Cardi B On The Red Carpet | 2019 GRAMMYs

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Cardi B on the red carpet at the 61st GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 10, 2019, at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.
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Comments • 468

  • RoseAshes54
    RoseAshes54 3 hours ago

    She is so amazing!

  • Bytorino Hua
    Bytorino Hua 13 hours ago

    The way how she walks cracked me out 🤣

  • david wyatt
    david wyatt Day ago

    Who cares she's still a princess in my eyes. Take care of those long sexy nails.!

  • Chin D
    Chin D Day ago

    Cardi is so sweet even though she has a gutter mouth.. she hood yet so sweet... and i love every part of her her hood side her sweet side her crazy side her sane side.. i just love me some Cardi B yow... love love love that bitch😍😍😍


    cringe... she can hardly walk...

  • Alomarez
    Alomarez 2 days ago

    Ok so she’s trying to get a lot of attention with her wardrobe choices, big deal, many artist before her have done the same, and why didn’t other artist go big that night too lol, it’s more funner when there is multiple artist fighting for that lime light on the Red Carpet?

  • April May
    April May 2 days ago

    She looks like that dress is giving birth to her.

  • Jolene Alinda
    Jolene Alinda 3 days ago

    the irony

  • Serena Moody
    Serena Moody 4 days ago

    She is GORGEOUS 😍❤️ and her stylist did that#BardiGang

  • Blessed AndFavored
    Blessed AndFavored 4 days ago

    0:46 man trying to take a pic bottom right corner

  • Frank Diaz
    Frank Diaz 4 days ago

    No Words speechless and A REAL VOGUE MODEL hANDS UP CARDI B

  • Fábio Salles
    Fábio Salles 4 days ago +1

    Ugly look

  • Neshia Phillip
    Neshia Phillip 5 days ago

    She looks like an over riped banana

  • S2daUZ
    S2daUZ 5 days ago

    That was almost the STUpidest dress ever. And the guy walking behind holding it up must feel utterly humiliated

  • Faze Boodi
    Faze Boodi 6 days ago

    The definition of EXTRA !!!

  • Brick house
    Brick house 6 days ago

    Now that's how u make a Grand Stand

  • Hson278 Son
    Hson278 Son 6 days ago

    Retardi B looking like someone shoved pool noodles in all the holes

  • Raven Wood
    Raven Wood 6 days ago

    Offset is a friend with benefits.

  • Soraya LeBlanc
    Soraya LeBlanc 6 days ago

    Offset over there looking like ike Turner nd shyt🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Mat P
    Mat P 6 days ago +2

    She looks amazing. I am brand new to her and I cannot say how much I love her and her true talent. Finally someone with the guts. The pearls were a great choice.

  • summerholliday44
    summerholliday44 6 days ago

    She looks absolutely ridiculous

  • Makaveli Shakur
    Makaveli Shakur 6 days ago

    Female puppet son

  • Jenelle Bacchus
    Jenelle Bacchus 6 days ago


  • Exo Forever
    Exo Forever 6 days ago

    The dress omfg😂

  • Debra Thompson
    Debra Thompson 6 days ago

    What the hell

  • Huitzilli
    Huitzilli 6 days ago

    I love it!

  • Julie Griffiths
    Julie Griffiths 6 days ago +1

    Trashy .

  • David Montero Godinez

    Como cuando llegan con el pastel ala fiesta 😁

  • Danielle Ware
    Danielle Ware 6 days ago

    she do look uncomfortable as hell walking in that

  • A A
    A A 6 days ago

    Ummmm???? Not sure about that particular dress🤷🏿‍♀️

  • Olivia Odom
    Olivia Odom 7 days ago

    Cardi is Adorable.

  • Apple Boss
    Apple Boss 7 days ago

    Offsets becoming real thirsty...

  • marie kr
    marie kr 7 days ago

    She’s walking like she has a stick up her ass wish she would walk better

  • daniel kudo
    daniel kudo 7 days ago

    The birth of venus

  • Gy 87
    Gy 87 7 days ago


  • lovale lovale
    lovale lovale 7 days ago

    And the ghetto pearl has arrived

  • Eric Sanito
    Eric Sanito 7 days ago

    Cardi's career is starting to far surpass her hubby's.. lol smh I ain't mad at her tho.

  • Meike Peters
    Meike Peters 7 days ago

    Wie Ihr Ehemann auf Sie aufpasst. Er hat Seine Augen überall. Das Ihr ja nichts passiert. Bester Mann!

  • hlafate
    hlafate 7 days ago

    She's beautiful. Congratulations Cardi and may God continue 2 bless u n urs!!

  • Untrained Artist
    Untrained Artist 7 days ago

    I'm seeing her for the first time, is she always this childish, or she is acting so...

  • Untrained Artist
    Untrained Artist 7 days ago

    She looks like peacock, but an unstable, who can't walk in a pleasant way...

  • Stph
    Stph 7 days ago

    It’s a toot for me

  • Elham Rouhollahi
    Elham Rouhollahi 7 days ago


  • Love Laced
    Love Laced 7 days ago

    We’re literally starting to “unconsciously” create “The Hunger Games” into our reality maaan...dis ish craaazzzyyy!..⏱⏳time is close y’ the very 1st “2020 Experience”😏

  • Amy Arora
    Amy Arora 7 days ago

    lov her

  • Игорь Ганин

    Бедная курица.

  • Rach C
    Rach C 7 days ago

    Lol wtf

  • Free 1
    Free 1 7 days ago


  • snig snig
    snig snig 7 days ago

    lol... he gotta walk way over there cuz she wearing all that stuff... lmfao.. this is funny

  • Paris Dixon
    Paris Dixon 7 days ago +1

    Cardi B. Outdid herself!!! She was the main thang last it!!!!

