Donna Brazile lying about Seth Rich

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • Donna Brazile claims she was on the west coast when Seth Rich was shot, well evidence shown by Matt Couch at Americas first media group shows otherwise. Why wont she give up her phone records to prove it rather than sending her lawyers after AFMG? Nothing to hide?
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  • T J Maiorano
    T J Maiorano 5 months ago

    Memes 4U

  • Gladys Mohr
    Gladys Mohr 5 months ago

    Brazile will have to answer to God.

  • Theresa Petekiewicz
    Theresa Petekiewicz 5 months ago

    I don't know who came up with that intro music but it's god-awful. I have to fast forward every time.

  • Urbara Scott
    Urbara Scott 5 months ago

    Nothing but unending stream of LIES from this big pack of RATS

  • Orlando Furioso
    Orlando Furioso 5 months ago

    First there was BREXIT.
    Now there is BLEXIT--the Black exit from the Democrat party, black America’s exit from the “liberal plantation.”
    Exclusive -- Kanye West and Candace Owens: How Africa Inspired the BLEXIT Artwork.

  • Annie Henry
    Annie Henry 5 months ago

    A thought.......Trump and others knew about this march on the border over 2 years ago? That could be the reason he started his presidency with the not popular, Hot Topic of IMMIGRATION??? Border walls??

  • J N
    J N 6 months ago


  • J N
    J N 6 months ago

    The stoops and goons censoring and manipulating us need to go live in china where people like them belong. youtube needs real competition

  • Ron Snyder
    Ron Snyder 6 months ago

    You should care where the monetary is going too. They are providing the revenue to the Democratic Party.

  • Meredith Weller
    Meredith Weller 6 months ago

    Not only in Washington. She was at the hospital where Seth Rich was. I think she kicked the doctor out of his room! Think she was with the Mayor of Washington

  • pk Osb
    pk Osb 6 months ago

    From what I understand, Seth Rich probably would of survived the shooting. The demonRATS was making sure he did NOT walk out of that hospital. RIP Seth, your attackers will be brought to justice! Thank you

  • Bravo2XRay
    Bravo2XRay 6 months ago

    She also wrote in her book that Killary said *"If that SOB wins we'll All Hang! You better fix this Shit"* after one of the debates.

  • Jo Bostic
    Jo Bostic 6 months ago

    To be honest, I do not like any commercials!

  • alan wilkinson
    alan wilkinson 6 months ago

    Who shot JR I mean Seth Rich I do not believe it was MS-13 who was with Seth before he was killed.

  • Full Jars
    Full Jars 6 months ago

    Donna -Donna -Donna....She Be Christian now, she won't lie...LLLOOOLLLL. Pathetic

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 6 months ago

    6 or 7 days to confirm Q's first post?!!! For me, it all rides on this! No confirmation = No hope!!!

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 6 months ago

    How much money on average do people make from yt?

  • Robyn Putnam
    Robyn Putnam 6 months ago

    Today's news, equals Madhatters tea party

  • Danger Raccoon
    Danger Raccoon 6 months ago

    Just a thought: Does DB use VPN?

  • Susan Pepper
    Susan Pepper 6 months ago

    not taken out by ms13. Gov...

  • Cal Peters
    Cal Peters 6 months ago

    What do you think about the theory that Rod R is a "gray hat", working FOR Trump??

    • SpaceShot76
      SpaceShot76  6 months ago

      Im on the fence for sure. Lately leaning more toward he is.

  • Dennis Karnes
    Dennis Karnes 6 months ago

    Buffalo lady probably oversaw the hit on Seth and at the very least, knew about it from the getgo.

  • Susan Pepper
    Susan Pepper 6 months ago

    Donna Brazil is the person Seth told about his downloads. She went to Wasserman Schultz who went to DNC lawyer Baker. She knows what happened thats why she hired security and wrote the DNC expose book dedicated to Seth and to cover her butt when the Demonrats come for her...

  • mighead1
    mighead1 6 months ago

    IMO: the question is WHY is Brazile lying. ER Doc Who Operated on Seth Rich Says He Was OK Until...

  • substrate001
    substrate001 6 months ago +1

    Enjoyed the video, thank you! PLEEEEEEZZZZ turn the audio down in your intro! It is SO MUCH louder than your voice; I listen through high quality headphones and was using autoplay & your vid came on and I had to jump for the volume, right after I came down from jumping out of my seat, lol! Thanks, keep up the great work. Sorry you have to put up with that ad-switching, revenue-robbing BS! Edit: Also subbed & hit notify bell!

