PROTOTYPE: 10 Years Later

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • The long awaited Prototype video is here. Never before have I played a game that would give you the power of a deity and yet take so much pleasure in beating your ass into the ground. It's soul is like a black hole. It's dark, sure, but only because it's eaten the light. Alex Mercer lives in an irredeemable world that works tirelessly against him. But does it work against the game itself too? 10 Years Later, it's time to find out.
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  • Whitelight
    Whitelight  Month ago +407

    After seeing how 50/50 the comments are on the difficulty, I've come to the realisiation that Prototype can be pretty easy, but I maintain there's a problem in that what makes it easy are usually cheeses. Spamming cannonball on Elizabeth Greene for example or destroying the spectre tanks by disguising, hijacking one, then running away and repeating. It's hard (be it good or bad difficulty) when you don't cheese, but boring if you do. That's the problem summarized a little better.

    • Fiore Deutchmark
      Fiore Deutchmark Month ago

      Whitelight I don’t think it’s a case of easy and hard but more ridiculous vertical spikes in difficulty in the first one. There just isn’t anything close to a curve in the first game.

    • Ghost WTG
      Ghost WTG Month ago

      Man I love this game... This and the infamous series. They are my childhood in a nutshell. Only I played them, but boy did I love them and I still do.

    • mark james
      mark james Month ago

      Whitelight Game was cake even without cheesing lmao

    • Fardeen Islam
      Fardeen Islam Month ago

      i needed this
      thank you

    • HammerBlow666
      HammerBlow666 Month ago +1

      @xmine08 Agreed. And who's to say one way is cheesier than another? That's all just opinion. Literally every single attack Elizabeth Greene does can be avoided by just ducking behind the nearest building. I mean, there's a whole city block in the fight area. Are people even aware you can run around in it? All I did was duck around a building when she attacked, consumed a few people to put me in Critical mass, then got in her face and used a critical mass devastator move. Rinse and repeat. Done. When she sent out the hunters I just ducked behind a building to avoid taking fire and killed them one by one. Is that cheesing? I guess some may think so, but I don't. I still had fun and felt engaged doing it that way.

  • Flaprise 1337
    Flaprise 1337 17 hours ago

    Karen Parker sells Alex to Blackwatch?
    If Alex had kids, I bet she would have took them.

  • Justin Nelson
    Justin Nelson 4 days ago

    One of my FAVORITES.

  • ChillWeeb
    ChillWeeb 4 days ago +1

    If you dash right before you land it puts you at top speed and boosts you further. It also lessens impact when landing making it easier to land big jumps and take off into another one in an instant. It changes how I traverse greatly. You have to learn how to let go of the right trigger and hold it again right after the dash because if you push A in the air you just go into a glide.

  • Romee Galsta
    Romee Galsta 6 days ago

    prototype is my best games exactly becuse of the movement and speed. when you get real skills you feel youself as a god. its to bad people are to lame to play the game right. you just dont feel the power and its balence.

  • Jeremy Cornejo
    Jeremy Cornejo 6 days ago +1

    i hope prototype 3 will come out

  • Fallen Devonish
    Fallen Devonish 7 days ago

    Prototype 1 is a better game but Alex as a character was more bland and unintresting compared to heller

  • WOLFIE XM-84
    WOLFIE XM-84 8 days ago

    Pls let it be a crossover between infamous second son,prototype and devil may cry.(if only they agree to stop fighting at once)

  • Dodge King
    Dodge King 8 days ago

    8:18 Hentai tentacles lmao

  • Marko
    Marko 9 days ago

    Dont steal video name ideas please... it's pointless... you are good.. you can think off something original.. I believe in you..

