Finally, A Blazing Fast Fluid Simulator! 🌊

  • Published on May 5, 2020
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  • Cloxboy
    Cloxboy 2 years ago +5460

    "Dear fellow scholars..."
    Yep, I'm most definitely a scholar. I spend most of my days scholaring with other scholars at the local scholartorium. I was just saying to my friend earlier today (also a scholar), wouldn't it be great if everyone were scholars? Anyway, great vid. Scholar out!

  • Bernhard Smuts
    Bernhard Smuts 2 years ago +1877

    "If no one watches them, so be it, I still love doing this"

    • surtvalheim
      surtvalheim 6 months ago +2

      1 million now.

    • Animation Space
      Animation Space Year ago +1

      @Two Minute Papers I really loved the adaptive fluid one! It looks so useful yet is soooo underrated!

    • name lastname
      name lastname Year ago +2

      his videos have a chance to start entire genres of videogames and art if people are creative enough

    • rebel6301
      rebel6301 2 years ago +2

      I can't fucking believe he's at 600K subs.

    • Wayne's Strange Brain
      Wayne's Strange Brain 2 years ago +1

      600,000 now. There's something moving faster than molasses!

  • philjones xxx
    philjones xxx 2 years ago +879

    what a time to be alive
    but on another note; those ferrofluid simulations are amazing

    • Puppet Army Faction
      Puppet Army Faction 2 years ago +2

      @Esteban Singh I've been working on one with powered ragdolls in wind, and water that's part of the game mechanics, not just an effect, for 10 years as an experient, we called Kontrol and updated weekly for a while. Stopped. a few years back because of too few appreciated the challenge of wind effects and physics made it too hard to travel, and we had spent tens of thousands already just so creature didn't walk like a drunk. It's in 2d because we can see inside workings, there are allot of firsts, 3d oceans I predict in 10 to 20 yrs studios will do it more like kontrol does. THings like surfing on wind usign just air drag and friction, were discovered and I never felt greater thrill in my career than to see these things emerge, I tuned and shaped surfboards all night to see how they performed In
      stead of coding the behaviour, and the custom sparse air model I used is nothing like what can be done with modern pc or phone. I firmly believe all aaa games will use physics for all movement, include air and pressure with balancing robot controllers that can fall. Its a time when playing games will make u better at sports, not worse. I want to add fluids because they are so fascinating, especially vortices. In a year or so I hope to release an android update with vids on my channel. It's rough but playable now somewhat.

    • Esteban Singh
      Esteban Singh 2 years ago +2

      Well...THE time to be alive would be when all the physics and AI simulations show are mainstream happening at real time on videogames and such

    • Adam Ludwick
      Adam Ludwick 2 years ago +2

      That one little glob that just hung halfway up at the end, quivered a little, then rolled down the cone. THAT sent a shiver down my spine - awesome emergent property

    • Cezar Catalin
      Cezar Catalin 2 years ago +3

      Magnetofluid dynamics are a heck of a thing

    • philjones xxx
      philjones xxx 2 years ago +11

      @Two Minute Papers thanks! I had a look and wow; the paper and work in that is crazy, great stuff.

  • OutOfNamesToChoose
    OutOfNamesToChoose 2 years ago +211

    I can't wait until some of these techniques materialise into common software

    • daweller
      daweller 3 months ago

      like Unity

    • Heath Wasson
      Heath Wasson 10 months ago

      @Britta HüterFYI... air behaves as a non-compressible fluid in an open system when dealing with subsonic velocities.

    • DEIVYS20071
      DEIVYS20071 11 months ago

      @Hashem ieada houdini sucks i prefer Blender :3

    • Matt Johns
      Matt Johns Year ago +2

      I'm working on a minecraft fluid simulator. The result is blocky but it's a lot of fun to make because it's simplified. I've managed to add static pressure, momentum and a few other things.
      It uses the CPU cores still haven't tried GPU yet.

    • KrazyKaiser
      KrazyKaiser Year ago

      Just two more papers down the line!

  • lythd
    lythd 2 years ago +50

    I've never understood how the graphics card was able to perform different types of tasks faster than a cpu. I finally get it now thanks!