  • Óscar Hernández
    Óscar Hernández 7 days ago

    Is that a cheap copy of Thiery Mügler? Is it a real one? So, bad taste anyways, the entire look is akward.

  • Chino Seoul
    Chino Seoul 7 days ago

    If they didn't know who she is they do now.

  • Juancarlos Noriega
    Juancarlos Noriega 7 days ago

    Stuped hoe

  • cindymx02
    cindymx02 7 days ago

    She is like the new lady gaga

  • Ebony Williams
    Ebony Williams 7 days ago


  • Fly Sky
    Fly Sky 7 days ago

    What is wrong with this world

  • Sasha K
    Sasha K 7 days ago

    Why this chick waddling?

  • Sasha K
    Sasha K 7 days ago

    Cardi “P’d” in the red carpet.

  • Carmen Garcia
    Carmen Garcia 7 days ago


  • Diamond Mike
    Diamond Mike 7 days ago

    She must payed some attention! 😂

  • Kitty
    Kitty 7 days ago

    A beautiful peacock

    SIESIE CHAMPION 7 days ago +2

    She's a Grammy Winner *PERIOD*🙌

  • Tony Flakes
    Tony Flakes 7 days ago

    Shameful puppets

  • lori wickens
    lori wickens 7 days ago

    Look I like Cardi but her silly ass looks like spinning top my kids play with. Silly

  • elizabeth grossman
    elizabeth grossman 7 days ago

    Angela please always stay classy, respectful and you will always be loved. You will go far young lady.

  • Tracy Tyler
    Tracy Tyler 7 days ago +1


  • Sara k
    Sara k 7 days ago

    This is what the world is full of today. Garbage.

  • Tracie Howard
    Tracie Howard 7 days ago +2

    Hey vaginia i mean hey Cardi👋

  • Whitney
    Whitney 7 days ago

    SHE LOOKS A MESS! Stop lying in the comments!

  • jinger bread
    jinger bread 7 days ago

    She turned heads!! Yass queen 😍❤

  • Dee Tess
    Dee Tess 7 days ago

    Cardi B must think she's Josephine Baker. lol

  • 9keykey
    9keykey 7 days ago

    Her husband couldn't have dressed better. He does not compliment her at all.

  • ッNat Sinaga
    ッNat Sinaga 7 days ago

    she is like corpse flower

  • Colun Smith
    Colun Smith 7 days ago

    I think she's channeling French women circa 1895. I guess she's playing the role the goddess Venus she doesn't like to be upstaged in her pink . Card I is a libra guys she's showing off her femine side as if she's the only one that's got it .somebody blow her out the dam water😏

  • mr_power
    mr_power 7 days ago +2

    Offset is clearly off set

  • Fsu08 Alvarado
    Fsu08 Alvarado 7 days ago

    Looking like a decretive bar soap 🧼

  • Monaliza Leal
    Monaliza Leal 7 days ago

    Parece um leque gigante... totalmente horrível!!

  • Hanna Luison
    Hanna Luison 7 days ago +2

    *Ursula in her way to steal ariel's man like:*

  • Tyrone Jennings
    Tyrone Jennings 7 days ago

    I thought micheal Jackson was dead 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red 7 days ago +1

    I guess🙄

  • Nelly Nell
    Nelly Nell 7 days ago

    Looks uncomfortable... Cute but uncomfortable

  • Kelly Kim
    Kelly Kim 7 days ago +1

    She’s outshining offset so much

  • I hope
    I hope 7 days ago

    The way she walked tho😂😂😂

  • jiemal king
    jiemal king 7 days ago

    High ass a jet taking off and looking like a fish “thats”..just got out of the water..jiggling.....”IMAO”...I’m cool with it,..not a diss!...@?

  • Pretty Girl
    Pretty Girl 7 days ago

    🤔💭What in the Decaffeinated Coffee Filter is goin on wit Cardi B’s Dress?

  • God Father
    God Father 7 days ago

    Just think she used to be a stripper in sleaze strip club.

  • Kimmy Gibson
    Kimmy Gibson 7 days ago


  • Aphrodite Goddess of it all

    I don’t understand why someone would want to look, for a lack of a better word; awkward. She looks uncomfortable, she barely has the ability to walk, and he head piece is a mess. Love the color though. I guess to each, their own.

  • Pascual Castillo
    Pascual Castillo 7 days ago

    This celeb congratulations you played your self

  • Gloria Garcia
    Gloria Garcia 7 days ago

    It's like princess peach blew up

  • danny sukasi
    danny sukasi 7 days ago

    31 octubre 🎃

  • hejar shahabi
    hejar shahabi 7 days ago

    what the hell is that ???????

  • Dannyy
    Dannyy 7 days ago +6

    Now this right here is what you wear to the Grammys 👏🏽👏🏽 Iconic af

  • Rocko Stone
    Rocko Stone 7 days ago

    Cardi Gaga??

  • Joanna Pomeroy
    Joanna Pomeroy 7 days ago +1

    Beautiful and stunning 😍👑

  • Miss Alpha_ Essence
    Miss Alpha_ Essence 7 days ago +1

    I love Cardi, but she look stupid, lol. She can't even walk.

  • AncestralGoddessWisdom

    Her face and hair looks pretty. Whatever that is floating upwards looks silly!

  • Diana Ramirez
    Diana Ramirez 7 days ago +2

    She looks 😍 Cardi the Queen 💖

  • Marques Howard
    Marques Howard 7 days ago

    DAMN DON'T wear the DUMB FASHION if ya CAN'T WALK in IT....shessssss Fuckn up da RED CARPET👌 kkkkuuuurrrr

  • Ebby Bucky
    Ebby Bucky 7 days ago +2

    Baps 2050