Northern Line Bank Platform Closure

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
  • Due to major works at Bank, part of the Northern Line is closing for three months between Kennington and Moorgate, so I went down for one last time to look at the southbound platform at Bank which is about to disappear!

    The last Southbound train departed on (Friday night) Saturday 15th January 2022, at 00:38 .

    TfL project page on the Bank Capacity Upgrade works :

    With thanks to Rob Healy for the carriage diagram photo.

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  • Geoff Marshall
    Geoff Marshall  16 hours ago +275

    Ahhh! at

  • Gary Chapman
    Gary Chapman 16 hours ago +503

    Only Geoff can get sentimental over a platform edge, what a legend this man is.

  • YouTube
    YouTube 14 hours ago +190

    the acting where Geoff "found" the maps is SUPERB 😆👏

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 14 hours ago +48

    Great timing by TFL - just when the pandemic is ending

  • Doctor Azmain
    Doctor Azmain 16 hours ago +116

    Man the sheer disappointment of approaching a tube map rack and not finding any of the new tube maps is one I've experienced many times😂

  • MegaBiscuit888
    MegaBiscuit888 14 hours ago +5

    I know it's odd, but the lifts at Bank are the first thing I think of whenever I think about the tube. The getting off the platform, fighting through the crowd to the lift corridor, standing back to view the little electronic board with the lift arrows going up and down. Pouncing to the correct lift door as soon as you realise which one is coming first. Then, the tourist test, knowing to stand close the entrance door, not the one at the far end. I know the London Underground is all about trains, but for me, it's the Bank lifts!

  • Jennifer Sandford
    Jennifer Sandford 16 hours ago +80

    Well done Geoff. You never stop to put very high quality videos!

  • Aphex
    Aphex 7 hours ago +1

    Almost 10 years of planning have been leading up to this closure. Love the coverage! Geoff, we hope you do a return visit when the works have been completed?

  • Harry Lamb
    Harry Lamb 16 hours ago +5

    I haven't watched many of yours recently but I'm catching up now. I'm not a Londoner but I spent just about all the 1980's working in the 'City' on the great broadband campaign of that era and I thoroughly loved every minute of it and using the 'tube' to and from 'digs' etc. However, the most remarkable thing about yourself is that you found 'New Clee' and survived. Well done!

  • Tubevangelist
    Tubevangelist 12 hours ago +2

    perfect video, showing everything interesting about bank refurbishment. i originally thought more shots of London Bridge as a comparison would have been better, but time constraints and focus on Bank station are good reasons to edit it like that. love your work.

  • Mike Hudson
    Mike Hudson 14 hours ago +17

    As someone who changes at Bank 10+ times per week, I'm stoked to see the improvement. Now TFL, how about finishing the renovation of the DLR concourse?? It's pretty shocking down there.

  • David Gibson
    David Gibson 12 hours ago +5

    Bank station Northern Line platforms are long overdue for expansion as I have used these several times over the past few years and they are always very crowded so will look forward to seeing the new widened platforms when the work is complete.

  • Johny Bravo
    Johny Bravo 16 hours ago +46

    The London transport system is so interesting! And love keeping up with all the developments!

  • Enigma Bletchley
    Enigma Bletchley 14 hours ago +2

    Thanks for the video, Geoff. That is going to be a big improvement. As a long time user of the Bank/Monument interchange the volume improvement cannot happen soon enough.

  • POTThaesslich
    POTThaesslich 14 hours ago +23

    Not one I’ll miss. They have neglected that Station for so long. Looking forward to the new entrance, though I think it should have been called “Monument”

  • p mac
    p mac 14 hours ago +2

    LU is very interesting. Many limitations as per its history but still have plenty of improvements and new ideas ongoing.

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy 16 hours ago +3

    The way Geoff bid adieu to that platform is so relatable 😂

  • David T
    David T 9 hours ago

    Geoff, would love a big detailed video with map diagrams/animations of what bank/monument station looks like when you peel the road and buildings off with overlays on where the exits are on surface level. Pre covid this station was my daily commute and I used it to get to our various offices and have no idea what it really looks like when I’m wandering the halls!

  • Tam Tam
    Tam Tam 16 hours ago +23

    Thanks for the memories... Spent 10 years traipsing around Bank Station everyday on way to work.. Knew every area of it... 3 years ago was worried about the changes and the weeks of closures and how I'd get to work efficiently...

  • Stephen Lafferty
    Stephen Lafferty 16 hours ago +26

    Nice to see the MMXXII appear at the end!