PROTOTYPE: 10 Years Later

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • The long awaited Prototype video is here. Never before have I played a game that would give you the power of a deity and yet take so much pleasure in beating your ass into the ground. It's soul is like a black hole. It's dark, sure, but only because it's eaten the light. Alex Mercer lives in an irredeemable world that works tirelessly against him. But does it work against the game itself too? 10 Years Later, it's time to find out.
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  • Whitelight
    Whitelight  5 months ago +537

    After seeing how 50/50 the comments are on the difficulty, I've come to the realisiation that Prototype can be pretty easy, but I maintain there's a problem in that what makes it easy are usually cheeses. Spamming cannonball on Elizabeth Greene for example or destroying the spectre tanks by disguising, hijacking one, then running away and repeating. It's hard (be it good or bad difficulty) when you don't cheese, but boring if you do. That's the problem summarized a little better.

    • Carver Wright
      Carver Wright Month ago

      Yo narrator dude I imagine you look like Bastion from Black Butler, keep up the good work.

    • Andy Tardella
      Andy Tardella 2 months ago

      @xmine08 hoop⁹⁰⁰

    • CHEESE ?
      CHEESE ? 2 months ago

      @Black White normal and no fail

    • Fiore Deutchmark
      Fiore Deutchmark 4 months ago

      Whitelight I don’t think it’s a case of easy and hard but more ridiculous vertical spikes in difficulty in the first one. There just isn’t anything close to a curve in the first game.

    • Ghost WTG
      Ghost WTG 4 months ago

      Man I love this game... This and the infamous series. They are my childhood in a nutshell. Only I played them, but boy did I love them and I still do.

  • just a dude with a pencil

    Bring it back activision.
    Not just because I want another badass simulator...
    There must always be a perfect balance between the ammount of installments in the game series prototype and infamous
    Infamous might not come back anytime soon, but it's already got three games. If they make another, it'll throw the balance too far out of whack
    I don't care what it takes, even if the third games shit, fix the balance...

  • Spooky Skeleton
    Spooky Skeleton 3 days ago

    Wow man your channel is awesome

  • Eiad Alkhayat
    Eiad Alkhayat 4 days ago

    this is what a gaming experience means to me, yes it had problems but man is the gameplay fun and creative, I used to change my shape to an old grandma and jump on top of buildings and just laugh my ass off XD

  • Connor Meehan
    Connor Meehan 4 days ago


  • DFC
    DFC 7 days ago

    prototype was boring...even as a kid i thpought whts the point to all this lol

  • Flame Loud
    Flame Loud 8 days ago

    So hey.... Will you be going over the infamous series?

  • general killeer
    general killeer 8 days ago

    I want prototype 3 imagine red dead redemption 2 graphics and brutality of prototype

  • João Sieiro
    João Sieiro 11 days ago

    10 years later and still here I'm waiting for prototype 3,i guess hope is the last to die

  • baka nga?
    baka nga? 12 days ago

    Fun Fact:
    Alex Mercer Can't Swim. In short Hydrophobia.
    And also Loading Save Game Crashes everytime

  • King Hellverse
    King Hellverse 16 days ago +1

    This game used to be fun but ifs ass now better games too play way to repetitive and the story sucks- my opinion by the way.

  • skul kidd
    skul kidd 20 days ago

    If you want a normal city where everyone is your plaything and nothing can stop you just get every power up and when you unlock new game+ put it on easy and beat stop playing levels when you get to behind the glass. This also makes it easier to get all the web of intrigue targets and find all the hint and landmark orbs but you can't drive tanks or pilot helicopters. Have a good day😀.

  • Prime Commander Cypher Raige

    32:28 I completely disagree with you here. Infamous’s soundtrack is better. They used objects like industrial poles, trash cans, bungee cords, and peas to make the sounds for the tracks. They also have a dynamic variance for intensity during calm and intense moments unlike prototype.

  • Denis Vezijak
    Denis Vezijak 21 day ago

    I saw that game in same light 10 yrars back.
    Played it A LOT
    And game is pretty easy

  • MO SYD
    MO SYD 21 day ago

    this game needs a new remake or a new chapter

  • The-LastNoise
    The-LastNoise 22 days ago

    And I thought I was only called old for loving this game.

