😂

  • Paul Hibbert
    Paul Hibbert 4 months ago +125

    The BBC says multiple times here that Boris Johnson wasn't in attendance... Which of the several parties do you mean? I'm losing track and can't remember which one it was that he admitted to popping down to say hello before "going back to work" 🤔
    Perhaps the simple fact that there have been so many parties that I no longer know which one you're talking about, is enough to realise that the level of corruption runs so deep that removing Boris Johnson isn't enough.

    • Rhys Shaughnessy
      Rhys Shaughnessy 4 months ago

      @razz b I think we're in two different countrys mate 😂

    • Rhys Shaughnessy
      Rhys Shaughnessy 4 months ago

      @razz b That word has lost all meaning now. Even calling out someone for being raicist is "woke" when it's just called being a decent person.

    • duckpigpharm
      duckpigpharm 4 months ago +1

      @Paul Hibbert Also very funny is how mr smart-home peddler, the ultimate logician, deems the govt corrupt over parties, but incorrutible over .irus reality.

  • Craig Lawton
    Craig Lawton 4 months ago +55

    At this point - it'll be a bigger surprise to find that Boris and friends at any point were actually following the rules

    • Ralph Jackson
      Ralph Jackson 4 months ago +1

      @Craig Lawton Yes,that's true. I don't think people will stand for restrictions much longer unless a very strong case is made for them. Otherwise it smacks of an obsession with control,of the people.

  • Sharon Sparks
    Sharon Sparks 4 months ago +21

    Well, I’m American and we’ve had to live through the horror of Trump and the January 6 attack on the Capitol last year. We’re in free fall over here, so you have my sympathies. But you do have something we don’t: A dignified Queen who has been gracefully handling her own nightmares. I do admire her and I feel sad her PM has shown such disrespect for the British people’s suffering and the Queen’s.

  • Jaguar Freedom
    Jaguar Freedom 4 months ago +13

    can you imagine what would have happened to these individuals 300 years back. Can you imagine a queen's fury.

  • Damian Kozak
    Damian Kozak 4 months ago +2

    This shows you how much respect they've got to people and also shows how "serious" is covid!


    It’s sad that people had to follow the covid rules for funerals of their loved ones, yet the ones who set the rules were throwing parties, making a mockery of us ordinary law abiding citizens!

  • Musaxcoco
    Musaxcoco 4 months ago +13

    Legends have it Boris is preparing for his leaving party this weekend, everyone is invited

  • Underground Evolution Of Hip Hop TV

    No one will take lockdown seriously again , and rightly so 💯💯💯💯

    • Richard
      Richard 4 months ago

      Get ya vaccine 😆

  • yam yam
    yam yam 4 months ago +5

    That's a surprise he's isolating and out the public eye because he's come in to contact with a family member who had covid 😂 the lies just keep on coming

  • Y
    Y 4 months ago +5

    I’m still confused as to why people willingly voted for this man

    • Vera Bolton
      Vera Bolton 4 months ago

      For Brexit and for Brexit alone. So many people were not able to see further Brexit. I'd spoken to a few of them and found it astonishing.
      Boris knew it and used it for his advantage. Sadly, a clever person with character flaws. Rather dangerous stuff.

    • Co Rupt
      Co Rupt 4 months ago

      Because the alternative was not, and still isn't a viable option, unfortunately, the Tories will get my vote again, it's the lesser of 2 evils.

  • Chris
    Chris 4 months ago +2

    Saying"it is deeply regrettable that this took place at a time of national mourning.." surely this implies that a week later it would be ok?

  • Allie Birkin
    Allie Birkin 4 months ago

    That photo of the Queen is heartbreaking. She sat alone at the funeral of her husband so as to respect the rules and the millions of people who follow them. The fact the government “regrets” the time of their party the night before is such an offensive understatement of the situation

    FGC PEAK 4 months ago

    it's hard not to love the queen honestly

  • Hev
    Hev 4 months ago

    Incandescent with rage is the best way I can explain my mood. Absolutely disgraceful of everyone who knew about these goings on and not blown the whistle before now. I feel for Guy Fawkes.