  • heartbreaker
    heartbreaker 9 days ago

    I remember playing this game when I was a kid and it's still as good as when I first played it. I absolutely love this game to death. It's so good and I can't wait for the third one I hope we get it one day

  • May Macintosh
    May Macintosh 13 days ago +1

    A few things I found about Prototype's gameplay (that may or may not be really useful, or new, given that it's from a game that's a decade old):
    -You can use the vaulting grab animation on anything, even when you don't really grab something as you run. You can use it to get a little airtime before using airdashes.
    -The jumping grab from P2 can ACTUALLY be done in this one.... well, technically. All you have to do is just a fly kick and during the animation tap the grab button, Alex should change his animation. Assuming nothing is in the way, you can actually grab people, and even cars. Might test it out unlocked for debris and other throwable items, but a word of advice, the targeting button is a big help in specifying what you wanna grab from the air.
    -Airdash just as about you are falling from the ground in order to get a boost in speed, in some cases, you can get to terminal velocity by doing it, though I wouldn't rely on it too much.
    -Some gory finishes:
    >Musclemass can even tear a normal person/military troop apart if you either sprint, roll or even airdash as a target dies. I tested it out with the uncharged flying kick and it really does wreck them apart. Just wait for the target to do the death roll animation (you'll see it) and then directly dash, sprint or roll to them. Try mixing the uncharged flying kick with charged airborne power moves (Blade, Hammerfist and Whiplash, to be exact), I swear, I took more time experimenting with these, lmao
    >Use a car, target an easily killable person, ram them with the car and as about they're lying, throw the car to them. They should be flying, and if you're lucky, they might bounce off a building. With Musclemass, try to use the charged kick on the flying victim and tear them apart with a second kick.

    Even today, Prototype surprises me.

  • Carcer Harlson
    Carcer Harlson 13 days ago

    Loved this game to death, it's my favorite of the ps3 and Xbox 360 era, and one of my all time favorites. My one, single gripe is that Blackwatch tanks would attack infected close to you if you were on the ground. The closest ones would always be the target, and since you'd get hit with collateral, you'd never be able to appreciate the carnage up close.

  • AwwwhYyyyeah
    AwwwhYyyyeah 13 days ago

    bullshit. at the time, loved the story, map, graphics, gameplay, everything. GIVE ME PROTOTYPE 3 FOR FUCKS SAKE

  • Mike, from Texas
    Mike, from Texas 13 days ago

    This game was awesome to play, and part 2 even moreso. Part 2 also hadda better story in my opinion too. Would *love* a part 3.

  • Take me out tonight
    Take me out tonight 14 days ago

    Ah yes, the game every edgy kid in middle school play

  • Kratoes GetsFreaky
    Kratoes GetsFreaky 14 days ago

    I enjoyed watching this video. It gave me so much nostalgia by looking back at this game. I remember a lot of stuff playing this game and I remember having fun by playing it. It’s game mechanics never get old. The enemies and some of the missions were some what challenging but they were still fun. Seeing a video about the prototype franchise in 2019 makes me wanna cry. I actually forgot that this game was published back a decade ago. Hell, even 2009 alone was very nostalgic. Prototype would’ve actually be known to this day to a lot of people if Activision didn’t forced the developers of this game to abandon the series l. A lot of potential was just wasted by Activision.

  • Placido Penitente
    Placido Penitente 15 days ago

    Still the best
    Prototype > Prototype 2
    Mercer was a complex character and the end was just a massive plot twist to the likes of Bethesda's PREY. Shame they have to cheapen him to a one sided villain from a literal multifaceted character (literally, he can be anyone)

  • J Jaden
    J Jaden 15 days ago

    White light hear me out what if Alex let James kill him? Think about Alex survived a nuke and came back from basically nothing maybe Alex wanted too be consumed just so he can remember who he is that way the real mercer can come back and the fact that Alex could easily drop heller but I guess he was just testing him too see if he was worthy so in conclusion mercer could very well still be alive cause Alex never really wanted too kill heller cause if he did he could create 100 goailths too kill him or kill him ten other different ways. And the fact that Alex is the virus so yea heller shoulda died but mercer let him win I think Alex has too accomplish something so he needed people too think he's dead also.

