Dairy vs Dairy-Free Taste Test

  • Published on Dec 16, 2016
  • Today we see what foods are dairy-free. GMM #1046!
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Comments • 5 729

  • Stephanie The Pig
    Stephanie The Pig 2 years ago +8239

    I've just discovered I'm lactose intolerant so this is useful!

    • dirtrider88
      dirtrider88 27 days ago

      how is this useful if you have no clue of the product name they are using? I to am lactose intolerant but as i watched the video I thought "this would be really useful IF they gave links to the product".

    • Slimeguyry
      Slimeguyry Month ago

      U are not born with lactose intolerance

  • TheLiberalMachine
    TheLiberalMachine 4 hours ago

    That salmon bagel looked atrocious.

  • Chloe B
    Chloe B 5 days ago +2

    I’m a lactose intolerant n I’m watching this eating a cheese string.. probs should take my body more seriously

  • Snogard
    Snogard 6 days ago

    Remember, people, 65% of the world is lactose intolerant.

  • Autumn Loose
    Autumn Loose 11 days ago

    My mom is dairy intolerant so she has to endure all these weird alternatives

  • Dragon’sScaleGaming
    Dragon’sScaleGaming 12 days ago

    I’d rather have the dairy, thanks tho :3 xD

  • Doc Roid
    Doc Roid 13 days ago +1

    Dairy free butter. So margarine.

  • Base Baritone
    Base Baritone 15 days ago

    It's only fitting that they both knew the imposter icecream sandwiches because they worked in an icecream sandwich factory

  • deyvis mejia
    deyvis mejia 15 days ago

    that intro is fuego 🔥

  • Princessbuttercup
    Princessbuttercup 20 days ago

    The intro should’ve been “Can daiRY-free be as tasTY as daiRY? Lets talk about that!

  • Bigman Dennis
    Bigman Dennis 25 days ago

    They saved the best for last, lol

  • Kingdom Rush Enthusiast

    lacking toast in totaled pants

  • Laney's BearCub
    Laney's BearCub 27 days ago

    Rhett won the first one and no one is talking about it.... am I crazy?

  • dirtrider88
    dirtrider88 27 days ago

    You really should give links to the product used expecially when comparing an alternative since they could be really useful to people such as is the case with this video E.G. people who are lactose intolerant.

  • MarioGlitcher 64
    MarioGlitcher 64 29 days ago

    ASMR bruh

  • meg
    meg Month ago +2

    9:38 when rhett went to dink but link went for the sink

  • Hanelix 06
    Hanelix 06 Month ago

    Flashback to will it ice cream sandwich😂😂

  • James Gowan
    James Gowan Month ago

    I am allergic to Dairy, Egg, Soy, Corn and Wheat. So I just eat everything and just deal with it. BMs aren’t often good.

  • Reserved Reserved
    Reserved Reserved Month ago

    And yes it helped to

  • Reserved Reserved
    Reserved Reserved Month ago

    Well I’m allergic to milk

  • Kroneexe
    Kroneexe Month ago

    Vegan squad, where you at?

  • Talia Cho
    Talia Cho Month ago +2

    Link...? Coconut milk exists and thanks for helping me through lactose intolerance

  • Willie Perez
    Willie Perez Month ago

    Who even likes onions

  • Benjámin
    Benjámin Month ago

    I am a lactose intolerant as well (and gluten too😀), and in case someone is interested reading about its chemistry I will leave this here (simplified).
    Most of the lactose-free product made with lactose, then added the hormone lactase to break it down for you (because lactose intolerancy means you cannot produce this hormone when there is lactose in your body), so the taste of the products should be very similar if not sweeter. The reason behind that: Lactose is a disaccharide containing an alfa, D-glucose and a beta, D-galactose. The hormone breaks it down in the product so the overall sugar content is higher, therefore sweeter. Things made with coconut milk, soy, vegetable oils and such are for the people who cannot break down a protein in the mammal milk products called casein, which is a more severe sickness, than lactose intolerancy since it cannot be cured.

  • Carmen 121
    Carmen 121 Month ago

    Thank god there is lactose intolerant milk 😊

  • Jessica Potter
    Jessica Potter Month ago


  • Mia Meza
    Mia Meza Month ago +12

    But don’t you remember the will it icecream sandwich? Rhett said “I love dairy products man” remember 🤣🤣

  • Autistic Raisin berry

    The non dairy cream sandwich had coconut milk

  • Gamenimations M
    Gamenimations M Month ago

    Wow, the person who is known for gettin stuff down, no matter what it is. Besides pig blood, is both a little bit allergic to maple syrup, and is lactose intolerant

  • Ameen Moqbel
    Ameen Moqbel Month ago +4

    Rhett always second guessing himself lmao

  • Compassionate Living

    Dairy is scary

  • Chloe draws
    Chloe draws Month ago

    I’m allergic to maple syrup as well. I still have but I get super itchy ! Apparently I’m allergic to maple trees?

  • Samantha Hubbard
    Samantha Hubbard Month ago

    So Useful!!!!! I am lactose intolerant too!!! YAY!!!1

  • musicgeek
    musicgeek Month ago

    AHH lactose can be a pain

  • Sweetheart Slimes
    Sweetheart Slimes 2 months ago +1

    Wait...butter has dairy in it?!!!!😂

  • A D
    A D 2 months ago

    "It tastes like tamatuh soup." Awh, reminds me of my grandma.

  • ML MONEY88
    ML MONEY88 2 months ago

    If Rhett's lactose and tolerant why does he always eat stuff with milk in it?