  • OneyedSon
    OneyedSon 6 months ago +1

    That's pretty crappy, but why not just edit the video clip out ? If it's that important, you could probably even keep the audio. If that doesn't work, slow down the audio,

  • Regina Kniprode
    Regina Kniprode 6 months ago

    they all pedophile

  • myra mateus
    myra mateus 6 months ago +1

    "If that bastard wins, we all hang in nooses". The only time the truth was spoken by HRC. KAG!

  • Randy Favor
    Randy Favor 6 months ago +5

    Donna brazile is one of the biggest Democratic snakes there is. I wouldn't believe a thing that lying piece of shit has to say. She needs to be arrested and the key thrown away

    • mj420x youtube
      mj420x youtube 6 months ago

      Fuck that.... Just completely weld the doors shut

    • SpaceShot76
      SpaceShot76  6 months ago

      "The kind of guys we're dealing with will Lock her in a room and throw away the room" ~ forgot but was a movie quote. Maybe Manhattan project. Lol thanks for watching. ✌

  • angel warriors
    angel warriors 6 months ago +1

    Can you guys give this info to Judicial Watch, Lou Dobbs & Hannity so they can get this out to MORE people

    • angel warriors
      angel warriors 6 months ago

      Just to let you know, I was one of the 1st people on social media, namely FB that began red pilling the public, started 6ish yrs ago and was one of the 1st who started noticing and speaking about being censored, shadow banned & all other "techniques" they used to make my posts invisible to others and do other strange things on my pg like send me a "security" screen that had pictures of [many with Arabic writing] things & ask me to choose the pictures that show a certain thing [like a lion or a clock] . I kid you not. Also, to be followed by many many messages into my inbox ALWAYS from muslim men!!

    • angel warriors
      angel warriors 6 months ago

      If there is video footage of her in the hospital that day, cant it be sent to them anonymously if they wont listen to you? FYI, Hannity has a call in radio show daily on Sirius XM, you could call in & tell him about it. Ive called & got on show before - same with Andrew Wilkow who has the time slot right before 12noon to 3pm EST

    • SpaceShot76
      SpaceShot76  6 months ago

      I wish they'd listen to me, but I doubt Sarah Carter would know about this and not let Hannity know

  • Brian K.
    Brian K. 6 months ago

    Remember that supposed ex FBI or DOJ guy said in that speakerphone call that Rosenstein ordered the hit and it was done by some of his goons within the department, to try to get control of the tape for leverage against Hillary. He stated that Rosenstein and Hillary are basically the leaders of each side of the deep state cabal fighting for ultimate power and control over the Justice department. The guy who called in specifically said it was not MS13, but actually internal bad guys that he heard bragging and joking around about the SR hit job. Who knows what the truth is. Donna Brazille still could've been at the hospital for recon. Maybe it surprised them too, Rosenstein beat them to the punch. Seems somewhat plausible as well.

  • Trucker Journal
    Trucker Journal 6 months ago +1


  • blueeyedbull67
    blueeyedbull67 6 months ago +2

    Excuse me for my ignorance, how can we as viewers check to see if a video of yours has been inappropriately flagged by TheXvid. If we all knew, we could start sending complaints to them.

  • Steve Wooly
    Steve Wooly 6 months ago

    This is Isaac green sellout to the Q movement from the beginning if not show yourself

  • RoseArtGallery
    RoseArtGallery 6 months ago

    I don’t care for this person and I have no idea why FOX has her on to debate. She’s crooked as all of them

  • silverstake88
    silverstake88 6 months ago

    Spaceshot - Your 2 hour smorgasbord was full of good info. Have to re-hear it multiple times to get it all. 👍😁👍

  • 911arrow
    911arrow 6 months ago +1

    🤔Donna says she was afraid after Seth murdered. Hid in her house. why? Seth was robbed, murdered radomly. 🤔

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 6 months ago

    Good job.

  • Marie Levi
    Marie Levi 6 months ago

    Seth Rich save America

  • Richard Scott
    Richard Scott 6 months ago

    O boo hoo. You Q fans rejoiced and cheered when Alex Jones was banned. You high fived when Infowars was demonitized and their advertisers were shot down by Google. He warned that he was the beta test and Google would be coming for you too. Well how does it feel Space Shot. But Alex is thriving despite being banned by everybody including Pay Pal. So suck it up.