  • Denz Gonzalez
    Denz Gonzalez 17 days ago

    this game is my favorite

  • Fluffyone Fluff
    Fluffyone Fluff 17 days ago +1

    Technically speaking...supreme hunter is not Cross...we see supreme hunter approaching Cross in that cutscene..
    Cross attempts to intimidate it with his electric baton..
    Then the scene ends...that's when the supreme hunter consumed and became Cross...but all the talking to the soldier scenes are before the final battle....the soldier you talk to on the building was always the hunter...but the phone calls are all Cross

  • Fluffyone Fluff
    Fluffyone Fluff 17 days ago

    Musclemass will kill everything, except throwing, jumpkicking...or

  • Fluffyone Fluff
    Fluffyone Fluff 17 days ago

    My very favourite game ever...can play it all day...

  • KotSR
    KotSR 17 days ago

    I skipped many school days to play this while nobody was home. Because otherwise there would have been no way.

  • ChillWeeb
    ChillWeeb 17 days ago +1

    Beat the first game twice and second game 3 times. Excellent series. We NEED a third one.

  • ChillWeeb
    ChillWeeb 18 days ago

    Why didn't I think of using the whipfist on Elizabeth green... I would go on a tall building and yeet myself off with the hammer fists and it does a good amount of damage it just takes awhile to defeat her.

  • KylanL
    KylanL 18 days ago

    Ok cmon E3, pull through this year and present to us Prototype 3 (and Dying Light 2 but that’s already been confirmed so whatever)

  • Ryan Seville
    Ryan Seville 18 days ago

    This man needs to start a kickstarter and hire a team of game designers to make prototype 3!!

  • Snoozecoop™
    Snoozecoop™ 18 days ago


  • zackdeux
    zackdeux 19 days ago

    This game opened me up to open world, with base raids and small missions tu upgrade your character. A mechanic used in most Far Cry title and Assassin's Creed, but none is as fun as this game. Every upgrade always make you feel rewarded. I love this game.

  • Some guy
    Some guy 19 days ago

    The zombie game where you end up killing more civillians than zombies

  • JWL
    JWL 19 days ago

    Jesus your videos are annoying

  • ShotZ Rage
    ShotZ Rage 21 day ago

    so im not the only one that remembers this game

  • Enrique Wolfgang REH

    still have it for my ps3

  • Young_tax_return1
    Young_tax_return1 21 day ago

    why is murdering a shit ton of people in a video game considered "edgy" now? Like...doesnt everyone do that in open world games? XD

    The PUNISHER 22 days ago

    Im still waiting for Prototype 2

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 22 days ago

    dang i thought this game took place in chicago (im sick of new york as a setting in open world games). fun game but it got annoying being bombarded by tanks and choppers when i tried dicking around with my powers.

  • War Horse
    War Horse 22 days ago

    Him for smash bros ultimate

  • Gat the Man
    Gat the Man 23 days ago

    I don't remember Elizabeth Greene being challenging and I usually remember tough bosses in games.

  • basaliskshadow
    basaliskshadow 25 days ago

    whenever i did the hammer toss and yeet myself, i always thought of the end of the 1812 overture and would die laughing as i crash in time with the cannons lol

  • maahin playz
    maahin playz 26 days ago

    i have both in my pc right now

  • APP
    APP 26 days ago +1

    Always has and always will be the my absolute favorite game

  • sawy sauce
    sawy sauce 26 days ago

    While I was playing rdr2 anytime I did anything evil I’d have to turn the game off out of guilt. But while playing prototype, I don’t know if it was the down grade in graphics or the paper thin plot but I felt powerful.

  • The Nobodycares Man
    The Nobodycares Man 26 days ago

    finished it like a week ago, wasn't that hard.