    • Christian Baune
      Christian Baune 2 years ago +13

      Look at pixel shaders and how they are processed!
      A lot of people have trouble writing pixel shader because they think about the big picture too much.
      The thing is that your pixel shader will receive one "pixel" coordinate and his job is to say what to do with that pixel.
      So, if you want to draw a circle, you should not think about "how can I draw a circle", but, how can I know that the point is in the circle so I can color it.
      Then the graphic card will run multiple copies of your shader with different coordinates as input.
      Now, imagine you have a list of numbers you want to double. You feed your shader with a picture that is the list, the shader will run in parallel and the picture you get back is actually your list mapped with "x -> 2x".
      Where graphic card sucks, it when they have to iterate. The CPU is just much faster to do iterations! But with some trickery, you can transform iterative task into parallel one.
      One example is sum of n first integer or Fibonacci series. They both have a formula giving you the n-th ellement without iterating!
      Another interesting watch is raytracing shaders. 'The Art of Code" is a good channel for that:

  • Matthew De Klerk
    Matthew De Klerk 2 years ago +12

    "If no one watches them, so be it; I still love doing this".
    That's a fantastic philosophy, and it really shines through in the quality of the work you produce and the clear passion you express for this quite niche field. I don't do CGI or complex maths, but there's something addictive about watching you do what you love.
    Also the simulations are pretty.

  • Ram Railey Alin
    Ram Railey Alin 2 years ago +106

    Soon enough, we'll have processors fast enough to simulate the real world to tackle down different types of global issues. What a time to be alive indeed to witness such amazing physics!

    • Zaire
      Zaire 2 years ago

      These improvements are only cost-wise. You don't need as powerful, and therefore not as expensive, of a computer to run them.
      If you're a government or large organisation trying to simulate problems, you can afford a super-computer.

    • Britta Hüter
      Britta Hüter 2 years ago +2

      The problem now is not the science or the speed of it but the idiots running our governments that don't believe in science or just attack it to promote their grab for more money or power. Attacking science is the way to go, merchants of doubt.

    • MarsCorporations
      MarsCorporations 2 years ago +1

      Every simulation (weather, infected people, water, everything) trades off accuracy vs speed. You use a simplified model of reality, simulate that, tweak it until it represents reality good enough for your usecase. Better and faster and bigger computers will only increase the accuracy of computations, not the "scale" of what is simulatable and what is not. We can already simulate the whole universe with very low accuracy and a single electron orbiting a proton with very high accuracy.

    • skeptic moderate
      skeptic moderate 2 years ago

      @Martiddy - Sama How come you didn't mention pathogen modeling? Seems kind of topical.

    • Ram Railey Alin
      Ram Railey Alin 2 years ago

      @Pi'th circle of hell Right. I should have changed my comment to "precise simulations" lol.

  • London England
    London England 2 years ago +115

    Imagine HL Alyx, but with a shower simulator.
    *Valve stock goes through the roof.*

    • Call Me Meme
      Call Me Meme Year ago

      @Chase Graham Valve is not listed on any stock exchange. The only people who would own shares in Valve would be Gaben and maybe a handful of other important people at Valve.

    • Kylar Irons
      Kylar Irons 2 years ago +3

      @Chase Graham I guess you’re a scholar after all. Dr. Zsolnai-Fehér would be proud.

    • Warp Zone
      Warp Zone 2 years ago +1

      Actually somebody other than Valve already made that game. It was called Duke Nukem Forever, currently the only game AAA game named after its own development cycle. It was not especially well received.

    • Chase Graham
      Chase Graham 2 years ago +3

      ​@Gewel ✔ Well I bothered to look it up and apparently, it's possible to buy stock in private companies but that comes with a boatload of caveats. The short of it is not just anyone can own stock in Valve but it is technically possible. That's about as far down that rabbit hole as I feel like going but thanks, I learned something today.