  • michael charlish
    michael charlish 24 days ago

    Buying 1 and 2 on psn for 9.99 later, can't wait to play it again

  • Random Chiroptera
    Random Chiroptera 25 days ago +1

    I actually have a concept in mind for a game that would go to similar extremes.
    Most of it is inspired by a series of recurring dreams that I had for a couple months, each dream seeming to play off the last.
    I've no programming experience though. I do know I'd want to incorporate the Shadows of Mordor mechanic of evolving enemies and changing circumstances based on player choices, and whether they succeed or fail certain objectives.
    Failures raise the stakes and come with consequences. Failing too often may even make certain non-critical areas of the game inaccessible. Sometimes success or failure on a given objective may open one door and close another, prompting the player to have to weigh the cost of success or failure as a choice.
    This is as specific as I can be without an actual developer asking for more.

  • Yael Carrasquillo
    Yael Carrasquillo 26 days ago


  • JO EL
    JO EL 28 days ago

    I played this on a crappy laptop and boy it was the most fun I've had back then and I was the first to have it in my school and everyone wanted it

  • Jason B
    Jason B 29 days ago

    I remember see a preview of this game and wanting it so bad, I bought it day one. I do agree it eventually gets crazy with so many thing trying to kill you at one time and never seems to let up. I didn’t end up finishing the game because a couple weeks went by without playing it and when I tried to go back I was really rusty and kept getting killed, eventually I gave up and never went back.

  • AndytheKid
    AndytheKid Month ago

    It'd be nice to have Prototype 3.

  • Boppy Doopy
    Boppy Doopy Month ago

    Prototype is awesome

  • the shocker0045
    the shocker0045 Month ago

    No game can be as godlike as prototype. Infamous is something that I know very little of infamous second son on the other hand is another story. But I guess we have to wait for another gory YEET simulator

  • Vegan Gains
    Vegan Gains Month ago

    This game was a masterpiece

  • EekGod
    EekGod Month ago +1

    Honestly this game was a complete masterpiece, but...just imagine....a graphical remake to it🤯

    • dedley01
      dedley01 29 days ago

      A remaster will be made at some point.

  • jordan999fire
    jordan999fire Month ago

    Watch_Dogs is another superhero video game recently. I don't know about the second, but the first is.

  • Emmanuel Moreno
    Emmanuel Moreno Month ago

    I wonder which developer would remake [PROTOTYPE] and [PROTOTYPE 2]. I'm thinking Beenox, to be honest.

    • dedley01
      dedley01 29 days ago

      I really want the original studio to make it.

  • Hilario Galang
    Hilario Galang Month ago

    I want a Prototype game for this current gen.Just Imagine playing prototype with RE engine level of graphics ;(

  • betterine
    betterine Month ago

    If they ever want to make a proper Carnage video game (which they might if the second Venom movie makes him popular with the mainstream), I think it might help to take tips from Prototype.

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend Month ago

    If there is going to be a sequel from an xbox 360 game i loved as a kid it better be Skate 4. Prototype 3 would be dope too though.

  • PooNo The BackRife
    PooNo The BackRife Month ago +3

    I remember taking 3 days to defeat the last boss and a week to defeat Elizabeth

  • 350z boi
    350z boi Month ago +4

    I started with Prototype 2, I thought to myself "everyone is talking about how good the first one is, how could they make it better than this?"
    Silly me :)

  • Kirk Bupkis
    Kirk Bupkis Month ago

    Prototype was difficult?? I don't remember that..

    • Kirk Bupkis
      Kirk Bupkis Month ago

      @350z boi Dang idk if I just got lucky or what but I first played Prototype on Normal at like 13 and never had a tough time, I've never heard anyone call the game difficult before now.

    • 350z boi
      350z boi Month ago

      I swear to god the first time i had to google how tf to deal with leader hunters, or greene. Also i spent like 3 hours on the last boss.
      This all on Normal Difficulty.

  • Kirk Bupkis
    Kirk Bupkis Month ago

    Lol why is this video age restricted?

  • Ellie Krueger
    Ellie Krueger Month ago

    Good gods, this video had me rolling. I adore everything about this. Wonderful work! I can’t wait to watch your other videos.

  • FAKE name
    FAKE name Month ago

    i didnt even know prototype existed until i checked the cod franchise

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago +1

    In my opinion, one of the best single player games ever made.

  • AngryGhoust
    AngryGhoust Month ago

    Prototype is one of my favorite video games. Thank you for doing it justice with this video, you pretty much nailed it.

    DJTOLGA23 Month ago

    You can take the body of an Soldier and fight with other Soldiers against the infected people :D One of the Best and funniest games ever !