  • Shane Ayers
    Shane Ayers 26 days ago

    Also try bullet diving from the highest point in the game and see what happens, it'll piss you off I guarantee it sir

  • Shane Ayers
    Shane Ayers 26 days ago

    I might be preachin at this point, but cmon dude the super cancer part lasted two missions if I remember correctly. I'm not complaining tho that's simply a matter of opinion

  • Shane Ayers
    Shane Ayers 26 days ago

    And I want to ask how tf did u dodge with armor active at 15:33? Whaaaaaat

  • Shane Ayers
    Shane Ayers 26 days ago

    Also running is not a set speed up walls it does require a small bit of momentum to hit its top speed although the difference between the starting speed and the top speed is minuscule.

  • Shane Ayers
    Shane Ayers 26 days ago

    Musclemass also increases all melee damage, including the fly kick. This means you can one shot all helicopters. This makes me happy. and you complained about the finishers in 2

  • Stefan
    Stefan 27 days ago

    Another neat thing about the movement system that I don’t think you mentioned is that you can instantly reach max speed by dashing before u hit the ground. If you do this in the armor it will temporarily make u go that fast but then slow you down.

  • As I was saying
    As I was saying 27 days ago

    It would've been better for prototype 2 if they would just allow you to switch between the two characters (Alex and James). Just like GTA story mode

  • Gob Chelsy
    Gob Chelsy 27 days ago

    please tell me how to get this to work on my pc or send link to a vid bro please it's so laggy and idk how to fix it and i can play gta on high so it's not my pc

  • Lz Lucas
    Lz Lucas Month ago +1

    Whats the best version for me to get .the PS4 remaster or the PC version?

  • Mixed Martial Anime

    Is it just a coincidence that this and infamous are so similar gameplay and storywise?

    • Anton Duroj Bidstrup
      Anton Duroj Bidstrup 20 days ago

      @Mixed Martial Anime honestly I don't think they are that similar. Sure they are both games where you have superpowers. but The gameplay and writing style is so different im the two games that i don't understand why people compare them. Maybe you have some examples of how they are similar to convince me otherwise.

    • Mixed Martial Anime
      Mixed Martial Anime Month ago

      @Whitelight yes they are...but I shouldn't have said SO similar. that part was later in the video.

    • Whitelight
      Whitelight  Month ago

      They aren't even remotely similar.

  • Vylev7 Covert9
    Vylev7 Covert9 Month ago +6

    I love it how you name the skills in the game as "hentai tentacles" and "yeeting yourself".
    Best possible summarization of the game

  • Tomas Ponizil
    Tomas Ponizil Month ago +1

    Absolutely disgraceful. The only way to fight Brawlers... Is to B R A W L them. Musclemass/Hammerfists+Armor and have a good ol brodown

  • Marcos Fernandes de Sousa Júnior

    Loved prototype when it launched, even got a plat for it!

    AYKANBJK Month ago

    I got the fucking nice guy trophy without trying lmao

  • Masterpiece Jeremy
    Masterpiece Jeremy Month ago

    The sad truth is that prototype doesn't run on modern hardware. It crashes as soon as you start a new save on PC. Perhaps it's because of Windows 10. If anyone knows a fix, please leave it below. Would love to play this at 180fps

  • Tom Alexander
    Tom Alexander Month ago

    Qqaqaqaqaqqqqqqqqqqqqqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqawaqaqaqawawaqawawawawaqawawawaqaqaqaawaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqawaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqsqaqawaqawawawaqaqawaqaqawawaqawaqawawawaqaqaaqwaqaaqaqaqaqaqaqawaqqaqawaqaqaqaqaqasaqaqaqaqawaqqqawaqawqwwaqwaqawaqawqwaqawaqaqawqawqqaqaqaqaqaqaqa a qaaaaaqawaqawaaaqwwwwqwqawqawawaqawqqaw q 111qqeqeqeqqe1

  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake Month ago

    Same for InFamous

  • lsomething l
    lsomething l Month ago

    I’m still waiting for prototype 3

  • Deo Stulti
    Deo Stulti Month ago

    Do a video on Prototype 2

  • Gliding Graphite
    Gliding Graphite Month ago

    Spiderman ps4 was shit they need to make a (PROTOTYP3)

  • ZE RO
    ZE RO Month ago

    Can u do a vid about Infamous 1 or 2 please

  • Shane Ayers
    Shane Ayers Month ago

    This was the first video I watched from your channel, I figured it would be entertaining and provide someone else's take on my favorite game of all time. You delivered my good man. I've now watched all your videos simply because they're entertaining and thoughtful.