    • Gewel ✔
      Gewel ✔ 2 years ago

      @Chase Graham company is a company. you can own stock of almost all of them

  • Exo's proud mama bear
    Exo's proud mama bear 2 years ago +27

    We love your videos a lot. I click it as soon as possible. It is really a treat to know new technologies about simulations and Ai

  • QuadCoreToothbrush
    QuadCoreToothbrush 2 years ago +7

    Please, please keep doing these videos. I love it whenever I see a new Two Minute Papers video in my sub box. I'm by no means a materials engineer or computer scientist, so your excellent, concise explanations of these topics makes it possible for hobbyist-level computer enthusiasts like me to stay up to date with cutting-edge physics simulation. Thank you for your work!

  • Shaostoul
    Shaostoul 2 years ago +8

    I love your videos! Been watching for quite a while now. I love how short and to the point the videos are, they make it much easier to digest the complex information being discussed. Keep up the great work!

  • SandRukh
    SandRukh 2 years ago +40

    Two-minute papers:
    "You fellow Scholars somehow started to love the fluids, [....]"
    An offbrand-animator researching 'yoghurt physics':
    *Sips coffee*

  • squareheart
    squareheart 2 years ago +704

    1:38 "The first thing you are probably thinking about..." [shows tsunami in minecraft]
    Me: This man is psychic

    • Zaire
      Zaire 2 years ago

      @BIG MAMA Yes, but not minecraft.
      Too many things are dependant on their crappy physics.

    • Tin Švagelj
      Tin Švagelj 2 years ago +2

      @coryman125 More likely to be implemented. MC settings still cause lag bc they apply settings as you change option sliders - not many advanced design decisions go into that game.

    • BIG MAMA
      BIG MAMA 2 years ago +1

      Can we finnaly get realistic water in games?

    • ExDeeXD [ARCHIVE]
      ExDeeXD [ARCHIVE] 2 years ago +2

      Imagine getting griefed by that.

    • coryman125
      coryman125 2 years ago +2

      I was thinking a better version of the Cities Skylines tsunami, but same idea really

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 2 years ago +62

    Two Minute Papers: "If you see here, the fluid counter..."
    Me, who knows absolutely nothing about graphics: "Oh, of course."

  • Dino Schachten
    Dino Schachten 2 years ago +5

    Woooooow! I'm facing that problem exactly right now: I'm working on a simulation of an aircraft splashing down into water, and given the speed of the aircraft and the splash in all directions, the domain is huuuuge. At any vaguely reasonable resolution that means 32 GB of RAM fill up long before the first frame is calculated, the software freezes and no patience in the world will let the simulation finish... so this is gold!!

  • Kryspy
    Kryspy 2 years ago +1168

    Everyone: Wow, that's so realistic and fast!
    Me: hehe water go splish

  • Saurabh Yadav
    Saurabh Yadav 2 years ago +2

    Sir, You are just amazing... So are your videos.. I watch each and every of these videos. I really appreciate the time and effort you put in making these amazing videos, these videos encouraged me to advance my interest in computer vision and fluid simulation.
    Once again amazing work and thankyou so much for the videos.

  • link99912
    link99912 2 years ago +1

    Hey Dr., the videos on soft-body and fluid simulations are some of my favorite. Thank you as always for the awesome video!

  • 2 years ago +445

    Honey fluid was the most realistic one.

    • Jjackandbrian
      Jjackandbrian Year ago +1

      Fluid simulations never look real to me, they always seem like they're happening in slow motion. It may be because there is no frame of reference for how much water i am supposed to be looking at. Like am I looking at 50,000 gallons of water or am i looking at a liter of water.

    • Jararaca Voadora
      Jararaca Voadora Year ago


    • Jararaca Voadora
      Jararaca Voadora Year ago +2

      @Arsen Here its written in the bottom that its in slow motion

    • Xfrtrex
      Xfrtrex Year ago +5

      @Arsen Here it sayed at the bottom it was slo-mo

  • Coxy's Railroading
    Coxy's Railroading 2 years ago +2

    You rock! I'm not in this field. Your descriptions are brilliant, making the subject quite accessible for me. Thanks!!

  • The Clockwork Cadaver
    The Clockwork Cadaver 2 years ago +1

    I absolutely love these videos! You're clearly genuinely excited by the progress made in the fluid simulation field, and it's a subject I'm really interested in too. Your explanation of the drawbacks of computational parallelism was intuitive and accessible. Keep doing what you're doing! You've got 1m in your channel's future

  • James P.
    James P. 2 years ago +2

    I have always found fluid simulations fascinating, since my early days watching old NVIDIA demos or the PS3 tech demos.