  • anthony rossetti
    anthony rossetti 6 months ago

    boring, do the story 1st, then jabber jaw, I stopped after you wasted 4 min and im looking at 15 min video, sorry just don`t care for long stories before the story I clicked on to see.

  • Linda Workman
    Linda Workman 6 months ago +1

    I remember seeing video of her and another person , CCTV footage of them arriving moments before Seth arrived at the hospital. So the vids were already released. Someone will have them archived.

  • rick miller
    rick miller 6 months ago

    It's called American Just-US.

  • Texas Outlook
    Texas Outlook 6 months ago

    Since I'm sure you aren't the only channel that is being harassed from YT you might want to get together with them and law file a class action lawsuit. Thanks love your vids!!

    • SpaceShot76
      SpaceShot76  6 months ago +1

      Thanks im working on it. Last night inrecorded and uploaded the sweetest 60s hippy love 1 minute video just to test it. I kept it private. It was flagged. Not 1 reference to Q or trump and actually i had no tags. Still flagged. Building a case.

  • Ricky Rollington
    Ricky Rollington 6 months ago

    Oh yeah, I already follow af-mg. They do great work!

  • wild heart
    wild heart 6 months ago +1

    Donna Brazile- "I DINDU nuffin "

  • George Fuss toot
    George Fuss toot 6 months ago

    Can stand this water buffalo as stated by Hillary Rotten Clinton

  • Laken Conner2
    Laken Conner2 6 months ago

    I got terminated from youtube for reading articles! They know we're patriots and HATE us. Can't wait until their socks are sued off! Thank you for the vids!

  • Jaco Bytes
    Jaco Bytes 6 months ago

    Brazil gave Hilary the questions ahead of time, not the answers.
    You also generalize too much on how Set new that she stole Bernie's votes, I'm pretty sure it was more that she had appropriated much of Bernie's campaign donations, since she had taken over running the purse strings of the DNC that she rescued from Bankruptcy.( with some big interested donors' money, I might presume.) This could go deep, ...think Awan brothers IT team spying on the DNC. why allowed to do so without being security cleared by FBI??...just think, what if the donors were foreigners??think middle eastern oil countries maybe. or even Russia, who knows.
    Just throwing some connections at you, to ponder.

    • Jaco Bytes
      Jaco Bytes 5 months ago

      Agreed!'re not rude really...not new to this (following about 56 different thinkers & analysts which I consider to have a head on their shoulders ), but I missed you're earlier stuff, so I didn't know you had covered these in more detail previously.
      I think there is a danger in generalizing though, since broad jumps of logic can confuse the NEW people, who Don't quite know what's really going on, when those admittedly "tedious" details are missing between each connection made.

    • SpaceShot76
      SpaceShot76  6 months ago +1

      You must be new to this, i dont mean to sound rude but your right it does go deep, i was generalizing for brevity, most people know what Hillary did with Bernie, but we have not heard the last of Awan for sure. ✌

    PLASTICDADA II 6 months ago

    Is this entirely your work? Might you be knicking from Deplorable McAllistar?

    • SpaceShot76
      SpaceShot76  6 months ago

      I thought you meant the booker video, im viewing comments from creator studio, No im friends with Matt Couch and follow him on Twitter and he posted it and i made video, wow, i always credit people i get info from.

  • Laura Coley
    Laura Coley 6 months ago

    Can’t figure out why Fox has her on from time to time!!!

  • bill demmon
    bill demmon 6 months ago

    careful... you guys are under heavy attack and may be targeted for false information

  • bill demmon
    bill demmon 6 months ago +1

    don't forget bill smith..... You must find out where he is.... Q

    JUST SAYING 6 months ago

    I read she was at the hospital with another person when he got there. The doctor said his wounds were not life threatening. It would explain her over the top response about closing the curtains as if that would keep her safe! Maybe her curtains are kevlar?

