“We didn’t deserve to lose” | Sheffield United 1-0 Arsenal | Unai Emery Post Match Interview

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    Arsenal manager Unai Emery believes his side didn't deserve to lose their Monday Night Football match against Sheffield United.
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Comments • 883

  • gportech
    gportech 21 day ago

    0:27 but abob all

  • Chris F
    Chris F 26 days ago

    The thing is, liverpool did not win anything until they sorted there defence out got a good defender to some extent, so why is emery under so much pressure, when I believe upfront arsenal are good and they brought in tierney, arsenal or emery need another year I think to bring in good centre backs like other managers get time to do, if next year they were the same then I would mebe get rid of emery but for now he has time to bring in a few cbs to arsenal to help the team, if that happens we will have to see, what does everybody else think, thats my point of view?

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick Month ago

    Man... Emery looks like he hasn't bothered to bathed or wash for weeks... His hair is more greasy than McDonald's and KFC food altogether

    • S J-C
      S J-C Month ago


  • Patrick Nancanha Seidi

    G O O D E B E N I N G

  • Abdullahi Adan
    Abdullahi Adan Month ago

    Good ebening

  • A
    A Month ago

    Nobody deserves anything you genius. You either prove you have what it takes to obtain the desired result, or you don't and you lose.

  • PELC English Courses

    LOSER. Sack him now. Any manager that plays Xhaka every game doesn't deserve to manage.

  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen Month ago

    Yes, you are right. Arsenal didn't deserve to lose but you don't deserve to be a coach of Arsenal. You are so coward. Why you use Kolasinac he can't pass the ball well as Tierney, why you don't use Rob Holding he's better than Luiz, why you don't use Cabelos or Ozil at starting XI, you don't see we lack an architecture or a key pass at the middle field. Look Lampard and learn. Many Arsenal fans realized the simple thing and the unreason in the starting XI why you can't? You let Aubameyang run around and exhaust energy in the first half causes lost the connection between the midfield players and strikers then the second haft you let Cabelos in, at that time Auba is exhausted energy. Is this an effective strategy? Stubborn, and idiot is what we see from you. Please kick him out. I can't stand this guy anymore

  • Harry Harmer
    Harry Harmer Month ago

    2nd loss. Ffs we have had a difficult start, but get off his back. In Unai we trust❤

  • jacques parpaing
    jacques parpaing Month ago

    José Mourinho please come to the Arsenal.

  • Victor Sichalwe
    Victor Sichalwe Month ago

    He doesn't even look or talk like a coach. Emery Out!!! Silly clown of a coach. see what Ivan Bellend Gazidis imposed on us. Gazidis never meant well for Arsenal. Karma will follow him at AC Millan.

  • jonathan jacobs
    jonathan jacobs Month ago

    You didn't deserve to lose Unai, you're right, But you didn't play as if you wanted to win either.... You have major issues n not sure if you are aware of that..... Arsenal played like headless chickens Brah

  • Conor Mcgregor
    Conor Mcgregor Month ago


  • Humayun Kabir
    Humayun Kabir Month ago

    Sack emery at the end of the season. He still don’t know which player at Arsenal needs to play. How can he Bench torreira who is one of our best players last season. And put xhaka who is not good majority times in the last 3 seasons. Also how tierney and holding is on bench when we also know they are better defenders compare to luiz and kolasinac.

  • sumalbell
    sumalbell Month ago

    Why didn't you win then? Silly

  • Marlon luke
    Marlon luke Month ago

    Totally asshole coach!

  • Aquatic Almighty
    Aquatic Almighty Month ago

    The longer he stay the uglier his reputation will be..
    Welcome to the cruel side of England Premier League..
    You're out of your depth clown Unai..
    Our club youth has been brilliant even before you get your coaching qualification..
    And Ljungberg and U23 save your job on Standard Liege, Nottingham Forest & Frankfurt game..
    While Wenger football heritage Auba Laca save your job lot of times..
    You don't deserve Arsenal football club..
    If Wenger on his age is so dinasour like this clown Emery..
    I think I will never be Arsenal fans..
    It's disgusting having a coach like Clown Emery..
    I seriously doubt how the fck he get this job..
    Ljungberg can bring us better than him..
    I would bet my kidney, lungs, hearts, eyeballs even testical balls for it..

  • Ryan English
    Ryan English Month ago

    You Haven’t had a centre back for 15 years

  • Luka Ban
    Luka Ban Month ago

    I am here for *GOOD EBENING*

  • Che Azda Che Yazid
    Che Azda Che Yazid Month ago

    The wrinkles start to look like wenger

  • Architeuthis Dux
    Architeuthis Dux Month ago

    Are the Wenger Out Brigade around? Be careful what you wish for bitches! At least Wenger played attacking football with balls! Emery has no courage, no identity, no philosophy. Get this clown out now!

  • Dawa Tsering
    Dawa Tsering Month ago

    He is trash !!

