Twice Disrespecting Nayeon / "You never treated me like an Unnie! " - Nabongs

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
    Twice members dissing, teasing, rejecting the older member Nayeonie

    All credits goes to their rightful owners

    ONCE Let's stream TT. Twice' special vlive is an inspiration
    Once, Twice Jalaja!!!

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  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 15 hours ago

    11:58 are you freaking serious!? The MC asked “What would you do if you were eliminated” seriously! Why do that to a teenager who’s going through a tough time thinking she won’t debut! And jeongyeon just laughs!?

  • Kanitha Khut
    Kanitha Khut 18 hours ago

    I hate the fact that when scandals happen to the members, they suddenly became so quiet. Like Tzuyu, Mina, Sana and probably the rest too cuz now they're not as bubbly and crazy as before they're more well mannered and less rebellious.

  • Gellisa Lin
    Gellisa Lin 21 hour ago

    I feel like nayeon and jungkook are siblings

  • Aki
    Aki Day ago +1

    The title should've been... "Jeongyeon being savage." 😂

    RECOIL53 PUBG Day ago

    Whats ya

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  Day ago

      In Korea, calling someone older than you "Ya" is disrespectful, it is like "Hey" in english. However, Momo just accidentally said that to Nayeon because she is stopping her

  • Enteng TV
    Enteng TV 2 days ago +3

    True friends hurt you outside but love you inside. #nayeon

  • One Stan7_
    One Stan7_ 2 days ago

    JYP STAN!!!

  • Sauce senpai
    Sauce senpai 2 days ago

    nayeon is not my unnie but my dongsaeng. hehehe 😂😂😂

  • alucard kaizokudan
    alucard kaizokudan 4 days ago

    Jong yeon more 'unnie' than nayeon

  • john john
    john john 4 days ago

    Can somebody translate what was said at 12:00 the one that made unnie cry

    • john john
      john john 3 days ago

      @Tzuyoda 995' awww i wish i could've watch the whole show. Did they get eliminated or not?

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  4 days ago +1

      It was during SIXTEEN. the survival show where TWICE is born. Her Team and Momo's team performed to be safe from elimination.
      Therefore, the host asked her "What if you are the one who gets eliminated?" then Nayeon burst into tears.

  • Moon Sun
    Moon Sun 5 days ago

    1:46 name plz

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  4 days ago


  • Zera twizter
    Zera twizter 5 days ago

    nayeon 😍

  • Farheen Sardar23
    Farheen Sardar23 5 days ago

    What she so cute I like her form all girls she looking very cute

  • 김신유
    김신유 5 days ago +1


  • dhurbajyoti saikia
    dhurbajyoti saikia 5 days ago

    Twice plz don't disrespect our cute naeyon unnie

  • Stop Being Toxic
    Stop Being Toxic 6 days ago

    To be fair, she acts like a fake maknae (judging from title, posting this comment before watching)

  • sonnicole Mercado
    sonnicole Mercado 6 days ago

    At 5:40 can i get the link pleasee

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  4 days ago

      TWICE Elegant Private Life

  • s s
    s s 6 days ago +1


  • giroud good
    giroud good 6 days ago +1

    Nayeon isn't my bias but she's so damn funny and cute. poor bunny 🐰

  • sara zigova
    sara zigova 6 days ago

    its not aboit being manke or the oldest but she let them be like this to her ao they keep doing it

  • rainbow rush
    rainbow rush 9 days ago

    what did momo say to nayeon at 3:38

    • rainbow rush
      rainbow rush 4 days ago

      @Tzuyoda 995' OOHHH THANK YOU but i guess age is a big deal in korea

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  4 days ago

      In Korea, saying "Ya" to someone who is older is disrespectful. However, Momo just accidentally said it because she is laughing while making Nayeon stop

  • Bangtan L.A
    Bangtan L.A 9 days ago +2

    Nayeon: WHY DID YOU HIT ME TOO!?
    Why is that so funny?

  • Prince Carlos Graal
    Prince Carlos Graal 10 days ago +1

    1:45 lmao xD

    ARMYx ONCE 10 days ago

    Make more videos

  • John Bull
    John Bull 11 days ago

    Thanks me later

  • Roramel Rallos
    Roramel Rallos 11 days ago

    Jeongyoen keep teasing Nayeon i think the baddest of them all is jeongyeon

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  4 days ago

      No one is bad from them, they are all nice and they are just so close that's why they treat each other and tease each other like that 😊

  • Yu Jin
    Yu Jin 11 days ago +5

    4:44 "A younger guy" you meant.... a younger girl (Jeongyeon) ???? =)))))))))))

  • Errah Ann
    Errah Ann 11 days ago

    Jeongyeon truly good at teasing Nayeon ahaha 🤣

  • Andrea Villar
    Andrea Villar 12 days ago

    12:17 Jeongyeon oppa😍😂

  • anh nguyen
    anh nguyen 13 days ago +1

    Omg what is the name of this song 6:18

  • زهراء الشاوي

    Signal + fire = 😵💖👏

  • Mr Quack
    Mr Quack 13 days ago

    I'm a blink and a once so I have a FANDOM named Oink

  • Panicky Khan
    Panicky Khan 13 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Nayeon browses a lot of memes that's why she laughs at her phone a lot

  • Mr. Chow
    Mr. Chow 15 days ago

    I just couldnt imagine continuing to live without Nayeon.