  • SiF SiF
    SiF SiF 2 years ago +1

    Fluid simulation is one of my favorite. Your summaries of all the papers are so concise and easy to understand.
    I am interested in all the simulations you have shown in your channel and I am hoping to do something in relation to those, do you have any recommendations on how and where I can start(I am 17 years old, I am an absolute beginner in these computation research).

  • Ace D
    Ace D 2 years ago

    Keep up the good work! These simulations are absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see some practical or gaming applications next gen!

  • Bruno Levy
    Bruno Levy 11 months ago

    Thank you for this sustained fantastic work over the years, and for your enthusiasm !

  • Philtography - Cotswold Wedding Photographer

    That cake from 2017 looked amazing, when a simulation makes you really hungry you know it's nailing the realism!

  • Gabriel Wehrle
    Gabriel Wehrle 2 years ago

    I love watching these videos! They are extremely interesting. You do an awesome job at summarizing each paper in an easy to understand way

  • Pliny the Shota
    Pliny the Shota 2 years ago +1

    Would love to see you try and synthesise the sound this would make using this technique:
    Would be super cool. Hope this isn't caught by the spam filter.

  • AlessioRegal
    AlessioRegal Year ago

    These informative videos are inspiring and very interesting, thank you very much for making them! I love fluid simulations, and these papers are definitely making me curious more and more about new tech to improve them

  • Jorge Baes Caetano

    This series is all for me. I love fluid dynamics and love to see science as you show up on your videos

  • tix
    tix 2 years ago

    Your work is amazing!
    Also, the possibilities with this kind of simulations in real-time are endless. Can't wait to see how fast gaming industry will adapt some of these algorithms.

  • Jody Mitoma's Videos
    Jody Mitoma's Videos 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for all of your excellent work over the years. I love the fluid simulations very much, among everything else you tend to share. Always such great content. You rock!

    CARBONS IN A TRENCHCOAT 2 years ago +1

    We should be the ones thanking you! Thank you for exposing these game-changer innovations for us in an accessible and fun manner! I'm so excited for the future of fluid sim, and I'm so grateful for people like you, who are contributing to the spread of this information and helping move the tech industry foward!

  • ThoughtCriminal
    ThoughtCriminal 2 years ago

    Great, I hope to see some of the recent improvements in liquid simulation integrated into the commercial software like Realflow and PhoenixFD soon.

  • Amandel
    Amandel 2 years ago +2

    Truly astonishing how fast the technology curve is bending!

  • Sklort
    Sklort 2 years ago

    Those ferrofluid simulations are amazing, I never thought something that behaves as uniquely as ferrofluid could be simulated

  • Anneke de Bruyn
    Anneke de Bruyn 2 years ago

    Fluids are getting so much love the past few years and a lot of the papers feature open source software too.
    Great stuff.

  • Corey Craig
    Corey Craig 2 years ago

    Love watching fluid simulations. Thanks for doing the work to get these videos up. It IS appreciated.

  • slutmonkey
    slutmonkey 2 years ago

    Love to see all the different kinds of things you post. For me the excitement comes from how it inspires my imagination for what I may be able to see done in real time just a few years down the road in the many video games I play. Keep up the great work!

  • Rene Schulte
    Rene Schulte 2 years ago

    Yes, I enjoy watching your awesome videos! 🤩
    I have been coding SPH and other fluid dynamic simulations, rigid body and soft body physics many moons ago. Doing more AR/VR these days but I'm still amazed by it and can't get enough. Can't wait until we will have this kind of detail and can run it on mobile AR. ❤
    Thank you so much Doc! 🙏

  • SPODE The Man
    SPODE The Man 2 years ago +1

    I'm very thankful for this channel as it allows me to keep up to date on technological progress.

  • Maxjoker98
    Maxjoker98 2 years ago

    This is beautiful, and informative. Please keep making them!