  • Candace Mcghee
    Candace Mcghee 6 months ago

    Where's the cameras at hospital entrance ???? Right they are not available , why? Has anyone ever seen Seth Rich's death certificate or the coroner's report? Simple questions..... yet still no answers... Is he really dead ? Strange event no matter how you look at it. peace

  • MikeyMike M
    MikeyMike M 6 months ago

    Trying not to lose the faith. It is getting harder and harder every day.
    Gonna be a sad day if the dems take the house without a FISA declassify or major game changing drop.
    I hate to say it Patriots, but we might have played on this Q deal. Possibly a stunt by the Democrats to distract the Patriots before the midterms? Was the real goal of the Q movement to simply confirm Kavanaugh??
    Its be a long couple of weeks. $%@*#

  • Lawrence Smith
    Lawrence Smith 6 months ago

    Like Hillary, she simply forgot everything.
    According to Comey", Clinton was not to be held responsible because she was an incompetent idiot and or suffering from Alzheimer like symptoms where she couldn't remember her ass from a tea kettle.
    Since it is hard to deny these people are corrupt idiots, this story does carry a ring of truth....

  • secondchance
    secondchance 6 months ago

    Oh I know now she was with Hillary Clinton she boarded her cos she handed all the questions that night I've got it

  • Bobbi Bacha
    Bobbi Bacha 6 months ago

    Censorship will continue til 2020...once Trump is re-elected will finally lessen

  • Bobbi Bacha
    Bobbi Bacha 6 months ago

    Donna Brazil’s has really vamped up here look she has lots of money...she knows more about Seth

  • secondchance
    secondchance 6 months ago

    Remember the night of Hilbre cold donner Brazil something to do with Deadpool or something we will hang she said does that mean the Donna Brazil was friends with Hillary and Obama to make the party to look like she was on the Democrats side but really was on the other side I don't understand was sheep or Hillary Clinton or Obama or Bernie Sanders which one which is working

  • secondchance
    secondchance 6 months ago

    I'd like to know how long is Donna Brazil at the hospital we got two police officers that said that she was there so they've got a record of everybody that came into the hospital who were the other two guys who who was the guy that puts Edge to sleep because he died in hospital didn't he and they said he was perfectly ok very strange doesn't make sense well it does make sense we know what happened don't we but we can't say it

  • Brenda Bear
    Brenda Bear 6 months ago

    Shame on them. uTube is really getting screwy these days. Whatever happened to the good ole days when things were so much more simple.

    • Brenda Bear
      Brenda Bear 6 months ago

      Pres. Trump was sent to us by the Father for this time and no army formed against him will prosper.

    • SpaceShot76
      SpaceShot76  6 months ago +1

      If anything this is very abnormal, you have the Silicon Valley gurus and the Deep State ex-government all plotting against Trump and he's still making our country greater than it's been in such a long time, thanks for the support ✌

  • Edward M. Plitt
    Edward M. Plitt 6 months ago

    Yes, a FACT is that Donna Brazil is a cheat and a liar.

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 6 months ago +1

    Anyone who votes Democrat should be held accountable for supporting MS13 gang Murder and any other Crimes they are pushing.

  • Karen Dailey
    Karen Dailey 6 months ago

    They demonitized 'every' video uploaded by Just Informed Talk.

  • charlene mosqueda
    charlene mosqueda 6 months ago

    something deeper is going on with seth and donna.

  • Diane Seest
    Diane Seest 6 months ago

    Didn't Donna give up information about Hillary's bologna in her book?

  • Duke Hoffman
    Duke Hoffman 6 months ago

    Old news . She was there with the D.C. mayor at 4 A.M.

  • Patrick Keenehan
    Patrick Keenehan 6 months ago

    Why is Fox bringing on Donna Brazile as a guest host all the time? I would not trust her as far as I could throw her. I can’t stand seeing her. I just hear deceit and lies coming out of her- 0 credibility. .

  • Nightwolfj2
    Nightwolfj2 6 months ago

    Giv'em hell SpaceShot!

  • mcLoveN Bear
    mcLoveN Bear 6 months ago

    Great info!!! Lol Donna is NUTS!!!!

  • mcLoveN Bear
    mcLoveN Bear 6 months ago

    Hmm shifty stuff, I think the other vid hosting platforms are fixing to bring the hammer on alphabet groups

  • Gina Maria
    Gina Maria 6 months ago

    We want justice for all of these murdered Patriots ....