  • ob876 Music
    ob876 Music Month ago

    Loser 😂

  • Palvinder Singh
    Palvinder Singh Month ago

    Arsenal may change the formation 1-3-4-3. It means 4 midfielder will perform the duties of Defensive Midfielder and midfielder. They destroy the attacks of rivalry team in middle of ground and there is less danger to take the goal. 4 midfielder will also perform the duty of attacking and 3 strikers are enough to score the goal against rivalry team.
    O O O
    O O. O. O
    O. O. O

  • Sadeeq Abdullahi
    Sadeeq Abdullahi Month ago

    This guy he doesn't have any couching experience
    Pls leave us alone
    Emry out
    Emry out
    Emry out

  • Dumbeldore
    Dumbeldore Month ago

    If you lose to a big club with one goal you can talk about not deserving to lose, but against Sheffield? Come on....

  • Paul Noonan
    Paul Noonan Month ago

    I am what I am said hery, but that was just the beginning, caranio appeared and then the Corinthians, that's when we know who will be the best left back and then we will know the truth

  • andy lambert
    andy lambert Month ago

    SU outplayed you the whole match.....so yeah..........you deserved to lose..

  • AS B
    AS B Month ago


  • davesaussieduster
    davesaussieduster Month ago

    Psychobabble at its finest.

  • King Sultan
    King Sultan Month ago

    U don't kwn what ur doin idiot 😠 get out of my team
    Poor team work
    Poor tactics
    Poor defence

  • YNWA96
    YNWA96 Month ago

    Sheffield utd learnt from man u how to play against big teams and get a result

  • Angesom Areadom
    Angesom Areadom Month ago

    I am an Arsenal fan but if i am to be honest Sheffield don’t deserve to lose . We returned the ball though we were defeated by 1-0 instead of going forward with high prestation and be effective . That missed and they did and got what they deserved . That is the reality whether you like it or not.

  • ser_ser_i
    ser_ser_i Month ago

    I think Arsenal needs a creative number 10. They could hire Özil on January transfers.

  • ser_ser_i
    ser_ser_i Month ago

    Is Gudebeni an italian striker?

    KONA ZOTE Month ago

    He has a better chance learning English than winning a cup with arsenal

  • rohan raut
    rohan raut Month ago

    We don't deserve to lose , but you deserve to go .

  • Spartan Delta
    Spartan Delta Month ago

    Emery out!!!

  • Freddie Lee
    Freddie Lee Month ago

    We deserve to fire Unai

  • Kylan Deane
    Kylan Deane Month ago

    Poop out manager

  • Dara Roth
    Dara Roth Month ago

    Whats wiv Xhaka and Kolasinac man? 4 real Tierny and Cebaos straight in wud have given us 3 points

  • Ethan Claridge
    Ethan Claridge Month ago

    Bad ebening

  • Dinosky Dinerlin
    Dinosky Dinerlin Month ago

    I hate you good evening you just nothing you come to hate players your nothing but just good evening

  • Amina Shaikh
    Amina Shaikh Month ago

    Emery out

  • Atnatewos Bekalu
    Atnatewos Bekalu Month ago +1

    May god kill you. 😡👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡😡👎👎👎

  • Truth Unite
    Truth Unite Month ago

    Clueless Europa league journeyman- get out of Arsenal.
    Selection is always a shamble.
    At least a tired and battered Wenger stuck to his principles of playing the game.

  • Mlamli Lalas
    Mlamli Lalas Month ago

    Wat is this fool saying how can the players even understand him

  • He Li
    He Li Month ago

    Emery: we didn't deserve to lose
    Rashford: we deserve to win
    no, you don't, stop moaning

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Month ago

    Emery made a deal with the devil the day he made Xhaka the captain...and the devil was Xhaka himself

  • // Ritvik
    // Ritvik Month ago

    Need subtitles

  • // Ritvik
    // Ritvik Month ago

    Wtf he's saying

  • A Asperheim
    A Asperheim Month ago

    Actually didnt say that much stupid other than the headline. Still needs to leave though

  • P41NT3D F4C35
    P41NT3D F4C35 Month ago


  • gritsana sittiwong
    gritsana sittiwong Month ago

    Hi Unai If you want to get out like wanger so please send your honey Xhaka to play every game. Thankyou get out

  • TheRon Legend
    TheRon Legend Month ago

    As arsenal fan I never understand what he is saying

  • Agara Friday
    Agara Friday Month ago

    U amaze me mr man..... U re such a wonderful clown posse to be a great coach.

  • Stuart Kirby
    Stuart Kirby Month ago

    what's he saying ffs

  • sluice
    sluice Month ago

    Unlucky Arsenal, it just wasn't your ebening.

  • E M
    E M Month ago

    When you replace a manager, usually its an upgrade, not a downgrade or "sidegrade", sorry but emery is not title winning material nor a manager who can take the team to top European honours.
    Had a feeling the direction they took when the hired him was not going to pan out, hes clueless, his team selection is just monumentally wrong every time, who in their right mind would rely on granit, the guy would struggle to walk into any team in the premiership bar none.


    the most stupid manager ever