  • Mike Flex
    Mike Flex Year ago +1

    Thank you for providing such an invaluable public service with these videos!

  • pavreg
    pavreg 2 years ago

    Love your videos Doc! Stay safe and keep going with your flow!

  • Faeiz Mahrus
    Faeiz Mahrus 2 years ago +1

    I really like your fluid simulation videos , they are what got me into your channel in the first place , I really like how you take these higher-level complex ideas and thesises and generalize them for the common folks. Keep it up

  • Acid smokemachine

    Appreciate the effort and time taken man, thank you!

  • Lo Scienzo
    Lo Scienzo 2 years ago

    I've been enjoying watching your older videos from time to time, now that you reminded me about them I'm going to do it more :) Thanks for keeping this up through the years, you deserve the popularity!

  • George Austin
    George Austin 2 years ago +1

    They are fantastic mate. Keep up the great work. These advances amaze me as much as you and its always something I have in mind to come back later in life when this is possible in real time to add to my game :D Such an incredible resource of amazing stuff!

  • Ricardo Cardona
    Ricardo Cardona Year ago

    Your videos are awesome, I love to see the fluid simulations you make and to hear your comments about it!

  • Infinite Monkeys
    Infinite Monkeys 2 years ago

    Really enjoying the fluids content. I'm working on reduced order modelling of neutronics, and it's great to see some related work in fluids that's making good progress!

  • RichConnerGMN
    RichConnerGMN 2 years ago +297

    "and runs on your graphics card" well maybe not my graphics card

    • thehumbleonion
      thehumbleonion 11 months ago


    • diecast jam
      diecast jam Year ago +1

      @Gabriel Reed I'm from further in the future, go out and buy as any 2080ti you can in the 3 week window of the 3080 being released and hen everyone realising you can't actually buy any GPU's at all.

    • sinephase
      sinephase Year ago

      even the 8000 series from nvidia can do GPGPU and had over 100 processors

    • The Snazzmaster
      The Snazzmaster Year ago

      Does it run on my lack of a graphics card

    • code bull
      code bull Year ago +2

      @Gabriel Reed you were right

  • Tbop3
    Tbop3 2 years ago

    I absolutely adore your videos on fluid simulation. Keep it up!

  • James Garrard
    James Garrard 2 years ago

    I hope this stuff will be implemented in game engines and animation software soon. This stuff is so cool; I just want to see how people will build it into their art!

  • markonfilms
    markonfilms 2 years ago

    I love fluid Sims. Can't wait until I can use all this in Blender! Flip fluids is already awesome but my papers flew out of my hands with this one. 🤠

  • Greed Master
    Greed Master 2 years ago

    Fluid simulations are amazing keep showing them definitely one of the coolest

  • FrankTheTank
    FrankTheTank 2 years ago +1

    Stunning work! I enjoy these 2 min papers a lot! Great videos keep it up! What a time to be alive :)

  • Sanne Berkhuizen
    Sanne Berkhuizen 2 years ago

    I love all your videos. For me it's a look into the future of game development.
    And also a very enjoyable to watch and listen to. Your voice is remarkable and some people may not like the way you formulate your speech, but I think it's just fine, and I enjoy listening.
    So as always, thanks and indeed what a time to be alive!

  • Miss M
    Miss M 2 years ago

    Thank you for making videos! I'm a film student and know nothing about computer science, but I love watching them and seeing what the frontier of simulations is like!

  • GentSimps
    GentSimps 2 years ago

    So happy you've continued despite the original low viewers. Keep up the amazing videos.

  • Matt Bragg
    Matt Bragg 2 years ago

    Oh geez! Thanks for making these, I have been really enjoying them and that was such a nice thing to say to us viewers. I love you man! =D

  • panic
    panic 2 years ago

    I have nothing to do with physics, AI simulation or programming. But I love how these topics get presented in a way that I can follow so I can understand the potential and the possibilities.
    This channel is greatly educational and I love that you love doing this for us! Thanks alot!