  • K-Pop Ships
    K-Pop Ships 17 days ago +1

    Twice teasing Nayeon :)

  • Big Fan Of BlackTwice
    Big Fan Of BlackTwice 17 days ago

    3:31 I don’t get it wat happened?

    • Big Fan Of BlackTwice
      Big Fan Of BlackTwice 4 days ago

      Tzuyoda 995'

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  4 days ago

      Momo accidentally said "Ya" to Nayeon to stop her. And in Korea it is desrespectful to call someone older than you "Ya"

  • Dareljohn Fernandes
    Dareljohn Fernandes 17 days ago

    love u nayeoun

  • Amir Adam
    Amir Adam 18 days ago

    what is the song i just wanna be with you?

  • Thanos the Snapper
    Thanos the Snapper 18 days ago

    I always think of Nayeon as someone who is very cute to the point that sometimes I think its too much.😆😆

  • I am Hwang yeji
    I am Hwang yeji 18 days ago

    I always see 2yeon moments the Tom and Jerry couple of twice 😂😍

  • Lrgzl 27
    Lrgzl 27 19 days ago

    Nayeon:”You never treated me like a unnie”
    Also nayeon: acts like a maknae

  • Evil Megi
    Evil Megi 19 days ago

    12:01 omg wth

  • qtkler
    qtkler 19 days ago

    what is the opening song?

  • XWIZ Jeyun
    XWIZ Jeyun 19 days ago +1

    I don't think that they don't treat nayeon as a unnie , they all have fun with because she also funny , that's all and uu know a friendship is not a friendship if they don't tease each other .😊😊
    I think love each other and enjoys every single moment .

  • Hufflepuff Lala
    Hufflepuff Lala 20 days ago +1

    Really, she's just being teased. If you knew and lived with someone for years, you'd tease them. They're like sisters to eachother. You guys need to chill out.

  • yen park
    yen park 21 day ago +1

    She is the big kind unnie tho as i can see... They are just showing affections to her and she is so cute thats why they love tease her i guess !

  • Yami estrabao
    Yami estrabao 22 days ago

    5:47 ???

  • Angel Talabero
    Angel Talabero 23 days ago

    most of it is jeongyeon teasing her wifey lol

  • TMA Vlogs
    TMA Vlogs 24 days ago

    This is not a fucking disrespecting video,it's just like a crackheads things understood?


    Idk why i love her 😂❤️

  • we purple you bts
    we purple you bts 25 days ago +3


      CHOU TZUYU 5 days ago

      Our No Jams Bros , oppas 😘

  • Jeongyeonie Is A Cutie UwU

    We all know the members and us onces adore our fake maknae💓

  • Glenengel Cañete
    Glenengel Cañete 25 days ago

    5:36 what is this program?

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  25 days ago

      TWICE Elegant Private Life

  • M4YiNG
    M4YiNG 26 days ago

    1:45 what show please..
    Can anyone notice me

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  26 days ago

      You can watch it here

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  26 days ago

      You can watch it here

  • Michelle Somade
    Michelle Somade 29 days ago

    But if she behaves like an *Maknae,* how does she expect to treated like an *Unnie?*

  • Lovely Basa
    Lovely Basa 29 days ago

    Can I get the link of 9:30?thanks😅😍

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  27 days ago

      You can watch it hete
      - You can watch videos on V LIVE.

  • manim kewl
    manim kewl Month ago

    i can relate

  • Jerome Pogi
    Jerome Pogi Month ago

    what is the name of the show in 10:28

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  27 days ago


  • Gian De Guzman 기안
    Gian De Guzman 기안 Month ago +2

    That’s how Jeongyeon shows her love to unnie😂

  • Cessie Park
    Cessie Park Month ago

    Jungyeon really targets Nayeon hahaha😆 how cuteeee!!!😍💖
    One like = One love for TWICE 👇❤️

  • coverayne
    coverayne Month ago +1

    I just love those two yeons

  • Rhian Gawat
    Rhian Gawat Month ago

    What title of video is this?@1:48

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  27 days ago

      Twice field day

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude Month ago

    8:46 Where's this from?

    KC DALA Month ago

    i hate twice member except Nayeon

  • Nerlita Bado
    Nerlita Bado Month ago

    I feel bad for nayeon

  • I ONLY Stan Gay Group Twice and LOONA only

    This is Nayeon ft. Jeongyeon and Tzuyu hahahahaha!!