  • Ceilvia C
    Ceilvia C Month ago +1

    I really enjoy this game, love the story, and root for Alex Mercer always, the graphics is actually a good thing to me because my no graphics card laptop can't even run newer games like shadow of the tomb raider, while Prototype runs smoothly

  • Ceilvia C
    Ceilvia C Month ago

    It wasn't that hard...

    oh wait I still didn't finish easy mode yet, oops

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus Month ago

    This game as visually ugly and dumb as it can get, is still one of the most playable and fun games I've experienced.
    Also taught me the horrors of casualty. I remember once I checked my stats to see how many I've killed, and it said my kill count is 5000 or something. So whenever I hear on the news that a thousand people died... when I think that's a half hour to one hour constant rampage in Prototype, that's just... a lot.

    • Justin Y
      Justin Y Month ago

      the ps4 version looks a lot better ... the graphics are smoother

  • Alkis TX
    Alkis TX Month ago

    I remember beating Elizabeth easily at all my campaigns since I have made a strategy that is take the really strong tank and keep it that is in the last mission before this and also have the camouflage of a white suit commander in order to call airstrikes never change the camouflage because with this camo you also have free entrance in tanks and the soldiers will not attack you try this strategy I have been using it for years to defeat her

  • Cesar 8
    Cesar 8 Month ago +2

    Prototype suffered from radical entertainment having way too many games being developed at the same time...Shame really😐

  • shadow bear
    shadow bear Month ago +1

    Me: well then time to kill some time
    Alex Mercer: i don't think so

  • TrialRagnarok
    TrialRagnarok Month ago

    My favorite thing to do once I unlocked the "Accuse" ability was to kill tanks with it. You can't target and accuse tanks by default, but if you're quick enough you can do so.
    It's hilarious how a barrage of bullets and missiles attack a single tank and it stands there without anything to do.

    • Chiese The New
      Chiese The New Month ago

      Gonna redownload and try to play it. If the laptop can.

  • Badduncan96
    Badduncan96 Month ago

    It’s crazy that I just looked up prototype hoping to find a video like this and here it is

  • Leo Neo
    Leo Neo Month ago

    from the same creators of hulk ultimate destruction, the most fun open world superhero game i've ever played. Hell even the most fun superhero I've ever played in general.

  • Claudia G
    Claudia G Month ago

    Play fortnite guys season 9 is there or how thanos say the end is there😎

  • Ariel Cohen
    Ariel Cohen Month ago

    We need a new prototype with the graphics of now, omg i would buy this game immidiatly, best joy i ever had in a game

  • ZombonicHD
    ZombonicHD Month ago

    Shit i missed this

  • TimelessOne123
    TimelessOne123 Month ago

    Time to replay [PROTOTYPE] again.

    MRHOTCAKE Month ago

    Great video, I never finish it but really loved

  • Cottn Budz
    Cottn Budz Month ago

    People here have aged 10 years older since they played prototype for the first time

  • Cottn Budz
    Cottn Budz Month ago

    We need PROTOTYPE 3 or for pete's sake pls CMON devs pls anyone any aspiring game programmers there pls

  • NIgHTMaReFortyTwo
    NIgHTMaReFortyTwo Month ago

    'big, chunky arse-hunter'

  • Ilya Panferov
    Ilya Panferov Month ago +2

    What do you mean those tanks were difficult?
    I just grabed the rocket launchers and shot them at tanks.

  • AnimaHaynes
    AnimaHaynes Month ago

    Such a fun dumb game, I love it

  • Joel Ostertag
    Joel Ostertag Month ago

    When I was 12 my mother grounded me for playing this game because of how many times they said Fuck.