  • freetrueandjust
    freetrueandjust 6 months ago

    SpaceShot76 Thanks from the UK

  • Allen Lichner
    Allen Lichner 6 months ago

    I am really digging your channel. You have a way with words, TheXvid is going to try shut you down, perhaps put your stuff out on Bitchute

    • Allen Lichner
      Allen Lichner 6 months ago

      GREAT. you have the best Q videos out there. Please keep up the great work

    • SpaceShot76
      SpaceShot76  6 months ago +1

      I have been I'm going to put all my videos on there, although it should have automatically uploaded when I added myself TheXvid ID, but for some reason it won't. Link is in the description box, thanks a lot brother

  • J M
    J M 6 months ago

    TheXvid = scumbag communist... keep fucking around We the people are gonna confiscate your company and send you scumbags to Prison

  • J M
    J M 6 months ago

    Liberal companies have been censoring people all over the net lately. My local news site suspended my account after 1 post shadow banned me

  • J PB
    J PB 6 months ago


  • Randy Roberts
    Randy Roberts 6 months ago

    What it's worth nobody should try to make a living off TheXvid videos years ago people used to post videos because it was fun now people try to make a living off of doing it I just don't get it

  • Marilyn Shealy
    Marilyn Shealy 6 months ago

    would be nice to have these cases move along, it seems as though they are just dragging them out, to time them out.

  • J Burnett
    J Burnett 6 months ago

    She was the first out with a book supposed inside look at the deep state and how she was a innocent bystander.

  • scott davidson
    scott davidson 6 months ago like everyone else and show the copyright statement in the beginning of the videos. .,smh..luv u like a brother but get ur shit wired tight

  • WWG1 WGA
    WWG1 WGA 6 months ago

    Hey TheXvid, I come here because I want to see what he has to say! I could look all his information up myself but I prefer he reads it to me!

  • Cregg Lund
    Cregg Lund 6 months ago

    Seth Rich was a Bernie supporting socialist who was mocking the flag by wearing that silly red white and blue outfit. His own killed him in much the sane way he wanted us killed. Stop making him a hero. He turned over the emails to prop up Bernie, not because he was a patriot.

  • tim wathen
    tim wathen 6 months ago


  • tim wathen
    tim wathen 6 months ago


  • Laura Aycock
    Laura Aycock 6 months ago

    Listening to Donna Brazill on cable news she always portrays herself as an honest, CHRISTIAN woman!! I THINK NOT!!! Evil! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Love and believe in our President Trump.

  • the gator
    the gator 6 months ago


  • Suzette Petillo
    Suzette Petillo 6 months ago

    Why did Seth give kim dotcom the download rather than to Bernie?
    Because Bern was with her all along. Coven envy the warlock had for the witch

  • Denise Bott
    Denise Bott 6 months ago

    Can always tell when they screw with a video the thumbs numbers are like superimposed over each other yes this video has that

  • Victoria Morgan
    Victoria Morgan 6 months ago +1

    Human organ trafficking in Jacksonville Mayo, involving DWS’ thug district. 🔥

  • david williams
    david williams 6 months ago +1

    I think the tweet she posted on July 10th at 7:04 PM is also evidence that she knew what was going on "with the political rhetoric as heated as it is right now, we need to remember to love and look out for each other. The alternative is awful." I think that last part is really telling

  • Cosmic Debris777
    Cosmic Debris777 6 months ago +1

    I really wish there was a really good alternative video site equal to fictionally and quality of this company with out all the bull crap politics. Great work as always

  • All Well
    All Well 6 months ago +2

    Donna Brazile is not one bit trustworthy. She lies. Proven. She got treated like a hero by the media when het book ( full of cover up lies, no doubt) was released. Do not let this evil force off the hook.

  • Robert Montoya
    Robert Montoya 6 months ago +1

    Remember during the election when she handed Clinton all her questions from CNN beforehand?

  • Debra Charles-clay
    Debra Charles-clay 6 months ago +1

    Has she been investigated at all? If not, why not?

  • Steven Moore
    Steven Moore 6 months ago +1

    [youtube black hats] WWG1WGA & COMING FAST, HARD & GLOWING HOT.

  • Debra Charles-clay
    Debra Charles-clay 6 months ago +1

    That traitorous evil woman. It also shows how corrupt "public media" is to the core. Their
    editor is a Pakistani Muslim who hates Americans.

  • Stacy
    Stacy 6 months ago +1

    I get so excited when I hear your intro. Thank you for your videos and also for having closed caption