Reacting to Logan Paul's I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
  • Logan Paul purchased a $3.5m case of Pokemon Cards... It turned out to be fake.
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Comments • 474

  • Vulcan
    Vulcan 14 hours ago +657

    For the BBCE dude to be like "We ALL got duped, agreed?" seems like such a slap in the face. Like bro, you're the AUTHENTICATOR.

  • Nayagator
    Nayagator 16 hours ago +454

    Let's be honest. It's the authentication service's fault. They said it hadn't been tampered with, they gotta take their responsibility and pay for it.

  • Glumy
    Glumy 9 hours ago +70

    The fact that Logan was in a room full of "experts" and he was the first to point out something was wrong when the box opened says a lot

  • Serker
    Serker 16 hours ago +410

    Rattle did a better job authenticating it than a "real" authenticator

  • 0ptix
    0ptix 16 hours ago +544

    Logan Paul congratulated for your baby in his podcast (which is kinda sick)

  • Bryan
    Bryan 16 hours ago +158

    “We all got duped agreed”

  • Dorito Fan100
    Dorito Fan100 16 hours ago +213

    I love the logic lesson here. You are correct. “If” it’s real it should be worth 3.5 mil given he bought it thinking it was a real sealed box. Not that it might be a real box.

  • Dean
    Dean 16 hours ago +254

    I can see the credibility of that authentication company burning up, they should never have authenticated this without knowing what they are talking about.

  • Y Mirza
    Y Mirza 16 hours ago +145

    Like the shout out to rattle... he deserves respect for his research into this and hasn't gotten enough credit. Makes great content too

  • Dam
    Dam 14 hours ago +69

    Bro these fakes gotta stop

  • Harry West
    Harry West 16 hours ago +121

    Rattle did an amazing job! Not sure Logan will be that embarrassed tbh, gets a banger video, a refund and a bunch of publicity for the beverage. Seems like a win win

  • Trophy Hunter Gaming
    Trophy Hunter Gaming 16 hours ago +135

    Watch the GI Joe card market absolutely take off to the moon now Logan has some 😂

  • Snaglebeast
    Snaglebeast 16 hours ago +69

    Id be very surprised if BBCE isnt done after this. I would never trust their services after something like this 😬

  • Spaden
    Spaden 7 hours ago +8

    When the BBCE dude said "We ALL got duped, agreed?" that was rough considering they just lost all of their credibility

  • Aaron Crawford
    Aaron Crawford 14 hours ago +7

    "we all got duped, agreed?"

  • Amos Feldman
    Amos Feldman 14 hours ago +20

    It’s weird that they had nothing to compare it to as far as testing, such as comparing weight and or some type of x-ray, to make sure. I’m sure those GIJoe packs inside scan completely differently than a first edition pokemon pack.

  • Oscar Stahl
    Oscar Stahl 16 hours ago +8

    What more could you want at the end of the day than to watch Randolph :)

  • Eesa F
    Eesa F 14 hours ago +22

    This is unbelievable. I hate our community sometimes 😔.

  • Chaebean Bak
    Chaebean Bak 14 hours ago +2

    “Why doesn’t this one say 1st edition on it?”

  • Jack Baldwin
    Jack Baldwin 16 hours ago +12

    So glad they opened it. It needed to be done