  • Prasamsika Shah
    Prasamsika Shah Month ago +2

    Nayeon:Tzuyu you need hair touch ups
    Tzuyu:Who are you to say so

  • on ce
    on ce Month ago

    Girlfriend Jeongyeon 😄😄

  • 《Ruweda Gacha》
    《Ruweda Gacha》 Month ago +1

    *what did naeyon even do like stop bullying her girls*

  • Rodiane Perocho
    Rodiane Perocho Month ago

    The girl with short hair is so mean who shows nayeon pics i hate her

    • Rebecca Scalies
      Rebecca Scalies Month ago

      I used to think Jeongyeon was mean too when I first started learning about Twice. But then I found out she's very caring and kind of soft. She just loves to tease. She is the maknae in her family so it's kind of natural. She and Nayeon are really close friends and she has been there a lot for Nayeon. There's other videos that show her being sweet to Nayeon(2yeon videos), like complimenting Nayeon and comforting her when she's upset or crying. Please don't hate her without knowing her.

  • Rodiane Perocho
    Rodiane Perocho Month ago

    Hmm the fact that im a hater of twice before now i love them because of my unnie nayeon

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika Month ago

    Id date Nayeon... Id give her all the respect she needs...

  • jisooboiled nayeon'snoodles&moonbyullaughed

    Why do people say she bullies people? She herself gets bullied.

  • Once&blink :3
    Once&blink :3 Month ago

    1:22 how can nayeon be that cute like watttt!

  • xXOmqItzRiceXx
    xXOmqItzRiceXx Month ago

    All around me are familiar faces

  • love BANGTAN
    love BANGTAN Month ago +1

    I love Nayeon

  • Charlotte Wong
    Charlotte Wong Month ago

    Poor Nayeon

  • Drock R
    Drock R Month ago

    What show is 1:50

    • Drock R
      Drock R Month ago


    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  Month ago

      You can watch it here

  • hoineo khongsai
    hoineo khongsai Month ago +1


  • cyril crucido
    cyril crucido Month ago

    It's funny when nayeon will be a doll

  • 0899
    0899 Month ago


    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  Month ago

      I just noticed when I this hehe
      Thank You 😄🤘

  • ari son
    ari son Month ago

    nayeon looks like she's sad and disappointed at the same time when that person said her face is swollen. Someone protect this bunny!

  • YoshTG
    YoshTG Month ago

    i hear twice member often say that nayeon has a childish side on her and u don't get to see it that often when she is infront of the cameras but when she is at the dorm u see that side of her more often. idk how much of this is ment as a joke and how much of this is actual reality. the nayeon i see in vlive & youtube videos seems to be quite mature. so i hope that she is like that IRL aswell. we should meet someday to find out, if she is as mature as seen in her content then we'd make a very good couple

  • YoshTG
    YoshTG Month ago

    4:42 there must be an error in the translation, jeongyeon said something like "a young boy" or something like that. "younger guy" is like.. even if a guy was 1 year younger u'd consider him a younger guy right? so it makes nayeon look like she is into old man + she talked about how she liked tony stark so that doesn't help her either. i think the correct english translation would've been "much younger guy" not just "younger guy" srsly. i don't like "much younger girls" either but 1-2year younger is not a big problem, just like it wouldn't be a big problem for nayeon either. so it shows that the translation is false. even if the translation is literally correct its not what jeongyeon ment to say and its also not what nayeon interpreted it to be (and the other members aswell). so yeah.. w/e im just trying to safe her image here

  • SprintIce
    SprintIce Month ago

    Came back here after 1 Million views.
    Congrats! More adorkable twice moments to come

    LISA IS THE BEST Month ago

    Im addicted to your intro

  • Shut da hell up
    Shut da hell up Month ago +5

    nayeon is like jin and jeongyeon is like jungkook of bts lol

    ANDRE PAY Month ago


  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid Month ago +4

    One day, she'll become more mature and coolest Unnie. Just keep take care of them, Nayeonaaaa :)

  • Julius dela Pena
    Julius dela Pena Month ago

    thats why i HATE jungdum (jungyeon)she should be kicked out

  • aljadin sakandal
    aljadin sakandal Month ago

    Thats so sweet and funny im stay with twice forever

  • Azizah Abdullah
    Azizah Abdullah Month ago +1


  • Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos

    Classic 2Yeon / NaJeong ♥
    Last clip: EONNIE AKOO! 😂

    I HAVE NO MONEY. Month ago

    11:57 ?? what happened here?

  • JustKeziahhh X
    JustKeziahhh X Month ago +1

    I hate u jeongyeon 😒

  • 니콜마일즈
    니콜마일즈 Month ago

    5:40 link

  • chiami nanaki
    chiami nanaki Month ago +2

    People not in the fandom thinking Nayeon’s the bully but Nayeon’s the one being bullied lol

  • Nelson Ferdinand
    Nelson Ferdinand Month ago

    Because that i hate jeongaksjbaksbxjzks😡😡😡😡

  • John Lloyd Perez
    John Lloyd Perez Month ago

    Bobo friend ampotek haha

  • Oscar Quipanes
    Oscar Quipanes Month ago

    Why are the others teasing nayeon and i think i hate that part of them