  • emb3r
    emb3r 2 years ago

    I do enjoy watching these fluids videos!! Thanks for sharing this papers with us, mate :)

  • Andreas Aristokrates
    Andreas Aristokrates 2 years ago

    You seem to have discovered that natural growth on a channel with good content leads to people binging the old, but nonetheless good, content. When I first stumbled upon this paradise of repeatedly saying what a time to be alive, I binged everything that was in sight, generally learning to appreciate things like every aspect of light transport simulation I never even heard of before.

  • Taterz
    Taterz 2 years ago

    thank you for posting these, and thanks to the algorithm from showing them to me. i'm not really hardcore into these simulations as you are, but the high order of calculations fascinate me.

  • Marcin Śmidowicz
    Marcin Śmidowicz 2 years ago

    These simulations look incredibly realistic. Wow.

  • Blooper1980
    Blooper1980 2 years ago +1

    Always a big fan of ai and fluid sims. Love these vids!

  • Inno Sang
    Inno Sang 2 years ago

    watching all these videos of yours are such an inspiration for me to continue working on learning A.I, neural networks, and deep learning, please continue making us dream !

  • Sappy-Seaman
    Sappy-Seaman 2 years ago +1

    its always a good feeling when people love your fluids.

  • Foulwin
    Foulwin Year ago

    I love hearing about these ideas but always wonder when they will ever get added to the software I use :P

  • Colin Fox
    Colin Fox 2 years ago

    I'd love to see this implemented in Blender

  • L
    L 2 years ago +1

    Brilliant videos, endless gratitude for your hard work!

  • Shaykh
    Shaykh Year ago

    Hi, I have been following your channel since quite a time and its really interesting. Although I am nowhere near maths or AI, i love the graphical aspects. How can I use these simulations in a 3D software such as Houdini/blender etc?

  • Stuffy stuff
    Stuffy stuff 2 years ago +115

    dang I need this paper in blender ASAP

    • mpbMKE
      mpbMKE Year ago

      @Janis P Isn't Cycles still CUDA-based? Blender has never been shy about being nVidia-specific.

    • Gabriel Reed
      Gabriel Reed Year ago

      I think mantaflow already does a similar thing with the domain. It adapts to the size of the simulation.

    • A. Mancini
      A. Mancini 2 years ago +2

      H D there are areas where hudini is hudini, and that’s it. But Blender is growing very fast, supported by some of the major software and hardware producer, it can do a lot and more of many famous 3D software, so don’t say “a piece of crap” talking about one of the best 3d software with the craziest quality/price Value.

    • Rbanh
      Rbanh 2 years ago +2

      @Janis P Blender already has implemented features from Nvidia, mainly accelerating cycle renders with CUDA, or OptiX which are both only available with Nvidia GPUs

    • FraLibers
      FraLibers 2 years ago

      @H D it would be awesome. That and handling multi gpu opencl acceleration would make my day!

  • akaBez
    akaBez 2 years ago

    I really love your videos, super interesting. Only thing I would add is on what gpu the simulations in the video were computed on. And second thing, this is amazing, but the real question is when will a fast tool like this be inside cinema, max, blender, maya, Houdini and so on... this is what matters at the end

  • Scientist Walter
    Scientist Walter 2 years ago

    ah yes, quite exciting when great minds experiment and improve the such important engineering career of cum simulation, glad our fellow scientist managed great strides since then!

  • Setolo
    Setolo 2 years ago +1

    I love your videos man, I hope you continue to do more. This stuff is mindblowing to me

  • LearnerDude
    LearnerDude 2 years ago

    I love it. Can't wait for real time fluid simulation.

  • ricekrispie102
    ricekrispie102 2 years ago +46

    1:37 imagine if there was realstic flowing water in minecraft... that would be so weird.

    • ninjafruitchilled
      ninjafruitchilled Year ago

      I guess we need a couple more decades for that, maybe future computers will have dedicated "physics cards" as well as GPUs.

      DANDAN THE DANDAN Year ago

      @Animation Space Sounds like you can flood a valley with a single water bucket placed at build limit. Doubt that'll be a good addition to Minecraft

    • Animation Space
      Animation Space Year ago

      @DANDAN THE DANDAN How about this: A grid voxel particle system for the simulation? This allows for source blocks that spawn the fluid but the rest of the fluid is realistic.