  • Cassie Simpson
    Cassie Simpson 2 months ago +1

    I was having a bad day, until I started binge watching😍

  • sk8terboy29 xd
    sk8terboy29 xd 2 months ago

    ayyeoo food allergy gang where you at?

  • Aria Anderson
    Aria Anderson 2 months ago +1

    Yo Ethan,where you at bro ?😂

  • Khareemat Sokunbi
    Khareemat Sokunbi 2 months ago

    This theme song is the best

  • Me Myself and my Dogs
    Me Myself and my Dogs 2 months ago

    I’m 12 and I have been dairy free for 3 years and I think you have to get used to most of the tastes

  • Sp0Of-Tears
    Sp0Of-Tears 2 months ago

    I'm lactose intolerance so this video was so good

  • Joanie Whittemore
    Joanie Whittemore 2 months ago +1

    “Would you like me to find someone to butter your muffin??” 🤪

  • RJ Robertson-DeGraaff
    RJ Robertson-DeGraaff 2 months ago


  • Beef Loin
    Beef Loin 2 months ago

    I am allergic to beef and pork. My grandmother is also lactose intolerant. She found ways to cook amazing foods despite our allergies that made me feel like I was consuming these items. Sometimes, though, now that I live on my own, I forget that restaurants still have these products in them.

  • Fortnut Content7
    Fortnut Content7 2 months ago

    WiTh My ChEeSe IcE cReAm SaNdWiCh

  • Icalasari
    Icalasari 2 months ago

    As a fellow lactose intolerant, you don't need to fear butter that much. Lactose is water soluble, so fattier stuff has less lactose. I wouldn't take the risk with say ice cream, but butter and harder cheeses = WOO!

  • Kourtney Becraft
    Kourtney Becraft 2 months ago

    I'm badly allergic to dairy not lactose intolerant literally allergic to dairy 😤😤😤

  • Wolfina Wolfing
    Wolfina Wolfing 2 months ago +1

    most likely the ice cream sandwich is coconuty is because they used coconut milk instead of cow milk

  • Stefani Slater
    Stefani Slater 2 months ago

    Link is just real picky eh

  • Diesel Media
    Diesel Media 2 months ago

    3:35 - Very relatable

  • Dane Birtles
    Dane Birtles 2 months ago

    I am Lack toes and toler ants to. I love dairy bro.

  • E's for Ethan
    E's for Ethan 2 months ago

    Those faces paired with the way they both say "we tied" is underrated and gets me every single time.

  • Gaming Grandpa
    Gaming Grandpa 2 months ago


  • Bethany Blair
    Bethany Blair 2 months ago

    coconut yogurt is better

  • Wentworth Walker
    Wentworth Walker 2 months ago

    How do you feel about fresh red tomatoes tho Link?

    • Xavier
      Xavier 2 months ago

      @Wentworth Walker You did, Tomatos are a Nightshade.

    • Wentworth Walker
      Wentworth Walker 2 months ago

      @Xavier But who said anything about nightshades tho lmao....

    • Xavier
      Xavier 2 months ago

      @Wentworth Walker Mine is a 300 year old fact.

    • Wentworth Walker
      Wentworth Walker 2 months ago

      @Xavier Reference to when he got hypnotized-

  • irene janith
    irene janith 2 months ago

    My parents are vegan so I grew up on vegan food and to this day I still prefer a lot of the dairy free alternatives to the real thing (:

    • Xavier
      Xavier 2 months ago

      That's called conditioning.

  • Sean Ball
    Sean Ball 2 months ago

    Link has the palette of a preschooler.

  • Bronwyn Trotchie
    Bronwyn Trotchie 3 months ago

    They can't figure it out lol tbh no idea they made dairy free coffee creamer

  • Lori Wolfcat
    Lori Wolfcat 3 months ago

    Tomato Soup can have Chicken Broth and cream of course. I like Tomato Bisque with bread, but I hate regular and cooked tomatoes. I only like ketchup sometimes. It’s odd, but I guess I only like the blood of tomatoes sometimes.

    • Xavier
      Xavier 2 months ago

      Ketchup comes with added sugar.. Tomatoes aren't good for you without their seeds and skin intact, anyway. They are part of the nightshade family.

  • Annastasia Fenech
    Annastasia Fenech 3 months ago +1

    Link is so fussy 😂

  • Off The Hook
    Off The Hook 3 months ago +1

    Link - "And I'm not going to explain myself"... well thats because you cant lol. No excuses!!!

  • Bone chrusher
    Bone chrusher 3 months ago

    Dairy free queens

  • Roxxiee _
    Roxxiee _ 3 months ago

    I also am partly lactose intolerant because i cant have milk or yogurt. But things like ice cream and cheese i am
    not sure about.

    • Xavier
      Xavier 2 months ago

      Cheese you can probably stomach a little of. It comes down to how much sugar/lactose is in the product. You need a Lactase enzyme to breakdown the Lactose.

  • XËL x
    XËL x 3 months ago

    Lack toast and tall or rent

  • Lilly Pinto
    Lilly Pinto 3 months ago

    - link Neal

  • King L Squid
    King L Squid 3 months ago

    What is the picture in the back it looks like a bra

  • PerfectFlaw
    PerfectFlaw 3 months ago

    I'm dairy free, gluten free, and soy free. But, I actually enjoy not eating dairy. Not to offend anyone but I now feel like dairy is gross. 😂

    • Xavier
      Xavier 2 months ago

      Why is it gross?

  • Jayden Calderon
    Jayden Calderon 3 months ago

    This video is proving how picky Link is.