  • the online window shopper

    Imagine being Boris Johnson and having a on ending nightmare this is one of the nightmares you can just wake up from 😂

  • Adam howie
    Adam howie 4 months ago +5

    What's a apology gonna do it doesn't make up for the love ones we lost the times we have missed I hope the government pays for there crimes but I know that won't happen

  • John Metcalf
    John Metcalf 4 months ago

    How are we supposed to respect and take heed of any rules from this Government now?

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue 4 months ago

    It’s funny how he’s never there at the parties that are at his home 😂

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    Shameful...just shows how much respect they haven't got for this country

  • Mr. Grumpy
    Mr. Grumpy 4 months ago +80

    I'm absolutely not a royalist in any shape or form and I'd not seen that imagine of the queen at the funeral service before but bloody hell, that's a heart breaking sight for anybody and she certainly wasn't the only person in the UK who did the same thing while these shameful people chose to disrespect everybody in that situation.
    Not only should everybody involved in these events be removed in shame but I also feel each one of them should really be pelted by rotting fruit by the public as they're forced to walk The Mall to ensure that it's what people remember them for.
    Not such an easy thing to achieve these days due to the pandemic, well, unless you're a part of The Cabinet I suppose.

    • Mark Savage
      Mark Savage 4 months ago

      @Vera Bolton I do proofread before posting, and ew salad, my food eats salad.

    • Vera Bolton
      Vera Bolton 4 months ago

      @Mark Savage Gosh, what a word salad!
      Bon apetite!

    • Vera Bolton
      Vera Bolton 4 months ago

      @Mark Savage Just wait until you have your own children grown up.
      Btw, Andrew probably isn't an angel but I don't see how and why he was a "pervert". This video is about our Government treating our Queen with contempt, I wonder why do you feel the need of talking about something else.

    • Simon Hawkins
      Simon Hawkins 4 months ago

      They'd probably enjoy the fruit pelting .. free stuff to go with their wine and cheese... Bricks .

  • Ali Pratt
    Ali Pratt 4 months ago +2

    A sore throat, a runny nose and a headache!
    "The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."
    George Orwell, 1984

  • forlatagate1
    forlatagate1 4 months ago +1

    In the morning they're singing your name and in the evening, they curse it.
    When a president or prime minister goes against their handlers, they die or get pushed out the way.

  • Cobra_Commander
    Cobra_Commander 4 months ago

    Whenever I do something wrong, I often apologise by proxy lol

  • John Hayes
    John Hayes 4 months ago

    I've never seen so many people take responsibility and literally noone do anything but say sorry.

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy 4 months ago +114

    “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”
    ― Plato

    • Eusunt Dac
      Eusunt Dac 4 months ago


    • James Murphy
      James Murphy 4 months ago


    • Papa Noms
      Papa Noms 4 months ago

      Plato also wanted censorship and a class-system, bruh.

    • Declan Jones
      Declan Jones 4 months ago

      @Helen Webster he was Greek from antiquity

    • Helen Webster
      Helen Webster 4 months ago +5

      @Mongo You’re not a deep thinker, are you?

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 4 months ago

    “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” ― Plato

  • George Woodman
    George Woodman 4 months ago

    From the start I always gave Boris the benefit of the doubt, no PM could have foreseen this shitshow before being elected and mistakes were bound to have been made. But these parties have outraged myself and so many others, something needs to be done and anyone who attended needs to be held accountable.

  • Ellial
    Ellial 4 months ago +2

    Would it just be easier for boris to come out now and tell us about the couple of days in the last two years when there werent any parties taking place in Downing Street?

  • Silverstone
    Silverstone 4 months ago +13

    whenever high office holders break restriction rules, I realize that their behaviors prove the virus was not deadly enough to put the restriction rules in the first place.

    • I'll_Be_Frank
      I'll_Be_Frank 4 months ago

      HOW DARE YOU!!... Oh wait every one can agree with that bare the left

  • Darth Wiizius
    Darth Wiizius 4 months ago +8

    Turns out they had a party every Friday at no10 during the lockdown. They even bought in a drinks fridge and every Thursday they would take turns taking a wheeled suitcase to the nearby Tesco and fill it up for Friday. The co-op excursion was because it was after Tesco had shut while the co-op is a 24 hour branch, I'm, guessing that was not the only top up run.

