Fortnite CAN'T Be SERIOUS.. Possibly REMOVING Editing! What Would It Look Like? (FOOTAGE)

  • Fortnite CAN'T Be SERIOUS.. Possibly REMOVING Editing! What Would It Look Like? (FOOTAGE)
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  • The Fortnite Guy
    The Fortnite Guy  2 months ago +504

    This is kreizy... I don't know if i'm scared or excited.. WBU?

    • Swemx
      Swemx Month ago

      I wanna have the same editing and buiding withou any updates with it! If they replace editing or remove it, than a lot of people end playing Fortnite!

    • Luis Melgoza
      Luis Melgoza Month ago

      Eminem in the left corner

    • ShaZ FN
      ShaZ FN Month ago

      Bro I got 34 points in 4 games but didn’t play the other six cause I had to eat

    • Lamaj McKenzie
      Lamaj McKenzie Month ago


    • R!0T_Iron
      R!0T_Iron 2 months ago

      I would be upset if they remove editing. wtf fortnite???

  • SunbakedCake311
    SunbakedCake311 Month ago

    Dude it's literally chapter 2 season 2 and it's still not here

  • SwagDtrain357 Goines
    SwagDtrain357 Goines Month ago +1


  • Storest
    Storest Month ago

    have been gone from this community for months and the pro's are still complaining about controllers. Actually shut the fuck up.

  • Muramasa Mur
    Muramasa Mur Month ago

    That's just bang out of order

  • Prankster Ganster
    Prankster Ganster Month ago

    Click bait

  • Ryan Herrington
    Ryan Herrington Month ago

    I didn't know you live in Colorado lol.I live in Windsor colorado

  • Jaramani Bowser
    Jaramani Bowser Month ago

    So the new engine isn’t actually out right now so wtf are all these people crying saying it’s breaking the game

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    Fortnite walls: "I am ... ineditable"

  • svenm sandity
    svenm sandity Month ago

    But i dont think they should remove grenades just because i liked the video doesnt mean i can like the video clicking like means fortnite removes grenades

  • Jesus Cortez
    Jesus Cortez Month ago

    If they remove editing then no box fight tournament in Las vegas

  • KillSwitch3806
    KillSwitch3806 Month ago

    If they mess with this editing and building the game is gone literally die frfr

  • FanTToM
    FanTToM Month ago

    If they maybe add new edits or something with edit mechanichs then it wont be too bad. But if it gets removed, then fortnite will die...

  • OffDew
    OffDew Month ago

    I remember you were a unpopular channel

  • T Griz-
    T Griz- Month ago

    If fortnite dies. It will be at the hands of epic and forntite. And this could be it.. we will see, I'm all for change . But dont change your meat and potatoes.. change the veggies and sides .. lol weird analogy but yall get it

  • Answerz
    Answerz Month ago

    I don’t think it’s going to affect OUR building but it will affect the IN GAME buildings

    • Answerz
      Answerz Month ago

      Since they said they want to keep it fortnite but wants to make a change

  • Photon
    Photon Month ago

    What is raider464 gonna do when they remove editing

  • HEYyou
    HEYyou Month ago

    Please no please no pleeeeeeeeeease epic don’t ruin the game any more 😢

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Month ago


  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Month ago

    Oh well time for a new pc

  • BB Edge
    BB Edge Month ago +3

    Epic games award: Worst at listening to the community

  • Almedin Talovic
    Almedin Talovic Month ago

    5:50 a b.r.u.t.e is destroying tilded

  • Astra Builds
    Astra Builds Month ago

    @5:11 gives me mech flash backs 😰 Dragovch, Kravchencko, Steiner, all must die! Head ahh!😂😂😂

  • INk '_'
    INk '_' Month ago

    Honestly i embrace the change the game feels so boring rn

  • Travis Stewart
    Travis Stewart Month ago

    Doooo it... I can't edit hahah

  • HydrooX
    HydrooX Month ago

    i wish fortnite stays like fortnite 💙💚

  • Drazz
    Drazz Month ago

    I think I might quit

  • akasteels
    akasteels Month ago

    bro no way kids are falling for this, in which world would fortnite take out editing like what?

  • iriesFN
    iriesFN Month ago

    Top 600 NAW is equivalent to top 4K EU

  • Crosski
    Crosski Month ago

    So first they ruin trickshoting now they are ruining creative warriors? Wtf

  • collin alvarado
    collin alvarado Month ago

    Hmmm reusing gameplay within the video.....low effort

  • Alex Flores
    Alex Flores Month ago

    If these idiots get rid of editing it’s gonna meta what every bot already does... spray and pray... please.... no 💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Joni 22
    Joni 22 Month ago

    all explosives need to leave

  • Łukasz Szafran
    Łukasz Szafran Month ago

    they will remove building.

  • Brock Mills
    Brock Mills Month ago

    If this happens competitive Fortnite will go to 💩

  • Brock Mills
    Brock Mills Month ago

    If epic does this it would be dumb I know a lot of people are still playing Fortnite due to the building and editing part of Fortnite without that it’s just a normal battle royals

  • Eleshia Stanford
    Eleshia Stanford Month ago

    @epicgames that's not cool

  • ferdinand addo
    ferdinand addo Month ago

    I don’t think rocket launchers and bazookas should be removed just nerf the damage

  • AGuyWithAFace
    AGuyWithAFace Month ago

    Something about hearing mongral scream lasered makes me want to punch him in his mouth

  • J Hobz
    J Hobz Month ago

    If epic wanted to do this they could have done it long ago without changing to unreal engines. You people are so stupid.