    • K-leb
      K-leb Year ago

      I kinda wish Minecraft had realistic water.

    • Sentinel Nox
      Sentinel Nox 2 years ago +1

      It's a cool idea, but it would drastically change how the game is played, and how water is treated. How would a single block of water behave on a flat plate. How far out does it spread? How thin does it get? How do you pick it up?
      It could be done, but it would be an enormous change that might not entirely fit the game. It would probably go about as good as the no cubes mod...

  • Jakob Friedl
    Jakob Friedl 2 years ago

    i would be really interested in AI - robotics papers if theyd fit in ^^ great content

  • Hares Mahmood
    Hares Mahmood 2 years ago

    As a game developer, I wonder whether this can be applied to water simulation in games 🤔

  • c64cosmin
    c64cosmin 2 years ago

    Fluid dynamics & simulation papers are the reason I started enjoying your show. As always great presentation, thank you very much!

  • Abe Dillon
    Abe Dillon 2 years ago

    Thank you for trusting your audience and making good content despite what's popular!

  • FTC Gaming
    FTC Gaming 2 years ago +234

    The highschool group project law: have any more than 2 people work on a task and it'll turn into a shitshow

    • Longtoothsaber
      Longtoothsaber Year ago +1

      That's why I did all of the work or basically played slave driver to keep the group in line - only to be labeled a bad team player afterwards. Fun times.

    • d3ds1r
      d3ds1r 2 years ago

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    • Nahome Tesfay
      Nahome Tesfay Year ago

      @Ali 32bit Why do you assume that in a game where everything can be destroyed everything must be destroyed? In my previous comment, I mentioned how destruction can be a tool the player has to use carefully. On the other hand, perhaps destruction is the goal, but it's difficult to destroy things. In my previous comment, I also mentioned that a game where you can destroy everything is probably not worth the effort and could likely be made more easily with some indestructible objects Once again I agree that a game where you can destroy everything is likely not worth making. Where we disagree is I think destruction can be an interesting mechanic. I've definitely seen this mechanic used to great effect in flash games and can imagine it's use in more complicated games.

    • Ali 32bit
      Ali 32bit Year ago

      @Nahome Tesfay i think you missed something. there is not much that can be done with level design if players can literally smash everything. take any game right now without destruction. can you imagine if they had unliminted destruction ? it would be impossible to tell stories or have scripted events or puzzles . teardown itself has a wall that prevents players from leaving the map and it has no story . face it fully destructble levels are just too much work that the game does not even need . now we have to worry about inside of buildings . under ground . inside props and so much more stuff that has nothing to do with gameplay. its just too expensive and no game dev will want to do it. edstructble games have been around since ps2 era. devs just dont want to use them . devs already have destruction as a game mechanic But it is intentional and designed to lead players . so no . devs dont want it or like it its extra work that their game does not need.

    • Nahome Tesfay
      Nahome Tesfay Year ago

      @Ali 32bit I think you're selling the mechanic short. To stick with your escape example, if you try to smash your way through a level that could destroy the entire level and crush your character, so you have to be careful about what you break and what you leave intact. Destruction can be a creative process like machining or sculpting tools. Destruction can also transform level for example using an excavator. I think most destruction based mechanics don't need to simulate destruction realistically, so I'm not sure if voxles are worth it, but destruction as a game mechanic is a cool idea.

    • Skwishy Dude
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      @Ali 32bit I did not say anything about story missions, or so i thought. i meant in action/fps games that don't really need a solid story. It could be like a rouguelike and such

    • Ali 32bit
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      @Skwishy Dude you cant randomly generate story levels. they have to be hand made. most of the time. as i said we already have the tech but nobody is using it .

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  • Philtography - Cotswold Wedding Photographer

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    Also, is there a 'standard machine' that you are referring to for how long these renders take? For example when it says 200ms/frame surely that will change hugely depending on the CPU (or GPU), so an overclocked 64 core Threadripper compared to my old Quad-Core won't both take 200ms per frame.
    I also wonder if any of these new GPU accelerated simulations are using the Tensor Cores on Nvidia's cards which sound like they would be perfect for this stuff or if it just uses the general shaders?

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