  • Ilwa324 Fg
    Ilwa324 Fg 4 months ago +5

    When I see queen my heart starts crying what a nice woman

    • The world is our garden
      The world is our garden 4 months ago +1

      Feel more sorry for the people who aren't the 1% who couldn't get to see their families and their loved ones and the others who suffered mentally who couldn't go out

    • Allan Robinson
      Allan Robinson 4 months ago

      Really, a nice woman? Others disagree

  • Cobra_Commander
    Cobra_Commander 4 months ago

    There needs to be mass protests (peacefully of course). March for the sake of your Queen.

  • Manuel Kertesz
    Manuel Kertesz 4 months ago +1

    Just to understand, we can do whatever we want, as long as we apologize for it it will all be okay?

  • Darkangel W
    Darkangel W 4 months ago

    Our poor queen. It's horrid. No one should be alone, when a loved one passes away

  • Sharon Washington
    Sharon Washington 4 months ago +4

    With all that is going on around her the queen who has given a life service to her country does not deserve these lower than life individuals treating her the way they are. If it had been centuries ago they would all be lucky to keep their heads on their shoulders!

    • David Heffron
      David Heffron 4 months ago

      No one "treated" the queen anything. Nothing to do with the auld boot.

  • miran sayed
    miran sayed 4 months ago

    long live the Queen and this land should love their Queen...

  • Amanda Hunter
    Amanda Hunter 4 months ago +3

    Any apology in words is meaningless, unless it is supported with an immediate, and sustained, changed attitude and behaviour. This idea that it is OK to just apologise and then all is fine and forgotten needs to be replaced with the idea of a "restorative apology" in an attempt to rebuild trust.

    • ChArG1nMaLAZ0R
      ChArG1nMaLAZ0R 4 months ago

      apologies are meaningless the people issuing them are usually not sorry and the people receiving them never want to hear them regardless if its sincere or not.

    • ChArG1nMaLAZ0R
      ChArG1nMaLAZ0R 4 months ago

      apologies are meaningless the people issuing them are usually not sorry and the people receiving them never want to hear them regardless if its sincere or not.

  • Fallenxxx Destiny
    Fallenxxx Destiny 4 months ago

    This is the best example of "Don't do as I do, do as I say" I have ever seen.

  • John Tozer
    John Tozer 4 months ago +1

    Of all the things that need sorting out,I can't believe so much time and energy is being put into something so trivial as a wine party or two at number 10, media and politicians need to grow up

  • Mathew Duffy
    Mathew Duffy 4 months ago +2

    So he didn't know about one party but I guess he's gunna say he didn't know the other one happened. Its truly appalling and these lot are simply legal crooks


    "Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value."

  • Robert W
    Robert W 4 months ago +136

    Her majesty's own government failing to show respect for her mourning. Shameful! I am not even british but i have much more respect for her.

  • Creater_Dan
    Creater_Dan 4 months ago

    So if we break the covid rules, we can apologize and everything is forgiven ?

  • Jesse P. Watson
    Jesse P. Watson 4 months ago +1

    I find this strange, it's a curious ethical cul-de-sac in my view as the real issue, in my eyes, is that no-one should gave been forced to endure that ban on social gatherings.
    To me, this reads as a diversion from accepting that reality i.e. "We're enraged you broke the rules we were foolish enough to accept without question... It's just as absurd either way but we'd rather not consider the reality this high-lights i.e. those making those rules weren't frightened of contracting a disease because they knew the whole thing was 99% fear mongering and 1% genuine threat."

  • Colour Magician
    Colour Magician 4 months ago +1

    Love how fast everyone is to complain about this, when each person complaining has ignored the rules themselves. Just go to any shop, use public transport, go out at night, look at every member of the general public ignoring every rule they can get away with.
    People calling for the PMs resignation because other people had a party unrelated to him, it's pathetic. People are just too bored, the news cycle has run out of pandemic stories without a fresh new variant to cover, and everyone is desperate to blame anyone they can for their own situations without addressing the source.

  • David Boson
    David Boson 4 months ago +1

    any work place in the country that had done this would result in police action, fines, firings and massive verbal assault by said 'leaders'.

  • iwo gajda
    iwo gajda 4 months ago

    "For the sake of His sorrowful Passion have mercy on us and on the whole world."