  • Lvan3068 2907
    Lvan3068 2907 Month ago

    haven’t played in a while, but if this is what they’re gonna do i definitely won’t come back

  • TroyG420 Z
    TroyG420 Z Month ago

    Sypher only played a few games in the cash cup

  • Bull
    Bull Month ago

    naw is easy

  • Lyfeldre
    Lyfeldre Month ago

    I've been saying grenades and RPG's need removed.

  • Atlantic Raider
    Atlantic Raider Month ago

    how are you getting in these bot lobbies

  • kaeleigh kat
    kaeleigh kat Month ago

    If they change game play I’m finding a new game

  • Abraham Mora
    Abraham Mora Month ago

    No shut up stop influencing epic to remove them we already got the nades nerfd to just 6 no shooting game would be a true shooting game without explosives

  • JoeJitsu
    JoeJitsu Month ago

    Hard to say if the change would be good without trying it. But I welcome the game going back to favoring intelligence & strategy over sitting in playground for hours.

  • Frotix
    Frotix Month ago +1

    Mongraal reads title
    Screaming intensifies

  • Kendall Rousseau
    Kendall Rousseau Month ago

    Your ads though. Seriously👎

  • SorryIm4 Uyyou
    SorryIm4 Uyyou Month ago

    It’s good Fortnite needs to be mechanical and remove ping advantage

  • YoCarbin
    YoCarbin Month ago

    Wait what if u could shoot an rpg into the ground and make a small hole in the ground to make the building break all the way down

  • thefaceofFuzz
    thefaceofFuzz Month ago

    Yall are grasping hard. An engine change is a huge deal. They want it to feel similar because it's going to look different and hopefully more crisp. Makes sense considering the lack of change in the recent season.

  • thefaceofFuzz
    thefaceofFuzz Month ago

    This isnt going to change as much as you guys think...

  • Sonic Says
    Sonic Says Month ago

    Coin flip is still in the game, it just doesn’t work correctly

  • Px SafeMan
    Px SafeMan Month ago

    What if they are doing it for a event and only for in game building

  • copyy copyy
    copyy copyy Month ago

    Fucking fat face stop making 10min for nothing.

  • Landin Lucas
    Landin Lucas Month ago +1

    I never thought I would quit fortnite on my birthday

  • Zixtence Q
    Zixtence Q Month ago


  • Shane Vasquez
    Shane Vasquez Month ago

    Im thinking this will drive people away from fortnite. Happened to runescape back in the day qhen they switched to eoc,didnt feel like the same game by any means

  • CFoX
    CFoX Month ago +1

    I want whatever will kill fortnite faster

    OMGDOG7 Month ago

    YOO i stopped playing fortnite for like a month and i started to stop watching your videos, but i just came back to this one and im loading up fortnite as i type this comment. seems really fun

    Edit: nevermind. went into first public match and died to world cup type player. not fun

  • Monika’s Jizz Stained Dress

    Don’t forget the edit kids would tell people complaining about the edit meta to “get good”. When they nerf editing my response will be simple. Get good edit kids.

  • Iced Feedz
    Iced Feedz Month ago

    Or show siege for the gameplay? Like cmon obvious

  • Roxkstaar
    Roxkstaar Month ago

    Fortnite might be officaly dead on switch

  • Dynamic
    Dynamic Month ago

    You used the same clip in game twice like wtf

  • foreverlonley
    foreverlonley Month ago +1

    the way fortnite is right now this is not going to be ideal for the game. if epic does change the way building is and editing or even remove editing as a whole would change the way game works completely. fortnite and these bumps along the way are going to be way more than just bumps in my opinion. more like community backlash

  • Sergio Delano
    Sergio Delano Month ago

    I'm all for this. I don't even play the game anymore.

  • Businessman
    Businessman Month ago

    TFG lowkey cracked ngl

  • jamxifishy
    jamxifishy Month ago

    nades removed rpgs only purple and gold

  • johnwisdom
    johnwisdom Month ago

    36 pts lobby and players are that trash? Holy cow it's easy playing NAE

  • Gypsy
    Gypsy Month ago

    They could change accessibility into walls with explosives where bullets can go through the openings but explosives cannot

  • Shynobi's Plays
    Shynobi's Plays Month ago +1

    Remove nades and rpg, they are op in any level of playing and pointless.

  • NewtonM
    NewtonM Month ago

    Top 600 na west is 5000 eu

  • Vixify
    Vixify Month ago

    Imagine being a bot and placing top600 on na west lmao

  • Wtgoofyboy
    Wtgoofyboy Month ago

    Well look at that there finally nerfing turbo build 90s and ramp rush into the ground better learn how to aim because without your build spam crutch IS ABOUT TO BE REMOVED

  • oryx
    oryx Month ago

    Na= free money

  • Niko
    Niko 2 months ago +1

    Whats the name of the game that where a clip in the video

  • AlexArmy36
    AlexArmy36 2 months ago

    Great job in cash cup

  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya 2 months ago

    @The Fortnite Guy don’t use max settings they are really bad for your PC and stress out your part way more then you need to, also your not a concole player