  • Ronin
    Ronin Month ago +1

    It feels like deja vu watching this. Whenever I see something I forgot about because I haven't played in years, it hits me so hard.

  • Justince
    Justince Month ago +1

    To defeat Elizabeth Greene you need to get into the tanks and fire it at her before she destroys them.
    Also good tactic for the final boss. I kept using the whipfist to defeat it and nearly threw my controller. Should have gone with Muscle Mass

  • Nguyen Tien Phat
    Nguyen Tien Phat Month ago

    Just another day for the Survey Corps..... lol

  • Just-Some-Menace
    Just-Some-Menace Month ago

    "What happens to us when we lose our vulnerability" has always been the question this game asks and answers almost in the same hour.

  • ocean man
    ocean man Month ago

    Lieutenant Bob: Comander! There throwing tanks at us!

  • Austin Gunnell
    Austin Gunnell Month ago

    They need to reboot the series and maybe add a mix and match combat and movement system depending on how you like to play making you the player feel unique.

  • FatNinjaWalrus
    FatNinjaWalrus Month ago

    agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. prototype's vision was LEGENDARY but some of the design choices with missions made it feel like nobody fucking bothered to playtest the damn thing. i love and hate it at the same time, and still go back to it regularly. usually so i can work my way through the story, since playing prototype 2 directly afterwards is really satisfying

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    just popping in to say you dont have to dash to start gliding, great vid for a great game. Also SPOILER FOR THE STORY since you didnt mention it: It's not amnesia. Alex Mercer died in Penn Station before the game begins. We are playing as the virus controlling his body

  • john jobs
    john jobs Month ago

    One of my favorite games i ever played. So much fun but man the graphics where like
    Yeah This is fine.
    MAN this looks pretty good
    Back to prototype 1

  • Blackfish
    Blackfish Month ago

    Really liked the movement and godlike powers but was really turned off by the MAXIMUM EDGE of the setting. Like you mention, Saints Row 4 doesn't have as fluid movement, but the setting was fun in a way that Prototype's really wasn't imo.

  • Orestas Rožėnas
    Orestas Rožėnas Month ago

    Am i the inly one that spent over 4h on elizabeth green bruh i raged soooo much

  • David GN40
    David GN40 Month ago

    3:09 exactly.
    Yet there's a PS4 trophy for beating the game without killing more than 10 civilians.
    Bruh. Whoever got that trophy, you're a legend.

  • Yuny Boi
    Yuny Boi Month ago

    I love how hard he thought the tank mission was jus get inside the tank and everyone in it just dies

  • junker154
    junker154 Month ago

    I replayed this game just recently, it was among my favorites and I remember spending a ridiculous amount playing it. I have to say that it still has some of the most satisfying and unique gameplay. Despite this there are some major flaws and I am even more aware of them now. Sometimes this game made me ragequit really hard because the game can be infuriatingly unfair, I would not categorize it as a proper challenge but more as cheap. The balance is really off and the game encourages cheesing a lot. Some of the missions and their design only encourage this even more. But free roaming and having lots of space to navigate makes this game really great. I just started playing the second one for the first time and i do not like it yet.

  • Joaquin J Fernandez

    This game was way too hard towards the end of the game and is kinfa repetitive

  • Cristián Betancourt

    11:51 Am I the only one who spotted that haruhi zusumiya in the background?

  • Choke_Me _Funny
    Choke_Me _Funny Month ago

    I really enjoyed the idea of Prototype. Would play again

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 Month ago

    This might be a 10 year old thing now, but still, do *_not_* get me started on that "comparing Prototype and inFamous" bullshit. It's pissing me off all over again remembering it.

    • mjc0961
      mjc0961 Month ago +1

      32:20 - Good
      32:24 - YOU SON OF A BITCH
      32:26 - ....well played

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 Month ago

    Saints Row 4 and Saints Row Gat Out of Hell are pretty close to super hero games. I mean you can still drive around in cars like a boring person if you hate fun.
    Sunset Overdrive eventually gives you enough movement options to feel like a superhero in that regard.
    ...That's all I can think of for other superhero games.

    • mjc0961
      mjc0961 Month ago

      Welp, looks like I spoke too soon on this one. 😅

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 Month ago

    Dana Mercer... I lost count of how many times I heard the line *_FUCKING GOOSE STEPPING MOTHER FUCKERS_*