  • Ollie Morrell
    Ollie Morrell 4 months ago +2

    This true just imagine how many people did exactly the same within the world I know everyone broke the rules by having house parties

  • Ms.G
    Ms.G 4 months ago

    Boris might not have been there but I'm sure he knew and give permission for the party, so he is 100% to blame

  • Jord Rich
    Jord Rich 4 months ago

    Can't believe he actually had the nerve to send someone else to the queen to apologise for him..

  • Areflection4
    Areflection4 4 months ago +171

    is there no limit to the contempt of this Government's Administration? I am not a Royalist but the news of a leaving doo party on the eve of Prince Phillip's funeral with the Queen sitting all alone in black is beyond belief. I, a member of Joe Public, am angry and distressed for the Queen.

    • Leo Sath
      Leo Sath 4 months ago

      Stop the Governments overreaching Covid measures .. Your freedom depends on it

    • Neil
      Neil 4 months ago

      @scott lee An apology only after you're caught isn't really genuine is it?

    • Mat Broomfield
      Mat Broomfield 4 months ago

      @Piccalilli Pit Yes, I agree. But then I never thought he deserved to be PM. He never had the gravitas for the job.

    • The Soul Pool 2766marcia
      The Soul Pool 2766marcia 4 months ago

      @Piccalilli Pit spot on

    • pastaslife
      pastaslife 4 months ago +1

      @Aiden Hoey she can kick borris out. At the end of the day she could make whoever she wanted prime minister. We are kind of lucky that she doesnt want the job herself or there goes democracy lol.

  • Anayet Chowdhury
    Anayet Chowdhury 4 months ago

    But regular citizens were fined for breaking lockdown rules?

  • Capt' Walker slayer
    Capt' Walker slayer 4 months ago +1

    If I had a penny for every time a politician gave a half ass apology I’ll be rich enough to buy every company in the world

  • Asherz
    Asherz 4 months ago +1

    These parties were wrong but everybody attending these parties should be held to account..including boris Johnson..
    The queen was at her worst possible time still leading by example…
    You have to respect her..
    Lead by example…

  • Plus_ça _Change
    Plus_ça _Change 4 months ago

    It's always been a great party when you don't even remember being there.....

  • piper.spirit
    piper.spirit 4 months ago +297

    Latest on this; two further parties have been uncovered, during one instance, one party was merged with another because it got too big, and they had to send a person out to the local co-op with a suitcase to buy more alcohol. This is absolutely outrageous!

    • Can't_snap
      Can't_snap 4 months ago

      @Royal Brittania Whataboutism

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago

      Should have gone to Morrisons.

    • James Hally
      James Hally 4 months ago

      @Christian Tamminen that's your problem lads, I'm Irish 😜
      But have no fear we have our dickheads over here too - brown envelope fellas, double-jobbers, cute expenses hoors, political dynasticians, cosy cartels and yes, the public hoodwinked and bamboozled and ready to be twisted and turned by media or common opinion based on party or politician but rarely on policy.
      Why isn't the public more closely involved in making policy directly? Aren't our systems democratic after all? How is it that we can't vote 5 or 6 times a year as an entire nation on some policy or other? It doesn't even have to be a secret ballot. How is it that every penny spent by our Governments isn't published and open to public scrutiny?
      We need a deep change to our democratic systems everywhere

  • J D
    J D 4 months ago +1

    ....the outrage should be about the fact that these ludicrous rules were introduced in the first place...🙄

  • Gengarzilla
    Gengarzilla 4 months ago

    Situations like these are why, in spite of Andrew's and Prince Harry's activities, I would still stand with the hereditary crown over the elected government. Whether left or right or anywhere in between, political figures cannot be trusted to operate on their own...

  • Abdul Turkmani
    Abdul Turkmani 4 months ago

    Boris you’re the best nothing wrong with that Boris your my favourite

  • Anon.
    Anon. 4 months ago

    Nowhere in that carefully worded statement does it say:
    "I am deeply sorry for my actions and my part in these events"
    All I see is "I apologize for anger and hurt caused", "the event shouldn't have happened".
    Two statements that say nothing about his own culpability.
    So sick of non apologies.
    The problem is that these people have never had real social interactions with people, interactions in which a spoken apology of this kind would ring hollow and anger more than soothe. This kind of apology shows a lack of real world experience.