  • fujic de dankster
    fujic de dankster Month ago


    • Justin Y
      Justin Y Month ago

      i doubt that today's hardware ( other than a monster pc) is gonna be capable of handling a chaotic game like prototype with highly realistic graphics ...

  • K San
    K San Month ago

    You don't run because you're a pussy, you run because you're a GOD. Ok, I will play Prototype XD, never played it, did play the 2nd one but didn't like it, this one seems good.

  • Marc Valley
    Marc Valley Month ago

    I beat that tank mission by running around the gentek building and throwing a single car at a tank before making another lap. Took me about an hour. 🤣

  • lolmanbob123
    lolmanbob123 Month ago

    I lost it at "Turbo Yeet"

  • sheepfly
    sheepfly Month ago

    Your videos are so good, always looking forward to more.

  • Rare Yoshi
    Rare Yoshi Month ago

    All the Prototypes were just average, cool ideas though

  • Dez Nuces
    Dez Nuces Month ago

    Damn got a sub after this one man. Brought back some good times, but I haven't even thought about this game for a real long time, especially try to understand it. You did a really good job with this, thanks!

  • jft0986
    jft0986 Month ago

    Still waiting for the possibly-impossible Prototype 3 :(

  • CrossKnights
    CrossKnights Month ago

    I'm surprised that you didn't mention 2005's Hulk Ultimate Destruction as if anything, prototype cribs off of it. It was made with the same engine and even has some of the same animations which I think they just ported over. This includes the elbow drop, the animation for running on buildings, and the animations for when you stop your momentum while slinding down a building. Destroying helicopters works very much the same except the Hulk punches at them instead of kicks. Even your super area destruction moves have the exact same slowdown effect and camera movement. Note, these two games were made by the same people so it's not like anyone stole from anyone.
    I feel like Hulk Ultimate Destruction does most of the thing that this game does the game play and enemy scaling is more focused and works better. Sometimes the Hulk will get knocked around but never to a point where it was extremely annoying like what happened to me in this game several times. Linked to this, the thing that killed this game for me is a vehicle's. There were so many times where it just made way more sense for me to jump in a tank or Helicopter then use all of my cool powers. The reason for this was mainly that it stops you from being knocked around like a rag doll constantly. I don't think vehicles should even have been included in the game for you to use. Maybe in an extremely sparse capacity but it didn't add variety for me, it just mixed in monotony. In fact I would say that the biggest difference between this game and Hulk is that you don't have vehicles and some of Hulk's moves or just far more wacky (you can smash a bus and then write it down the street like a surfboard.) There was no stealth either yet despite this lack of supposed variety I felt way less bored playing it towards the end.
    Anyway, it's for the PlayStation 2 and anyone who likes prototype but was frustrated by some of its aspects would very likely love Hulk Ultimate Destruction. I likely would have like prototype more if I hadn't played that game as it just seemed like a worse version of hulk despite a lot of the cool ideas that Prototype introduced.

  • Daniel 1980
    Daniel 1980 Month ago

    I loved this game! It was awesome. I would love to see a worthy part 3. :)

  • Matei Bobes
    Matei Bobes Month ago

    Personally, i think Prototype 1 has a much better story! I gave a lot of fucks about the people around Alex and how everything evolved, the city etc! P2 has a generic story with a villain and a douchy character that wants revenge! Plus, P1's world is much better! Yea, P2 may have A LOT more side missions and colectables, but felt everything was coming to an end! In P1 you feel like living there and acctually fighting for the teritories, P2's NY is just a battlezone where nothing all that interesting happens! I also may have nostalgia since i love Spider-man games and movies

  • awdrifter3
    awdrifter3 Month ago

    Double dash and glide was so fun in this game.

  • AtlasBCM
    AtlasBCM Month ago

    You fuckin genius. Subscribed

  • Luke Edmundson
    Luke Edmundson Month ago

    If i remember you just throw taxi's at the hunter?