  • oneoldgit
    oneoldgit 4 months ago +1

    Shows how much respect this rabble have for everyone! I would love to be a fly on the wall when Johnson has his next meeting with the Queen. The only thing they regret is that they got caught

  • Una Insider
    Una Insider 4 months ago

    This reminds me of the government official who went on a vaccination with family, putting the country on lockdown mode.

  • Bryan C.W.
    Bryan C.W. 4 months ago +1

    We need a tv show of Keeping up with the UK Politicians.

  • Drew Phillips
    Drew Phillips 4 months ago +1

    The people of this country should protest like they do in France

  • SN SN
    SN SN 4 months ago +97

    These MPs who have the cheek to defend Boris needs to go too. They think we are idiots

    • Plus_ça _Change
      Plus_ça _Change 4 months ago +1

      @I'll_Be_Frank You and Boris are both in the Last Chancer Saloon.

    • Leo Sath
      Leo Sath 4 months ago +1

      Stop the Governments overreaching Covid measures .. Your freedom depends on it

    • I'll_Be_Frank
      I'll_Be_Frank 4 months ago +1

      @Plus_ça _Change I am yet you don't stand a chance

  • FreemenT
    FreemenT 4 months ago

    God save the Queen

  • DM
    DM 4 months ago +1

    They were literally laughing at us staying our homes.

  • Gloria Robinson
    Gloria Robinson 4 months ago

    The anxiety and concern should be the situation in which we are being lead by those who are leaders of the country. Up the creek I would say.

  • Anthony der
    Anthony der 4 months ago +1

    Kinda like how when everyone was drafted into the army but the rich could 'buy' their way out. Apparently covid doesn't affect you if your rich and/or in power (or both).

  • fab lan
    fab lan 4 months ago

    How do you know he hasn't attended the parties
    Because he said he's never lied before so why would he lie now

  • Keun Jung
    Keun Jung 4 months ago

    He is a big leader of united kingdom.
    So How could dare he did his apology to Queen is very resonable

  • Zello-𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞

    The irony that the one person who is literally above the law, sacrificed to mourn her late husband on her own, whilst the people still “supposedly” within law are breaking them.

  • S Watson
    S Watson 4 months ago +1

    He didn't even have the dignity to apologise to the Queen himself. It was a spokesperson who had to do it.

  • Paracelum Alchemistis
    Paracelum Alchemistis 4 months ago

    It's amazing how people love to bandy about the evocative word 'party' in an attempt to stir up and evoke as much mischief making capital as possible.

  • Keith Adams
    Keith Adams 4 months ago

    I'm just pissed off I didn't get to go he's a star Boris gets my vote

  • Kitsune Lee
    Kitsune Lee 4 months ago

    An apology isn't enough
    I've been married only 21yrs and I can't begin to imagine how devastated and lonely I would feel after loosing my pillar of strength of 75yrs.

  • mark t
    mark t 4 months ago

    It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is permission!!

  • Robin Munro
    Robin Munro 4 months ago +1

    If the amount of parties during a lockdown period is now into double figures, how many parties are there usually in a standrd week!

  • Scan
    Scan 4 months ago

    When Johnson said he thought it was a work event it makes it worse, if i used alcohol at any work event any decisions I would make at that work event would be influenced by alcohol, it is likely my managers would sack me on the spot.

  • K. Day
    K. Day 4 months ago +1

    What is going on with the leadership in Britain? Partying and drinking while everyone else is locked down?

  • Kaynin
    Kaynin 4 months ago

    If he can't run his own household and staff, how can he be expected to continue running this country?

  • huzur gelecek
    huzur gelecek 4 months ago +1

    Laws are for wealthy powerful people, it is up to their demand whether to benefit from the laws or not.

  • Urge38
    Urge38 4 months ago +1

    You has no one mentioned the common people who were arrested and fined for braking the rules.
    Why are these lot not being treated the same

  • DC
    DC 4 months ago

    Was it an actual apology or a Boris 'Im waiting for Sue Grey to tell me if I was at the party' kind of apology? I've personally never been to a work meeting that involved a suitcase of wine with invitations sent to 100 people